Episode 098 – Countdown


  • Universal Windows Podcast – Episode 98 – Countdown
  • Countdown
    • Less than a month to Microsoft MVP Summit March 17-22
    • Almost at our 100th podcast – which we will record at the Microsoft MVP Summit
  • David has a new contract – SCCM!

Word of the Week

  • Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time any of us says “Countdown”

Feature of the Week

News of the Week


  • Galaxy 10
    • Fingerprint reader on the front
    • Bigger display
    • Wireless power sharing
    • Still has a headphone jack!
  • Windows Insider Build
    • 20H1 – Skip Ahead
  • Microsoft Says Windows 10 Will Commandeer Storage For Upgrade
  • Office as a Progressive Web App


Whisky of the Week

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2018, The Surface Smiths Podcast
Universal Windows Podcast

David and Colin Do Stuff

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[0:00] Hello i’m cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows such a service x box phones and the windows insider program
who are your hosts the surface smiths on goldsmith i’m david smith and you are allergic we are the surface smiths and a half.
Lock the podcast select yes we can special guest today this is episode ninety eight david to episodes this year,
fun to intel we do a hundred how that scripture has done three hundred so congratulation richard on your podcasts what you don’t know the xx br host coronation issue we have.

[0:43] He provided neither result coronation i don’t know he keeps himself yes i know i paid for it no yes job part of pendant publishing i think i may have to sell,
on with the show reba no wonder record during the day until we get paid for it so i supposed alright so this is the episode ninety eight lots to talk about,
we had a few issues getting started again this year but we’re back into it.
Stop i gotta pace urself hey guys what about the word of the week right with the word of the week ugh do we normally would our guest shoes at a about the virtues of the week.

[1:26] Countdown yeah let’s go with that counted as or whatever that song is highlighted how do the rockets or face launches or,
i was just sticking countdown two hundred five to argus field coach.
Contact under podcasts i think countdown to galaxy s ten launch that was that was today where is the best yesterday this week minus one so let the countdown starts,
alright so where do we get count of you playing the game when you hear the word of the week will you get steaks.
Right so speaking taking a step uh banana to podcast with david i o let’s get in open relationships where i was on the.
Mac pc guys podcast with santosh what are we gonna thing about having a drink what are the weak to in,
he’s good idea and i was also on another podcast called guys night that sounds fun it lets what was the last night of tuesday night and day record morgan start recording the over the world three,
and drinking think so.

[2:41] That’s suppose to three two brothers and yeah but the interesting thing is two of them were drinking kombucha.
No i wanna drink it was written the orange beard that some interesting stuff.
How anything else housekeeping lamp before the show let’s talk about let’s.
I got the week ugh do let’s start with feature of the week boxing,
turn on boxing it was in the box what’s in a but i just want to go for the concerts should be in boxes but,
right so i think what really episode three episode two or three or four somewhere in the first five would be for david went to asia he had a super soccer.
Yes before the contract with an agent basically security device the stock down to the surface and keep it secure so you can lock it surface is,
at that point i didn’t have a consent to unlock when i still don’t get how is the weekend that you’re here is the interesting thing that they have USB c port on some of us can walk play feed that.

[3:50] What nigga i bet we could engineer at usb-c kensington port i like the look that up.
Alright but that’s not why is both of us are working at service canada and will not let to talk about that but whatever.

[4:05] Add that stop.
Submit does strange things sometimes but this is one thing that that things really need their new standard device for for knowledge workers is a surface pro,
what will u call filing because seventeen 16 nine qa service prog right,
i got one of those to a brand new blue tooth speaker pair with anything yes i got my new computer in a couple days so i’m hoping they don’t recycle some,
surface pro one for me this is expected it to be within a joke but a lot of these but they have set up all these hotel in workstations all over the place and they’re gorgeous a very nice place i can working however they put the,
target display like docs and had all the different power types and everything has a dual screens with no keyboard to bring a keyboard almost every home what you bringing us females,
how can i get multiple give me once so you unlock when a store stop by here.
The targets display link docs do not support power for the,
everything good tips for everything else lenovo the television for the one that the user add a standard hotel in station which is very well engineered does not work with their standard,
this is why they make such good customers.

[5:27] We both have them so as part of it we got i got the coconut get another surface but what was interesting call david.
You can leave ten cable lock for surface pro and surface go.

[5:43] And it locks onto instead of the seton hall which doesn’t exist lox on to kick-stand it as i think it would work on your.
Not a pro bro got a problem that’s not is well.
Because anything i have a little notch at the edge and then you can use your computer to walk at store you can file download nabi had to truck,
display museum have bad is it for a people picker inside of the pickup for you can bring it to turn off the kick-stand yeah.
What’s the alright so.

[6:19] How much episode hundred go back to early days talk about security for service at an what was the other you said that your production is well we have to target specific request open up and try to get so let’s talk about the writing get a service dog
i was excited about how surface stock if you have from middle here is another one free one for home yet um.
But that being said i will try out the target stock and material.

[6:46] Awsome alright any other things to talk about fletcher the week know how to talk more about yours.
New story at the we all right so this is actually a week for now into what the twenty first of
february this is really a news story from earlier this month ok
so first week of february around the third the fourth of people having connection problems connecting to a windows update,
okay add that’s bad bad for two reasons one get update to the machine to protect potentially compromised.

[7:23] Add another way that it seem to be a DNS related issue which is interesting,
attack that often hi jackie robinson redirect things like microsoft updates your own sore yes i am start pushing your own,
update my hair quotes right and download official update my be trojans etc.
Turned out to be corruption in india and asking people that switch to google public DNS didn’t have the issue with buddy got that suppose to.

[7:55] I suppose to redeem it like i’m whatever demons is people still yes still the issue is out.
Quit yourself when does the update service was impacted by a data corruption issue an external dns service provider global outage on january twenty ninth,
two thousand nineteen issue was resolved on the same day and went is updated now operating normally but a few customers have continued to report issues connecting to the windows update service we expect these issues will go away as down stream DNS servers are updated
with the corrected windows and microsoft something out well that’s replication
i don’t know but i push something out and emptiness wrong and then it was whatever we got corrupted so that’s what happened but it’s been so.

[8:42] Okay so that’s good not david you got some other avenues you wanna talk about today was a big deal this week is a big week got
yeah for the korean phone maker i got yes for samsung even mentioning my peterson one y suggest to go from the galaxy phone cuz,
it’s very expensive you like expensive the very much.

[9:03] What’s new with custom apps for everything are something so we have three screens send this announce high screen and then it unfolds and makes a tablet.
Okay baby shoes it’s about to tour i got pictures that’ll be praying for the handle together and then i fold them out if i’m reading it but at like three to park.

[9:25] How can i delete that wake up.
Are you know which is that interesting idea and i saw product or product i guess the production version of when i was at CES of another company,
add if its anything like the thickness of the one from the galaxy it’s really cold but its
papi years ahead of its time i think sharon microsoft patterns for folding devices two people at the andromeda was awful and i think fielding devices will have a place i don’t think i’ll be super mainstream um,
i think it’s really a doctors and people at the hav learned,
i think we’d have some cousin apps that are designed specifically for the form factor before it really takes off have you seen this touchpad center load this place is like that to take off everywhere except the cheapest computers but foldable phone that,
three no matter how is technologies it’s gonna be twice as thick belgium because spices much will that
touch bars are popular in las vegas touch bars on macs are not true because they get all jeremy
so the mars essentially that same display touchpad great so i can see that serves people me popular ok let’s move from hell isn’t two thousand dollars and three trains that is right and what is this,
no keeping your think check back back alright alright.

[10:44] So people been waiting counting down i don’t think that happened we have the first production foldable.
No no the other company we talk to has a problem that’s true but i mainstream and i don’t think anybody is really yeah that’s right maybe more the one i more excited about because i never told you make google pixel three story to die,
is the dumpster or look up the arcade help you confuse me dumpster fires good or bad let’s go with the bad version of them server okay what you think oliver
set up a good think this order stop at cold country are a bad thing because it’s probably talking spell play google pixels deals for the after party,
i want a google pixel three different ones i had to return it and also you take it,
i had written before it was only fifteen day window to return it and yet so numb even the return of the pain start playing bad about that for the after party but i’m still looking for a new phone to the house out,
i took my second choice the phone was god was the one touch ultra sixty one plus one plus what i see aswell that your back that hear back in vegas.
Right so a problem with that is it’s not the ip six or seven rated.
Ok it would pass at peterson want to pay for the certification sure echo also i wanted what’s up what’s up with profit would you think that.

[12:13] What is the color accurate they can’t prove it so take yo are right.
So then will the second piece so that was that you didn’t have charging zillable two things i wanted uh but nicer confounding good price you know when you know when she is really handy,
it’s a bigger phone about what and it won’t let us the park cuz it’s wet,
can you can you should charging will talk more but then the minute but i think the camera wasn’t as good as some else and some of the more he died it was fantastic despite my iphone six plus which was great.
So i didn’t go with that ugly but now that its out add lot of interesting facts snapdragon eight fifty five so it’s really fast
processor add other models going from eight eight gigs of twelve gigs of ram ever am lol start hundred twenty eight gigs of storage up to a terabyte.
A story of internal error is adding an internal plus taken all taken sd card except for the the five g version.

[13:24] What are the five degrees because the terabyte anyways what are the five you virgin price is not released yet but.
Only got two to mainstream versions they’re both pretty rockin phones ugh i got four cameras on them.
Southern iphone but he recibido fingerprint reader on the front one of them has a fingerprint reader on the side button.
And they’re using a fingerprint reader which is harder to fake out when things dont have none of them actually has facial recognition i think what you’re doing is there waiting for google to embed that in the google.
You have the cameras in heat there’s something fun for red can have so two hundred and phone have the right camera however,
i’ll go they had if we have facial recognition on the product previous samsung device,
they haven’t put into this phone so interesting how she look at my phone and only have sixty four gigs or have sixty four gigs of add it for free and then break my other phone in december sometime and,
i only use like forty five cakes offer last few months i was pushing up against my sixty four gig limit in cleaning it up all the time moving photos of things that had a bunch of podcasts from stuff you should know take a nap but fifteen games cleaned off and back.
I put sixty four gigs is enough for me i am up against that all the time now what is the optional.

[14:47] Did that but goes away so here is what i’m so three other interesting features on these phones.
Charging what i wanted but she charging power.
If i don’t like cheating what so yeah so my phone can charge your phone.
While i do so that below thirty percent of charge the dropdown but still its nice work inside the lights battery the other day so he could you call the three second hand.
I want why should i do that who would he here so first.
Get me a charger friends battery etc um.
Sharing is caring me to the point where you don’t daniel battery what for things like god you’re bad what ever that have wireless charging.
It can charge those on top of the wall plug it in to charge and then put those on top so i can charge those other here’s the one thing i love about the staff.
It’s really flagship phone now if there from a manufacturer that still has a headphone jack.

[15:59] I’m very excited about so that wireless power and we get in the airplane menu,
what ever connector to get with your phone and you can buy that three dollar headset for heineken.
Is alex ok you could at least listen to something about the airplane instead of the ordered is worth a lot of oliver how many airline headphones you have.
Ok so i’m that important no back to the wireless power sharing their not the first one to have this the hallway has well let the participant also wireless password sharing.
Password harvesting procreate are you spell out okay so it’s probably you some password jarvis staying at the same time you you really yeah.

[16:47] Asking politics okay i already done so,
looking for that i know try one having to order one not available in canada until march ok but it’s like march other things coming we have talked about.

[17:02] What are count down count down to talk about that later okay alright u wanna talk about the latest inside a building so often microsoft record for getting everything ready for the next version of windows tend to be almost done so that’s nineteen,
which one first half and microsoft and one small introduces third skip ahead.
Set up a dinner thing but skip ahead this time when you said if you got twenty eight one.

[17:29] Ok so tell me more about that so that’s gonna be a fall release and a yeah,
next spring release practice expect that has not changed but they’re doing is there a introducing the longer it is time for some of the features set the pudding and for a twenty to twenty play if you need to test more before releasing david.
I’m so what happened with,
how is SPH doing whatever they’re always feel that a problem that i don’t wanna say this but description i want to what’s the doing that is so fundamental that they won’t have yours with the testing i think insiders are doing their job,
that’s right that’s what i okay so look a good to know so you can get on.

[18:15] Right now we’re about fifth we can get in three different way shut okay so.
Microsoft’s windows ten will comment your storage for upgrade so microsoft is going to be reserving storage and harddrive so that has no space to operate as part of the problem that some of the upgrades are failing in the past so within the food stores available.
What is interesting so i guess that’s good idea yet you have you can be clean up your hard drive from the remove your old images and stuff too just keep that.

[18:47] So that’s enough to download and install adobe of alcohol don’t delete that text yeah exactly is going to happen but anyways ummm,
so im looking but seven gigs at the gonna reserve space to download,
find me a great zombie like three years from now saying you cannot create a more you always feel that pretty good idea especially if there betting is used in two years we need to give people a way to upgrade.

[19:14] Music.

[19:22] Hot red.
That’s it for the nearest taco bell a little bit household as we do have a gas hand surgery much do you have any news to share with the fellas.
No no no nothing new or no computing news for NSA do any of news for you i got a gaming computer humidity value did you want to get a computer.
I want to play games or you heard you have an extended my own.

[19:51] My brother cant touch lol ok so what did you.
So i wanna buy a computer i could use five hundred dollars from peter
after you go yeah you know what would follow that more than that if you could beat the guy down on price of sony has a,
processor i five generations seventy four hundred,
add seven seventy four hundred has fun with a big taxi at ten fifty start,
two gig low power.
Seagate hard drive i had a power supply is a course seven fifty,
hi lot of power do you want to get a more powerful for five hundred what’s like two hundred us.
And what else what is gotsis to add yeah i would ask to use weather is very dragon keyboard mouse and headset for gaming set up m. what operating system.

[20:54] Ugh.
When do swim anybody up for apex legends so is a better amount then the next box yeah play faster faster and better than he is to yesterday.
I wanna but i guess my brother was like that,
who beat on lunch and i straight up how did you tell what you what weapon did he became jealous when i began so i used a sniper rifle he had or should i feel less energy and it strengthens three times in a row.

[21:28] Because is not the faster computer and my skills better go about seeing the computer helps but i really it’s just quicker like.
Will you play with keyboard vs play with a controller yet its so cute looking for control dear computer yet but i bet youre gonna blast mayo on his one of the top five four are players in the world news you’re not of we’re getting on the show,
ok let’s try it autographed stuff for oliver and that we know him we do we do ok so get him on the show talk more about the console vs PC ya want to talk about that right.
Heard any rumors for microsoft will yes we have cortana
what are the rumors i’ve heard is that you’re going away but aside from that that you don’t be a pussy tho dont break at two hundred harbor square let’s say how are you feeling bella,
so couple of a couple rumors will talk to buy new hardware we talked about foldable devices and things like that so i.
Microsoft is doing some sort of announcement there pump it up a bit add in barcelona at the world.

[22:41] Roadblock in congress of microsoft is doing really well hardware business because of a circus things like that.
Where losing out those notifications,
education is really the battleground because when people finish their education because of the comfortable and what you stood which is why they did.

[23:05] Release the guy i guess,
yeah i go to the big success thereby you okay but begin to crumble kind of thing so comes up to bat etc what user is starbucks yeah same with andrew.
Save andrew.
Add android android enjoy doing and red so here’s the thing and we’ll customer who actually went back to google,
hot dogs or whatever they’re google sweet phat from office 65.
Because their employees to purchase using the google we’re doing things
so what’s up what’s it’s very small the lesson ten people at pizza there an advertising agency lot of young students are allowed to mcs and they didn’t like the central control of their files i wanted to share randomly the way they do it so
anyways so is the battleground that’s my battleground at central so let’s talk about a few code names okay microsoft will the chromebook.
First taurus to know that is day 5 don’t um it’s.
Allegedly a divorce green small laptop that type device.

[24:19] There is another hearing it seeing here yeah.
Hey sis is code name for windows ten laptops running late,
what is the lights i just was hearing about light yeah so any device running late what is the correct what’s the other dummy other devices running the light up but light or windows light.
Remember to be a simplified strip down version of windows which make me not be branded windows because you look like windows whats on my passport.
I think it s malta,
where is all about store apps right hand is another piece of news out with and talk about this piece of news in rewind.
Pause until dusk by the way i’ll look for some podcasts actually added this insults and smooth people don’t notice that we just jumped right back.
Will you switch to have our listeners straight we’re not interested in linear time so we got to talk about office available to progressive web app in the okay okay right so what does that mean it’s basically the,
versions of office three hundred sixty five pounds of that running your browser but they don’t know the progress of web app so which is simpler versions of the read the other find but you would want to read a book but.

[25:47] Do you know anyone reading a book and exactly fit the screen so i’m not sure if you were to write a thesis actually sleep anyways the room available progressive website how would that help me cope because it because of what apps are essentially platform independent.

[26:03] So is the web browser will the weather it’s what i would the first what’s your branch of using that versus just diet,
as a progressive web app in a browser where is that i’m doing well while you have to worry about tabs and things like that you can see it runs owns bubble right,
progressive web apps yes ok so the third have available get me that ok so progressive web apps are,
kind of bridging the gap between what were universal apps
and web apps let’s go to the store to fix in the middle where is roger stone container at runs a beautiful menu interest american write offline mode
and would be great and i don’t know something like like for start what kinda like what chrome call there a gear straight gears to use google docs or whatever you can run in offline mode is the professor web apps
lazio on offline mode is well brightness to using a brother to also but doesn’t have to be connected to the internet for a couple more rumors.

[27:06] Ugh windows core operating system though,
expected that that is the success rate to windows one to 1 4 was what microsoft was looking at me trying to get acce box to the everett phones pcs everything running everything running.
Unless what was module one for modular based on the form for the other pieces like a good.
I don’t have a good exactly or different GUI for legos.
Rice vs what i write in all of that’s what i expected to see in the next crop of devices.
Oh we’re expecting things like some red surface hub to all loans to all expected to be running windows coral so we will learn more about that when we are at the summit in redmond.

[28:06] So and it also a robot which is the new shell for the hub too.

[28:12] New shelf for what happened to the new server is up to something have any shells so we are slightly different ways that we talked about let’s see the magic so i can look things were sending me up there and there’s always i’m not talking about the,
what are talking about the band from england with butter garlic more to return my we’re talking about a new holographic shell for halloween.

[28:37] So this is the whole idea that module.
No let’s do it still because they’re gonna be releasing that next week when does light use code names santorini greece is there anything new about set up but send torres you got pegasus names david.
Yes i think that that area which would say century me that sucks windows light when does flight.
Hey i want them what was rightfully theirs like shell toes windows light.
It’s already talked about wassup sis is the hardware and windows running windows light on the shelf for windows like to be very different than the windows were you still is going to be saturated but can i insure if you want to beat the central kid find the shells.
I don’t want to stupid you sent me and either get a seashells in a black rock and where can i write you later when the kids are around okay.

[29:38] Ok if you need help with all this happening you don’t need the centennial bridge or anything like that anymore.
Why are because you can’t progress on web okay.

[29:49] Robbie is put the sound of all figured out now remember to talk about windows ten and was limited to.

[29:58] Store apps which you delete apps mostly but they can all speed of your apps could be loud this is my problem with that possibility lot of balls in the air,
i don’t know how long its gonna be flying to orly start a countdown for me this so just the countdown of the distributors with the countdown this for me.
We are a thoughtful email for sure we have two episodes and tell hundred okay starting the countdown.
Alright me if the countdown and or website but i know the date so let’s talk when do you had more rumors for gonna be doin hundred episode in redmond yes or bellevue for your hotel.
Add would have a not so mystery mysterious yes.
So she says dinosaur craze me to be on the shelf that she says that she said ok.
Please add me to count down for that are a lot of rumors this time and how far along are we not to talk about i don’t think so you don’t think so.

[31:04] Alright so maybe she countdown to the show yes but no recent snow raise nothing else nothing else and nine eight seven six five bye bye,
y y.

[31:20] Music.

[31:29] How long the show on twitter at service smith’s email the show as he had service since dot com check out the show notes and leave a comment on www dot service needs done.

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[31:46] Music.

[31:54] Alright back for the after party.
And we’ve got another guests join us so dave and i are here if we got oliver stayed with us and his join you all over my brother elliott has drained me a favor brother don’t know.
Do you have other brothers anymore favorite say hi elliot so precious telling us how he trash do it in fortnite.

[32:20] Yeah yeah has to make you feel.
I feel bad for anyone please cancel for now i think she switch to PC thinking about starting for night i definitely recommend starting with hotels where he thinks
william haught good okay so what are you guys totally rock with your kind of drink drinking a very nice cool that the,
coca-cola classic whatever i imagined mallory i guess i don’t feel good about the guy museum number one in the world for deals on fortnite with nick at the bottom of you know about ago subscribe
start a plan but what are your corporate open from your microphone a little bit shares someone tells him that day but i bought three bottles on-line call sow
when i blog because i thought we are gonna be recording and robbie burns and whenever i am doing that’s what model krabi whiskey okay.

[33:13] So i got that also got a bottle of twenty sixteen and love me for my favorite whiskey in god that ive also got another one
actually it what i can ask you to do is grab my keys,
where does he go in the ranch i forgot my keys can you get the car and three boxes in the back seat on whiskey can you go get them place,
when i here ok and you know how to switch back in,
will it taste i feel helpless send me some scratch so i taste the feeling i had got another dead bottle their day what’s it called.
Get what do you close na i talked of alabama dr burns and then how hell road,
how is roadhouse doing this is what has tasmania whiskey from the tell me the highlands so i wouldn’t have bought it back mostly.
Yeah as well as any that’s a good thing back to menu just can’t get that your that’s true the problem get the velvet hair yes that’s true and we both got here so.
They’re not going anywhere we can still taste all of these on the show at some point so which one u twenty in the mood for all definitely be yeah,
that’s only that but that has minion 1 that what you read the back of the bottle okay okay so um when do you close on the eighteen twenty five henry.

[34:41] Hello you hows your HEL YEA.
I understand i became one of the first europeans settlers,
i want to set foot in the harsh and wilderness have northwest tasmania in his role as chief server.
What’s the band is to italy so i have been to the northwest area of me and i have to agree it is a rather a harsh area.
Spending the evening at legion there are almost two hundred years later his road now guys the way.
To the elements road discovery of so we didn’t make the whiskey they just need the names of the road.
Yes that’s the road and the story it is here at the premium quality test me and green is patiently combined with some of the world’s paris drinking water.
And what you doing half times.
Distilled water than air and individual select american white oaks char fired cats.

[35:56] Would you have time,
what’s the half time i don’t know what to add to the have children i make exactly where to half costs turn off and yes so
anyways are so quick to secure a ticket with a grain of salt because that’s really on everything going on and on about the salmon salmon has made it land exactly what will the hold on tasmania is not in
atlantic where is the hotel gonna try it right and i did some research when i came back and asked.

[36:28] It’s transplant nova scotia salmon with a friend,
yeah so where are they different okay but because it s me and sally gotten stuck is translate as many salmon so transfer that feeling itself is not exactly so let’s see what we can got to see what they say about it,
there is always the hardest arena,
no not that me the so called interstellar years road is still rate this actually quite a lot of distilled in australia use road however single malt the ten year old they got there.
Ugh really talk with the twelve year old girl be a reasonable so he is rod single malt portman is it no nope nope i woke ask,
why don’t charge so i dont have that in your what can i fit.
It’s interesting to talk about death australia’s whiskey industry problem count toward search hundred with skis we have to try before i know but i did get this as a valentine’s gift and whiskey diarrhea so i have to write something about it.

[37:40] Stop let me open it and let me talk to so while doing that that’s kind of a caramel get help,
i was thinking like sweet educate him interesting smell of the last place i know we talked about them asheville and how they make the war and how it all of distilled technically brewers as well because ive gotta actually.

[38:05] Create some alcohol through hoops brewing and family to still try to talk to except the same with the beer is made it’s brutal up there this is barely rather grains so.

[38:18] David has meaning whiskey for you have a traffic light there glass for me,
help me with payments till we talk we talked about we talked about the brew thing,
we’ve talked about the disc feeling never really talk much about the agents of the bottle left want to get the picture for me.
So i have any pictures of the kensington devices well so you tell david i meant thursday not make me wait.
Too bad i can’t get it yet arrived so whenever you talk to agent and whiskey are typically aged in barrels but that typically what is the difference is right there is european open american the two big ones.
Right arm and the bourbon your typical american brands are typically of.

[39:16] What are there typically charge the charger like a vanilla smell or something.
There is a vanilla smell of citrus lights up.
Remind me about little bit of the story its probably a canadian salmon if the water up.

[39:39] You can talk over.
How’s the chemical smells good lights in my brother’s no don’t stay at brothers right so what we have so,
i feel like the very middle of the road it’s cut up freely glen can feel the taste gone but stronger,
yeah what’s a good stronger the middle of focus also been cashed so i go back to cascade yes really three or four types of many types of therapies are always european american and american ems to have a little bit stronger with flavor.
In the american ones are typically.
Typically charge first of nigga with that bitch char taste up and started by electric cuz i had a fire and his bills cotton fire use them anyways i’ve found that the bourbon taste better.

[40:32] That’s my computer turn your family detect burning water in mine so um get them the next the next team is.
Typically scotch barrels toasted not shard.
Uh oh my jack daniels that actually goes to a charcoal filter ration to give it to make it smoother so what happens when u whiskey then a couple of things happen over time the longer it in,
spirit character goes down so that no one is first distilled what that paper typically clear and has a greeny tasted really tasty though
depending on what the hell is weather is corn wheat barley can i pay you,
show the taste of that the serial taste goes down what spicy ness close up so flavors the spice girls up from the would i.
What are the spices but not the good flavor the wood flavor itself goes down that disappears.

[41:36] Then you get all of the other interesting things happening if he’s oh.
You think can you barrow be the way to go but some of the best catches in use barrels so
things like the barrels order still turn barrows other wines and had a really nice cup of one of your favorite whiskey is the task that sweetness and also whiskey pics on the color
i got more amber darker over time ugh some,
the steelers watching and caramel the color the whiskey pic make it look a little bit older i would like a tad more time in the barrel.
I’m doing you a favor here what are you doing.

[42:17] I will take a good picture cake this one was an exception and i’ll be posting me either one alright thank you so very blessed the friends are for but i gotta rob peter.
So we can talk about the after party with my google phone i’ll play another time.
I feel like the same sun communities to oversee its northeast but what’s up,
details aboutdo from greece know but not like tickets to earlier fault the store yes i got the same thing as ten
why we can’t hear you can not talk like to get the black and oneplus seven rated does not charge and does,
if you are the one after that like its like six hundred dollars to two thousand twelve hundred right where i can six hundred,
the one plus six million nine hundred k was that much so this metro place to call dad tonight and getting who’s there be no time bitch.

[43:17] What is the actual difference between the two not bigger has a stylus so i do what small not that much break with out yet,
something interesting about apple that she incorporating for nineteen our phones on us can u find thousand us out like the umm iphone,
ask iphone something and the accident access i can schedule what can i say the galaxy yet yet will be around for a long time will
four nights and got the last game of the world and won multiple awards got many things
add new and video graphics card to you as god get free skin if i buy it so you can use your character in fortnight,
how do you actually can you also grab some good about galaxy skate we all know that apple’s not incorporated,
end the sum the x box nigga switch it appears floors through robot whole new console just the skins alexa when we went down on that note so i said my goodbyes by three y.
Take carrots good have this and i like this is a test i feel like it OK sebastian was scared ever had a sticker i just got all the rocks.

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