Be Our Guest

So you’ve agreed to be on the show.  Thank you.

Here is some information that will help you understand how things will work.  Of course everything is to change but this should help you get an overall feel for things.

We will be using one of two services for the interview.  Either Skype for Business or Zencastr as both services allow us to record the session.  Zencastr has higher quality but more hardware and software limitations.  Based on our initial discussions with you we will be sending you an invitation with a link to the appropriate online service for our call.

The process is fairly simple:

  1. Click to join Skype Meeting – We can share audio (and video if needed) and collaborate as usual.  The recording happens on Microsoft’s servers and we download it later.
  2. Click to join Zencastr – This will record each of our microphones locally and then upload the files into a shared location for us to edit together later. Remember this must be done in Chrome or Firefox.  When the recording is finished, please leave your browser session open until the file finishes uploading.

The Zencastr link  MUST be opened in either the Chrome or in Firefox browsers.  It does not support any other browser at this time.  If you are unable to use Chrome or Firefox, please let us know and we will make other arrangements.

If for some reason there are technical issues, we will email you as a secondary form of communication.  Please be ready to check email should that be necessary.

Preparing for the interview

Before the Big Day

Do this in advance if you can:

  1. Send use a photograph of yourself to include in the show notes.  Other “appropriate” photographs are also welcome.
  2. Share any social media properties or work samples that you’d like to promote (Blog, Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)?
  3. Test your computer to make sure that your microphone and headphones are working as expected.  You can use this site to help you test your gear.

Preparing your equipment

  1. Try to find a quiet spot without much background noise
  2. Check your network speed.  You will need a minimum of 128kbps.  Use a wired network connection if possible. You can use this link to test your speed.
  3. Do NOT use the built in speakers and microphone on your computer.  Use a dedicated microphone and headphones or, consider a headset microphone.  Reasonable sound can be achieved with a headset costing as little $10 USD.
  4. If you are using a dedicated microphone, use a microphone stand.  If you have a choice, use a dynamic microphone instead of a condenser microphone.
  5. If possible use over the ear headphones.

On the Big Day

Here are some preparation tips to help us get the best results from our interview:

  1. Please close all background applications such as Outlook, etc. that might connect to the internet or pop up an audible alert.
  2. Pause any background file transfers such as Dropbox, BitTorrent clients, Backup programs,  OneDrive, etc.
  3. Regardless of your microphone setup, the microphone should be between 1 and 4 inches (2.5 to 10 cm) away from your mouth when you are speaking.  Avoid moving towards the microphone to speak and moving back to listen.  Setup the microphone so that you are comfortable with it in the 1 to 4 inch range.
  4. Do an audio check
  5. Speak clearly and slowly
  6. Don’t shout and don’t whisper
  7. Don’t move around.  Stay near the mic
  8. Grab a drink of water and go to the bathroom before the session
  9. Turn off any applications and devices that might interrupt with notifications such as email etc.
  10. Relax.  This is supposed to be fun.

Some questions that you may get asked during the interview:

  1. Tell us about your digital life (professional and/or personal) – What do you use technology for?
  2. What prompted you to buy a Surface?  Which model do you have?
  3. Is it your current go to device?  What did it replace?
  4. How is the Surface better or worse than what you used before?  How could it be better?
  5. We typically do a news segment s part of the show but not necessarily part of our guest interview.  If you’d like we can send you the news items in advance if you’d care to talk about some of them.
  6. Anything you’d specifically like to talk about?


If you’d like more information on how the Zencastr session will be run you can watch this video: