Episode 095 – Birthday Dumpster Fire


  • Universal Windows Podcast – Episode 95
  • Happy Birthday David!!!

Word of the Week

  • Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time either of us says “Birthday”.

Hack of the Week

  • Windows Hello uses a Infrared camera for Windows Hello login and a separate camera for photos. You can block your visual camera and still us Windows Hello. Check out my short blog.

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Episode 095 – Birthday Dumpster Fire

Windows Microsoft MVP Insider Surface Phone

2018, The Surface Smiths Podcast
Universal Windows Podcast

David and Colin Do Stuff to celebrate David’s Birthday!


[0:00] Hello I’m Cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything Windows such a surface Xbox phone and the windows Insider program,
here are your host the surface Smith on Colin Smith and we are the surface pets welcome to 95,
okay so not XP and not Millennium Edition like a lot of people.

[0:29] I have barely barely barely use Windows 95 now for me it’s cuz I skipped it because they weren’t a life then.
Yeah right and t351 those are all great operating systems 95 was just,
I used to but at work I used at the 4 I’m going to stop at home so episode 95,
birthday that’s true that’s true i birthday to me happy where the kb view birthday gift what did you get up that later i well so it’s a liquid.
I don’t know it’s cold out so welcome to episode 95 David’s birthday episode,
Peterson Wellness podcast hosted by us the surface mask so we can say that over and over a few times because we don’t have a lot of content today while it’s cuz everyone else was,
not working on American Thanksgiving okay well there’s a few little things we need to do David hey guys what about the word of the week,
yeah alright so lots of birthday stuff going on so for those of you don’t know where the week is a drinking game,
every time you hear the word of the week you could take a drink at sometimes we toy with you by not saying the word of the week will actually just forget.

[1:49] Either get really hydrated or really dehydrate depending what you drinking.
Works for us so I don’t have a drink in front of me so we’re going to have to fix that I had a coffee but it’s not alright so let’s move on what else is there David what’s coming up espresso machine in his office are recording studio so.
That is quite the upgrade to the studio that’s the hack of the week.
Is it now though Act of the week is what so we don’t have soundtrack of the week so I just kind of stumbled onto this.
Microsoft uses to take picture of you when you log on with Windows hello is not the same camera used to take a picture of you for.

[2:33] Kind of seems obvious but doesn’t really this seem too much of a point to it but what the point is is you can actually just cover up the visual camera,
leaving the login camera there and you can still enjoy Windows hello,
Muller’s Kelly the new episode the new series they didn’t speak in the computers versus attack in the.
Not into that one video that they’ve math so neighborhood here where they’ve got it intersection Mulder and Scully streets in Ottawa
is there a yes wow we should do a live on the spot there so tape on the camera already full of article about it but I just happened to notice it by chance on my Surface go
and then I just tried it on my Surface laptop and you can just put a small piece of tape there and Minnie Surface Book,
book i’m sorry will a cut piece of skull six laptop office cuz that once are fucked up and then you have the pleasure of walking on use lean quickly and people can’t be a stupid on you as easily
alright so for those of you who don’t know how hello works it uses infrared camera and the regular camera is not infrared it is a.

[3:49] You’ll spectra camera right because things that we want humans to see but it needs the infrared in order to do things like differentiate between you and a photograph of you or differentiate between,
closer than trying to take a picture of the column over here and I just noticed that the mixing board would make a good picture all right and so,
if use the infrared camera to actually look at the heat pattern from your face and eyes and things like that that you are,
life in florida right and also you can tell the difference between.
It definitely does a whole lot of stuff that you can’t just do it the visual can’t but I always assume that it used to be chill Cameron to.
That man works at night you can you can actually just be in that it without without my flight,
okay so what’s next David I wanted to talk about some general.
Christmas buying tips Christmas buying tips okay I’m not up for what for buying a laptop a lot of people buy a laptop at this time of year really people do.
And just a lot of common mistakes of people with laptops I like the background music there wow wow I hope it doesn’t mess up our voice.

[5:02] Laptop buying tips.

[5:10] Friday all that’s herself people are buying a lot of this Hardware so I think the most important thing you can do is make sure you get no matter what you’re doing with your life.
Or a computer fan try to get at least 8 gigs if you’re buying a Windows laptop by an Android phone that was my downside of the phone I bought,
if your with your phone to a strip by the most memory you can well within reason for eight reasonable for a is reasonable for device that is just a consumption device for what work.
You know when two or three years from now you will not feature prove it you want where is.
It kicks you probably will I have a seven-year-old i7 with 8 gigs of RAM and it still works pretty well because it was.
SSD what about so you’ve got here you don’t have to give.
This goes really that important the most important fast,
having a huge amount of disc is not usually important if you fast and 128th I think is what most people need because of putting their data into the cloud.

[6:24] I have a terabyte I’m usually around 300 gigs is roughly where I am a half a terabyte give me some breathing room.
Big I need to do temporarily and then have a heavy user than most.

[6:39] You want this more just make sure you have a nice SD slots available to add additional memory should you need it temporarily.

[6:52] Gonna airplane then yeah you could put in a slot there and sst.
And I already called it SD card and you get out a bit of memory with some movies on it,
okay instead of walking down your regular memory and then what I’ve done as well is Ibis,
but Friday I bought a bunch of SanDisk Ultra extreme a super Alpha,
who was the car that’s okay for my go pro and other things i don’t like we all slack check that there really aren’t they there hundred twenty five dollars each of them for twenty nine bucks each oh really hundred twenty gig in the fastest a us and this makes in so that’s good for that kinda stuff
so that would be perfect to any in your phone if it’s not made by Apple or a tablet if it’s not made for apple or a laptop if it’s.
Not made by Apple I guess okay so disc so yes you definitely do not want if you want to get an SSD if possible as much as possible and,
slower and things like that if so size i think that really is a personal preference
it is you want to depend on whether to consumption device or whether it’s a creation device I find it easier create on a larger device them to consume but my eyes are bad to sometimes like a bigger screen but the,
I can adjust if I need to lease at least feel a type on the keyboard things like that like I have a 13 inch laptop and I’m much more productive on it than us a smaller laptop of course.

[8:21] I mean what they’re both good,
thought but the balancing act too small not productive but if you’re not going to be using for creation all that often you might be a little smaller lighter The Balancing Act the other thing I would suggest is too big,
can be bad if it’s a portable because it’s hard to carry use a lot of power things like that.
You’re right the tablet like the be at the surface go or regular surface or you know the various Apple tablets that you really can carry around with you all day and not notices there,
I told you the last thing I wanted was his price but I think it’s two other things you’ve asked what if I messed and I think they’d let me put in the show not since we type I think they directly impact the price okay.
Processor processor sure and the other one is.

[9:17] Wouldn’t it already have a touchless Dell laptop so that touch screens,
name one major manufacturer Apple.
It’s there as a lasagne less of the the dial in hp’s there two or three years ago they definitely have some okay somebody thoughts on top should have touch.

[9:37] Again I think I should have thought so I think you should you don’t necessarily have to use touch as a primary input method to occasionally use in front of you.

[9:48] Get,
all things being equal that not if if you have the option for touch with a lot of extra cost do it gas work they give you a lap top that doesn’t have such on it and its well that’s with this but here’s the thing there now monitors
that have touch true and so you can actually touch sensor connected to your laptop if you only touch at work and you don’t really need touch when you’re,
when you’re not at work then you got that option but touches something to consider a lot of people don’t consider that in their laptop choices and then the other one processor and,
a lot of options on processor between manufactures right it is
Intel stock of all sorts of processors and it’s very difficult to keep track of which processor is faster than which which one you should get they’ve got so there are some I Pfizer Fashions on my sevens there are
where did the name of the quad core vs dual-core number of cores processor is probably the most difficult thing to make a make a
set of choice are you having any you go to the store and of course it’s not loaded with all the crap that you’ll eventually end up on and it’s gonna be fast but so years from now and then there’s all the multi vendor this there’s an empty there’s,
bucket of Cyrax anymore or any of those other parties but the but the is AMD and Intel of the big players then you got arm devices I was at Staples yesterday and I always walk by and check out the laptops and they had this.

[11:14] Screaming deal on it was a seventeen it’s laptop.

[11:19] And how to like a i get a terabyte ss d was more like sixteen gigs of memory cuz because nobody wanted to pay,
how much was it it was like seven $99 Canadian I don’t know,
but that but it was just like this huge thing it was just like like as long as you never
tuck it anywhere I mean see if he’s like she thought about the battery is really just that UPS in case your power goes out for 5,
it would it would be a beautiful thing to have at your desk and you know why I could make sense nowadays is because what.

[11:51] All your cloud storage in your settings be in the cloud and such,
you really don’t need to take your computer with you that much cuz you go home and if you have your other computer hooked up your MSA or your tablet or whatever,
you’re getting almost everything there anyway so maybe it doesn’t make sense have a 17-inch Brosius shocked by the size of this thing around your house,
bright and not take it places and not travel with it then 50 minutes left I want to start or even 79 right.
But if you’re going to use it a lot you might need to you might need to have a spoon that’s somewhat stationary and one that’s a little more portable and you’re not have much more experience with surface devices but apple and other high-end manufacturers if your vinyl.
Let’s say $1,000 laptop or above its there’s a good chance it’s going to last four five six seven years is going to last quite a while so maybe you buy one now and you buy a tablet in a few years,
I know I’ll turn it back and forth when you refresh them so here’s the other thing that we didn’t cover What GPU yes,
so my kids.

[13:04] Fickle processing unit for graphics processing unit so if your mining that point of course or are you doing any kind of three d graphics finder to the fair watching movies are there is a telegraph you don’t need
don’t need a GPU you know why you know that look at your little Fire TV stick it probably,
never has nothing as far as the processor going to be able to keep up if you’re going to be doing anything,
math intensive or are you going to be doing it any three d graphics say kids are playing i don’t know.

[13:36] Pubg or.

[13:40] Fortnite or anything like that it’s definitely better than GPS but my kids love grabbing.
The Surface Book there is an option for an external GPU and then look into that I don’t know how good they are not depends on the connection you have to USBC obviously,
right but you could have a FireWire keep you hooked up your gaming Monitor and then have that hooked up your laptop disconnected take laptop and it’s catchy PCS behind yes.
Right so there’s that option so memory size.

[14:12] Processor touch portability about goes hand-in-hand with size.
Repeat the last one is price price I think if you if you spend over $1,000 these days you’re going to get a vintage made in American,
the american,
call the fence cuz you pay extra for certain brands are the few others that you pay a premium for.

[14:41] And then even with inline between HP and Dell so I know those very much there they have their cheaper lines right so you have to understand the lights on the Dell Inspiron which is really a home user,
consumer model and the latitude which is the business model and here’s my advice.
Buy as much computer as you can afford don’t because you’ll be future-proofing,
and look at things like processor or hard to upgrade after the fact memory and disk can be upgraded after the fact you screw up my memory probably not find out,
some usually not well if you’re if it depends if you punch a button if you like if your buying one with for you could probably a pretty to eight,
you may have to throw your old memory away but you can still upgrade it down the road so if you need to save a little bit of money
buy a faster processor with less memory now and get more memory later or smaller discbound it again another diss later those are all things you can upgrade can’t really change your screen size you can’t really add touch and is very thin you can’t really change your processor,
at or GPU so those biological in egpu so those are the things to think about if he’s making trade awesome price so,
don’t buy the least computer you can get away with because you’ll very very soon outgrow it because developers are developing applications on the next bill for the next generation of hardware and new applications will not run well on that.

[16:05] Anything else to talk about let’s move on to the to the what.
To the new story of the week.
Thanksgiving so that will happen but something very very exciting happen today to dry up today is what day date today is david birthday whenever there is a csf it’s november twenty six david’s birthday so it’s a birthday few times now yes.

[16:40] Microsoft overtook Apple to be the world’s most valuable company for a few hours,
you look at my Microsoft right then pulled back
Ashley Microsoft stock is down from where it was about a month month ago it’s wet it’s raining at 106 Powell Street it over 110 month-and-a-half ago however,
alexis stock is down over its it all time high what happened,
apples pulled back Amazon is pulled back and so right now those three are going to be in Google and pull back a little bit Microsoft pull back glass.
It’s like the old joke you know how do you how do you how do you outrun a bear or something I don’t know.

[17:39] Billion dollars has roughly where they were in those details in there now Google went up because I bought a new phone,
yes a little bit later so that was my new story make me happy I got to Microsoft stock good good and Elon Musk,
I assume everyone who listen to a podcast know who she is.
And since you went to school very close to here then now we have to keep track of every once in awhile percent chance.
It’s he’ll move to Mars me as his favorite type of chocolate bar he will move to the to the.
To the planet Mars cuz nobody knows I’m tractor who wouldn’t would would what you go tomorrow if that’s.
Is it a one-way trip it’s a two-way trip even as a one-way trip it’s quite a commitment.
I need to know more about it but how how long we talked about 5 years return trip with us something right it would have to be several years,
so let’s say 5 years things like that that’s what people used to do with boiled we are we are.
So just interesting.

[18:58] Couple hundred thousand dollars in what he says.
I thought that was going to be going to into the right into the red Center of us realize what they call it the deserts call the red Center wear the lularoe which weeds call Ayers Rock and,
will you still did call it people know that when I say I say lularoe they say cousin tight guess I’m going to.

[19:37] Alright is that it for news that is all.

[19:41] Music.

[19:50] Alright we don’t defend boxing music on boxing music you want to leave like Rocky music or something.
So we’re leaving today I’ve got you are going to open up hold up hold up on you get the on the camera I bought a dumpster fire so yes this is the phone give me a second here to start the camera.

[20:11] Okay here we are not life with Collins new pixel 3XL and I’m not sure,
he bought it just cuz Paul Trot called it a dumpster fire well that was a great it’s cold here dumpster fire is nice and warm outside in the alley behind the building when you’re outside cold who wouldn’t want a dumpster fire
I ate I don’t know or was it is that American bad thing in Canada it’s a good thing yeah s*** in the stick that’s bad everywhere we can say that.
We we can have a quitter well but rather how to stick that on my hand through the route to open up to a salon at the kit
let’s pull out the we can share this with illegal weapon the theme pics that the team pixel will do that so.
First off it’s got myself I don’t even need the knife it’s got a little tab to pull
but let me ask if I don’t have nail so there we go it’s like on when you’re opening up a video game or those DVDs years ago a little little piece there to pull up a little tab there to pull up.
I just don’t have nails to get under it so.
There we go you guys at work that are trying to buy my old iPhone from me. Take a look at that it’s all nicely.

[21:29] Packaged least that’s what we say.
Can unwrap it so let’s see how about sideways what do you mean,
I can’t compare to your phone cuz you’re recording with it good point,
size-wise it’s almost the same size as a little narrower but it’s got a bigger screen up at you yeah I was going to say that and it’s got,
the world biggest notch or does it turn it on.

[22:09] That’s really what size of a notch on it oh my God what the fork and.

[22:18] You said you created another account just for this so couple of things for those of you that are considered drunk.
Alright english united states start connect to mobile network what so,
start Sim free setup instead okay so why did you choose this phone so I was looking at Apple and I got a 64 gig Apple iPhone 6s plus right,
I wanted a little bit more memory right okay and if I wanted to get one of the new iPhones I got to jump up the intro.
Point is 64 gig at the bottom and then want that next up is 256 gigs that really up the price when I put everything all in eyes looking over two grand.

[23:16] Saying sorry,
how you didn’t see that
I didn’t get the Google car so but it still it was it was pretty close to Grand now the issue of the other issue is I want the best camera possible for my truck and hold on how much would this be,
and keep locking up i got the black friday deal on it i got it for will be plus the bill,
the plot the bill keep talking okay fuck you talking about mia you said you to be careful of did you get a case for yet i didn’t home.
It’s going to start.

[23:57] And so like to know Skip that here’s our Wi-Fi networks.
It’s test but forgot the password give my google store i like the feel of it so i gotta print reader incense in the back.

[24:16] So it was.

[24:21] Yeah I had a discount on it $250 cuz I didn’t find somebody that wanted to go with the flow you didn’t give the two for two same thing right almost think they look up in 10 dollars difference so,
I’ll take a look at that so I ended up getting it for my total with tax $1,140.17.
So I got it for under a thousand bucks Canadian so that’s about 700 you bought it because you think the camera is amazing,
best camera out there my second choice was the OnePlus 60 but it’s not waterproof that’s one of the things on it and then the cameras not as good so this was waterproof,

[25:06] Has the best camera foul is four gigs of ram which i think is a bit of a problem but i think of puppy live with it and how much i starch that two hundred twenty eight gig that’s the top end this that but i’m limited google.
Dry storage plus you can add your own nest no he can’t there’s no MicroSD no not on the waterproof ones.
But really there is on my camera considering switching phones,
you install Google Drive on your phone and that’s my case 900s and then you backup your phone to Google Drive is map for it and I hope your phone your contacts your photos your calendar right,
and you enable this new phone.
You I would have to turn off turn off iMessage by the way because it’ll happen is when people try to contact you you like to My Cry message wife we are Google phone,
your Android phone Bella work do I won’t work too well say turn all that off before you migrate over from somebody backup your phone.
Put your sim into the new phone and code so google drive again i think i should probably already installed on it too quickly and just restore from backup,
awesome and you’re good to go so let’s see what you think about this after your trip before my trip I’ve got 15 days since I left it so before each other thing now anybody wants lightning cables I can have a whole lot of those.

[26:29] So it comes with that comes with a couple of things here it comes with earbuds.
What’s will go to cinema connector or do you have to use the it comes with your butts that worked out of the us pc usb c yeah and also comes with this little,
so that’s the year but so usb c but this load after let’s new headphones lowry having love,
or microphones or whatever yeah yeah that would be like okay and course a usb cable so but that’s a usb c to usb c cable,
the connector that okay see his or her falls in a better than that it’s the other connector here to for ge to charge so here’s a pro tip cold on this doesn’t help.
How does that help me charge it I want here’s a pro tip don’t get onto a long flight,
without the right cables yes so I will be buying some cables today on Cyber Monday I’m going to wrap up this video so all right and then we’ll wrap up the audio podcast in just a moment right cuz we’ve got the the after-party to get to yes.
Well that was interesting in it i don’t we should a done.

[27:40] I wouldn’t have heard it on the camera anyway that’s that’s true yeah.
So there we are we done are we going to do a whiskey tasting I guess we have a couple and we should at least say goodbye.

[28:02] Music.

[28:09] Christmas podcast follow the show on Twitter that Smith email the show at podcast.com check out the show notes and leave a comment on www.

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[28:27] Music.

[28:37] So this is the after party his birthday party gilroy.
A couple things about the phone my text messages to do that and we were talking about Pimm’s.
Not the stuff from England that you mix with liquor personal information manager so most modern phones Android and.
I give you a bottle of redbreast single pot still Irish whiskey aged 12 years.
He knows masters engineering metallurgy and things like that we’ve talked about building still next summer.

[29:28] So it’s really i’ve two questions is it legal.
What’s the second question when the next summer where can i hook is a funeral nowadays posse legal there’s no thrill.
Hurry up so this red dress is supposed to be pretty good now it’s difficult if you have multiple information sources multiple contacts and things like that so now the phones.
Close to my heart.

[30:01] Are you go look at that nice.
Alright okay the phone phone.

[30:22] Okay.

[30:24] So the red dress the beautiful balance single pot still irish whiskey with a warm generous texture rich sweet flavor spicy kick.

[30:33] Love you many connoisseurs the Fireside Irish whiskey available and that’s why I bought it for you.

[30:41] It also comes in a cast but I don’t know how I didn’t know how to dilute it so perfect fall weather whiskey.
Really very fruity hiking with dave this tastes like a dumpster fire spells path.
I’m surprised your phone hasn’t hasn’t burst into flames actually spilled it on the iPhone not on the last generation that was not waterproof.

[31:10] Alright thanks.
I broke the camera wants by pouring by 4 and the Keith’s Brewery in the Halifax I spilled a beer on it.
But not too much beer I save most nahmir.
So I like this hotel nice warm start in a spicy pepper finish the color not too sweet.
Yeah because when you going to call on your caller ID where’s it going to look at 20-20 different contact managers on the phone where they going to look at it in the file that this floor of a text comes in I wasn’t too big.

[31:56] Apps on your phone that have to use the OS his pimp your text messaging,
and your phone calls that’s on the phone app and the and the SMS app so I have an app on my phone that when I get a call it pops up with.
Basic information from phone book including whether they’re telemarketer and I’ve configured it when it’s the telemarketers to go straight to voicemail.
But that’s okay okay last five years accessing the data accessing your penalty right who or or or training,
inside car mode it’s it’s running as well as the pimp and its release reading other information the Apache is Google only has this is the Google Voice Assistant where it’ll actually act as a person or set
so it’s somebody’s not in your contact list it’ll answer the phone and ask them questions and they still have the answer it’ll either that’s good let them come or not,
just the us but still looking forward to that yeah.
I will wrap them like really rude questions and things like that if you can tell Margaret so can you go for the telemarketers what the last time you had a bowel movement.
I think like that yeah yeah.

[33:19] Off up early but its years that it’s it’s it’s also my google phones birthday will they korea.

[33:28] Alright so spill.
Sure okay guys were smart enough to kill ourselves
haven’t cut myself yet doesn’t mean I won’t do it again okay so you have Heat playing a boiler when you have a spiral cop and a copper wire come out the top dude.
Two it will evaporated anaconda dinner so it’s it’s a boiler in of operator to consider right that’s it okay if.
If ancient Irish could do it with the internet.
You got all access the right people got like Breaking Bad here we won’t sell it.

[34:24] For those that want to live on the edge since now that marijuana is legal in Canada what do you do for Thrills cuz nobody.
You’re not allowed to smoke anymore basically so,
yeah that’s awesome that’s awesome I talked about this before so hopefully I’ll have Brad Sam’s on next week to Jack about his book and with any luck we’ll be able to get a copy of the book ahead of.
Say good things about it cuz it’s it’s about surface that needs the surface how could it possibly not.
Be cut I will have to say that I think it’s a dumpster fire and when he gets upset because it candidate that’s a good term yes.
Whiskey so.
Dumpster fire I love that that’s great
sara americans a few minutes we let go from,
your smart people are coming in with the this is real or if she really wants to move the code to get away from drugs are a smart.

[35:53] What let’s wrap aptos,
we should what would be the proper number of people to finish a bottle every podcast 2,
well we wanna fish quick know about that i guess what everyone have like one or two glasses so as of this is a must and we get a twenty after forty ounces so which one is this an twenty this is the twenty.
Social 20oz and people.
That’s how many ounces in a milliliter.
Okay so 7 50/30 1525.
Okay this is twenty five single shots and they’re so.

[36:50] Talking to drunk five shots by people for people that’s okay.
Not really the driving range but 5 and less than 10 fighting around.
Can i deduct a porpoise but it’s okay milam the role either so six alright.
Cuz I thought you like this I wanted to get some little different high quality,
hard to find good whiskey Street this is not a cheap whiskey by the way but it’s less expensive than some of the Whiskey’s I typically like to the roof price wise.
Yeah yeah you need to have a everyday whiskey might be the.

[37:41] This is about to talk to Everyday whiskeys that idea which are 3-1 I still drink the northern Harvest.
I like what I see a lot of times I have any whiskeys are pretty but then I’ve got Jim Beam in the summer.
Address for that ice Jim Beam for cheap not bad and I like Wiser’s Deluxe.

[38:10] Else like really like i don’t know if it has the app and that’s where bottle there yet and i like a lot forty those are all forty always he’s unit under forty dollars are all very good in canada and can we tax the.
Over our lives so those might that do i just mowed the lawn whiskey kinda thing in yeah because i cant live without with dividing your of resentment fingers and toes.
But yeah then the higher and stuff at the space I’d pretty much for.
A little bit nicer.
But not nicer different very good Canadian whiskeys are evolved the what was whiskey I like the taste of the Breton one we had the other day.
Alright Oh Canada Dry I could have done well with a maybe a Sherry Cask or something that would be nicer,
that’s really good we could do to make your first batch then you can start working at next relaxer yeah kind of barrel of oil barrel,
well so cheap and cannot seven bucks a barrel so i want to buy the one by the wall by the seven bucks a barrel,
for the barrel gas is so cheap barrels are expensive.

[39:37] Have I missed something here but no no I got it I got to go buy a barrel of oil and I get disappointment complain when I don’t got two barrels so the ombudsman the French and then completed the franchise ombudsman,
I want are you alright I think that’s it we pretty much done we are.

[40:00] By keep your stick on the ice in your scotch on the rocks happy birthday Dave happy birthday day.

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