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  • Today we have a studio audience – I’d put in their twitter accounts, but they are millennials …

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    2018, The Surface Smiths Podcast
    Universal Windows Podcast

    David and Colin talk about Microsoft and other Technology News

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    [0:00] Hello i’m cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows suggest service x box phones and the windows insider program,
    who are your hosts the surface smiths david smith and golden smith and we are the surface smiths welcome to one hundred one.
    What’s the invite david that is five well done after three attempts take three if it’s five yes will there really do but will take some podcast but today we are will there is no way that’s toronto five in binary,
    does any one zero text better at best or an accident similar october its five its only in binary is.
    One zero one i think we should probably move on to something else i can do to distract
    hey guys what about the word of the week how but i forgot the suite you pick it this week while microsoft just released a beta version of microsoft s so
    let’s go with my with add chocolate to them for long time what you mean is the beta version of you will talk about that later okay so as for those either playing the game every time i hear the word dead.
    I have a seventy average alright so who’s the special date david is.
    Turn and what is that.

    [1:25] Five by five in binary five days after april third yes which is the release of the original at the race that the first phone call made on her cell phone,
    forty six years and five days ago today and it was made by a gentlemen worked at motorola,
    what was the name is name is cooper coupe or agent cooper yeah and he made a phone call hoodie call david,
    adblock to call bell hey guess what i’m doing yet you called bell labs he was a martin cooper standing,
    new york hilton on six avenue and email to call to the head of research labs company has also attempting to make the world’s first cell phone it is screw robin hawk,
    yeah that’s a good for him no make new rules for a cell phone calls quite impressive what would you like some price of is,
    how was first telephone why not call.

    [2:30] Ghostbusters exactly so that being said any other housekeeping any other,
    so what can we do yesterday studio audience why do we have studio audience while there people that work for you call him,
    add me making up a new website and done price of right to any listeners then that have any suggestions for the website love and hate it etc feel free to send information is the contact info is at the end of the show,
    you can send to podcast at service master competition or contact info the end of the show and from that will pass that information along to our universe so i can’t like to think it’s can leave the office with his film crew following us around,
    what is it daniel and i want to dance for dance show is always eating thanks and every once in a while the crew will get to see him get fed on tv so.

    [3:27] Yeah we’re gonna figure out what to get my expectations up there by no will you can help me take CS to do anything really feeling michelle ball is dead
    i want to speak with this idea that some suggested friend and i don’t know anything
    i don’t have a picture of taking the first buy it and talking and taking the last buy in md play come away from the plate and feed the crew,
    let’s turn on the display okay so i,
    we’ve got before we go any further we got a feature of the week we don’t always feature that we don’t even have a sound bite feature the week need to work on that,
    start anna know we don’t play with cortana anymore but feature of the week yes how windows ten disconnects USB storage device.
    So this is for people who are obsessive compulsive but disconnecting the devices manually will this break up,
    the air is what they called performance mode or other.

    [4:34] Quick quick probably distracted by something time but just what i do is what you do however that actually can be crafted by there has had that happen.
    so quick mode that’s what’s the most you moving to if i can move anytime but data can be collected also performance status of right now the default is performance mode means cashing,
    its prefect training and using other resources try to give you a faster experience however if you remove it,
    things me happy when did this get to the cashed.
    Have driver profile do not switching it so that it the default is,
    quick move because most people don’t do the safe act like ion ee how many tasks u saying that really changed how i operate search engines the default thats correct what most people don’t change default now if you want to hear power three can go in and change that,
    yeah i need extra speed or if it’s a device that i got a external usb drive here that i have connected it’s connected almost all the time so i leave at on performance rather than on.
    Remove anything else.

    [5:50] New story of the week are we have lots and lots of news this week we’ve been broken up into.
    What’s up what’s the date again add and lots of engineers since april eighth five days and forty.
    Microsoft has released a beta and with chromium what is that mean what might explain this to,
    this message is.
    Well anybody that are less yes i would say basic with the combination of edge and chrome,
    so the red dancing the part underneath.
    Underneath the menus and the tabs all that will be it’s actually not necessarily chrome itll be but chromium chromium open source and,
    google is the biggest contributor to the base the chrome browser on the chrome and rendering engine however it’s not exactly the same.
    How much to explain this to someone who doesn’t feel attacked.

    [7:04] Lol well they know that you had to load chrome and i guess i’ll just call,
    and the spartan was not as compatible with websites,
    roman reason for that it wasn’t is commonly sold developers atlanta test on web browser,
    what is the test on lgmr one thing contest on chrome anything a test on to,
    and wasn’t the number two browser either so the world testing on that other testing in safari there testing another and eventually made test on edge and want to report a problem right now and weather not edge what is the problem,
    dim the day people using it had issues and i have all kinds of issues using edge to connect to microsoft,
    what does this mean for the average is it doing today what ever to stop playing the want you to use edge close chrome.

    [8:04] Currently movie re load it with respect to system or they can use and anyone even care people that work
    voting ends with navy values as the default browser because can use the same rendering engine but the will be able to integrate with microsoft and any services still be able to integrate with being more cats by default the search engine ads because i think,
    here is a couple things at edge not the beta that were using today but that def leave.

    [8:35] The previous version of ge still does better than previous email to current groceries in touch much better than brett it also thinking much better than trump.
    Does indian could a few things that does excel at any of microsoft can bring that as well as other things to it uh,
    that’s a plus what does that mean those things those features well then slow through chrome.
    Perhaps it microsoft microsoft makes a party of kobe or not depends on how the owl and how other people adopted this to three other things,
    add supports streaming in four k.

    [9:22] From it anything or just from netflix i want to contact the kodak based issue is when the cortex the jesus vs the code that chrome is so right now it’s browser goes just really browser able to stream netflix in four k,
    i think.
    Remind us know what actions podcast this could be a serious problem for some for listeners that often will pick up where did the week and then looks like.
    Rights of microsoft spent the time with this the other thing today is i added a chrome extension so it felt when you load the data,
    we’ll link would like to get everyone around it you go to the microsoft store to get your extensions.
    You can also go to the chrome web store and load chrome extensions i did that today that worked very nicely.

    [10:15] Another little bit a news about microsoft and chrome es file explorer version of explorers going to support multiple tabs each withdrawl process much the same way chrome does.

    [10:32] So you can copy multiple files at the same time searching multiple locations all copies to eat with red.
    Alright so that’s it for engineers what was inside you get anything you will talk about.
    What is the your phone app you can now if you have the exact charger i can dial to marry nephew android phone on your desktop,
    so i’ve been using the your phone app but with mixed results doesn’t like having it repaired to two different laptops no no no light from phone laptop,
    add but nevertheless it doesn’t seem to be a bit more stable now that one of the options option to select your photos option to do text messages from here,
    from your laptop and then option three would be actually to see the screen and electronics but people are so used to people sitting at the desk to three hundred for really large monitors and the ivory over the phone.
    Does the fact that you can actually get the phone right on your screen will i do that all the time i sent you text messages or your phone app then i said to some i can type much faster they use that somehow still having trouble typing on my galaxy s ten
    right steven adopted two yeah is quite that works OK.
    Efficiency of people actually once would use that she can access facebook on your phone so you think works not looking at it.

    [12:01] Right ugh more insider been prescribed for me yeah more insider news.

    [12:13] So this is for home based small business usage right were talking but here yeah i wasn’t everybody but yes so it starts with nineteen h one hundred nineteen,
    first off it still what is the building still nineteen oh three beds one to b two as the may twenty nineteen update right,
    turn light of course in binary will not save it the same bill that was released in march just going to more testing right before its available so.
    Features are will the ability to delay,
    so first cumulative updates you can delay seven eight seven to thirty five days and home you just got to thirty five days that’s right thirty five days and then eventually build delayed the build.
    So skip over nineteen eighty one.
    Right and you don’t have to infor about this long as it is supported i’m not really a fan of that.
    Pens umm if you are using eighteen nine in las vegas.
    You maybe a fan of it sure sure i can you know there are some people have some of that doesn’t work in their system are the some hardware doesn’t work in they don’t upgrade for eighteen months and then hopefully by then you’ll be working.

    [13:35] Ok so can be a big demand for people other than corporate not want food,
    no i think it’s more just people always complains of one less thing for them to clean about and get on with it,
    so it’s been a wider not moving windows ten asus it was just another reason that the user to not gonna understand will talk more but then later suggested that you’re here,
    nothing lol people a lot of people complaining local small businesses that they don’t have the manpower etc will talk more but i just wanted to get actually just pop up and say do you want to sell this like yes or no,
    supposed to be on we want to review computer.

    [14:15] Right ok so now onto surface news,
    i’m trying so that’s a bunch of new configuration for the surface laptop two and the surface pro so summary of things like different configurations setter and need generation,
    processor and the surface laptop to write,
    this is more we’re the surface will need to share some info with you some of these devices will be available in north america,
    add minor upgrades slight changes in configurations of filling out the line more low end stuff some meat and delivered higher and just
    the same thing that any other vendor would do any one here too much about labels dollar hp
    is added to the lineup in the past microsoft and big events launching devices now it’s just that it’s a,
    just like post but that’s changing the screen on the keyboard the power supply.

    [15:13] Or the track pad so i would really love to process excellence laptop too and small changes to the surface book is well,
    um what’s what’s with the surface laptop to edit the doing their work princess dresses yet that memory chip remember me option of instagram feel like i’m not sure,

    [15:37] Gigs of RAM use continue bu yeah so the i’m not getting all the details of lots of lots of other websites that have.
    I need to pay my phone gets a memory new laptop yoga.
    What’s up yeah exactly i want to talk about microsoft releasing over the last month or so
    all kinds of new firmware for the surface pro five six six four surface laptop for surface laptop two for surface studio and surface go,
    can we talk about it is what organizations and individuals never paid.
    Where is jesse when i got my wife’s laptop that was,
    incredibly behind on most everything you think it will be automatically updated why is that what you think that.
    Because i looked at the screen that what’s up what did you do that shit says one update right but firmware update are really important for compatibility but also for security and performance for sustainability,
    so why don’t people do it.

    [16:48] The freight difference there free well that’s good news then but that individuals but what about enterprises to have your DOS and does it stop when will be good.

    [16:59] Because.
    I want to do with the hard way to be less insecure than i spend more time doing what is the ability last performance is compatibility and security do,
    so many organizations so many organizations would just be better than just automatically update everything and just know no control,
    all the fancy prom theme so you show notes i listed all the different from your upgrades that are available just in the last month,
    okay also added a link to something else am surface enterprise management just stares of tools,
    set you can control the firmware,
    as well as upgraded with another vendor similar to sunday abdel does he does but these tools to automate wide scale updates from where and control c. yeah true we is
    or SEM continue to receive ssi i don’t want to do that so yeah so has other tools
    powershell script all sorts of things but for those of you that complaint it’s too difficult and not worth the effort microsoft and make it easier for you.

    [18:11] Roger are more surface surface news then this film might make you blush no that’s not what i know.
    What is that new blush.
    Blend surface type color to cover yes for the surface pro six yes so right,
    i like my color but that’s what you missed another news item that i talk wit rich so there is a new service out yes so for those of you that use a service app that you get from the microsoft store probably come on your service too often does but the new version can update it,
    from the app store add this version actually has warranty info.
    So just like you could look up by your service thai with dolls make pizza delivered to you can do the same thing as surface now so you status,
    i have a warranty issue with my surface laptop the kind of person covered under warranty but they did anyway and i was like,
    reset this didn’t reset the one.

    [19:11] Do you want to have a new one good for you but has other things i can do that app you can do you can just your stylists position in your sweet touch position things like that turn off blocking if you need other
    what’s the laugh for those who dont know about it to use your new future for those i care about it,
    okay i already talked about the type covered in a future episode i want to talk about third party cover and keyboards for the service
    i’m listed as we do those episodes one to two one to three everybody listed the results so much help that there is one that i really like gets an aluminum one this got a little slot for,
    broke that so that you choose that why would you want a different cover is it features thing is a price thing,
    or do i just convert and what’s the future like really people on the interstate thinking about perfect is what i got but i really have that in the show notes for a future episode ok let’s talk about today so,
    more surface news.

    [20:18] What others we are covered the blush which is another color that you’re safe type of rain but we’re also talking about microsoft visual kick-stand for upcoming service brows.
    So so people who have been the surface kicks and receive all continue to evolve overtime originally said what are the three pc,
    napkin continuous and now it can lay down almost flat one position then than three position in them,
    what positions right so how do we know better east asian more yes microsoft,
    published a patent file a patent for a new type of hinge add that.
    We want to review the details but.
    Give them different opening and closing resistance levels and half will see that in the surface pro seven.
    Speaking of closing the microsoft app is closing okay so jumping to other news at the end of surface news i think it’s alright for microsoft bookstore book app.

    [21:27] So there’s not a book reader for her,
    what is windows hundred dollars so what’s close one was not the one for microsoft right to be when you can’t buy books can i buy books for microsoft last july i wonder how much how many they sold for,
    when did peter so what happened for people that were bought them already i bought a book now what can happen i get the ringback you need money back bought a book for three years ago read it and get my money back yet,
    If you made of patients leave it on the twenty five dollars you kidding why do the louisiana stations will get way can make a meditation you have a condo here they are,
    does active period just got a new version of it.
    Microsoft google what’s the company’s i’ll companies just get rid of product hunt.
    What’s the weather anymore and its opposite lots of great places to get books and this was not one of them arrived to hear some good news microsoft.
    Mixed reality jazz has genes something that windows phone neighborhood.

    [22:36] Um fone the people wanted to know what’s going on i don’t know what will the tech market share.
    That’s marked get it in binary to decimal and this is automated reality not mixed reality vr ui VR unless included.
    Right so this is what is a hole in disc based on the hardware for gaming at things like that for use with steam and whatnot but it’s one step towards that.
    Still not number one player number one player is your facebook seven percent.
    And why is that thirty nine percent.
    Microsoft and help papa let’s make reviews about why as well we can talk about that,
    so what is that next year they will have samsung number one when no mobile phones in the world.

    [23:40] Testing.
    I mean it is nine nissan use icenter i was playing with ya way may twenty whatever it is much quicker.
    Who are the best and quick note remember that so you know they are certainly competitive from manufacture sure.
    Alright and one last piece of other news you wanna do something.

    [24:12] Oh no i don’t want to know so for those of you that use office three sixty five,
    outlook on the web get smarter so meaning using the web interface level by outlook.com but using basically still call out look with access at one point though,
    so if you’re using that ive,
    you’re more insight so suggested replies an old gmail sometimes could you suggest replies linkedin gift suggestion replies to messages so can you give me suggestion replies,
    missing contacts like yes thanks you can go to that meeting because i got a lunch date tomorrow yeah what’s the price on sun,
    but also with smart meeting time suggestions and locations so that no preference me saying he wanted for lunch it was that you have a meeting in lancaster road i might suggest a restaurant nearby,
    yeah i don’t like picking lancaster road play so much.
    And i think that’s it for news.

    [25:20] Music.

    [25:29] Heard any rumors for microsoft how rumors rumors rumors rumors so,
    non-existent mythical service phone games new features what new features the surface phone has three new colors are the three things that she.
    Popping glance mode of attention whores have folding screen when i was andromeda,
    yeah def new rumors tell the reason that you remember coming out is because my cousin happens when march they filed a patent for the new huge mechanism.
    Folding phone folding device of some sort and similar to hand on the surface book.
    Makes kind of sense right and popping glance mode i guess they filed a patent bad as well,
    hopefully they’ll put it somewhere besides the service phone okay here’s the other interesting thing you know that microsoft could not work for windows on our,
    i’m really waiting for the qualcomm snapdragon one thousand processors that are getting it i five and i seven territory set the four five six are waiting for.

    [26:46] What’s the fastest that was when they introduced in the.
    When is VR waiting for the ok so what’s going on with i don’t think it will come one thousand seven hundred-one thousand seven ship yet not gonna happen well.

    [27:01] In anticipation of that so i’m saying this is unfortunate this news story came out in april first because it is a true story ERS a bunch of.
    Hobby guests have got windows ten on arm running on a oneplus six t phone considering by the way,
    i can figure out a samsung etc to sleep somewhere processor what.
    Windows phone lips i don’t know thank god actually calling but.
    The actual career mode start from the same at work.
    Turn on or connect and are remind order of buffalo speeches meeting at work but i think i broke the camels really work.
    Want to see us we can read the wikipedia article it says here i think that that’s uh.
    But it’s working and it was not done by microsoft it was done by a public so i.
    Go to show you that there might still be hope for windows phone next summer.
    Will the sensitivity already submitted me later already mentioned windows windows three point one is his birthday today.

    [28:23] Nineteen ninety three.
    Yeah has a birthday every year while terrified was like this week this week did we get a birthday set up i feel wicked play breathtaking music we should do that we should play some gundam music.
    What is microsoft’s what is microsoft amount
    five years ago that there going to be ending my ending support and extended support for an operating system what are they did that would that surprise people when a countdown ended and had to get off that,
    yes what’s the price of what.

    [28:57] Yeah what’s up yo are there for soldiers still lots of organizations people women organisation service that people dont care i dont hold my fridge so what other people have the operating system it’s fine don’t we have,
    lots of organizations are still struggling with the fact that they had it level the next same same thing happen when people with windows xp how to get upset and yell,
    there’s no bass cancel cancel this david is nothing has nothing to do with the ginger bath and beyond,
    this is some bath is the essay what is the podcast had a serving do with that is a town in england and drama rather that why call back from the,
    roman times and there is,
    when they’re struggling because i have to pay one million pounds to upgrade computers well past the recommended useful life.

    [30:03] Me name na updates either have to get.
    Customer support agreements for window sound right or they got u that is hard won’t support windows ten i don’t want to replace the hardware gotta do something about that or are the applications that they have to.
    Yeah i don’t know what that was mentioned in article yeah but that’s almost every single application works on windows seven.

    [30:27] Give me me to work on windows ten without a whole lot of the other maybe there is like ninety nine point nine nine percent,
    certification microsoft really want a lot of trouble to make things easier but the biggest issue with windows seven compatibility would be women’s next week with two things one,
    hard credit checks the application look for the version number
    what you can say that i am unable the fact that everything windows seven and windows eight and you can fake well that’s that’s right you can figure that was won the other one
    you behaving at the road to read zero
    add windows seven vista start this quilt the new driver model where this product processes are the only things a lot to write during zero and applications cab now windows seven lets keep that model hasnt changed between one to seventy one
    source one to seven working windows ten i cannot perspective all sorts of other things so
    i’ve sent email off to the bath council of your department asking everyone to talk to your department.
    If you want to talk to you about this in a future episode about the hardship thing imposed upon them by microsoft twenty second.

    [31:40] Bot.
    If people cut yourself to microsoft revenue offering system start buying new hardware with the new version of windows then they’re really have no problem.
    People push you off and offer nothing golden image and a black to put on the machines and they just stick with it and they don’t budget for it.
    Well yeah and so then they’re pushing the costume to upload lamp like wtf what’s the same thing haha.
    Let’s say dublin their license.
    Oh that’s indigo shave with microsoft microsoft flex on the price of a shirt that i did know what batman sold maybe she collects i know people who are running xp.
    Turn up the latest get something doesn’t come out right by doing what we don’t know their side of it so we will see if they agree to come on the show and talk to us squeal.
    It would be easier wine.
    Why whiskey wine me later when does not how accurate windows app analytics wrap a few gotta control that has continued just upgraded windows and reinstalling.

    [32:59] Laugh,
    let me hear their side of a right anything else what happened is that it for the show.
    Thank you for listening to one hundred one episodes just keep sticking the ice.

    [33:17] Music.

    [33:26] Follow the show on twitter at surf at smith’s email to show as hard cast had service since dot com check out the show notes and leave a comment on www dot.

    [33:39] Helping others find out about the show by leaving a review on itunes.

    [33:43] Music.

    [33:52] Welcome to the rescue the weak side.
    And we have the three guests today when is angry when rescues to be here two episodes ago from seventy nine.
    Yeah and so we can live without floor and get neighbor taking notes and watching us podcast is it time for whisky yet so yes it’s time for sq email.
    Tallest with them on we have done,
    what lists it’s not just one basket number ninety nine canadian whiskey but it also says is casque yes finished with.

    [34:32] Hi swine cats yes okay my sweetness is what we don’t know where is the great one.
    You got lint all sorts of things in hockey who has a smell.

    [34:50] Okay okay.
    Can you give me a give i want to go get some up for on here kinda do the girls have no.

    [35:09] Norcal sounded so i can assist regards there’s that too.
    Get me all you want girl i’m is hard to do if i have set microphone i think.

    [35:30] So
    This is a ride but its aged in ice wine barrels nice wine is very sweet rice wine some other time so its not made with ice want know just like you know your favorite memory needs and sherry cats yep.
    So this is a nice walk at a nice wine is not much more concentrated sugar because ice wine is great for left on the vine still there is frost and we are freezing out.
    Concentrating the nectar services opens with a nose of english toffee and dark chocolate.

    [36:12] Your sister that worked x and hints of clubs and spice not is not right yet cause of clothes and.
    Yeah starting sweetness i say almost amazing.
    Good and also a good like tiny but a good amber color its very good for color orange so let’s go through it.
    Never will you had filters on your cameras good color rose colored glasses that’s where you’re not upside down the stretch.

    [36:59] So call is working on so the slots what’s like a hundred with skis to try before you die in that sort of thing so called and had a whiskey notes and it’s not copper deep gold copper.

    [37:15] First stephanie smooth the class of the ice one cuz normally try has a bit of a fight to find.

    [37:31] No no like yes for sure.

    [37:41] A little bit of root with the medium.
    No the spicy spice for sure.

    [37:56] Select the flowers are partners bring it is the first day how much spicy floral no lo.

    [38:11] Roll very high.

    [38:16] No toffee is woody medium.

    [38:33] Estrogen finished she all that yeah no thank god no are note working.
    Bittersweet i would say sweet for sure and body.

    [38:52] Where the medium fits full body.

    [38:57] Thanks no not like the others not super sweet you think with all that hockey you have strong likes beer ice hockey players like they got really skinny legs.
    I’ve seen them more info.
    Fox so and garden plants and yet i have not seen you like my thought with my son played hockey as a start-up place,
    something with my son playing hockey is up and getting ready what is name.
    Cool love walking out naked with a towel around his neck.

    [39:36] Why it’s not like i was so skinny legs what is the cost anyway so when the mom that did cover him up.

    [39:51] You just.
    Anyway so legacy medium legs balance will balance.

    [40:06] I like the linger but also thickness in that i might um it’s for a sec i ever expected also the first moderate taste different than.

    [40:21] Remember we want to get the alcohol concentration of this sweeter much swearing one percent but we’ll get to but twenty seven to get all the area managers to come out of it i find a suite or.

    [40:34] What u bots.

    [40:42] In antarctica.
    Send an xl fits like a strictly sex.
    What is it like this is freaking funny if its it’s one of the sweet rice and has the price for six o’clock so for that.

    [41:07] X
    The water really makes no put up with so it’s a little bit more different space i’d like which is my favorite but it’s very different than any i’ve ever had.
    Get more of it s space where i would assume that’s because of the ice wine yes i would i’m assuming that what we should do really is what you get the regular ninety nine to do a comparison for the sweet.
    Yes that’s the special addition one i got the regular one forty dollars.

    [41:48] So to give the night there are other well done already.
    That’s it for the question no you’re quite on me it’s ok so the sign off.
    What everyone thank you very much good to be back in canada where i want to be over in another couple of weeks i will help just in time for today was the day the school bus stop because of ice.
    Currently yes i would like to know hundred forty six days a broken record a longer having more than one centimeters snow on the ground so if there’s any recruiters listen to the podcast and you have people not like to move to somewhere warmer with five or more i mean,
    everyone the planet you could probably call that puts a while i get help.
    What time is best to live in LA probably probably survival gear and they probably go ahead and remove you know what the floors nobles open right up with water solat more that right.
    Take care buddy keep sticking is your scotch on the rocks.

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