Episode 084 – Arms Race


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Episode 084 – Arms Race

Windows Microsoft MVP Insider Surface Phone

2018, The Surface Smiths Podcast
Universal Windows Podcast

David and Colin Do Stuff


[0:00] Hello i’m court anna welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows such as service x box phones and the windows insider program.
Here are your hosts the surface smith i’m calling smith.
I’m david smith and we are the surface smith’s bringing you episode eighty four congratulations david.
Yes yes it a form that’s older than your it is older than me but it’s also eight episodes in eight weeks.
Lucky eight and we have to jump through some hoops to get you there so we don’t eight episodes in eight weeks we’re gonna have to skip after a jump right ten just like windows did.
so welcome to the show this is a little bit different you’re gonna hear some audio differences this time this is the first time in over a year we’re doing something called a mix minus you can look that up we might talk about that after the show but basically david’s in his home office i’m at my regular office,
we’re recording this with skype but we also have other things going on in the background,
but the took a lot of effort for us to get to this point to make it work so i think we deserve a little bit,
the of something from our listeners thick thick thick we’ve been working at this for a while trying to get this to work we think we finally got the sound quality would we would lay.
Which is great for a couple reasons why as we can have gas.
And row cast with having guests on site and then the other is that during whatever time of year that were traveling a lot we can just.

[1:35] One of us could you write was that just remote gas without remote guess before but the problem is remote guest don’t hear are intro or outro and things like that they can’t interact with the,
the sounds that we’ve added to the show mostly to amuse ourselves but all the same sometimes we have real sound useful sound from tax.
Speaking of not useful sound let’s hit the next what well well until the were not really wanna you wanna go to the next clip okay hey guys what about the word of the week.
You can just set me up like that without.
What you do today yeah so where the weeks of david you don’t have a soundboard connected this time so not gonna let court on the choose it she’s also failed on a few times you were going to choose the word of the week can i also that is.

[2:24] Hey dave can i have one of the week said say the word of the week is flexible flexible so that is that that’s you being flexible right there.
Exactly so maybe next week i’ll have some board i’m not but anyhow we have a lot more flexibility in how we were part of podcast now and two david couldn’t make it this evening so.
We’re being flexible and and getting this episode so pretty please with the way things are going so far but i don’t wanna waste lot time talking about.
The matter details of the show i’d like to really get into that so that yeah i think next were gonna go to each year of the week that feature of the week thanks court anna so this week i have to go and buy a surface pen.

[3:06] Why well because i didn’t have one on my surface book to i had one for my.
The surface three a surface pro three by the way this episode i’m actually using three different surfaces i’m using a surface pro,
to as my soundboard i am using a surface book to run the skype mix minus the i’m watching you through right now and i’m using my surface pro three to record everything.
So what three running honey surface is you have running david for this episode one one okay for surface is all around but,
i didn’t have a pen dedicated to my surface book to an evidence of work a client site where i like to draw some diagrams and things like that so i bought a new pen and i realized,
two things one awfully expensive hundred thirty dollars canadian but hundred they are american darn useful devices they don’t come with a device that like talk about this i got the what i got the cobalt blue,
which is but look like a pen however it’s got it all you got a button on the back,
from the top which is also your racer and also brings up your inking menu in windows ten and there’s another button which is a right click button which you can use when your in can.
How old is the one about how.
Right in the early early ones are being held by the top well done about on top of that wasn’t that what little but on the top is on the race so these are babies are.

[4:37] Pens made by intrigue the other interesting thing is there’s no clip on them anymore.

[4:44] Alright guess because they’re designed to make medically held against the against.
The surface book two and the new hot surface pros but might might identically holes and has a clip get but the cook gets in the way i guess the new one to not have a clip so i thought i’d playing at but what i’ve done david is,
started thinking get on that device which i’m really enjoying.
Again i miss that too hot but i’ve reached out to a bunch of vendors to get us some sample intrigue pans that they make and we can try the muscle which ones we like.
Excellent so feature the week is our.
Is the microsoft surface pen and concept of thinking and we talked about that before no just remind everybody that if you are going to use ink with windows ten there’s an application control panel to help train it to use your.
I have to use your head writing style and recognize better so.
There’s our future the week and have anything you like that to that it.

[5:52] I think he got it sounds like you can do a lot of flexible opens with a,
stop you story of the week alright lots of news to bring you this week david you’re take the first stuff you new stories not take the last few.
Sure as a result of amazon everyone hopefully knows that i am a amazon echo fanboy have one of my car have one in my office.
And if you see a new look so an amazon echo looking is what.
I would think i would think and look with the name of that would be a display added to an amazon echo but now it’s basically a camera that allows you to look at things such as people and then how to.
You choose clothes for them or you know decorate your room and also the thing so really an augmented reality tool for shopping freshly minced wait wait you’re we we try to tell me that amazon built something.
To help them sell you stuff we will go to far for the food of fuck yeah well it happened but yeah.
You things are they like to.
Sell other people things so they do have a two cartridge so david we just had our first skype glitch on the audio portion there.
It’s okay we’ll live with it.
So tell us more about this like it could tell you if that sure goes with those parents of those jeans make your ass look fat what would look what could it.

[7:29] Is well yeah i can try on clothes you can try different colors on your for decorating rooms and those who think so really i think it augment real is real the way to look at it.
Okay man would you think have when you buy things on my new att u and i would buy it a shirt or something on line cuz you know what’s gonna be pretty mush the same size and the same shirt as before.
But there’s probably other people that are a bit fussy or under called him then then you’re i might be.
I’m actually tempted to trash most my wardrobe underscore three or four different looks and just all the same and make it next.

[8:07] Is it the from over will take it to the good will store.

[8:13] Yeah i was like steve jobs’s did you know and same thing brock obama did the same thing now is with grey suits you.
Okay we’ll so that’s uh that’s the amazon echo list it is still you and i would need.
I have a twenty look fucking amazing i can imagine that simple yet so does the political market and you and i for cody okay what’s next step in news david.

[8:42] So this is this been busy with a couple projects one’s called free card which is a concept of a keyboard.
That is the touch screen as well as the touch screen.

[8:54] So basically to have a touch screen he or a touch screen monitor and or you can think of is a dual mark do will.
A dual monitor computer that you would then use another laptop so somewhere drama like a folding display so okay sold on.
But a full keyboard alright so we got basically told size two displays that fold up to go there like a clam shell but one is a that they’re both display but one can use a keyboard.
Because of the are actors that are soft are your rotated ninety degrees and which case you have dual monitors and you just use an external bluetooth keyboard for.
Okay that this is just a concept now how difficult could that be to make.
All those people exist we already have the touch screen keyboards i think it would be that difficult.

[9:43] Okay now question for david i was pronouncing as seuss i don’t yes properly pronounce it do you.
No give some where there yeah i do but it’s on the sound board it’s is use and with the other um what’s the other wave heard it’s been yesterday since i have a basis in asus.
Yes for a seuss okay be right meter it its a fucked civil design but it’s nothing really extraordinary but the cool thing is somebody first now so my first my first worker.
One of the other managers there talked about the idea that keyboard should be.
Changeable so that you know if you wanna work in a different language you can work in a different language and effective it look back at the original service announcements member they have different keepers they’re gonna do i can use a keyboard and now you know.
Officers of different keyboards.
These weren’t necessarily dynamically changing keepers belie you have a different template and keyboard so i guess there always next station the old worker templates that we use the tape onto our two birds.
Okay it make sense okay any other news related to that from what i have another one passes is this.
Excuse braces a screen pad so what date does the replace the touch pad on a keyboard and.
May the keep made it ain’t no monitors lol i don’t understand the value their.

[11:14] Well it’s very much like the the apple touchpad okay with the track pad with the.
Who intro up that change that will be interesting for soundboard that.
I can think of tons of places where that would be handy but i’m not really sure how you would get to the point where applications would be that flexible by the developers you have to do something or that have to be some kind of a shame or something in between.
Yeah yeah so the concept i can see how right now in union.
Oh i didn’t know hacker’s i’ve been not one window and so the certain things that one out that would be nice to be able to have it the quick and double click console on that.

[11:57] And then different things for different apps and things for us i think the concept is our by think it would be i think it would be hard to get the applications that far ahead hand.
It might not add much to the mets may five trip cost so you know high and laptops come of it and.

[12:16] You notice on a huge value but it didn’t really cost to much at alright sounds good david.
I’m just adding and you have a new story wanna talk but that’s not other there anything else you want me to take some items stopped writing alright so i go start not not the staff dragon i’m gonna go with.
Microsoft partners to roll out windows collaboration displays later this year so what is that mean the surface have been.
Successful or not a measure of success little break on its numbers but they are still back ordered so unlike those original windows are t and up,
original surface pro devices that microsoft had a warehouse full of that they have to get rid of and they took with nina remotely dot right down on,
surface hubs are not in that category they are,
back ordered people have to get the mail we got the new surface hub to it’s coming out that’s tie level of talked about that on the show and so microsoft,
he is a lot only ems to build something called windows collaboration displays now these are not surface hubs than interesting thing about the collaboration display,
is it doesn’t have compute,
so it works with a another windows ten computer that’s casting to it in some way but is designed for collaboration and this is exactly is a your customers do what the service of any what,
yeah pretty much but it’s got touch it’s got presents its got,
set your cameras and things like that too low so it’s more than what your customers do yes that it got its got more but that doesn’t mean they’ll they’ll use it and it will run microsoft three sixty-five which we talked about.

[13:55] Last episode as a bundle of windows ten office three sixty five and enterprise mobility sweet with the security modules as well so,
will start seeing announcements for those maybe we can get a demo device would be cool if you got one in your office and i got one in my office and we try to do a collaboration podcast.

[14:17] Yes so we can go to the for microsoft stores and collaborate from there or makes a ton of sense yeah race so that’s that’s it for that is i am doing okay i’ve got two that are kinda related.
Okay the first first one is the snap dragon eight fifty from qualcomm so tell hold on one hundred eight forty five.
I don’t know i think they made one today that its available but the eight forty five a ball is the one that the first one i can run with just.
The thing as it it thirty five a thirty five so i’m not sure i don’t really track all of these so i gotta be careful with the week,
call come numbers things because there’s really two pieces in play here and will explain that so snap snap dragons i use.
Arm processors but it to full chipset right its that reagan eight fifty is call com’s version of the core texts arm chip and their chipset so i,
there’s another can call arm which actually designs the court tax and it’s not right and qualcomm does,
their own magic with some potentially produces themselves etc but there’s a little bit confusion there because the snapper.
So the numbering may have something to do with either court text number in or call comes on internal numbering at which i don’t fully understand.
We’re lucky numbers yeah who knows but so i don’t know what happen to the eight forty-five talked about the eight fifty so.

[15:53] The eight fifty is designed specifically for windows pcs.
We had so were looking at bigger devices like laptops and convertibles higher clock speeds up.

[16:10] Better heat dissipation so they don’t have to worry about the things that you have to worry about when you trying to jam everything into a phone because prior to the eight fifty qualcomm was really designing their chips.
To work on mobile devices like phones and some tablets but the phones were there really their big market right dad,
lately and the system so they had yo they lt the or the or whatever else,
with the four g that the carriers need all that built in and the expectation was at the cram as much of it as possible to very small space is not gonna be a lot of room for batteries knock me a lot of room for heat dissipation so that the deal with all of those,
wake fifty give them a little bit more breathing room excuse the terms and for talking about heat dissipation but that,
they have a lot more flexibility david time in in the design because the expectation is it’s going to go into a large chassis.
What’s your or your laptop right is not really designed for telephone or mobile phone so the real problem with her with,
get the original ones was was performance right number was complex but the battery life people all kind of complained a little bit that i can’t run x sixty four wraps but,
really it was all up for saloon bar the performance hospital with burn the performance issue wasn’t emulation layer that’s part of it but also part of it was phillips the that the underlying hardware so this hardware,
really takes it next level and should be able to provide better performance on those the next generation of windows ten arm pcs.

[17:48] What percentage of user needs can they get to it this the original one would been low and you’ll travellers and so on and baby ten percent of computers,
people all the time or maybe thirty percent you know this brings it out maybe to what of the computing power that may be half the people you must.

[18:05] And do you also look up i get to hire display resolutions as well so will see what happens it really comes down to will the developers in braces and we re compile their color code to run.

[18:18] If they don’t why because i think i’ve if i’m not mistaken.

[18:25] The developer still have to re powder coat support sixty four bit are know they well depends on the app as if it’s the next city six app it will continue.
If it’s if it’s a legal store app which is having life because there are so few of them than what they have to do is choose a check box in when they can figure there are there and saw for that it just one last piece of news that exciting for me.
Call comes including an lt modem on this chipset so all of these pcs will have lt which something i’m a fan of.
Yes it all should all right so now related but not from qualcomm it from our.
Right okay so arm makes the term chipset right so the chip designer arm that they’re the ones that make the court tax which.
Qualcomm could intercept reagan’s right men do we should maybe get a hardware designer engineer in here talk a little bit more details about that so that we don’t bleed people too far stray but here’s,
the interesting thing the court tax a seventy six cpu is targeted being thirty five percent more performance than its predecessor.
The colonists in a lap top class shit they’re expecting it like i said thirty five or potentially forty percent faster but.
More than that they’re looking at it i having have a much much better battery life.

[19:53] And they’re looking at it from a performance perspective,
being close to an i five seventy three hundred so,
target squarely it right the center of intel’s got intel’s market space there and they expect that they put more cash memory on it it up with the core i seven.
That’s interesting cuz it if you really get up to that performs then people are choosing the arm ship because.
Because it uses less battery people are choosing that arm chip because it’s cheaper than all the other venecia arm.
Who is.
Get it does that it’s the always on such as the battery is always on a few other things and it’s and scholar right smaller devices so those two pieces of news the snap dragon eight fifty and the.
Court tax a seventy six kinda go together my expectation is that the qualcomm.

[20:57] Right actually uses that core tech chip but i haven’t got detail supporting that yet happening i think this fits in with a rumor that apple my two yeah.
Arm purse that’s your laptop sometime if there really is this much action the environment then apple would be fools to not consider.
Okay so i got one last new stored around other news so first of all if we put this on one of microsoft yeah it would be kind of funny because of the of it.
What is microsoft’s market helping we would have a good laugh at it does like his cake up really co ia and so on some but we we didn’t even think about it but somehow microsoft.
Bucket house so here’s the thing then next up but get help for seven point five billion dollars,
a lot of people are upset that get have is an open source for positive re i gonna get that eric lenard or another developer on the show i think i joel,
julie bare wanted to be on the show have them talk more about get up because they use it all the time i use a little bit,
but it’s an open source thing people get code from there the interact with it i been our website is is actually power to get hubby’s project me up,
to run our wordpress site that’s on top of my classical server and it’s all serve to microsoft azure from get apps i use it on occasion microsoft has put a lot of its documentation to get help to feel again have account you can go in and edit,
microsoft documentation and then they hadn’t done that was very interesting concept they have they published the doc was a let you go in and change the mets.

[22:32] Right it’s cheaper than doing it them self what.
Yes and i know most couples are very aggressive and attacked some even hi there documents right to be quite a change,
so i’m not sure what this means for microsoft,
it it is totally sign of the times because steve bomber will always campaigning against open source it was bad for the economy bad for national security all sorts of things and such as cut.
Us a kinder gentler view of open source different guess guess so.
I’d like to get some be on the show that can speak more knowledgeable about that in the next few weeks or months david what you think about what’s you that shall we.
Okay we will we will do that i think that’s it for the news.

[23:20] Music.

[23:28] So david anything else me to talk about do we have any rumors and the what if scenarios me rants or raves.
I can’t think of any right now and you know i do a few things and want to talk about them.
Okay so our show numbers have been going up we been steadily getting a few more listeners every week or so that the episode numbers cuz that be going up to the half that’s true.
But we’ve also been interacting with.
With some of our listeners and fans on twitter that’s probably easiest way to interact with us some interesting discussions there.
But next week we’re gonna do interaction whole other level we’re gonna be doing a live show we’ve talked about that that’s june thirteenth were going to be at the auto what pc users group and we’re going to be at which museum david.

[24:20] Science and tech about three months is deviation the aviation museum and reading a live show they’re gonna be recording there so that’s a great way to interact with.
List of the show if anyone from the auto a pc users group of losing now and wanted to,
drop us a note to be included in the show please go to our website and look at the rants a raves and,
is a little leave us a voicemail about me go ahead and do that work from mobile phone at work from a pc that if you gonna microphone attached to it up,
by the way any listener the show can do that actually you if you not list for the show you can do that and we’ll gladly drop that audio into the show if it’s appropriate,
and and do you that way but please interact with us.
So this is like i said this is a special show we’re using something called a mix minus which we’ve done before we wired our own using multiple devices strung together but this is a bit of a professional set up of that x minus.

[25:23] Is this working is gonna be good for the summer and i can set up to the show i wanna try it just with the plain old telephone system see how well it works there okay.

[25:34] But shall we wrap things up call that alright thanks for being so flexible david in on this record today up.
We’re done early awesome you everyday you to keep the company is set by thanks lizzy.

[25:49] Music.

[25:57] Follow the show on twitter at surface minutes email dish of hot house that surface miss dot com check out the show notes and leave a comment on www dot.

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[26:13] Music.

[26:25] Well welcome to the after party after the podcast we’d like to share some whiskey now this is a very special with you tasting i’ve got a guest with me he is name is wayne,
lexi highway hello everybody out there right so as you recall we record this episode on wednesday the.
Fix for the seventh of the sixth,
june and david was remote and so i wasn’t able to share whiskey with them so he gets to miss out so since then we’ve had some really interesting things happen the washing capitals won the stanley cup and rob ford has.
When me and terry election he’ll be our new premier and i decided to open an iconic bottle of whiskey and david it’s your own fault for not being here,
and not being able to share with us so we would like to tell us that we have yet calling me of them calling fine oak eighteen year old,
i can describe it for you if you wish sure this will this work exclusively maturity in sure you’ll casks all whiskeys in this are distilled before nineteen ninety six that this is truly iconic bottle this is right up there with the johnny walker blue,
this is like what do people talk but don’t pairing i’ll be in a comic polish and paid this is my comic bottle of whiskey and its been a victim of its own success in that.
Takes guess what eighteen yrs to produce and they didn’t lay down of stock early enough so supply and demand is really jacked the price up,
so you sold in most markets not sold in ottawa that i don’t think it’s old anywhere regular regularly in canada in chicago las vegas la new york places like that you find.

[27:56] So wayne what does our good friend jean marie in the bible have to say will according to the gym but we have your classic cream sherry roma thick,
sweet but the light in live in by a distinct barley sharpness,
i haven’t had it yet i’m looking for to to tasting it call on us the whisky that i measure all whiskeys by while so.
Here’s what i am expecting to taste some juicy ness julius clean an intense delivery strands of honey and syrup,
pave the way for videos and spices to get a grip complexity level just are startling and the weight just about spot on so based on gym ari’s take on it i’m looking for ten right there was in a ninety four point five which is exceptional so let’s take a look at it and the glass wine what,
color legs in the dark and give me it is dark,
darker than i actually expected her mama now this one by the way has no color in it it’s all natural color from the sherry sherry casks okay so is that really good legs of us what’s will up the glassy calm down that little leg there.
And yo i’m a fan of adding water to whiskey but enough to do that just yet this one is very good on its own but as you know when you get about the twenty some percent alcohol.
Is where the aromatic scott released this is forty three percent alcohol.
By volume in there take a sniff of that smell vanilla coffee a little bit leather what a sweet.
Yeah a little bit of set get coffee for sure what to get this ball on this one i think i got in las vegas.

[29:29] What do you think is not amazing on the initial just initial taste palate to finish it sweet salty.
Little bit of stress yet it’s both atom is amazingly smooth and now he added a drop of water weigh.

[29:49] Stop the fan you gotta see no start up for more sweet,
and more complexity little or how to come out of it at a curiosity i’m i’m adding some some plain ol tap water here is there a particular type of water that would work best ideally you’d want water to still the river spay cuz that the space i was okay.
I have some at home that this will do just fine with the way that.

[30:21] Yeah i like it i like my scotch is sweeter as opposed to smokey.
And pd and and this fits the bill right is well thanks for taking time out of your busy day to share some with me when my pleasure icon but you but you know i would’ve,
i will drink alone that’s not a problem that i said that i would enjoy this alone as well but good to have that we have you with me and i think it will eat away at you and i drink together.
Often when i was a on everyone so if that’s true,
usually usually it’s it’s beer in my hand but the stuff is is a nice change it up with in my hands that’s true so thanks again,
take a bite of listeners my pleasure calling in goodbye to everybody out there okay keep your stick on the ice and scotch on the rocks.
Oh by the way you know what way i can leave one thing it take one more step and this is really how this this makes me feel.

[31:15] Music.

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