Episode 100 – Skilling Spree


  • Universal Windows Podcast – Episode 100
  • With special guests….
    • Dona Sarkar @donasarkar
    • Jeremiah Marble @jeremiahmarble
    • … and about 50 Windows Insiders @WindowsInsiders at the Microsoft MVP Summit in Redmond

Word of the Week

  • Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time any of us says “Summit”

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David and Colin record a live show in Redmond with Dona Sarkar and Jeremiah Marble.

2019, The Surface Smiths Podcast
Universal Windows Podcast

News from Redmond about Windows Insiders and Microsoft Announcements


[0:00] Hello i’m cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows suggest service x box phones and the windows insider program.
Who are your hosts the surface smiths on gold smith and smith ion we are the surface and we’ll go and buy some special guest today.
Who will be willing to disagree with you some outfits i can send but been on the show before but this is a special episode and white a special
it’s summer and one hundred yeah so we gotta hundred if really well you know we’re going to hear it goes seven eight point one ten
i didn’t finish yo on the next cold name of the file so we are recording live backwards to eighty three
for microsoft you told me lol is crap he’s very secret right so just see how we are so serious.
Apple is NDA so the listening and holding you can’t tell anyone please go to my website download the nba will wait.
Sign it send it back and then continue their reign how much is due break your NDA hey guys what about the word of the week,
where did the week of the word of the week is summit summit as in top of the mountain and add it all together as in.

[1:25] How is good can i get your address from the spot do i still game everytime you know where we can get to take a
your favorite beverage another beverage is coming out later that they were yeah what we introduce our guests i don’t want to use the first two alphabet.

[1:41] Left i think i’ll get anywhere with this are resulting already go ahead and write so well we got nutsack is the head of the windows insider program and also known as a code blooded beast.
Well yes i don’t know why thank you
last time we were on the show together was july twenty sixteen and why is july twenty sixteen toronto i’ve been on the job for about a month we have very exciting time
that’s right and also with us we have your mobile i just love seeing mr marvel
roll that weed like making me all data for my favorite magazine that is a good age etc jeremiah has changed job since we last had them on the show he’s not the director.
I have developer marketing for windows needs best job you direct me happy because i ran out,
which party but lot of things we know all about showing me the hand wheel your favorite sandwich all sorts of things like that without we talk about something different today is killing people.

[2:42] Yeah not kilanski sweat where can i go to schooling springs not like i have a list financing killing that’s not with the word is no usa you have a list who came up with the word list must be a really mean,
you got a,
can you tell people you hey i wonder what the real world what’s let’s true right friday the exact want to talk about killing people.
You are the talk about mysql had dinner at oak you were gonna call up skillet id like a okay that feeling so we believe that.

[3:15] Should be a lifelong learner because of lifelong learners are the people who are happiest and they tend to be the most fulfilled and the live their best lives
windows insiders are notorious lifelong learners because with every flight who let me learn what’s in the build this week.
But windows inside there’s also a million to represent the billions that means for every inside the
nope many billions of people reaching out to them and asking for help on stuff like a which laptop should i get should i get an anti virus what is this icon mean that the top of the mountain that,
turn off the summit so windows inside of the people who your community is look to
for help on technology and one of the big areas that tech is growing and um.

[4:01] Future things like i am cloud etc and we believe that we when does insider should be at the forefront of all of this technology.
So we know inside your soul i call about windows lol but office but what about the next generation of text dad is coming here is going to impact all of us so we have our goal of helping our insiders learn the skills i need,
ups kill themselves so they can’t scale their communities
weather gonna be able to find out like this training is super interesting please go take it not reach our manager boss or whatever so were starting a program friends i just called insider up the consent of skills
and where can i use the microsoft learn content not this content has been created by a whole bunch of teams in the company and they’re all centrally located docs site.
The content is free and it is created by us and used by us.

[4:58] If you follow me on twitter to see that i started doing the fundamentals thatcher foundation stain on sunday,
michael really cool person that i am like what else would i be doing on sunday feeling really having a drink i was not because i needed to like someone focus but,
my focus is attracted by quitting every two minutes about what you’ve got stuff to my staff can plant based on dx and the microsoft
university is based on that i can get them to tweet on the general has them please do so as you do the trending hashtag insider up
because then we can see what people like what which on of the which of those courses originating at central please make sure to sign in
using your insider account your instagram and say those kinda thing in the upper right because then we can actually figure out like this is how many insiders are actually doing this and i just
so as you finish stuff she should just like all of you show me your feedback up just show your microsoft address to because i think you can do for you can talk a little just cannot believe organization
those badges also count towards apartment complex tell me the weather inside for a partner like they’re gonna be difficult to adjust to that’s pretty cool
also these am courses usually and inserts like certification exams i would love it if every insider was cloud certified because that makes is pretty legit.

[6:25] Can you please just cancel u wanted to talk about some up feeling as well.
It’s very similar actually so what what are the skills that one can learn how to code.
Both very humidity in the power of learning technology some what were the things we now is most windows inside your technical,
very excited to learn new things excited too and go deep into the windows operating system in place until the new features.
And what are the other great things about a platform like windows his made over two billion people in the world,
is you can create your own experiences then you can start this six years i’ve been terminated code word through the web browser your using using OTP based on what is the score of the things you can do with the operating system over and i just use that.

[7:14] So one of our goals is awesome.
Please help me more people get to learn the superpower and learn learn how to code a super power really is it really is a super power.
You can control everything what was missing things that dead noticed over the past three years that’s the needs of people of code there is a corner where they’re from so i was born in worcester massachusetts,
we want to focus in his fantasy stock manchester actually it is spelled chester
restart your switch the important is broken the same way yeah i mean they do think that that’s something that’s western massachusetts are different from what one so my money doing in san francisco and seattle,
very different from lagos nigeria very different from nairobi kenya very different from when is very different city.

[8:03] And so trying to do the same with the word of being a windows operating system to be the best operating system on planet.
Who can also take some of the skills we learn in developing a community worldwide of windows inside and apply it to a worldwide community of developers so is developers aspiring that never of touch of cold the middle line of code is.
I’m so busy things are ok here is vs code you can download under thirty seconds use visual studio you can download in the play the longer you can do way more things with that,
here’s how you register for NU try it out here is microsoft’s this whole bunch of things you can do except getting better every single day,
just today just keep the office team the three days ago check your office team.
Hi now that they are open sourcing on get hub some of the content of their own internal developers use to write their the web code supporting office this is what you things that you mentioned just earlier colin,
i had accident and suffered two academy did the whole much of resources that we have.
Here microsoft already created so it always says zest and just making it easier to start to find out where it is a web go to learn about it helping localize and translate some of these things
just make me even more successful and rd is when is my first time is learning how to program it was actually staff.

[9:26] Magazin n text because i type in your friend’s quote.

[9:31] What lol whatever quote me type remember type then ENTRA yeah that seems to work in fifteen minutes to figure out,
what was the energy to make it look like things are we here and now things are you here now in do think that that would notice it because it’s way easier when you have a community of people who are helping you do things you want to do
so first it’s very easy to see what is the end state where can i go with code,
like no you have movies like the social network telling about the start of the company that didn’t exist a couple decades ago,
how you can look at you know fuck fox your who are you hello who did we came from.
Some of the poorer places in the world so i find this for me but in nigeria he sent you that train software engineer donuts from detroit michigan not an economic powerhouse,
i’m from worcester massachusetts which money you never heard of before and always because you know how to code because,
technology is not scary in something i can eat and we’ll dance the superpower we been able to achieve some pretty cool things and things in our hope is that everyone in the world has access to so these same tools.
And so it is easier to learn some of these tools if it’s night it’s not scary if it’s something they even this dude from western massachusetts can do you like i can i can probably pick up this is well.

[10:53] So the key thing that we wanna make sure we drive home is that this is not for kids.
Breaking everyone lot of companies openly including tools and communities for kids were like that’s nice the kids are definitely the future and we make sure every child in the world is empowering to do that within code or does a phenomenal job
snap of creating learning tools and content and a phenomenal job of ten
teachers how to teach kids to dance and the other students are very different people or not necessarily tackling students because
i’m it’s been done and
there’s a lot of like special requirements everyone engage with people under the age of eighteen many places in the world were thinking more about adults,
right where focus very much on adults especially the adults with think it’s too late,
there’s those people who think its too late either because in the wrong it’s not too la joya one of the people who told me it’s too late that this is very very interesting where was that button doesn’t exactly how are you listening,
someone tweeted that contain my called my fingers hurt.
I despise that i think it’s too late for me i said your twenty two or something um it’s too late.
So it’s too late to learn a new skill at the end of the day twenty two in an industry that you love so very much we’re going to live without want it’s like it just.
Hard not to be in a macro.

[12:17] I would a while is easy it’s because i do it right so you was that conversation that really lattice to this realization like all of it is actually highly technically competent people,
who are afraid to write it just comes from a place of fear because it is far easier to go and live by technology and consumer technologies in to creative.
So consuming resume and creating but it’s for everyone it’s for retired marines it’s for people changing jobs that’s very nervous.
When is maroon okay sorry what do you provide what is it is really important just to realize like the scent of things that are stopping people from from cody from transferring the lights in some cases.
No me more and more it’s not a lack of access to the tools you know anyone with a windows laptop can do it how much it also to buy
sorry how much does it cost to buy three vs vs code is free that’s open to suggestions to visual studio that are free okay see you can you can we have access to all the tools you would ever need.
Turn all of the referrals online are free prayers all of the microsoft ones it’s not the access snow like that no medication,
i’m the sense of fear or do i start have no idea where to go no go to deb collective.

[13:38] Check it out here’s a couple things in increasingly when i tried to partner with local communities so that you live in cleveland ohio broke you have audio and video materials if only we had someone to help with out there.

[13:52] I have a lot of people are quoting not realizing it now before things like alexa skills and things like that and talk to people that can make granola he was spent this weekend could always alexa skills that an automated his home and he didn’t have this loading yeah.
Yeah but that hardly counts.
We’re having such a great conversation with gary what the current one piece last night around here like a great start a project for people who think they can’t code is that home automation because people have some home automation things you wanna do
and it is just logically and attaching things in life
skip to do something secretly give me some great examples living proof of someone who is not you all these cool things what technology just learning how to code in one language and then going from there in price of the arts center,
it’s cold and robot coded in the coyote before it was a thing in eastern machine learning it’s not really cool things because you started along time ago
how can i ever doubted you don’t pass the turing test yesterday in the passion of business but where is donna weir lee passed the turing test and got a BF.
Machine learning is going on der are better this time this machine has learned how to pass the turing test that enough and education we move on,
you always were good af for my university.

[15:18] Yeah that is so awesome that’s wonderful life learning community.
You think there is anything else you’d access for the university submitted my cell cost two thousand dollars to take your card.

[15:30] Are there material is up there for spring yeah it’s that sense of community that is
missing right now i feel like if i want to learn another way to pay lots of money to go to college so we can storm to be in the dark but actually setting up local community center city with other people are trying to achieve the same as u is incredibly powerful,
we’d we do if everything is right we have when i was feeling frustrated writing fiction based on a riding class every tuesday and because the writing class i can’t do it that i didn’t want to finish my novel but they made me
is the center finish you can read it next tuesday pressure peer pressure is sky high should a did that like deadlines and pressure right so we think that having something similar,
and every city in the world especially when they’re inside were gonna ball in told you to set these included including if you are inside you consider yourself falling told to set one of these are you listening to this podcast here to the podcast you told,
news story of the week you heard about text grams and people calling calling people at home claiming to be from microsoft or windows do,
help them there not here is your chance to turn the tables i understand that.

[16:48] Windows ten users can now set up a call with microsoft to chat directly with the engineers about features calling microsoft and having them call you which you know i read that
so a bunch of people ask this question like i thought microsoft’s other never gonna call anyone out like we’re calling you,
we’re inviting you to call and the reason for that is this because it’s very privileged to think that everyone can send feedback written,
it is an incredibly privileged leave and i know if you ship orders out there i took to the twitter’s to complain about like comparing or soft you know.
Alfred to call blah blah i’m like.

[17:25] It shows everyone’s privilege to say that everyone should be able to open the feedback has been right feedback what if your visually impaired and don’t know how to do that.
What if you’re someone who is dyslexic,
what for someone who is just not that good at writing or expressing yourself through writing or you just don’t know which you include very large percentage population for exactly this is why people.
What if you just can’t what if you use technology but you’re not able to give feedback and red
honestly i fall into this category i am way better talking to somebody but i am writing company mail would guess that is why this is a reminder saying a blog exactly so when you think about the sheer number of people in the world to express themselves better through verbal communication.
The fact that we’ve never done this before and that is the weird thing vs why are we doing,
what doing it because there’s different learning and communicating styles and frost believe that everyone should communicate the way we do if i want to sleep replaced and ridiculous.

[18:21] Microsoft announces new cadence for corporate windows user,
rate went to the woods it et ninety three months servicing what happened is that something that’s just just announcements let it be your some.
Deeper meaning to that,
no not really i can’t pronounce the night actually so like last year but it was just a lot of corporations and saying yo we needa longer
resting state because it takes a long time they corporations and the more old school,
hardware and software they have the harder it is i’m so what their saying it’s where okay to phase out old hardware after thirty six months but its really hard to upgrade,
all these companies would rather have the skating so we know thirty six months we are bringing new hardware eighteen months we upgrade the machine we can upgrade we upgrade.
And after thirty six months to replace hardware because that’s a very standard the hardware refresh gold for many companies in canada it’s based on tax,
you are shit
class five is that enough for thirty six months and you can enter your tax write off you can get past the first gear so its it’s gonna be something like that but its pretty much are responding to feedback from corporations but.

[19:36] No the interesting thing and i don’t know if you guys know this but when someone is running inside your boots and your release within the organization they are,
der windows ten deployment and stay up-to-date is way faster is faster by like ten or something insane like i’m not following.

[19:54] So if you’re inside or if you are someone who works in a company and your release pills
your company is far more likely to upgrade to the latest version all can offer a technical interview yo are losers
is there any chance to learn yet because they’ve already tested wraps infrastructure on the latest version they’re like were all clear our HR app that pays us continues to work so we can deploy to the entire company yet,
so many times appointments to happen because of that fear of oh my god why is this going to take down.
Speaking appointments and upgrade cycles starting next month microsoft can i start making some people to upgrade.

[20:35] Windows seven will get rid of windows seven windows seven ears are gonna start getting reminders.
U still a lot of fights with seven years out there that have not not to windows ten i think i need to be reminded what is the first i’ve microsoft and something like that.
Especially in consumer space will i think part of it’s just insecurity because we live in a world where
we’re insecure every minute right and at some point we’re going to stop supporting windows seven and those users are going to be like super vulnerable and these are the users should not be warmer please people as we were talking hurts summit
something were calling not talking to you,
will try to connect with the name for those who are so open to suggestions so right now the current window name is casual users so casual users to all the people who you have to ask you for advice on which laptop to buy which antibiotics to get better so tender of course
how many records related but.

[21:33] We need to make sure to build technology that works for them and this reminder is technology that they would know that since eight i guess i should upgrade were aware when seven hundred life because,
we are leaving this world,
but most people have no idea what you’re talking about like i bought a laptop ten years ago why do i have to get used harley and i know that’s what will you send the receipt and don’t even realize how long will the bot
has part that some people still many people dislike the word riba
can you think about upgrading refrigerator but if it’s not connecting i have no idea how long it doesn’t work that’s kinda getting promotions lets you kinda do,
you are great deal to the side of it like you don’t like the milk there for ten years right so you os is like your mother you do.
What is soon coming soon as your appliances become internet connected lol refrigerators or do i need to cancel my login and update them to me for the same reason securities exam recently.
Could you donate a hamper getting access your house that’s going to be terrible experience okay so little now cement so this week for certain users.

Yes the ematic of the number the faster headlines tuesday of red is serving other chapters in the story of a revolution.
We are trying to get better is a company that listening hard to the feedback of our users and responding to it.
Who u alot of things that you’ve talked about come down to the improvements so how do u make it your users more secure are you make me easier how to make it that the integration work better,
there’s been alot of feedback we receive that hey there is a couple things you something through.
How is there other ways of doing it through that the technology choices that you’ve made.
And i think especially over the past three years you seen the willingness sun harbor company to do things that we wanted and in the past.
And take continuous open source thing he component windows.

[24:35] Kameenay you just made me know if i need to start right up all the time but yet i would magically with the most used.
How to box app so that is one of the most mutated open calculator and hoping screen is this done because i make it possible for,
i reuse the world who want to make improvements in suggestions and you know that we can incorporate accessibility features that the one there that writing letter are requested by a community and so,
look at a number of these headlines is it part of the story of a responding to you to use your feedback.

[25:14] Music.

[25:23] I’m gonna go to the q a section where we started
when we just got to the audience david’s gonna go to the audience will i get to start things off the give me an idea of the types of questions we might wanna ask okay no pressure no pressure so lets start with starting find one,
okay will i find yeah i was gonna windows nine.

[25:47] Hell of i know why you’re asking me for it yeah i know that once i join yeah i gonna just things to show and.

[25:57] What is a good name.
So the question was why is there with no windows nine in the reason why is windows ninety five or ninety eight lots and lots of coders who is chuck.
Who is player 9 ask what are your big questions and stuff too for compatibility yes interesting i did not know that it went what is a lifelong learning new habits and love it i’m not heard that before
great memories have inclusion sorry i am such a cold that does not make it through
yeah when would we tell the story sean said blow yo on this is like shawn said you are very gorgeous and PW to be.

[26:40] Ask our web guy.

[26:42] Rudy answer depends on what you trying to do i can’t answer it depends you are mean 2016 if you’re if you’re trying to achieve some of the no.
Hi cross-platform ability and i especially across devices that aren’t even for whatever reason windows devices are so good ready go.
Are you trying to do for example rate for whole and you should read up so i can depends in what said that the solution is your trying to achieve will take the information.
Cancer cancer.
How many bagels have a question should i carry an older we go hi i’m from germany and we have also have a podcast with dave.
What year ago while you’re very cool yourself my question.
We talk about windows ten and also about hardware so since i think one week this new surface headphones is available to germany to here we are very happy so i can place another memorial.
Open movie on the oppression is.

[27:47] Do you have the chance to test the new headphones windows time together umm what is your.
Do you have swiss new they call skype call of this was what you feeling.
Um it’s a good combination for example for your service projects all access who is gonna take that.

[28:08] Does someone have an answer to this because i actually don’t have service and phones i dont really listen seven gonna end up you gotta take da time and once answer simon once and i like this could
stan smith would a someone else please inside there someone i should a pizza you guys know
has any more than we can i get the answer so actually i’m sorry i fucked up with you.
Hmmm i was down to the bellevue store okay to test the server has been chris i was interested is well and is so.
What’s the weather for sky gazing july,
hi just the mouse and jim did not deduction where is she was great in ohio i can hear the yeah the store right next to me was when i speaking to him asking me so many.
Fetch still here a little and a little bit which is great say seven just behind me here.
Send adam sleep sounds great to listen to music and then also nokia keeps me involved of your colleagues so.
It’s a great campaign of headphones.
I am saying something else and see if your developer in open works days he should check in with ya think i think though that working in germany.

[29:35] Alright no other questions from the audience.

[29:38] I got one for each review um can you tell me one cool thing that insiders someone the world is doing the world to know about.

[29:48] Hell yeah you got inside all day ok so when cool things um there’s a woman named you.
Shit i meant in south africa she has a four year old son choose play young and she’s got a four year old son and he was teaching the four year old son,
a lot of like psychological coding games and the sun has learned so many interesting things that hes done that,
we want to learn about these logic in coding games so all of these parents are not reaching out to you know in her early twenties.

[30:19] Create a coding that logic tools for these young people who live in south africa that are culturally relevant there.
So she that’s what she’s doing we’re inviting her to comedy showcase your work
various conferences this year because we thought that was pretty cold inside it’s really cool so weird talking to gloria yesterday we are suggesting that we want to interview insider doing interesting things but also that can be a good place to start.
No running in the same vein dr moses.
So he is working in port harcourt nigeria he’s using windows devices windows inside or how many he’s working to save the pregnant ones lights,
nigeria one in thirty woman dies in childbirth and pregnancy standing using mobile windows technology an ultrasound machine,
he’s going to someone stream remove parts of that country,
n giving people some of the basic medical diagnosis in care ati he can have service is little using technology to say peoples lives.
Set up my first choice though that’s a,
we are up there that’s probably at the summit like it’s not inside your doing great how about files and other crafts also know someone who is doing amazing things anyone has questions the german guys have plans have questions answers,
in germany we have also a lot of people they can’t do it.

[31:45] I um i’m have lot of discussions how to begin on how to stop for example you start with a stagnant you can,
i use for example receive new code using your mac and also new device or like that so i’m so the question in the lounge
how we can stop with cody.

[32:07] What is lots of ways to pennsylvania target audience what’s your favorite want to make it relevant and fun for the participants
no like the carpenter with kevin baker both actually who was doing home automation he didn’t think he was going he was making his lights go on and on,
add rate for him so it was fun for him and relevant for an assignment question.
I’m so yeah sweeping during the hour is well roots you think of you free minecraft ad and i have my son have to do it i need shipping.
I am here and have options of trying to coach the moment.
So i’m not i started off when i was adam ten years old and i started to let him out.
I’m not a computer.
Lol script and then not so i can start business just use people like jeremiah who you know what you can do with coach that i learned from you.
I’m it sure is cool i’m just by increase finances to the what.

[33:22] What would you do on the computer or id schedule just pages you enjoy that part of it so,
that’s not how to start so i did a workshop at my sons school using scratch for my team to get the browser based really really accessible and i’d be setting up a couple more of these for parents and kids to come together because
what you said in some parts of the world it ‘s not a good idea for some people to be as soon as i give it gets better but cautious about that um um,
prepared and keep it so expensive its all they need is a computer with a browser can be a tablet it can be,
running match making the old days microsoft and then houston coming but order me language besar,
youtube thinks it’s amusing just to help small the barriers to entry like a little you can fire up notepad.
You can write your first web page no pad.
View help on first pages are done can you get anything you can see it in the browser that comes with your device when u a little just reading code and then you can email.

[34:36] Find out find out about something called java script and you can not change the color of things by clicking a button and sew all the things you can do and its very simple but it just requires delivery only a device electricity,
and if you like you can have.
Tell her to get really fancy that’s all you need and before you know what you think angular node js compressed absolutely i need no what cody has some really kool language behind it.
Ruby on rails python developer who ordered who is a pet rose your negative answers badly that again.

[35:14] Start chatting with the question is very serious notified when i have collective um.
Is there a community that would be available when people get kinda hang up on.
Writing code when trying to learn what i can get reach out and get some help the great question so the answer is yes and no to for that answer two true we need your help.

[35:38] So violent lol little italy there are whole bunch of things that we can do.
Alfred behind a computer in redmond and we can make these things available world.
Find little of that someone doesn’t go to their device and so you know is basic coding goes to the device instead hey.
My friend i know u dont know when you want to learn let me help you recommend little for some people that’s how they learn they are not self tie they don’t have it on
no immediately go to a search engine and it’s way easier if you have to help with someone who is an expert.
And so i’m literally sending it to the end how will it depends on a couple of things first,
people like you who are willing to help with set up then collective in your local towns and cities.
Seven seconds is provided continue to provide feedback on how we can make it better.
I’m because again we dont from sitting in seattle washington it isn’t always apparent that the challenge is the one assaulted within their of feeling in johannesburg if u live in richmond city.

[36:45] And the.

[36:47] Join my friend and the other thing leaving what is the bethany like the communities the people who live in the city understand the problem so the city way better than we write so its another insider song but he lives in nepal in kathmandu nepal when i was walking actually
i’m and i don’t speak a word of apology my first language s plus so not that how are returns but
stop of is taking microsoft learn content translating into the poly,
because he doesn’t which is awesome just awesome please do that please do that because he doesnt want people have to learn english also coding
because that’s too barriers that bill become so
would it help that we give him yes he reach out hey can you pass this feedback on to the product team at central where the alarm team that these words don’t translate that well its a threat,
that’s where we can help we can help make better product so that we can all go out and leave these community.

[37:42] Jeremiah what’s your favorite language what’s my favorite language coding language so actually i am coming back to java script,
get back in the old days i start with you for wednesday,
i would like to return once my backyard is java script is only for front end web development but now with all this computer a whole bunch of stuff you can do before i’m back on the front and the connectivity connected database is like having something else in the cloud so,
in terms of a large and thriving community of people.
Who can do a whole bunch of things and actively working on the language to make it better and with the tools like i called the VS code typescript is open just things you can add onto to java java java script.
No i was scared to leave my answer i think this is different okay java script is not a language first of all second of all flights of icenter yeah.
This is where things go outside i think at least three times a week because every time i went everything that time forget someone like that pretty smile a great network required before the nancy.

[38:50] Can i get in richie.

[38:51] Yeah we re done yet feeling alright request was and what did you started learning versus what is your language of language because i work on an operating system is plus because you know how can right now operating system in java script.

[39:05] What is powershell a lot more number is incorrect i think i have time i think we have time for one more question.
Only one more and now it’s me ok have a good a good one am.

[39:21] You talking about languages and we talking about windows inside a do you know in which country in this world we don’t have an insider.
For example alaska are the last three entries every country has been side of the van and kinda like the.
There are five players and antarctica there’s plenty of depends on the season hey there bot insiders and every country in the world.
Is this is amazing is that amazing is that one island in south atlantic that is not claimed by any country casino with the flag,
what are the connectivity search for the university there by everyone thank you so much for joining excite you much keep sticking the ice.

[40:06] Music.

[40:16] How long the show on twitter at service smith’s email the show as he had service since dot com check out the show notes and leave a comment on www dot service needs dot com.

[40:28] Who is helping others find out about the show by leaving a review.

[40:32] Music.

[40:41] Is it time for whisky yet okay welcome to the after party this is the part after that but after the way the secret partner can i have a straight the second part so.
This is what we call the after party and we typically have tasting whiskey here we brought a special whiskey to share with all of you david at the airport and get this is.
Crown royal northern harvest it was named best whiskey in the world two thousand sixteen by jim murray in his will you move there,
yeah that’s right that we’ll get back give up hope missionary about a little story about this whiskey helps.
He is a canadian whisky from manitoba so if you’re a fan of lord of the rings it’s me by the doors,
rock europe and that was bad
drinking now right hand please take me to drink so i
newstore this is ninety percent right on the galaxy note mashaallah is and that it very very high right content but this is a special ride that was left
winter under snow before being harvested so does the natural fermentation and other chemical changes happen.
Not very smooth what’s the number is not my favorite that canadian whiskey drinkers best of the best brian can be there for you have that as well.
This one is kinda special because it was world renowned.

[42:08] And there’s water at there if you want to add whatever to bring the water so for those of you don’t know.
Give at 5 space sensations in your mouth right buddy over thirty and your nose so the kids can whiskey distilled right the aromatic spend a release from the ethanol at about twenty seven percent.
So i like to think of scots were trying to avoid taxes because the bridge,
whiskey by the ounce right self like concentrated orange juice distilled if it does not look good but don’t get the percentage is high all the aromatic stains solution sufia model water damage without water,
releases have not want to go down to twenty seven percent what science says you know your way.
Don’t need go on the rocks go left part of my life so i’m add a little bit this is a very dark caramel toffee color.
Any can taste it straight out you can do whatever you like with it that brings to share.

[43:11] Yo are there clothing there donna how your flipping there okay,
miss we dont ever playing with partner.
Alright so we got more questions or thoughts and we can yeah or just say hey play never have accepted them nothing and i think we have an autograph whiskey bag for you are with the bottom draft no.
We will not receive broadcasts you can put in that role after that e began joel joel what do you keep your marbles in new york.

[43:53] A crown royal think every kid will backyard like cats my head,
right so up the purple the results back so these hoes bagtsad after,
are you thinking about getting that is really good eight
so i made of my stickers some windows insider secrets three can write your data who that is cool what is he working on silence even with a sticker older than you or i will play probably doesn want to print one out for everyday at the last,
what is the answer number one for yourself these are just starting number one we are leaving number one i think they should add the site,
i didn’t ask you a question.
I have to apologize normally this is a part of the show i like the most is that i have to be somewhere else for the photograph the sexy can you to leave.
Who is there anything i guess my talk about casual is the kind of person who when was reminded that has been signed yet.

[45:02] List the specs for the one for jeremiah one for dylan to help can hear is not that this is awesome finally.

[45:11] Surviving get me stuff without you some sticks bruh there soccer stock options buy enough but never hear i love this this is beautiful in memphis.

[45:21] I carry cables and stuffing
yeah that’s a good idea yeah that’s actually perfect like my charger my other charger the powerbank that always had a battery that how many of you all of a powerbank that you have never charged because we have i just i just go and get another power bank
rather than just charging my pot.

[45:41] Yes place an to throw them around here like their candy and that you connect a bank to appointment everything everything the charger now.
You should a lot of the structures i want them to be smaller.

[45:55] There is one available in-store yeah i want to request about fifty dollars but i just wonder how much daylight really needs to be in seattle that would be less useful this way.
Please review traffic get wear sunscreen.

[46:12] Yeah that would be in your life that is the company i don’t stop i don’t do that through the ocean yeah i didn’t bring sunglasses or a.
Arsan screen i need to decrease yeah alright i’ll check the weather.
I did actually but i think i’ll work on a wind this down will say goodbye with side five canara thanks play nothing else the pit stick on the ice.
Pause when you push the safe.

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