Who Are We?

The Surface Smiths Podcast was founded by David and Colin Smith aka the Surface Smiths. They decided to pull the trigger at the very first Microsoft Ignite Conference in Chicago in May of 2015.  Most episodes will feature both of us and every so often other folks will join us.
David blogs at WhateverWindows.com

Colin Blogs at Sunbehindtheclouds.com


Matt Murphy helps us out whenever he can with the sound engineering.

We record the show wherever we are which most often happens to be in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada however some shows have been recorded in remote locations and through Skype.

Theme Music

The music you hear at the beginning of our episodes has varied since we started.  We have used several Creative Commons and other royalty free pieces.  Starting in episode 013 we have been using a track created specifically for us based on the Windows 10 startup sounds.  It was created by Rob from the Failed Musicians Podcast the named it Turk Cell but we call it the Surface Smith’s theme.

Studio Setup

As new podcasters that like to travel and attend conferences we initially chose to go with a very portable setup.  We started using Behringer XM1800S microphones on custom microphone stands Made from Whiskey bottles.  The mics are connected with XLR cables into a ZOOM H5 portable recorder.  The Zoom H5 is essentially a self contained mixer, audio interface and recorder that fits in your pocket.  We recorded our first podcast directly to the Zoom H5 recorder and then moved the files over to a Surface Pro 3 for editing in Audacity For the second podcast we used the ZOOM H5 as a mixer/interface and connected it via USB to the Surface Pro 3 and recorded directly into Audacity using a technique known as Live-to-Drive.  We also used a new compressor called the Levelator to help with normalizing the dynamic range.  Let us know how you like it – We’ll be trying out a different compressors.


We are now using Shure SM58 microphones and Auphonic for compression, limiting, and leveling.

zoomh5_handyrecorder audacity-logo-r_50pct_sq_trans thumb_shure_sm58 auphonic_logo