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You love the Surface Smiths Podcast and want to support the show.  What can you do?  Lot so of things:

  1. The easiest thing you can do is spread the word and get others to listen to the show.  the more listeners we have the more pull we have with potential show guests and products to be reviewed.
  2. Send us feedback using your favourite method, Twitter, email, FaceBook, etc.  Feedback helps us improve the show so that more people listen.
  3. Running a podcast is not free.  We have to purchase recording equipment, pay for hosting our website, etc. Anytime you buy SurfaceSmiths logo gear or buy Surface Accessories from our website we get a very small kickback from the vendor.
  4. Anytime you want to buy something from Amazon, please connect through the banner below.  If you do, you wont pay any more but Amazon will give us a small  referral fee.


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