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  • Universal Windows Podcast – Episode 99 – Gretzky – The Great One
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  • Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time any of us says “Space”

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Cool Things MVPs Do

  • Richard – Space Program
  • Joel – Photography
  • Eric – Family and Azure

MVP Summit

  • What to expect with MVP Summit?
  • This year’s expectations
  • How to become a MVP
    • Specifically, a Windows Insider MVP
  • Episode 100 of Surface Smiths
    • @ Summit
    • Need Whiskey for 50 people?

Whisky of the Week

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[0:00] Hello i’m cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows suggest service x box phones and the windows insider program,
who are your hosts the surface smith’s i’m goldsmith.
I’m dennis smith american hundred and remotely join us we have reached,
and someone else not just a special episode david what episode is this service of such joyous is not here yet the third
this is how can i buy ninety nine episode ninety nine
apa what sports u playing fault wine whiskey and would like the west coast,
super model but play with garfield ok so you know what we can talk about that with my folding phones okay.
Hold research into the center fold yo are you so with us because we have eric with us and we have richard with us and why do we have the new david,
what because our next episode will be at MVP summer.

[1:08] And they are all lights are some software guys what about the word of the week how much would a wood bed,
what we got richard to okay richard what’s the weather here and if i didn’t have cortana mean to be here is cortana for the word of the week but we struggle with that the past,
what british build a skill for don’t know it’s not in stock cortana duh is that it doesn’t alexa that’s right um the battle of the yeah did you assistance,
jolly man i’m getting build around assisted buying that later.
Ok i guess word of the what is the word of the day we will end of the week is the podcast episode and playwright yeah.
Let’s sad.
I think i got a lot of control here don’t i am happy and that day i got the other thing bored so i got some good morning.
I’m let’s do space space space bar.

[2:12] What is the final frontier via was spacex yes.
Right between your ears the other space yet i got somebody that already so for those of you that you listeners and those of you that
their frequent letters but play the game too heavily do you wanna remind me one day with the word of the week what’s the drink name so that when one of us mentions the word of the week in this case week is space
when you have a favorite beverage.
How can such as whiskey rent skis for it yeah or white wine or red wine.
Alright eric your of the quite i have to have a drink handy i do have a drink handy alright is your favorite drink.

[3:02] Keeps me going are you story of the week are we got a few new stories to talk about.

[3:17] David young start the first one was just last week that microsoft announced that leads to.
Ok so what’s different what do you know but has a wider field of.
Fishing naked who will review it using the new car is or that hollywood’s three.
It is using a new version of windows that is it for the windows holographic ended using a i don’t get this pull request with hearing all the talk about the light of western everyone the new version,
i had a lot of functionality yes the original,
ok so basically it still and that commercial it’s not endgame when do the whole year this is totally enterprise play continuous baby is just,
this one is less expensive than the original it’s only three thousand dollars instead of five thousand for the commercial unit,
why it’s still very much targeting the enterprise its just not consumer lab with you okay,
that’s what i make the windows mixed reality headsets right so the other thing we will talk about mobile world congress and all folding phones so,
samsung of course probably got the biggest headlines with their galaxy fold and of course white has.

[4:34] Make me a text limit or that made egg yeah well i don’t know but that’s a laptop and i think you make it,
i am not in a course to announce one as well as my mother is looking into it and microsoft.
Add the andromeda patent.

[4:56] So folding is big for twenty nineteen or so who’s the best people thinking that three thousand.
Two to three thousand dollars a fair bit of money and the thirty second prototype e had received were freaking out about alice in dollars smartphones.

[5:16] Find a new smartphone to the phones are gonna be remember how to use to be to on an iphone back in the early days.
It’s gonna be the same type of things that the people who are gonna loan folding bones of the folks that have got that kind of disposable cash and it’s just not gonna be mainstream at least not in the current configuration know like you said david its prototype
it’s very much product if you watch the videos you can see the fold on the screen and all kinds of crazy stuff some legacy yes and it was sent by.
Who’s did u say forget the name of its like wow i can really imagine having this once it weighs like cats much,
feels heavy traffic so you’re not interested in that eighteen thousand million phone it’s basically a battery with the screen on it i think i should end the essay,
will it ever had a really interesting thing about it talked about the the.
Pendulum phone phone startup academy day one got really really really small i got big and release now so it wouldn you got a regular funny cat slam it down and hang up at seven thirty a smashed screen is now withholding jose
show your emotions and you hang up being really bitchy and i saw that there was so funny because something is something our flat screen glass phones gets scratched up and break,
quickly so what’s something curb gonna do.

[6:37] Um i think the hinge in the soft screen that the flexible screen pointed that yet but once closed can you drop it screens protected scream right now except for the one on the outside if we can screen on the outside,
what why who when you.
Good a case and that kinda cool what are the companies announce a case for their phones it was LG for the fifty announced a case that’s basically a second screen,
so u dont have it’s not attached for the case to allow you to be double screen without being have lost my i phone calls i’ve seen those before and if i m like shark tank and everything
is there a battery and looked lcd screen the on the back so it identifies who designed the case i decided to rice.

[7:27] Who writes your voice your yeah everything good a phone that is being oregon ip six seven rating,
what series played a good ac the phone,
add dash of the mobile world congress was branded energizer it was
ok you doing ok eighteen thousand million power bank basically with the phone on it which is why three times will the regular phone would be very regular phone during the range of three to four new fonts like
two thousand the foundation for that yet so you turn down a lot of battery i do it just the battery life,
i need some spanish guy with the phones that now ugh.

[8:12] The charging built in so they can do right phone to charger is well like your body and well as well the difference of the wall where is he is not that your sharing power,
are you sure your passwords be writing the american spy agencies don’t put their is anything you say your name.
Why hawaii i say something very different yes don’t listen to episode three hundred three of the desert text from this weekend because i put your name,
hi i messed up bad i even confront her last name as well so i just don’t want to it’s easy,
so with the bill if anything we bring in jalan here smoothly to the podcast i draw hi guys how’s everyone doing.
Hey just want your company news items from and we just talked but the following phone so never gonna talk about,
what was said about everyones florida chris jackson at microsoft the security officer said stop using it is not a browser.
It’s compatibility solution is now.
They weren’t talking like that when i first came out but it means go make a default browser.

[9:20] Yeah on windows ten that’s what crumbs for sure,
right so what we have to say about that here’s the thing about this okay that is exactly why internet explorer in windows ten
it’s so that enterprise and business customers can have backwards compatibility line of business apps.
Introduce things leading up to windows seven in the lifecycle next january
suggest desktop sure which three you send a help companies get up to speed so that their line of business and are compatible with the new browser and think about it the last of what is the OE is eleven right that’s in windows ten that’s right,
so that was released for windows ten this email back in twenty fifteen,
so you are already talking about a browser that is very old that handsome security updates but that’s not the rendering engine not the nevada been updated so is not far off base and saying it is just the compatibility tool at this point.

[10:20] Alright so let’s remove our humble opinion is right okay yeah i’m people who are using it.
What takes up space and task fbi router.

[10:31] I told y’all to join us for the week of space space space space the final frontier lost in space,
i wasn’t talking about lost in space or next news article isn’t microsoft has revealed windows server it twenty nineteen and they’re calling it windows robots.
Ok i have a plan to continue with the definition of robots okay so.

[11:01] How much what do you think of what do you think of a robot when you hear the robot it’s a thing with the head
two arms two legs or march that goes into space it’s got some knowledge ines got some smart nice to be noticed the danger will robinson guy was that good ab in space.
Ummm robinson’s place in robinson now on netflix actually dangerous into the new one is not good not it’s ok so what do you think when you think a robot.
Decided you disagree and think a room by there putting the label robot on anything that internet of things so it’s at the age measuring looks like that new connections last week alongside hello,
some people were calling that a robot because of the capabilities that has controlled me so i think there call and i don’t know why i call it windows for robots.
It’s cooler than windows for devices that major things i can say is true.
Okay okay to sell this is madness take richard dexter your perfectly right your exactly right this is another state my gosh,
what is it for our condensed news episode this week we didn’t have much space but i will add by the way if you do wanna give this weeks battles headlines good observed that tecdoc then check them out.

[12:29] Music.

[12:38] The perfect segway because davids got a segment he is called cool things in gear best special news is on for that shit,
x-files what is the way to confirm some rumors now i’ve heard that many kids do cool things and now we’re gonna hear the truth so let’s let’s start off
i was richard not i certainly know,
richard is space not what i was down in florida we’re gonna get the weather we didn’t try again in the same lunch from different watch do you still radio to see if ya want to hear okay and you know it.

[13:17] Yep i know it’s going to be a hundred twenty miles away to be able to walk out to my front door and see what was the coolest spacex launch you seen from something that’s heavy.

[13:28] I’m well last february but it was.
The space coast have just become alive again the last shuttle launch was in
twenty eleven right that was that lantus and i mean that was
over the top mad house the number of people that were down there but falcon heavy kinda brought back the crowds again there were so many people i was watching from up location just east of cape canaveral air force station at thirteen miles launch pad when
spacex did the falcon heavy launch right the first ever wanted this fucking heavy and so i was actually only a few miles away from midland the two boosters,
so really gotta meet view of that and people were excited i mean there were so many people there and we were there all day long wait because it keeps getting pushed to the end of the window,
close the window and,
we’re excited again a space coast is growing company they just broke ground a couple weeks ago on another company that’s gonna build launch rockets from down there so it is fun to see after having seen what happened after shuttle
and how much things changed over the last let’s now been eight years is eight years here’s the summer,
and the you know that community is starting to come back alive again because more people are coming in there to do that business and commercial.

[14:49] Commercial space is what’s doing it and the spacex add,
crew demo that was exciting i drove down on friday night for the crew they launch the first ever accrue dragon have when i actually had a dummy and it in the same family
actually is cold riley will be a boy or girl what’s the rally reply reply reply from aliens i didn’t add the last minute they stock this little soft plush or that have lights and hands on it nice
and to show as zero but they call it zero go to come to some like what they doing launches but
the funny side affects the body as that company has sold out of those plus hes to the point that they don’t have any in stock for two months sounds how many people at bottom
that’s coming back home to somebody somebody family who is donating do these things flashed out how to get what is needed for re entry yeah they do splash down so the dragon
currently the cargo dragon that spacex launch stick take supplies a space station that is not human rated.

[15:54] It has the kid has non destructive re entry so it comes back through the atmosphere just like the old apollo capsule use to and stephen gets hot but he falls down lands under parachute into the water
in the city can i recover it and get the out the stuff that came back and all i can to stop it the only non destructive free entry spacecraft is right now,
well now with the exception of me a very what’s the humans flying so
will this is great because we have the opportunity to find very nice for quite sometime like who i dream i must a missed snap.

[16:32] Read your reference to dream of jeanie in the air force guy was an astronaut yeah i think
splash down yes of course so human crude dragon the one that’s up there now they got me in it much like you did with storm and let you drink heavy
and center manager measure g forces and things like that and it stand up on space station they opened up yesterday morning,
so which part of staples space station now and they will bring that back late thursday night early friday morning for a landing under your parachute in the atlantic ocean this time of the posts
they recovered is longest the dad is good so far so good
is long as everything continues to go well launch the first man are crude dragon with ashley to astronauts on it in july is the time frame right lighting,
yeah you don’t stop remind about this probably did richard sounds like just latest git the source i don’t like this space thing at all i know is that so.
Joel what you tell us what you do in your spare time.

[17:39] I would like to know when did you find a cool things you do i have been working on my photography i wanted to know the mean.
Yes i know it dogs are asleep dogs and then.
I’ve been working in my old card again which has been on and take your answer something like that so i can come down to seattle.
Yeah i think it is nice while now you’re getting a new phone i mean you knew camera.

[18:14] I’m getting a new phone yes i’m getting a new camera with the phone attached to it when i.
The the new hyde nokia nigeria i hear what is the camera on it yet yet who is actually funny i was listening to last week’s podcast and um.
You should’ve taken off all the different things the you need a new phone.
N this phone actually text i think all of those boxes sometime weather you wanted headphone jack not doing headphone jack twyman the samsung s ten.
Headphone jacks and i’ve been using bluetooth headphones for over five years now.
Hey the only the only thing that i keep headphone wire headphones,
is for podcasts i need your like the old nokia when’s that came with my nine twenty lots of water headphones decent ones to self,
let’s have the option but i wanted to charge the damn so that you travel.

[19:19] Change battery to write about you turn on the phone not on the phone in the flight is it does a little bit of using bluetooth also have the wrong battery but you gotta worry about tryna does your plane and
and people trying to get in and out your space and don’t have wires yes how much and i don’t drive that was actually the reason i bought my first car bluetooth headphones in a plane and i had,
my headphones plugged in my laptop and somebody like,
i’m on the laptop on the table training like that’s it i’m done with wires.
But i am very excited about getting this phone because i think its it’s a true successor to the,
give me a ten twenty and even the nine fifty am benjamin
hangout at my nine fifty i just haven’t found anything that was compelling enough to replace it and when this came up on like,
ok i think it’s time for joe to get a new phone how are they alike or disliked about quick question about wireless headphones do they say you’ll need space compared to wired headphones.

[20:23] Cam yet just depends on the twitch you get a min of u get just your boobs then absolutely.
Why is a space right her what does richard muller if you like good good headphones of the audio tecnica,
play the m fifty now have a bluetooth version and if you read the reviews and they say well they set out to create a wireless headphone which is good as beat the classic
are you technically and fifty lacs which is your most popular studio headphones with the most popular audio file it because it,
performance exceeds price i have two hundred us help them feel less madison for last night on amazon etc.
The reviewer said failed try to make one that sounds as good as the original it sounds better,
i got some of my son for his birthday in the really nice i got a pair myself that you sound a little bit nicer in the middle of jazz and things like that but anyways,
bulls are there other areas did the surface headphones i’m sorta hoping they come up with some service it’s what i’m looking for a surface headphones reviewers dont particularly care for.

[21:43] Yeah,
what’s the angle that what is the angle because they’re not quiet the same audio file level is another similar headsets are always dollar dollar for dollar you get more with others.
I cant because your much deeper and canada even after currency conversion really yes i want to buy that is right so if not how that works good a parent.
Human forgotten is here in the room tell us what cool things he does and i order the safeway it another statement from that.

[22:19] Well um young charlie cathy i got yes i know so well.
You know what’s funny the richard talks about space because that me and my daughter is that.
Really joy talking about space and any really feel the excitement know what spacex and remember,
when is spacex landed the first time phase one back on or if you know that was just amazing you know remember going to my daughter and showing it to her and she was excited for it as well so.
So love the space and the same time is it in new robotics for a few years now so just come there.
Robotics like coding can still feel young but what’s your definition a robot what’s her definition a robot her definition a robot.
She would tell me that it has to have sensors so it has to have a license or or an audio sensor or some type of sensor for movement i’m so she is very big on me.

[23:25] Update the components of a robot so it’s not so much but intelligent but its about you nobody can i just in terms of information.

[23:34] I like that definition right and the subscribed to the laws of robotics to,
who i don’t think so okay not yet arrived so what cool things do you do what cool things i do so oven euros spent a lot of my family so.
I know.
You know i was trying to keep up with andrew and i constantly stuff coming in is a kind of it takes over your life you know.
Why do you like going down south i do love going down south that is true yet where where.
So me and the family started cruising last year so good for a first cruise last year oven and we went to another cruise a couple weeks ago
i’m and other colonies where he can find out that i’m going for two weeks on back to back cruises in december,
nice nearby yes my boss told me take it to him directly just podcast explosion so,
we typically cruise out of we typically cruise out of fort lauderdale fl or miami.
Gotcha that’s not to far for me richard help just on the coast yeah so its great easy and.

[24:58] Alright sounds like if you really want to try and adventurous cruz,
have a look up look up delete cruz jay GE UL PET over and turkey.
My wife and i did one of your years ago it was amazing okay cruising turkey.
Remember i got the part of the turkey no that’s good so i think it’s broken.
Are you up so you like to cruise with my face would you want to be a space to rest.
What i want to be no yes all this question and answer s.

[25:40] Then what’s your answer richard yes the bed is it hot minute.
Hot minute there in a heartbeat what about would you wanna be one of the first column is on march.

[25:56] No no that implies you would be coming home soon gonna go yeah one way trip i wanna murder,
let me my age i hate it when you return to space jesus mean like when you go up on the corner by jenny up and yeah we can i purchase a,
umm you do that’s pay security on us the other day sad,
spacex is considering putting private tourist on a dragon on submission rejection rates.
What’s that there’s room for seven you can be configured for a maximum of seven that’s correct the current one of us can figure it for four i okay great.
And william shatter said that he’d go if they paid enough compared me being on one of those is worth it to whoever,
where can we go to mars if the order we go to mars and painting know he go he want the first passenger for space tourism if they pay him anything book a surprise,
is there only i don’t know what we’re talking about cool things that i do every time but eric eric have you been exercising your liver.
Exercising my liver no i have not been exercising my liver because this is going to be eric’s first and michele have you been to.

[27:21] I think this is gunna be my fourth david one.
Richard this will be my supplement i think my eight thirty nine am because i got to spend some mini summit
hub done so i think god two thousand twelve was my first official one,
can i have a couple of my product group and complex results retire the old guys.

[27:47] Okay umm but eric never been to one so what should he expect that i
i think the first thing has to be especially if you’ve been a fan of the microsoft ecosystem for a long time it’s just that kind of sensation the first time right on campus in UC the
the microsoft sign in front of the building and stuff like that for me that first year was just a venda,
can i only had set alarm then see because i’d never been to campus in that
i have to attend my first few moments i started getting opportunities go to campus for work related reasons since i am actually flying in the fourteen
the thursday before submit them doing some work related stuff on campus on friday and it’s just it’s the nearest thing ticket.
I’m a big dallas cowboys fan for instance,
i’m hard the hopeless cowboys fan but i will never forget going to charlotte north carolina with my wife and daughter to watch them play in the christmas eve game against the yeah the panthers and we stayed the same hotel.

[28:56] And my wife tells the story edward and get ready go to sleep on friday night,
what’s cowboys are sleeping up there is thinking of thing,
is it gonna on campus and see where we’re all the stuff happens that you know about need learned about NEC but you never actually seen been on campus to see it experience that is just the coolest thing it’s really.
Ok so you get the CI.

[29:24] I want to say that because many of them latest behind the doors to see that we have to rinse while we do get a peek in under are NDA,
which some of the groups i’m gonna give her the medicine talk about products and stuff like that which i think is to reflect that the trust so many people with that information,
i mean i’m sure eric even attended a call right when do the events we have product group interactions with column will be no love something something something concept,
except now you’re standing in front of the people you said you find the people that are doing and the people you’ve known on social media and the prince what are you
you send your mp so where inside peace is what i am also windows ten devices for it MVP but you know you the people that you’ve interacted with you through those sessions online forum you through social media
are you actually get to put faces and names in the same physical space which is just like us what is the spacing continue,
how did i start this change no but in reality i didn’t say you were you thinking for this year.
Hey prepared to not sleep a whole lot and i’ll be prepared to have a whole pile of.
Yeah and i am gonna be hosting the girls get together and bring hoodie.

[30:48] Sweet same night as the windows developers think that will go there first quarter for dinner then come by for drinks after you were the last year and the year before you can a couple of.

[31:01] Yeah did you see that the windows inside and pees are included in the windows to BSCS you but it’s a night of my other events i have to both.
We’re actually paired up with them throughout the week i think not nice why is this year the windows and devices guys are right beside the indian guys,
good a size of campus across the highway last year.

[31:27] Let’s challenge would you give to steve the sessions tomorrow too,
yes the intended coming up okay anybody else everything but this years expectations i’m expecting there to be a little bit afraid because i can t deny i don’t know why.

[31:43] Because there’s a movement to remove the clean me pizza region and make it just north america who would be a problem.
I have zero problem with people being proud of that heritage of their heritage your country that kind of thing another european guys do it i have zero issue with dad now if.
If they are making changes to the program because of the fishing season cost savings and things like that that’s a whole lotta wax
but i mean weve already seen it
call me when i have been part of the program for long enough to have seen some significant changes over the last three orders were is my tenth year so we’ve seen a lot of changes happened
what are the course did that ten years and you know it’s very different it’s not what we’re used to it’s not the way we used to do things but you know that,
they’re a business they have to make changes to it why they don’t do that consumer brands anymore you know that kind of loud the main program and also the rationale behind this is a little different we lost or canadian lead
last year.

[32:47] And they did not replace them what the decision will be made with my american lead the christian right christian and betsy betsy betsy has east coast and canada.
N christina covers everything else he replaced dark oh joe went to facebook and i uh,
in fact i can’t email from christian yesterday was it reduced the term can the amount i did know why we use the term can the sooner i think i do
yeah he probably just not replace the position and we had a lot of canadian only programs
yeah we will not seen or MVP leader of we will get a lot of busy
can you just allow another family the lot these days so she want to know anything even one other place other so it’s a it’s different.
Yeah no yes she didn’t wanna don’t wanna steven r. can you give me a pink leather from melbourne to there spell that for shit so that’s what i’m doing and sorry have country pride.
So it’s gonna be a private party.

[33:57] Ok so no big picture on the stairs with a map of your hotel,
why don’t we talk little bit about how to become MVP,
will it change now okay well can bring enough so in the past you can nominate yourself or you have anybody else nominate you
anybody other MVP or just added plan anybody on the planet okay i feel probably people in place who is that anybody with that not using it using a browser would be the first to go to space it they let me.
Are you sure you are.
I think when it got something special anyways i need peanut needed and based in community contributions.

[34:45] I just had to be a window that side or MVP.
Any tips be when is assignment begin with is it right that we’ll finish different ride to be on that has the other stuff like that and criteria and,
i got the same thing in a few doing presentations on windows articles blogs podcasts that service to have your whatever you like,
one million other i did lots of local events so in person events so that’s something that i feel comfortable doing so i like speaking infront of people,
hum just some blogging but not more stuff.
If you in person can really feel that that would you like that i really like it thank you you’re gonna love summit.

[35:43] Will you take that community feel about the times
post just the sheer number of people that are gonna be there and you can get the meat so many others i’m not with only within your own AVP category but the product teams things like that but just the just the other people and i encourage you to take advantage of that opportunity
uno set but it was somebody different breakfast,
find out where they cannot find out where they’re from what they’re doing in the stock when does it do they feed to set the hotels breakfast at the hotel lunch in the in the presentation lunch during summit,
launch the app and no delete events go to a different group sessions cancelled twice i think diane and i have not been given.

[36:26] What do you have bacon know your love to go inciden the surface session center in the winter of laptops though everyone with you don’t bring your all the ratty piece of trash laptop with you would that work.
Hello i was just trying to say they’ve changed the way that the sessions are being opened up yeah everybody has access from the one minute.

[36:52] Is that what you mean no yeah welcome it’s the how do i say this if it’s not in your discipline your lane.
Mike might make session available to everyone but if they dont.
Ill never be available in the past what would happen if not all of them not all of them open up i thought the themes were red,
i just feel slutty when will you find out tomorrow.
Where can i see a way we can somewhere sessions can open up for you that’s not happening everything with you tomorrow is everything there is not right
anything special happening at summit yes absolutely SC hundred episode of surface will be recorded
well hundred episode of this week i lost track a couple that is where holly the hood eight point one nine taniltsah weird especially because of the slower middle of this disorganized but we have master’s house
start callin hundred hundred of surface will get well it’s also something else curious where are you right,
and our concept to do a tad insider session and hopefully have donna are from microsoft,
windows inside your session yeah do me like everyone the presentation is the end though.

[38:18] No i just said yeah.
Ok what i just said my brain immediately jump to logistics though we asked to switch to do anything by herself.
What’s the weather just questions whether we get busy whiskey for everybody.
So well i think we’ll be definitely doing that.
I thought you were good about us not doing good how about you guys be just fine can you bring your own equipment.

[38:50] Go south that will make the logistics easier how is brows and some stuff today then there is there is actually a pretty nice looking little kid
that’s got it’s own little mixture box to the usb interface got one microphone just kinda standard microphone remind me a lot of the first kid i started my podcast with.
Back in two thousand seven,
it’s just just the basics right it is how you get started in it wasn’t until later down the road i got fancier with the microphone in the mid morning i dont do all the cool sound effects life like you guys do
yeah we can i post that i just record the audio stick of opening on it stick the closing on it done.
We do that we do that we live in the.
Yeah especially on the added help especially when we got a bunch of people watching us yes.

[39:49] Theresa way to bring how many cats book to the kids that we started with the quality of the phone look at pregnant using a phone using the phone no no no no i was recording,
hello four x makes a very cool bot about that i was looking at phone,
and larry are mike’s for phones you know that you can have a wide wide thing in have more than one person and there will track with the tracker if i get there if my spaghetti five we get the equipment extract
how many yards tim called and a handheld device yet and it looks really cool from people take it seriously.
What’s it called it a zoom h five but we have um.
Can the fax very nice as well but a little bit bigger is not handheld vacuum switch for XL right now with the doctor yet for a large plus twenty pontos plus ten pound on the other two.
What should still be plenty good so that is a very fancy looking device last time we interviewed do not use that one.
Things seemed to workout chest nicely everything else and great camera.

[41:07] What were the headlines in the heaven hell thing just sounded good this music coming from.
Do you have any music you don’t oh my god what am i go to the right light returns until i have a browser open i don’t know where they were like yahoo internet explorer open.

[41:26] No don’t wanna spend a browser compatibility to walk it’s a conspiracy lol yeah i bet she does but i gotta say chris jackson is a pretty neat guy did i didn’t,
i didn’t video cast with him ignite a few years ago in orlando,
he and i and a couple others were on the panel to talk about ignite the end of the week in the news and he’s got the coolest calling card got a guitar pic.
Can you call use google his his job title was the appt compatibility guy i think now is a cyber security something or another but why the topic.
I don’t know i never got the story behind the guitar pick one of the coolest calling cards average of how i think carters tell us we need to wind down so i shall write,
open the pod bay and our our guests right so what we all say goodbye to our door sign off and will close out the show but stay on the line please.
Ok thank you very much for joining this thank you.
Apply for bank transfer have skies right do you guys in a couple weeks keeps take family is hockey reference.

[42:42] Music.

[42:51] How long the show on twitter at service smith’s email to show as hard casket service needs dot com check out the show notes and leave a comment on www dot.

[43:04] Helping others to find out about the show by leaving a review on it.

[43:07] Music.

[43:17] Alright back for what i like to call the after party or the part of the show that no one listens to.
It let me more unstructured if that’s possible is the construction part of the shelf so dave and what we got today we have out robbie burns single malt scotch whisky.
It’s a full bottle.
Write a full bottle brush hair know it’s not that complicated give me the keys.
Okay see you’re not make noise and the spurs that podcasts and gotten the full tap to pull tab i need you niki i just need a thing else.

[44:02] I feel this is from the friendly island and st louis david u gave me a great lately
erica still doesn’t eat things they change things up all the time and different payroll different cass a pizza with mr bobby burns for some reason i can’t remember why things got like,
call my ACL.

[44:23] I love aaron still always changing things up from this is a i like aaron but i think so very very light colored whiskey.

[44:36] Yes i need the caffeine even want to finish the last got to drink there.

[44:43] I don’t have anything right now shouldn’t i get a beer yeah ok if that’s very late color dislike.
Apple juice lemon lighter than apple juice would you call that your right to let me get my a me my notebook here.
So i prob extra glass hear this is teams compare to the superficial stereotype what is that i say this color is like a straw.
Strada pale gold what you think david yes yes i got color is fine i’m busy with not pulling things on the keyboard.

[45:26] Find a map it out here it’s just very smooth smelling strong pelle gold and smooth somalia so good how about yours dimensions here.

[45:38] No man left and right how old is the table.
Okay so i’ll let me see what’s seventeen ninety six mine is seven hundred fifty nine robby burns age are so nice.
National public to scotland place heat.

[46:07] Let me read the bottle it and sell products talent and then bobby burns single malt scotch whisky under the robbie burns label this addition of the.
Single malt is smooth check forty three percent malt.
Track suite track and delicious spicy texas now that it’s eight spice more than tasted enjoyed.
On the rocks or is part of the classic whiskey cocktail doesn’t mention putting laundry in colin so you can message your hub id like to anybody but so what’s hot spicy in the slightest one to five.

[46:50] Turn you really need to okay how do i find the seattle OK google thank.

[47:01] Multi hello hello.

[47:08] When do the kids get a great view advanced staffing toffee it to three of the toffee really woody.

[47:17] No not at all like woody harrison to one of one yeah if tan.

[47:26] What time is she don’t want that and it looks like there are no charge note that.
C u lunch lunch ra qvia space the selected chart sweet to three three three.

[47:44] Alright so i’m wrapping this one out guys i got a i do this heat map of the whiskey third body.
Medium leggings when she woke not recebi no.

[48:04] Bout the same balance is very balanced balance.
Do you want to go to high school from barcelona balance no you have to go to three of the balance on the foreign affairs okay.

[48:17] No no linger or stuff like that has a heat heat.
View dark fruit.

[48:34] Set transferred is high and floral.

[48:43] No know where this is pretty good bye and will that take the hit the map looks like they look like and i can always steal yep i gotta take a picture.

[48:55] Tell us about your drinking joel i am drinking actually,
it’s a seattle beer west coast beer and red hockey sb i would really like yes bees and we are down in seattle area little while ago i picked up something broad back.
Ok yes please dance for extra special.

[49:23] I need that but thank you and have have you how’s your return my love.
Likewise pretty good i’m drinking orange one add the big plus on the really bad pepsi bank.
End almost three years ago over three years ago when i stopped drinking soda thanks o’clock,
am i required gets i think to seattle college talking rain right on campus yet i’m the challenge with these kind of drinks with the sodium content,
could you can find a without any calories you can find and without any sugar sometimes with no sweetener but the issue and without these shoes so most of them come with very high levels of sodium in the one thing doesn’t happen sodium,
so you don’t get the astros salt which i have little bit high blood pressure so that helps out there and then its bubbling it’s busy so i got that sensation that can use to get out pepsi you didn’t get the calories in a drink
a lot of these in the course of the day but um yeah i quite like the flavor of their flavored with essential oils so that’s where the flavor comes from.

[50:33] Ok so they do mango they do apricot the lime lemon plain orange i get experimental with something like wielki line like the key lime pie in key west.
So sure about that one but i know it’s it’s it’s it’s usually around in my cooler in my koozie what i’m working what is your family what’s the koozie.
Are the kids actually i’ll show you this one because this is what’s funny about that i’m not showing up on camera but no camera can you see if we can see that it’s a it’s,
bisnis apa i pick this up at night like midnight last year but the year before writing the funny thing is that magnets on the back of the koozie.
I don’t see the right button doesn’t show.
I would do that with a full KN but this one is almost empty but hey its great place that would aid it would give away at that booth so i grabbed a couple,
and i did the interview round.
New feature in skype yeah i have another app called whats it called something i can change my background to.

[51:53] Hello mickey david.

[51:57] Do that app are you recommend any you have the insider preview running i mean i’m more popular in the desktop version how do you like the whiskey.
It is really middle of the road did it taste like in glen fit like it looked in phoenix.

[52:16] Yes first bandages middle of the road.
So how much should we bring like a canadian rye whiskey or should we to a bourbon for a walk in the past list bro i’ll call to someone.
What help and since i’m buying a round for two hundred people like to buy some around for two hundred people think it’s only fair,
I want to delete stories are hard to come by in seattle no no call grocery stores and people coming from all over the world,
bring something with them would a special present lol you from the netherlands and my annual supply of waffles is the intern guys bring a lot of those too.

[53:05] Ok so the city can probably bring from canada we will be driving by vancouver find the video and breaking down like that.
Can you predict will be late to freaking refund from canada we look at the guys wanna see going to a good nights another podcast.

[53:27] David said how david go back to how this one going away necessarily.
What was the big news so there something that’s not going on right now in the podcast world and we’re gonna try to fill that space.

[53:48] Oh going to drink enough to complete a technology company.
Technology what comedy shelf comedy show hey so basically,
why doesn’t this one already qualify if it doesn’t that’s gonna be a little bit more calm and professional comedians on it um have a different theme each we can talk about it i wouldn’t ask for recurring character is gonna be a little bit like god.
Twenty two minutes or something like that i really video we shot,
yeah so we got we got show me angry irish in america what was the last little bit of a preview trailer here so whenever a topic is your start talking about it merry
yeah larry logically every nationally giving opinions play his first sip of a drink with nick haynes really really angry about it.
N get a few others coming up we designing our own a digital assistant.

[54:48] Has part of a teaching and some skills to fight microsoft another dose of its of no body else is this gonna be some other interesting things that the theme each week this is so many interesting things in tech that you can take to update the extreme and see how they play out.
I know if the program in the digital assistant doesn’t work very well you begin to the alexa skills and blue prince does it basically let’s you set up.
Almost any circumstance you want you give it the voice prompt and repeat how do you do the cortana voice.
Hi there you can do is send a seventeen,
send seventeen me know how to do it since seventeen three would the CD is that the us using her voice their boys sponsor there.
And we basically gotta powershell app that just basically read whatever i type in the news and i was able to have i was able to expose the cortana voice but the port and a voice board is now gone.

[55:54] That’s not where i use to be gotcha i want to play pool det interesting.
What time is the dance was interesting thing i did for my episode three hundred a few weeks ago is i spent the first twenty min or so talking about the history of the podcast and some stats and things like that one thing a lot of people don’t know about when i was called.
Observe tech projects will i get yeah so we got to observe dot tech that’s the one to the domaine i have to ask but what what a lot of people don’t realize is
that intro i actually built entro en courses got a space theme to it because it’s got a count down to the launch,
up the podcast and i have a lot of people don’t realize that that is me doing the voice over yet so if you do i can’t i can’t.
Play something for you guys still here cuz i can’t do it to my phone please type a new skype play let me play an audio file yeah i don’t know if i’m on the right side because i don’t even have the background blur on their release offer.
I think i’m running desktop release yeah ok so i’m add what is the start talking amongst yourselves and also richard all the imagine countdown if you got a giggle bites podcast.

[57:16] What do you see there i’m not going there right now is helping you can do that then.

[57:30] I got nothing gigabytes gigabytes gigabytes podcast dot com.

[57:39] Nothing nothing lol.
Can i invite spulire with GE i GLE that much would a podcast dot com take a look at your last post.
Paris right here yo.

[58:02] Yo are there some windows server won’t control u. just seconds away from the story to be a technologist profiles vacancies in fargo
yo are we have good.
Good morning windows and other things said your host richard hey windows and a book hard cover.
That’s my usual i have an interest since the first episode where i tested all my gear right beside that is me that is no used audacity.
I wrote the script that the recording my normal boyfriend and i used audacity cdtools to deepen and flow yoga and that’s the biggest pizza feedback i got from episode three hundred what about the content
who is about the fact that my boys over the voice over
at the beginning of the shelf but you know something of you just help me to make a phone call that the we are here near was,
what is the galaxy s nine plus lol there ya have it is also up lol so using real browser using it.

[59:18] I know i’m using raspberry founded ok and what was that what’s the posts there.
Countdown to chaos when is the test for thinking countdown how do you spell by.
Why did call that’s what tripped me up so it’s gigabytes podcast dot com you will have gigabytes dot com redirected to add we have a deal with somebody on that.
We make a lot of money which by the way wont happen,
then we have the capacity to modify them know you re feeling five percent of our lord the thing is that you know it all serious,
podcasting if there was a time frame that people find podcast was in his demise,
no that’s not true they’re i agree i agree but people on the outside looking in where its over i know that but i think about
no i’m not gonna say its because popular people but you started podcasting i mean i give an example tone-in-tone o’brien
does him his nighttime show right but it also does a podcast rich eyes and post the NFL network but it does a podcast during the week so.

[1:00:32] And some people do there live show on tv video and then post audio is so insane that my podcast so beautiful truly there’s a lot going on in the podcast world,
that that is really starting to your host and this on your yes we are,
i just realized that looking at the address anyway so that was a big silver squirrel in there,
you know there was this time the people just start podcast and was just a non paying and it’s still not not that is that makes and its not a data type.
Exactly because and it’s just so what is your experience been so far on a cure with that.
What you mean we load experience we’ve been hosting websites on android for you have been getting service is also known as your ok i didn’t realise am.
Very often.

[1:01:31] Right now if that makes sense i will use create what we get in for free so we life it does i was hosting my audio files on azure,
add just using what’s called a blog storage basically,
when i started to hit some issues with the cost and i am exceeding my freaking out so i basically moved all my stuff to my host.
So i got ahold three hundred four episode hosted at my hotel in the directory but not a break in about the three and four but,
note hey why did three hundred eleven gears get there any brad pit that out like four episodes year let’s play.

[1:02:12] But it’s funny because i started that podcast before i retired from the navy about four years before i retired an unforeseen that drove my schedule for a lot of different things that was only in retirement that i was able to actually start being consistent,
and in fact in that episode three hundred i shared some tips with folks the challenge podcasting is consistency.
And doing weekly been consistent always showing up because people want to start listening
bai hat there’s an expectation there is a relationship and i will i will often have to skip in episodes for some reason it there’s one guy in the netherlands a good friend of mine
and if i will have no from ham on skype or messenger or something to say everything ok you know because i’m so um.
And then the other thing is
please get me out there and all the distribution systems so i’ve been lucky enough to get picked up on itunes i heart radio spotify i’m the google podcast app now in the amazon alexa there’s this really cool school called ne pod,
yeah i had a hard time get my own skill to work properly but this is nifty.
Replying back stuff on you know the audio system digital assistant.

[1:03:28] It’s a lot of joy when are they gonna the things i can do is calling is gonna be alexa and people who were actually trade echoes and randomly say things to alexa and see what happened to the other guy’s house to drop it at your kids,
skip the yellow,
do you know who is going to bed then when i first put digital assistance in my back office so you’re here you can see it but,
oops i bought the camera so you can see here i got a google mini i got the invoke and i got on the dot.
And the first time i said that data or the info i can’t remember which i seriously was away at a conference working covering the conference and i thought i messaged my wife.
I’m gonna send some loud music across that thing or something like that never did how many good thinking i didn’t but you know that there’s a lot of stuff that can be done with these things the stage that’s a lot of fun.
Microsoft missed out play the lights like on purpose.
Do you think val went to talk about a big news story this past week what about the news on friday that band.

[1:04:41] Did you see that news they’re giving refunds people have been to.
No band one as well if you been active between december first in friday lunch first if you had sync data at least once you would get i think like seventy five bucks back,
verde original band if it survived that long does bill of things broke like horrible and am for band two hundred seventy five bucks to my band what do you think dad in that dream of me i couldn’t because the band,
stop doesn’t work i had been broke that’s a problem that was the problem with the band was the quality of the bands yet,
hi i actually have my wife still has a band two.
That lives permanently on its stand an alarm clock for something i had no way of getting her to see text messages it’s only can use it in the kitchen.

[1:05:34] And it and it don’t stand right next to there tv in the kitchen could you put your headphones on and work at which is working way and can’t hear anything
get all that funny then send it notification device they have said that when all the services go offline on may thirty first,
that if you ever have to reset your band after that point theres no getting back because the services will be available.
So you won’t be able to reset the device after may thirty first right so we need to wind down before we get that can we pick your brain a little bit.
Review couple of iraq couple of our second ideas you think second ideas for this podcast for the.

[1:06:22] Ruth 34 34.
No no that should a said audience paltan that’s naughty as well so get the trust me it’s funny,
weird convergence if you technologies were blended together like a motorola razer can actually shave with a blow.
Not necessarily with blade but maybe like a film directed yeah examples of things like that rite email from tech support.
I can’t get past the first page of this rule thirty four website okay just connect yes there is it illegal reasons we need to point out the this site contains material not suitable for minors.
And cookies maybe used quick your playing the girl that just upset my browser up to start except that another state where thinking about his famous historical moment you become very famous point in time youll like maybe.
Lincoln in the theater anything iphone white.

[1:07:35] Shot.
Blink and if i said linkedin lol bitch or maybe the gettysburg address or something like that so famous historical moments in the state having iphone.
Hum nao minh things like go get top of other ideas maths technology mess.
I can you miss you got mine and for a while yet you can’t do that until the television so if possible text me CNT vi.

[1:08:09] I removed the app movies,
should asian hey so i’m looking at the list and i think that the number number sixteen you only had one job
like that i love them give me examples what you like to see all my goodness.

[1:08:28] I know but you know when a good hair we have those dino tail is really great twitter account,
yes there is some text but i speaking the twitter account i had an account suspended for impersonation again,
no one knows my my main account got suspended last fall for some reason i never heard why but no i create a new account i didn’t use my name but it was
when seven in the support right off count down till the end of life cycle for when does evan somebody reported it so impersonating microsoft.
because they don’t scan for impersonation they only take action on reports so many from twitter window that side yet there in person and microsoft in a suspended when i appealed week later they came back said no your impersonating microsoft will not restore.
So you know when google when the person google.

[1:09:22] Wake me i heard that before where is it sunny about doing a search yeah.

[1:09:29] I have heard that so what type in the search term we get one.

[1:09:34] Can i donate once in a while hate is that a setting you can do for the home page there no no no you gotta come up with a search term the only give you the one that won result any it’s just two words without quotation marks returns exactly what it,
well what is crazy looking for the least number one spot.
Google it considered legitimate of both of the search for words appear in the result page get so anyways for talking with and only one result allowed.
Where can i do voice over that explains that text gamble text dylan can i bring black things specific to VISTA woke it or duck what is a dog.
Maybe we should my wife only she could talk about archie and all that cher.
Any other ideas is the funny things would like to see or hear you can you notify me i know it is not what.
The what if game.
Guess my example will hi being twenty twenty one f what of microsoft had put.
The store in windows seven.

[1:10:48] Hmmm i was not funny it’s why it’s not good amy what is the bridge still isn’t interesting exercise like.
Hindsight being twenty twenty you can look back and i would like to replay history.
What is microsoft your bot yeah williams seventy billion.
Other changes are what is way to hot chocolate hazelnut spread.

[1:11:22] While don’t treat me well i laugh way.
What are some good are some good books you know what what is what is bill gates never gave steve jobs at lone oh that’s a good one.
Where would i be today lol okay.

[1:11:42] What is microsoft’s never thought i would never meet monday around these what is the weather in sudan escape wouldn’t that be really did you guys watch that the valley of the moon.
When is the craft department i highly recommend that was a lot of fun to watch because of all the old references right for me in the early days of the internet on the other one is hope catch fire.
How many laps so what i need you guys to do you i need you to send us funny text stories are funny text ideas.

[1:12:18] Is there commission how turn your profit yeah where did alaska if ya work out well for his standout.
Shut up.

[1:12:30] Weird ass week for some really really weird apps out there like new these deals dropping it like crackers.
Like places like pumpkin stuff like that and stuff else clean bathrooms nearby,
who just talked and talked about what happened i heard they desses what’s the name of the app there’s an app that when you’re going to a movie,
oh yeah we go to when they get up and take a leave what are you
rundi is it cold in sofia so you got your place tho ran hey movie when nature calls to tell the best database three thousand movies the best time to go and what you are missing any go.

[1:13:17] Edit that but the other thing actually run p still works on windows phone while and.
When i go to the movies with my friend the other thing the run p does it tell you if there is anything after the credits,
yeah request to my friend looks at me and said that we stand
i can’t open up the app and dad said that after the credits and end the feeling of the theatre and people don’t realize that there is anything after the credits and just doing the city there waiting for whatever it’s gonna be,
i’m now stay for all of the you never know now and what is popping each other we can go to see cap marvel do you know if you’re ready.

[1:13:58] Okay google flip it is so there’s actually three this place liverpool that’s nice phone app then there’s a place that poop the android version not affiliated with the iphone version,
i meant is another one called poop map which is totally.

[1:14:17] Add separate apps there’s definitely something something going on in the space you would a call in italian exactly what it is.
Is after the revelations this week about apps like oh sharing information with facebook app these apps are making money,
make sure any information with facebook probably just do it to test it was sharpies is install the app log a couple crabs and then see what shows up on facebook,
what am i logged what is my understanding yes i will look forward to continuing this conversation in two weeks assignment understand yes these apps
you can log in with the within with the new in factory config recognition.
I think what you’re finished lol i think that’s enough to close this one out there here thank you again that that room for amanda wrap all the other.
What are your friends is on play sleep poop and another one of friends on map new want to correlate the data.

[1:15:33] Well thank you so much for coming from the high.
Pace pace pace pace pace pace pace but if i think everybody can i see a couple weeks me justin timberlake get a big scratch on the rocks is guys night.

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