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Episode 064 – Popup Podcasting

Welcome to the Universal Windows Podcast Word of the Week Pop-up Recording @ JP Davidson – Ottawa  News VMware, Citrix to have a crack at desktops on docked smartphones> Creators Update – Available April 11th on PCs Phased release based on “good known configurations” Mobile Afterwards 25th Microsoft selling S8 in their American […]

Episode 061 – What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You

Intro Word of the week – TRUMP Devices Windows Phone – Not DDs Windows 10 Release April Feature Complete Windows 10 Cloud Must be Windows Store Apps UWP or Centennial Bridge Apps Upgradable Chrome OS Alternative News PIN, password, biometrics Trump and Trudeau Samsung Galaxy S3 Now you can try Microsoft’s gigantic Surface Hub […]

Episode 055 – Show me on the Doll

Word of the Week Touch New MacBooks Touch Bar Thinner, lighter, more expensive Admit it: Microsoft is now a braver, more innovative company than Apple From <> Alcatel Windows Phone Surface Dial Compatible with Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book Partially compatible with any Windows 10   SurfaceBook Base Not compatible with current […]

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