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  • Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time any of us says “Fatigued”

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  • What should you do with your Windows 2008 Servers / Windows 7 that you won’t upgrade by the deadline?
    • Windows 2008 Scenarios
      • Not enough time to upgrade all our apps
      • Application only runs on Windows 2008
    • Windows 7
      • Don’t have the budget for new laptops
      • Management was hoping Microsoft would extend support
      • Application only runs on Windows 2008

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Transcript Courtesy of Wit.AI
[0:00] Hello i’m cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows such a service x box phones and the windows insider program here are your hosts the surface.
I am deaf smith and smith and we’re the surface smiths welcome to episode one of to take to,
take to take to refund the case record him this is one of those episodes where i can record it exactly as he recorded the first time is what we do at the different well normally after a record we have an after party but,
well it’s after recording doing after party and the author of this many people in bk uses of drinking during the podcast and that does happen,
add to get so disgusted our guest today is the white walker is johnny what’s johnny walker white walker.

[0:55] That’s because yesterday was season eight episode one of game of thrones season so we thought.
We’d have some white walker i drank some white walker during the episode i can talk too much but game of thrones set it up to much but the whisky we are going to do,
drink some well we do the rest of the episodes and we will talk about the whiskey after so that we don’t normally do things his family child either its not hey guys what about the word of the week,
so where did the week,
i am free to use a guide because we’re tired we have to do the whole episode i tired of talking about the camouflage clothing.
Remind me ok so every time you hear the word fatigue take a sip of your favorite drinks with david.
Invest why are there so to take twenty kg with my sleeve for tonight.

[1:49] Alright so david you got the you got serve more than expected.
You got a new segment you wanna talk about it that’s right that discussion the weeks up since calling and i’m running a lot of scenarios at work that.
Probably your firm with other people in the it world that we can discuss some so this week would you wanna touch scott’s is,
the expiry of support for windows two thousand eight and server and windows seven and organization should do about that.
Should i bring okay with that.
Well okay that’s good podcasts lecture like yourself to dance in five years ago they been extended support for quite sometime now january twenty twenty sixth of jan fourteenth of i’m not mistaken they go
extended support hands and that’s it for getting free start a support is a better switch than hoping microsoft excel support.

[2:51] What would you wanna be an old is anyways i doubt people did not sure okay so what about if you have some.
Any suggestions what i should do have some service she needs to keep running for a little while are the physical and virtual.
Oh ok flights from denver to atlanta reason for that is they got something called seal okay,
he is a hardcore compatibility lists that’s right so yeah guys gals and non binary folks that rode windows server two thousand eight.
Navigate getting.
Before two thousand manufactured yep three dicembre compatibility lists yeah other drivers and things like that the operating system can work on the hardware that’s right,
guess what.

[3:39] The number is not available anymore can buy the hardware anymore and guess what hardware has evolved from sending lots of new technology stack two thousand it wouldnt have things like slack slides now been around for close to ten years though it,
what’s a lot of new technology to come into play so if you want to try to take your windows,
server two thousand eight install the new hardware that because it was written the way way back then when they didn’t have any knowledge of the future.
Right did anyone else in a way that you are not time travelers right ugh.

[4:16] It’s not gonna run well hardware and might have issues most likely will have a few virtual i said.
That’s okay that’s right because you love you can use new hardware for here.
Virtualization host have windows server two thousand eight hundred after that so you may want to keep it on promise offer something why u the benefit of keeping promise you wanted to get out for a nap get off you want to make it hard to get to,
add a medium jumpbox are some kind of multi centric service or some kind of,
direction for remote into it and keep it isolated do not want that exposed to the internet and maybe it’s only people in the building are in florida depart of the box so block everyone else have an access right,
i had reduce the risk of something happening cuz less people can connect with exactly so tweet a really nice management right you mentioned asking how do we how do we approach dress measurements nervous david will look at,
do things right probability times.
The cost of something goes wrong with the impact impact the cost right so not a benefit of doing bye,
isolating not in the app is reducing the probability of something happening or also disconnect sure if remove the office can’t,
get network access to it than half the people now feel scared.

[5:44] Impact others less impact well in theory but really need to get off but if this is the cor app for your business,
you’re going to be here to get off of it after you’ve got something new york or expected going out of business of your work for one of those companies make sure resume is up to date and start offsite yeah exactly okay i can.
You got another option will see if there’s another option for the very end because windows server two thousand eight and windows seven clear the question was windows seven.

[6:17] So i gotta start to commissions of a lot of work station set you can have the same heartbreak compatibility they’re all machines so it’s the opposite where compatibility view
some of the machines really hard up stuff for working with a stand or turn on the harbor compatibility lists okay so let’s see if so.
Let’s look at that still a bit differently the reason that people are staying in december two thousand eighteen is because it had a key application but could not.
Run on your server is not the one i upgrade not the bank,
mesa your right up an expectation is ghetto is just by new time,
i would like the same serial number because you are applications at two can’t run on wednesday.
I think help most racist just because people are slowly started to leave your mood too slow self.
Table fan and i would just be move faster if you can’t start earlier but fred
you’re saying that in the previous version of this podcast that almost all applications are able to run dislike ninety eight percent you just have a small amount of work to do itself do that small i am working with those applications,
and for this small amount of applications that can’t live microsoft is offering ever size action solution.

[7:39] Warszawa will talk about that separately
so lots of ways to make application compatible to windows seven for the most part running windows ten they don’t have the ring zero driver issues that we had going was seven applications running windows seven will run when i
find hardware perspective.
Hardware that runs windows seven can run windows ten for the most part with a few exceptions you may not believe things like i did things like that but you can still run by ozwald windows ten so what if he’s good is if you bought a brand new computer but it’ll still be good if play
and then for both of windows server two thousand eight and windows seven.
You can use use several really wanted i want a drama film that did no no no no.

[8:30] When does the writ two thousand eight and windows seven.
You can use,
after microsoft azure what do you mean by that what do you mean by that will you move your application server or your desktop and remote into it and add your microsoft give me three years more support that one year,
not yours but three years three support and state nice,
add a set of stairs what he thinks david mike social people that are pending are bad send an xl microsoft’s already standing,
create update for three more years if i have them i don’t know why right.

[9:17] Is that if discussion week i think it s alright let’s move into something else other than another new segment new excitement featuring concert i say yeah feature of the week so feature of the week.
This week is a futurist it’s going to be may twenty nineteen update also known as nineteen eighty one update yes.
Add nineteen eight one update is.

[9:48] We start the march code but he’ll be out soon and feature that i think is important if it’s out for that so this time they leaving release preview out there for a month instead of zero right.
So sandbox sandbox is the future that i think is the most important feature ok and why is that david.
What’s a call to sandbox first office that shit in it and you can throw it out
let’s keep it up my friends ok so the sandbox love you too
sandbox and application website that task with expect my publishes cold in etc and it doesn’t have access the rest of your is so would you to send a corporate level how would you do that definitely,
you can have a applications and websites that are not white listed automatically get rid of the sandbox in the sandbox gets emptied.
If this could help me get the f did not skipped out shut i dont want to read a review the code to the side which if that’s ok so i think that is the most important feature.
Tell me nineteen eighty one.

[10:59] New story of the week what’s the news first off,
i’ve been drinking more then living single word fatigue and its making me fatigued what we could have use the word for it because it’s a lot of work carrying kitty litter from costco your house,
where you get yours,
i don’t have any cats okay so you’ll take the first news story david shirt so what are the would like iphone and android android phones better but will also kill them,
what they mean by this is that.
Higher speeds bandwidth available five GE will allow more devices do connect simultaneously five you cells are smaller than LTE sales so you have potentially lot more than sleep
concentrated cells.

[11:57] When computing becomes pervasive ambient right don’t have a cell phone you can just say hey siri hey cortana hey alexa or OK google just had set and not write that you need help with headset on,
you can just have glasses.

[12:14] Or anything there anything you can just have a bottle of where is says where are there be.

[12:22] Can i have the bottle that signals when it’s empty so last time it’s winter is here but he’s clearly tell that.
Will it snow in the snow outside is snowing today but we should be here later okay what about the bottle later so there talking about how basically pervasive.
Ambient energy and internet will make the actual,
device less important less relevant so that flies in the face of the next article from gardner that says buy twenty twenty three thirty million foldable phones will be sold
that’s me that’s okay over and your number either the foldable phone is gonna fail miserably like three d tv.
What were microsoft or microsoft phone or it’s gonna wildly succeed it would never be thirty million to me it will be so tell me the meaning the medium,
i’m bout the average staff thirty dollars not that many if it’s that program breaking no thirteen billion this is a failure,
add twenty twenty three to four years away so im not interesting enough today.
Samsung release the galaxy fold to review
did you get yours i did not but i didn’t reading it looks like they’re interesting devices i think i think i broke you be here to thank god above thirty million what you think.

[13:48] I am not convinced that the one that stop by let see yes.

[13:54] Didn’t interest me at all in spending two thousand us in a different channel,
turn truck and people are gonna wanna get new devices for five anyways right and so why not get full form button option you have to what’s your on 12 15 hundred dollars from my phone when the two thousand nine exactly.
Hi okay call insane over i’m taking over.

[14:19] Add over thirty million yes and i’m saying under three million ok i’m not seeing a payment alright you buy me a bottle of.
It’s definitely a bottle of advil be ok right.

[14:31] What’s up next news items i only use it was something we been letting go for awhile i want to talk about this i,
linkedin article with five service pro keyboard that cost less than microsoft covers and some of them,
she really value options right because i don’t want to spend the money a fifty dollars bluetooth snaps on the bottom right.
Which is way better than what is a hundred and fifty us,
add finish his best offensive what you got on the fingerprint reader are the different models so tell me what is p value place.
Yep i can afford microsoft wednesday go for something cheaper and that’s just the wrong body is surface pro you need a keyboard you spell,
kool aid or whiskey ready kilanski i spilled beer on mine in the class during this e-mail to open again
yes gonna be hoes i like a good beer like it can keyboard get play because i like bud light bourbon bud light and corona oh ok but the camera is gonna,
ugh white but anyways,
but really i wanted to talk about this david is there someone who wanted particular want to talk about and little girl five and the article from.

[15:51] When do the central luckily pics the one that different one hazard top one the one i like it is made a metal bridge it’s really more like a stan like a stand for cookbook.
It makes,
you’re surface pro into a surface book on lost yes it got hanged clothes etc right let’s start spotify,
what for can we talk way back in minneapolis owed three or when first five or six episodes we talked about liability
add liability flex different people different ways right if you got a big laugh,
laptop issue with the kick stand because u got a real estate on the list of the top of your legs with some publishers is tack the,
generally speaking a shorter people have smaller bikes generally speaking yes of shows exceptions write the ideas of exercise right it’s so that’s really the performance is the length of your fired because you need to have a keyboard,
need a cake stand,
i need to create an angle that viewable and still able to type versus a laptop just need the keyboard in a little bit of time for that exactly exactly so i like this model because,
it’s got a slightly dropped the surface of the bluetooth connected center doesn’t connect to the base.

[17:10] What it still works and in some scenarios it’s more likeable for me and alex that works great and ask me what does do use it right now and you’re not complaining exactly,
i love just not for the sound board just surface pro till yes but.

[17:29] What’s the number to call these guys last very you ask for a review that is what happens when we drink during the shutdown.
Add with your forty so how do i drink more than playing out well i already not too much i dont want to be a white walker.
Hey right next news article and this was yours fine but that’s a good add,
the army version of the lines had no lead news that he let see if it is more like in to call of duty,
ok let me back up i cannot microsoft wine close to one five hundred million four hundred ninety something million dollar contract with the us army to provide them with,
er god what are your goals for the girls and i are goggles to protect it from harm light.

[18:32] What are your goals AR augmented reality
how much distance was very simply means you see sam it’s like heads up display some of reality and some of the computer so i get one spot lights out
contracted with virtual reality which replaces reality with something else so rather than seeing you bc
goodbye f right we would replace with what i want to activate my line of sight with something else that’s virtual reality
augmented reality just overly other objects in information on to what i’m saying so i can’t see you any coupon bubble above your head that says.

[19:12] Take me or something like that yeah if i have a gov webpage.
How about five hundred million us dollars to put take me sides about people during your wild magic are now but the beauty of this is that
this version of the lens is really intended for military purposes and the people that actually try to mount the first generation to say you know what it’s like.
Play call of duty i don’t play lot of video games by simcard he’s like.
Not interested i’m more into doing andrew yeah so i can play video games but that’s fire,
so it’s just interesting microsoft and the contract and that is a lot like a video game i might be interesting recruiting tool.
For microsoft and maybe we’ll see more of it on the x box not a huge headline but that’s something that we should talk about.

[20:15] The next one more interesting to talk butterfly you start but i don’t think my penguins p g.
Yes analytics specifically for the window sound system for the first twenty fifteen or twenty sixteen windows ten incorporate the window sound system for lennox are you thinking articles
one two and so you could actually read the lyrics in windows ten.
What’s the base os here windows or linux what pizza.

[20:48] Secure is the type to hide the visor over simplified but the idea really is running windows ten but you know
you can connect to other linux host and you can control them and all the things you do and lennox in one part of the machine and still run with staff
simultaneously windows and linux running android and now we just have a new version of this article that i provide latvian where station right way you have one old is joshua.
Is the host talks to hardware and another one that she was everything truly don’t hardly do not have a direct hardware access everything goes to the host OS.
Okay so it’s become very popular but there’s a new version specifically designed for the window sound system this is a popular with him.
What average salary of workers but maybe some developers but really assistance.
I have to take care of bulbs sure what that’s what potentially assistant men’s have to take care of both windows servers and lyrics server.
They have one machine the control them all as opposed to having a windows machine either lax pm spot underneath it would just be what exactly.

[22:12] So i would like to look at if you’re in that situation where that.
I don’t look at the link if you can look at a follower like a message again it’s a base distribution any flicks of guess what it’s free.
That’s alright next one is yours david.

[22:38] So both ed and firefox are coming up for qualcomm based PC still arm piece with fret so,
the work before and regulation but this way they can actually run as arm application switch with be more efficient.
Faster of s sixty four bit.
32 becky would like to hear something from brand better a better performance less resources.
And don’t let me hear is so this is ad on chromium,
bright screen doesn’t say that helps i would imagine how to help science find summarize i just chromium based on firefox is web based,
no smell of is not working parties web based.
Ok sure right so they both have need of RMA implications of random gadgets any what.

[23:34] I am super excited not to why you put something else.
I feel you know why because qualcomm is yet to release,
snapdragon one thousand sheriff earlier versions and they didn’t succeed either right so that’s why so yeah its new browser is for.
Block from that no one uses what is it no it was microsoft came out with something.

[24:08] Surface device with the window so we would consider it,
kevin was found in the people i consider weak you know what i am anyways that’s what i meant the harbinger of success or failure from business perspective ok so considerate but most people would just disappear.
What kind of service and so asked her performance i’m looking.
For those successfull windows and devices to calm and i think that’s the best chance right now is the qualcomm snapdragon one thousand because i got flash is seventy performance but we get the
great battery life and all the other wonderful things that come with processors like in vancouver really cheaper yes.

[24:51] Whatever i’m optimistic okay but i’m tired of waiting yeah okay.
I wanted to expect lose it wouldn`t stay skip it skip number i’m not sure i’m gonna leaving it about microsoft revamp in powershell for windows ten because,
guess what more on linux users of powershell than windows users with powershell and where can i have shawn currently on the show to talk more about this,
i was actually pretty much the whole thing lol no no no there’s more to it than that i want him to listen to us.

[25:30] Music.

[25:38] Heard any rumors for microsoft will you have court you heard the most david.
Never heard and heard them in my ear buds surface but yeah oh.
What do you set on read-only it surface your boots don’t exist yet but that’s a beautiful in manchester this summer that we are there is a rumor that microsoft is working on ubuntu to court and quote air quotes.
How was the air pods to go with my air quotes while that is that is one of your best jokes acquittal while it was just start drinking at the start of the show from the director.
Alright so just that i love the average it doesn’t have this dorky saying he loves me will that become a status symbol now.

[26:31] Maybe a dinner crowd but not mobile the kids i can drive a test and got air pods while anyways let’s let’s talk more about this let me explain what i mean by that microsoft put in a lot of work lately.
An audio.
Yes it got surface headphones should i wear over the red fort was three hundred fifty dollars to us us that she bring canada and the USA.
But the real heroes of microsoft wants to product eyes of monetizing with research and audio the surface headphones are bad headphones and all of it alot of.
How do research stuff for the whole eggs can get you some keyboards but you’re standing there with a lens exactly.
Here’s something for the money you spend there are much better headphones the sony is within one hundred take it from the back model number seven hundred awesome headphones does a lot of good headphones out there right now and the surface headphones,
decent but the money is better headphones out there what are the devil what is microsoft will be that’s different than apple.

[27:42] Is there a person and read and write in a gray shirt with the phone samsung got there are what they call them.
They give away free what’s the galaxy s ten in the us.
Ok got the pods but microsoft wants to bring cortana and somebody other control platforms cortana.
The couples from church but still alive r u sure,
yeah any place that isn’t a rumor that we can spread that card still life but back to that five g will kill the iphone android or call your phone but maybe it’s just because we’re buds
that will be your mentor into into tell for sure so really when is the band we’re out.

[28:31] How would i have a computer when you’re just out for a walk.
Right you would you would just like its be audio ok so this is a remote switch again to much time and let’s move on.
What is microsoft what’s microsoft added to use what is cost what is that,
it’s yet another chat app for microsoft help my goodness it’s so good i was hoping i get another half-and-half because i don’t have enough i got your up for the.
Who have to get whiskey fifty how that would spiral wrap bands.
So okay so what why does the why is this even come up.

[29:20] No because he added to teams they are going to one.
The other planning on doing it’s like tonight no it’s like they’re gonna hand it like in the next two years is like well no it’s because of teams by office three sixty five on the new features of takes time to roll out to clients because we’re the clients of that right,
that’s really annoying the client can just change the tenant right away there’s still a difference between happiness and the seventeen still be ok so i think its time to say goodbye this into another segment,
say a segment segway david know he is my rant what is the time,
higher than that so that were not where i can see if it’s all there now i gotta x wat’s i’m not gonna say he.

[30:06] I can see the f word that silver podcasts,
but microsoft has way too many collaboration tools and apps and office 65 that just confuses people three different types of less mad about wanderlust a task to do,
yeah i got like yeah and the miss and
what the sticky notes are there is so many collaboration tools and people don’t know when to use which right to confuse people one drive to share point what we were used to share things with
my colleague is getting confusing you add yet another chat app and it’s like,
whatsapp or messenger what’s your day so he was the only saving grace this is worth becoming a little bit more if you want to use a chat app yet another chat bot yeah like a slacker whenever yes.

[31:05] Size party dress is kinda nice cuz one u want the confused because in teams you know when we spent features of teams i’m don’t forget to the future.
But that being said.
Shut up that’s part of office three hundred sixty five has one advantage you like any other day to an office three hundred sixty five you own it,
microsoft did microsoft will not sell it to others because you play tomorrow partly because you paying for it but because but the biggest reason is officially responsible e i’m like yeah used a google chat app or facebook chat app,
your facebook and i cannot accept everything good day.

[31:50] Can you reset yourself because because i just excepted or i don’t get installed right so,
we installed a today there is nobody else using it so we can chat with each other because it really is no one else uses is actually ok so what’s your read too many of these,
how’s the ramp okay i’m getting tired hey of the lights like the streaming services in the us right disney HBO and netflix apple.
Who did bob scratch.

[32:30] Ok eric of course i want some kids wear a good time and place where we’re just about done on the shelf.

[32:40] Do you want to say anything or should i go into what i’d like to go,
i got two things one for a super alpha even listening to the shelf for a long time i listen to everything and somebody just listen to anybody listen to every podcast status of you
can you complete the start the beginning and go from there anyways.
What’s the balance basically fan so hopefully around dinner with the sound board for sound board gives us nice lol sound effect during the show.

[33:11] Music.

[33:18] I made a sound board app using all of our sounds i did it for androids could never feel horny really want to email me and i’ll send you a link and you can have an accident can have access to.
But i thought we do something else for a super off and won’t what but.
Any fan any fan but they are out of and the ones of contribute to this more easily is your favorite sound bites from past episodes.
What about the whereabouts of bites.
We should be using or something id like to say to the idea of being you of my sound bites were passed episode of something i wanted to say we will make sure,
put them into our sound board app and then you can download it from the google play store
samosa more about slide to add and remove sounds know both bound actually most are pre loaded.

[34:11] Okay so i’ll be pretty loaded with our new person so being the top of the surface smiths android app you can take with you anywhere to a meeting and have a say something on a date and have a say something every damn body.
Scheme sure not not forget the date thing yes of be sad what’s happening with our listeners hear,
okay right now what the dates of the radical so ask what anyways we’re gonna build out sound up for you can download it okay take with you anywhere have a say what you want to say when and where.

[34:49] So later on in the outro hear how to reach us how to email us and tell us to turn off the that’s true so let us know if there is some but i don’t want the one that comes up a lot is the one about,
tastes like it smells which is like so that probably gonna be there,
and you know we’re teaser is with sound clips before the episode,
sure right so we’ll have that dinner potentially as well got a great place to look for some interesting audio clip to start doing that again but yeah it’s tiring i get working i get the TG oh there we go.

[35:31] Ok so david you want to talk about eminem finished.

[35:38] Who would you like to have financial it could be you what happened is we got the technology,
yes there somebody would like to have on the show yourself or someone else your alter ego who ever let us know and we will hunt them down and make the cum on the shelf,
are they required basically it’s not found by this thing have a headset microphone that would be a bonus,
we one more guess on the shelf and you know what we can help them grow their brand if you got something i wanna talk about the blog of work.
I website will i get the podcast what if it somebody and related to the technology say it someone who runs a story would we be okay with it in france who runs the story.
I would think about someone whom offers whiskey tours to scotland will we be okay with that i can make and so we can stretch we good a work right so i gotta ask a favor we ask for a lot.

[36:42] Yes order what can we what are we asked for the rest of the lights off when i make the money from this where we lose money on the show we do it for fun yes would you to inform would entertain ourselves yeah hopefully we entertain you but,
give me more details so pricey the version of this podcast yeah but that being said.
We are leaving a lot of marketing and digital marketing but for those of you that join the show gonna favorite ask.

[37:15] Find your favorite episode add find a friend.
And have the listen to album subscribe to another device and listen to your favorite episode show them how to listen to the surface smiths to listen to universal when is podcast add.
Where we can grow our listening base just a little bit it’s happening david everybody is brother starting a podcast,
is it because it’s like it believe it take your brother zach so that the after party,
what’s happening is it’s getting harder and harder for people to find the podcast because there’s so many out there over hundred thousand podcasts out there now and because heart to in jackson five people have trouble finding
just like you so much noise in the blogosphere pada sphere add soap,
when looking at more organic analog ways of helping people find the show so tweets or retweet did i do,
yo show somebody had to listen okay i am having subscribe and listen to you have people talk about the TV show the day after spin out,
maybe you can a water color discussion about cheryl the one about the game of thrones people kept talking better today or she got a letter.

[38:36] Alright so i think that’s it have a david let’s wrap it up take everybody thank you so much for coming on keeps kicking the ice.

[38:46] Music.

[38:55] Follow the show on twitter at service smith’s email to show as hard cast had service since dot com check out the show notes and leave a comment on www dot.

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[39:11] Music.

[39:22] Alright welcome to this the after party if i left where i look forward to the after party because we get,
yeah but why is the start the after party god willing yes ok whisky yet
will we had whiskey already sold still time for whiskey but we can do we talk about that with so today is the monday after season eight episode one of game of thrones and so without we have some.
What are the other david we have the white walker buy johnnie walker so johnny walker was your special guess the podcast and so,
people often make you sad so drinking all the way through the podcast called it hey normally use case.
We had barely we do that.

[40:10] So this is a johnny walker special edition white walker for game of thrones so use to say winter is coming when the bot was cause it warm,
i feel a bottle it’s kind of really really think that this is because colin straight particular you did not find his fridge full of whiskey,
and yet this case.

[40:32] I want to whiskey in the fridge freezer actually just so you can see winter is coming on the side will you will note that this is actually designed for.
Drinking cold which is odd because typically you want things to be warm ugh.
Can we get more dramatic sound right but.
This was designed to be cool okay i am partly because i did what winter is coming to where it taste ok let’s talk with the tasting first off.
Rotational this is a blended scotch johnny walker which is normally a blended scotch and it’s based off of.
The HBO series in the box but the george harper blended desk in the small from english,
which is interesting because this is scotland’s what is one of the most northern illinois so talking with them north and west alot of you watch the finally to watch the show david and also card due just fairly north,
should i watch the show i feel like that you feel like fantasy.

[41:46] That’s not bad in the books before but the thing is last two seasons of zombie on the box because i think what netflix offered in the music really could not use the music u like six to get ahead and he just gave up or what.
Now take this time writing space is a little bit of money you ask this anyways the music is phenomenal
what’s the name of the guy already i can’t pronounce this name is indian and fantastic fantastic score to the show are very good music is lol.
It’s truly a television would HBO show me screenshots i watch crazy.
Preposition place six episode two season two single males wait to the season ends.
You’re looking good afternoon apology the beginning the shelf for the audio so i’m not sure what it is anyways.
Um weird thousand six weeks david then subscribe to plus HBO for like ninety nine am in washington i can get creative with my yeah.
Internet data what’s your internet.

[42:57] I want to get there whats up its a business call does not can the door be safe today and they wanted the internet’s like i have internet from yo so they don’t even know so let’s the commute to work.

[43:12] What walker company display FL okay create concerts black out so let’s talk about this color.
I would say not care about all of this with a sweater that honey yellow gold yellow gold or yellow gold that’s a beautiful term.
Or pale golden rod yellow gold alright let’s start with linen start with heat three smooth very smith.
Now that’s not what heat so um gonna medium heat.
I would like that okay like dark fruit no no citrus fruit yes medium.
Floral definitely what different with ma see more of a cold type of a write um.

[44:04] Spicy no definitely not her yes multi i make a coffee that so much.
Woody yeah but not not charcoal you’re not here.
No no sweet medium body.

[44:34] What is the fun part of the roof the lights around the balance is actually really well balanced call them trying to torment and linger not longer necessary little longer.

[44:45] You can get this sum to someone who doesn’t like whiskey child.
And they would not be offended by this that’s also what you’re listening i got a idea.
If it is i’ll share with you another podcast that we figure out which phone to the game of thrones characters would what other products.
Recording a show that really stood with nick and listening to linkin stop published anywhere yet,
is this a comedy but that doesnt know don’t another one to re download it to be a guy like la that’s pretty to buy t-shirts,
alright sophie don’t want to spend too much time on this because many of them got some recording issues i can figure out what is going on but the,
you have bad is a ticket from there okay thanks for listening and i just got on the rocks or in this case my freezer and we’re looking forward to summer.
Yes but winter is here for six more weeks.

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