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  • Special Guest Peter Henry

Word of the Week

  • Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time either of us says “Elf”.

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Product Reviews With Peter

  • https://www.kingston.com/en/wireless/wireless_readers/mlwg3
  • Screen protectors for your phone – Tempered Glass
  • Wired Mice – Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse
  • Fossil Gen 3 Sport Smartwatch
  • Asus Transformer Mini
    • Sound goes away after keyboard closing
  • Netgear Nighthawk X6
  • Montreal Canadian USB Speaker
  • Logitech 490
  • Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000


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    Episode 094 – The Peter Principle – Transcript courtesy of WIT.AI

    Windows Microsoft MVP Insider Surface Phone

    2018, The Surface Smiths Podcast
    Universal Windows Podcast

    News and Special Guest Peter Henry with some Christmas gift ideas and reviews


    [0:00] Hello I’m Cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything window.
    Such a surface Xbox phone and the windows Insider program.
    Here are your host the surface schmidt.
    My name is David Smith and I’m calling Smith and today we have a special guest assets Peter Henry to want to start that again David why cuz you lift no,
    now we don’t break for that deal episode 94 and welcome Peter.
    Thank you very much theater eight system anonymous think sure unless he wants to tell us his last name.
    Google with H4 now that’s fine alright Peter Henry
    exactly exactly alright so ups we got a delayed show for you it’s after this the wednesday before american thanksgiving so lots of things going on sale black friday cyber monday coming in with a lot of products to talk about.
    Before we do that we’ve got some housekeeping hey guys what about the word of the week.

    [1:10] Blue that are guest choose the where the week and or do i use the word sure why not let’s pick considering we’ve got a lot of snow outside and it’s a little bit before christmas let’s pick al’s
    call Zoe use that word a lot normally are podcast so that should work out well I’m sure we’ll be able to work that in it
    Peter you’re a long time listener friend of the show we’ve talked about you before you’ve been on the show before you.

    [1:37] You stay in touch so your Alpha superfan,
    well thank you very much yeah i try and listen you guys and i get some some inside information about where microsoft is going where they from the little bit of where they come from and some
    deep insights of some cool information that I wouldn’t get out on out on the the internet on blogs or an in trade rags and stuff like that.
    It did I see you you do not have a Windows phone,
    so i figure the loss of a three of us to give up on yeah that was a sore point i was doing some windows phone development there for a little while and i love the phone and lives in a paid for one of your apps,
    yes thank you very much i camera what was that was the
    but yeah
    remember when Windows Phone Directory made by Nokia in Finland.
    Set the receipt with the finnish national costume look like no now you should google that are being that.
    Cuz it really looks like what else would wear it really does oh I see I see.

    [3:02] Lottery for the week whenever we say the week you can take a drink of your favorite beverage.
    If you’re driving and if the officer pulls you over you can tell if you heard the word the weekend you had to.
    I’ll call the police officer and elf they don’t like that very much okay that’s not that’s true and alright so we’re gonna do,
    go on at the show and I will come back to some of the stuff that you wanted to talk about specifically I feel free to jump in anytime if we’re talking gives a hand signal whenever jump in lots to talk about we’re going to
    great start with our typical.

    [3:41] Cysts you story of the week on the history of the and we called it just so we don’t have a super long episode
    think we’re going to start with David doing to start with v.
    Surface news will Microsoft to new versions of the surface go one is the LTE version and.
    Priest self-explanatory it comes with a healthy and also come with those in a sixty is it a four gig at eight gig memory is it is it is a smaller one which is odd yeah so it’s not that is a yet
    by getting out to eat have to get something else up if you were looking for the full spec
    apparently and then they brought up one that they originally were selling just at Costco but now it’s kind of a hybrid between the low end in the high-end so it has,
    4 gigs of memory at but has a faster processor I think in the faster disk space and 128.
    So anyhow I kind of.

    [4:46] That what they should if it is one of the dis a battery and but anyhow well i thought the battery so much has the combination of battery,
    and until process about the battery it’s so much better than what it was made by elves they would probably work better.
    Well the hand thing you get used to but the battery only lasts him I’d say 2 hours most so really who hours.
    Has us pc and has microsoft on the cake but so that,
    that later on what I’m going to buy and maybe that’s going to convince me not as far as you’re concerned.
    I should buy it it’s definitely you know what I’d rather by anyways before we live on.

    [5:38] Over was full of issues for microsoft release seeing.
    Nine or the fall release of windows ten,
    kind of issues they pulled it back and release of the play back well guess what they’ve re released again it’s available in the wild but it still pro can.
    So again I think for Microsoft that’s a,
    six at so eighty nine and icloud do not play nice map drives are broken in md processors have issues trend micro anti malware has issues still all kinds of issues and eighteen o nine
    at even though Microsoft that there’s going to be some quality.
    Updates for you think about that Peter when I’m doing my normal day-to-day stuff at work or if I’m playing around at home,
    I just really using visual studio and Chrome,
    and it’s for the most part it seems to be okay but I guess the situations that you’ve brought up with regards to specific Cloud scenarios or specific CPUs,
    at work and at home and it seems to be working pretty fine for me I thought that’s what the flighting was doing and that’s what the controlled-release Cycles were doing based on the Insiders.

    [7:02] Field testing I’m so maybe the inside is not doing their job so they should be fired unrelated news Dona sarkar is.

    [7:11] It is a focus at Focus APA Cosmopolitan magazine article okay there we go.
    A little bit of Safeway we talked about this earlier windows on arm update lots of news in the windows on arm plus space first off,
    chris off the is supporting native apps for your visual studio user there’s now an ability to compiled directly for windows ten on arm.
    Don’t have to use the emulation,
    how is just for store apps this is for sixteen gb thirty two bit or sixty four bit apps well that’s really good question we should take a look at that but,
    I read the article I couldn’t figure it out so I figured that the armpits are 64-bit they are it’s just the emulation is 32 bit.

    [8:01] I ever win thirty two apps so does that mean that the apps are gonna run slower on a sixty four bit.
    Machine which apps any of the 32-bit apps.
    Yeah so yes they will definitely stop to say what happens when you virtualize a nap and I’m elated that probably doesn’t run quick yeah but how do you how do you bench Market because you’re running on Hardware was never designed to run on,
    you know what I was wondering about the surface cup its performance is fine.
    And this is not the most powerful computer in the world that’s right right so I’m just saying that.
    We don’t really need a whole lot of power I mean yeah so some app run slower if you can rent underarm but you know you’re ready.
    So if you need that much power the chances are you’re gonna be getting visual by some healthy right last house list list quickly you’re right now we’re talking about were talking about was and i’m talking about the snap dragon he thirty five make forty fives.
    Sony 850 sorry 835 850s the 1000 coming at least or chips that run a 2.9 gigahertz other fairly quick or multi-core.

    [9:12] But how do you bench a Teddy to a fair Benchmark between an app running on arm versus an app running on arm emulated I don’t think versus until proc I don’t think it’s a fair comparison it’s just it’s a convenient it’s not
    why you should be running that app if you need to live in that up all the time it’s at a transitional phase as your getting rid of a legacy app so
    what’s going on in windows are native apps in Chrome so Google and Microsoft are working on a native Chrome browser for
    windows on arm.

    [9:44] Two new devices one from Lenovo one from Samsung.
    And December 2nd for the Samsung and not sure when the Lenovo shipping but these are running the latest 8:50.

    [9:57] Which is got a lot more power a lot more speed the original Windows alarm devices.
    They were slow even then like playing with him for 5 minutes every around anymore.

    [10:13] The white with you of this lottery designer and in what i understood but the way in the first round of the of the surfaces oh you mean like the original surface without with the arm checked with the actor that didn’t really work out there and then mop
    and then he bought Nokia which runs on arm so yeah
    an hour to bring it back the first one i love mine i had when i saw her and
    and and it was it was absolutely one of my apps the bad the battery life on them was incredibly the apps it was the store apps,
    I couldn’t install stuff okay that’s a confused I was actually in a Microsoft store right doing doing a demo was confused and people come in,
    our tv i can’t install this i cancel like nine so i may say well that you but windows are teak this app oneself the customers that didn’t understand i think i’m windows of a lease they weren’t doing a good enough job of marketing that of getting people to understand all,
    explain that my kids got it first got it and this is just one of those things okay,
    I’m buying an iPad equivalent I’ve got the increase battery life I’ve got the instant on these are wonderful thing average consumer thinks by the Windows device.
    They don’t understand the different versions of thought they were getting a laptop that they could just decide on everything they want.

    [11:36] Yeah and so things that you should be able to run.
    You couldn’t and they were just confused but let’s move on,
    the new devices from 101 Samsung so maybe I should look at one of those but here’s the problem member we said 1809 is broken so,
    villanova on samsung devices to both shipping with windows ten eighteen or three.
    The to mail ship with the surface scope to shift with eighteen of three understood welsh but the surface will ship in the summer.
    Is a shipping in happen of embers of this problem and you know three was never certified to stop dragging eight fifty.
    Microsoft never tested it but they never certified it so it was certified as a Snapdragon 835.

    [12:19] So they’re running an OS I was never tested on the hardware.
    So that’s a bit of a pickle for them isn’t it it is so there when you open this up under Christmas tree on Christmas morning the first thing it’s going to want to do is doing update on you.
    There’s there’s an interesting user experience that’s going to happen no matter what what you buy even even Apple and Android never updates but I guess that’s a no.
    They certified in for that one device on 1803.

    [12:54] And so anyways so it’s still the thought this.
    All windows ten is broken thing is is really biting.

    [13:03] Maybe they need elves doing software testing.
    Well they might have smaller issues alright so what was that movie where.

    [13:17] Bob Newhart was an elf.

    [13:20] It’s not elf.
    Is there dams.
    Okay alright.

    [13:39] On to Microsoft doing more to get away from passwords.

    [13:44] Two ft multi factor authentication windows hollow bio matrix facial recognition of yours and interesting thing
    initially I’m a little hesitant to word that I kind of like having my password
    okay fine I like having your password too and I’m giving it out cuz it is part of my last name so I know
    relatively newish laptop,
    there’s a yellow sticker on the front and on the back hot for cover the camera thing i do the same thing my cover i like
    I look like Dave I cover my camera,
    so you’re so you’re hello hello really work out so well,
    hope it does actually so what it does so you got a picture of the tape.

    [14:38] Did they responsible camera somebody pull up the regular camera put in reverse.

    [14:44] Did they finally figure out how to the problem with having putting sticking a really good quality picture in front of the camera.

    [14:54] Nice yellow yet and yet it logs me in even twins cancel hello because special IR camera which is this one here.

    [15:07] Good making sb but it’s sometimes happens plus the iron cameras the second hole on the right.

    [15:12] So it’s the whole on the right that the visual camera is the one in the middle,
    so the only thing you’re stopping is the visual camera not the e-signature I figured this out by mistake,
    see you’re saying the twins don’t have a different heat signature on their face says of the blood vessel pattern and things like that.
    Yeah go back to that demo Montreal remember.

    [15:35] That is perfectly anybody but so any
    yeah so i’m gonna the i’m done some work around that so yeah so but let’s go back to the answer adding no password required for outlook office three sixty-five when driving skype to more and more.
    Services you can use without entering a password how does that work well.
    I understand but if you’re using Office 365 using live or Hotmail sure it’s over the internet and you don’t have a password right how do you log it how do you.
    Air quotes login with that with your username so first off you’re going to end,
    you need to have windows ten running on a device with two pm.
    TPM trusted platform module so it’s a quote-unquote air quotes here unhackable.

    [16:31] Piece of Hardware which stores keys on the device.
    TPM 2.0
    which most business class devices have and use.
    Is need to be in place i believe the key need you if you if i’ve not pas about that but anyways what does it is.
    Stores the credential hashes in there okay then it uses that to pass along.
    Microsoft’s confident that no glue it is going to be.
    Reproducible afterwards just the hash right if you can reverse it from the hash the whole point the hatches a tard reverse it on and you would do that anyway fit after i guess.
    Doesn’t were awesome but the same would be true if you done that that the password was still pass the same.
    It started to Hash it and then some hash right so or get them get a no hot again is that really a token able to get some piano hot verification there so.
    It’s not the kind of thing that you can leave lying around like on a sticky note.

    [17:48] Like your face is on the sticky note mac that might be there for a while and your heat signature is not one of mine.
    I thought I had password take to the bar for some of your government clients how how receptive are they.
    So I’ve done a lot of work for it they’re there right now they’re still focused on getting Windows 10 lock the door,
    the parody solution of a lost opportunity they’re not make Windows 10 look like Windows 7 just waking up Windows 7 they’re not really looking at and what they do.
    Yeah I try but okay so,
    just wanted to have that out there passwords I don’t use passwords that often anymore and I think they’re going to be less and less services at um there’s so many password.

    [18:43] Dealing attempts happening it’s a great way to Yo password databases and things like that if you can minimize that Force multi-factor authentication to make it easy,
    i think people will be better off from one term okay but i think it’s time to move away from microsoft news that’s the high right david you to take this one of july the do that when i any to can i want that’s what alright so.
    The UN Chief says the killer AI robots must be outlawed what do you think about that.

    [19:13] I don’t think you should kill did I don’t think you should tell her I am broke I think they should be encouraged the problem personally I wouldn’t care if I was killed by a robot or a person if I’m killed.
    There’s that sure what you’d rather be killed by a person that a robot.

    [19:33] I’m just I guess I’m just more questioning the fact that we have to get a law for this I know so who is the killer AI robots.

    [19:44] Of months and the government’s fault lost like this now so.

    [19:51] Well it depends on weather
    of course of course this is the United Nations so,
    Canada General Secretary Antonio guterres
    has warned about the weaponization of AI too serious danger but I think the weaponization of anything is a danger right exactly.
    Let me have a vote today no that was for their what they should put the postal workers back to vote.
    Talk about that after the postal strike in Canada so I think we probably have less.
    A lot of a lot of troops or less soldiers were hurt from Friendly Fire somebody missed somebody shot at the wrong hell or launched launched an airstrike the wrong place I think
    more surgery Soldier wouldn’t be there.

    [20:59] And will that stop driving card is not a police officer after or yeah,
    it’s just like self-driving cars people are afraid to self-driving cars but of a millions and millions of miles driven they have far less toxic to human drivers and how many how many people have been shot how many people how many people have been shot,
    not self-driving car says 0 right into the back of fire trucks on the highway the problem with the self-driving cars is
    their algorithms are chosen specifically to ignore certain piece of information course one of the thing after the after the the accident that killed one of the drivers of going through a fire truck
    stopped on the highway was they said well we have to put that in there because otherwise the car wouldn’t make it down the street because all the street lights
    would make it stall I can make it better while they can make it better the problem is I think you’ve got.

    [21:53] You got all these people that have to die in order for it to learn we can’t get the pilot in a plane to work,
    it’s called Evolution how do you read how do you mean.
    It’s almost your taxes they are still accident,
    what I talk about you when you talk about the car later the old white guy,
    can about which one of us that you cuz you played without light yeah okay old white guy claiming he making comments about technology that he knows very little about.
    I don’t know who this is but I’m just giving a summary of the story all right okay.
    Should I consult someone else after this one’s for you David okay so I like to complain about that.

    [22:52] I suppose many people do the Japan’s new cybersecurity administer admits he’s never used a computer.
    You know what that’s awesome because he understands the dangers and he wants to stay safe from hackers and all sorts of other cyber threat so I think he’s taking every possible precaution so in other words he’s okay,
    yeah but everyone else on his stock has two phones two laptops three tablets their kids their wives
    all their Partners everybody in their constituency.
    Everybody’s tweeting and slacking and putting all this information except him
    but I think he’s a model I think he’s leading by example is that.

    [23:41] Anybody could go through life and not use a computer at the well he says before he says he has people for that he just ordered other people use computers for him.
    Why would I want to do that I have people for that okay to remember back I think was a 2009 or so then you had a
    my six what been cord being see further,
    my husband just got a new job of the head of a life can be very loved those babies cody with the bs if and here’s their family vacation pictures and here’s where we’re going to live been ants that like
    what’s the weakest link it security human that’s why we need killer ai to stop the weakest link pergo all we will stop the week is like for sure.
    I hate David you want to talk we just want to talk one thing is.
    Pratt Sam’s is releasing a new book called beneath the surface and coming out in.
    A couple days a week from now so we’ll try to get Brad on the podcast Brad shamelessly promote his dad is the robin to Paparazzi Batman.

    [24:49] Sure if you want to go that way I don’t know why he work football throughout quite a bit this podcast,
    being etc and which you didn’t have am on a show called the surface miss either that it will read the book care
    not read the book and overview ourselves I think it’s much we’re going to have a bias and informed review it might as well be from the author as opposed to Vermont.
    Yes all right cuz microsoft now got their own e book reader and her yoni bookstore are i think of that see it.

    [25:19] Music.

    [25:27] Alright so I’m only hoping waiting for this is why Peter is here today Peter brought some toys to show us and talk about.

    [25:35] Start with peter think very much so.
    Give some people some ideas for Christmas over the holidays coming up if they’re for you or if they’re for some of the people some things to think about so.
    Just some of the products I brought in one of them is a mobilelite wireless router and the reason why I got one of these from Kingston was it was go.
    Able to save me all kinds of pain so that my kids could actually stream and watch some movies in the van unfortunately this thing belongs in the wood chipper literally in the wood chipper it’s about that useful.
    The main reason for it is the.

    [26:25] Light mobilelite Wireless G3 no idea why I bought that was I could stick in.
    A memory card put some movies on it sticking in here and the kids will be able to stream the movies in the van on a ten hour trip in the van the problem is.

    [26:43] There were two apps to download neither one word one of them one of them you used if you wanted to stream the movie one of them you wanted to use it to download the movie to download the movie in the van over the fast wireless network was going to take probably about 15 to 20 minutes,
    so you might as well just look out the window,
    so that one that one is just not very useful I spent more time yelling at the kids in the back of try this try that you know then I just stopped don’t use it at all why didn’t you return it.
    Cuz I had our it again way too long so I bought it
    okay okay i’ll just in in a month or two because it was on sale i figured fantastic it’s on sale they were really little too expensive for me and i five all we took was on sale but it was a month and half two months before christmas and then when i finally got the use it it was past
    date that I could return it so that was to get pitched next one
    are screen protectors for your phone I’m a big iPhone screen protectors a lot of people think while I got Carrillo 3 Grill at 4 on my phone it’s not a big deal I thought I should they shouldn’t scratch problem is.
    Those that did the types of screen protector the gorilla glass that’s on them they’re not really made for puncture.

    [27:55] Pressure points so if you happen to drop it just at the wrong spot on the ground crush on the corner there to help if it falls on the
    hegemon right haveman but it’ll stop the scratch it’ll it’ll listen to scratch it the thought process that I’m thinking is it’s much cheaper to replace a $20.

    [28:16] Screen protector then it is a $200 screen so on my last phone I,
    5x the whole kit on the outside came I took my phone apart
    surprise surprise I took it apart and it actually comes as a whole assembly unit you can’t just replace the glass itself the whole thing is is is a unit so the whole side case there the back this one’s a pixel so when I,
    so I pick someone I got it on for half price I put my other one broke I went into a bootloop and I thought okay well I’m not too pixel 3 is coming out I don’t want to buy $1,000 pixel 2 so what am I going to do I ended up finding a pixel,
    wine insure auto for half price
    I’m trying to work Stellar it’s absolutely wonderful so now I have a bit of time before I feel that I want to buy the pixel.

    [29:06] You like these I like the screen protector because if the screen scratches its The Protector,
    the whole idea is on the protector there’s about three different kinds of protectors of the first guys the floppy one that’s that’s the one that the float is a bus that too low piece of plastic strainer of that’s right and all the protein you have double that and you have that was the problem with that one is just
    the finger status as a go then the next level
    is you’ve got a thick plastic so that still Lisitsa still better your your finger slides across and that is really good for the scratches the next level up is about a 20 or $30
    price point and that’s where you get into this
    Osceola thought that it starts this the finger smudges right.
    Set that doesn’t start really stop means at.

    [29:57] Oil okay and it it it works so Stellar I can see my finger sliding across.

    [30:05] When I put them on the S8 which has occurred screen yeah they break.
    So if I can put a new one on my phone every month in the break so I’ve got I don’t have one of the ones with the curved screen on this one
    with the way that they solved it on this pixel phone is it doesn’t actually extend the Paso record only lasted a month and I’m spending $10 a month on screen protectors
    you might want to get one of the older ones now the benefit of the older ones they’re cheaper there but five six bucks now mac and about ten bucks your getting the plastic one,
    the plastic one if people complain about the the the light going through
    opps alot of like when i have a similar one here’s the it’s the glass tempered glass ones,
    where’s the one that you recommend I like the tempered glass
    so what happened on mine
    i happen to slam it on the table one day at least have for something in a slab in that i pick up the phone going ho few it didn’t actually crack then i turned it on and in the light i could see this this spider if i am gonna hyper
    the real screen it’s only 3 months old okay I got to live with it
    long story short a year later I go to change the actual screen for screen protector that it shattered not there real screen.

    [31:22] So this was wonderful I could have changed it a lot earlier I know a couple of people that swear that they won’t ever buy,
    screen protectors my problem is if you have your phone for two three years it’s gonna get use not going iphones for your ultimate.

    [31:41] Some pretty pics of shaved and someone says it’s a decent.
    Medical okay there’s a scratch there’s a scratch there’s a there’s a okay not a problem it’s minor.
    But if you ever.
    You rather replace a twenty dollar screen protector than an actual two hundred on the screen so that’s the decision point when it comes down to it but if you’ve got a thousand dollar phone plan but are you willing on your furniture.

    [32:07] Maybe that you might have a reason to put that fabric on the furniture but that’s that that’s for kleiner flick okay if so difficult to see a whole lot so,
    your verdict.
    This is a definite by your verdict know because it breaks its it’s all a conspiracy very cool
    you’re looking to get a mouse for a friend of yours one of the things that you want to actually consider is corrugated or cordless which i would think of not even i would just automatically assume cord
    Leslie’s gliss I’m thinking the exact opposite.
    Just because everyone’s wireless devices are around me there’s all kinds of wireless devices especially when you’re in at office please.

    [32:59] I’ve recently changed change companies I’ve now in it in a day,
    to 300 people there is how many countless mice
    wireless keyboard some phones tablets laptops speakers there’s all kinds of wireless devices all over the place i had one of these new,
    Microsoft cordless mice the this one is the Microsoft sculpt ergonomic Mouse it’s wonderful I love this melts except.
    Every afternoon feel not between the hours of about 1:30 to 3:30 this thing would stutter
    I’d be going across the screen expecting a fluid motion and he would stutter it would skip on me and I’m like what is going on this drive me nuts the only thing I can think of that makes sense is its interference throughout the building
    are these other wireless devices going on be nice to know one way or the other however i ended up,

    [34:11] No the cheaper they like 40 bucks or something about 50 bucks on it from the Microsoft store The only hiccup is between this one and the one that was from about 18 years ago is the court is a little bit stiffer.
    So no.
    Are you willing to get them at all to either for one rep announced,
    Soviet the thing.

    [34:43] The thing is is where the problem is that when it’s on your desk if you’ve got this mouse cord that stiff what ends up happening is is it gets caught inevitably on the monitor or the monitor stand
    so I didn’t.
    It is up slowing down when you’re scrolling across when you got your right across it’s an abstraction for drake it’s an extra drag it’s an obstruction so that was the one thing that what they make him wireless how to attach and agree to our actually cake
    here’s the thing if you like the intellimouse here’s the one thing that I found that I lost on the sculpt Mouse you can actually go sideways on the roller ball
    it will actually go sideway so if you’re on up if you’re on the web page and you want to be able to go left and right.
    You’ve actually got either use the keyboard or you’ve got to use you guys use the scroll bars at the bottom of your browser on.
    Not sure it’s got a universal adapter so on the intellimouse you lose that.

    [35:44] You don’t have that so for me i like to tell a mouse i also like the skull mouse there both buys.
    I would I would strongly suggest these guys.

    [35:59] The Dove soap early 1990s late 1980s you paper mache one and I was one for Halloween one year.
    What the PS2 connector and everything,
    weeks to make it and people i were it be possible a that makes of lotus it yo whats the on off what would you flush the rougher.
    So the next one that I have is an Asus Transformer mini so I got these for for my kids,
    and the whole idea was I needed something that was relatively inexpensive that wasn’t going to break the bank we didn’t want to buy,
    one expensive to have four kids the idea was I couldn’t buy two of them I could buy two surfaces,
    I’ll buy a surface I looked at the prices they were a little too expensive for what I was looking to get out of them so then I thought I hate this anybody have a used one
    someone did David and I thought okay this is but now I have a problem,
    my kids well,
    we try and teach them to share well and for the most part they do but kids being kids they all want to get on the computer the same time so.
    I had to ask santa what’s the best thing to do so he went to his house.

    [37:29] I need basically said
    comes out at Christmas time see if there’s any sales the day before Christmas last year Christmas I’m looking at these and they were on sale wonderful,
    what’s keyboard with the keyboards like a cheaper than Mercedes eyeless exactly and The Stylist so my partner loves The Stylist I would rather use the finger cuz I always lose the stats I would rather.

    [37:58] The missing of that serie so the problem is on the east there at the really nice devices here’s the major malfunction that i have
    but I didn’t learn about this until afterwards when you close the lid,
    you’ve been playing a game you get the sound through the speakers pretty good speakers on the keyboard is great you puke you have separate the kids close the computer everybody goes the chris that that the kitchen table
    after supper they’ll get back on the computer again for some reason I haven’t figured out how or why the sound goes away.
    Will not come back the only way to get the sound back is to start stop and rebooted here comes in the next problem have you tried device manager to stop the sound card with if it’s just the driver i haven’t got in it and and
    at the low-level in the device manager start and stop it now cuz I thought that’s a little hard to tell an eleven-year-old easiest to restart the problem is
    starting this bad boy you gotta press and hold the button.

    [39:01] That’s also how you put it into into hibernation not sleep by you that’s how you turn it it’s not hot it’s how you turn it off and how you you make it go to sleep,
    so you don’t get any any any physical feedback it’s very poor of the physical feedback on,
    yes it’s so whether you press it down for a long time or with the you press it down for a little instant cuz that’s the old surface are t you still do that if you press it why is it would just go away s are way the screen with.

    [39:34] We go black and in a certain pattern if you press and hold it for a long time it would instantaneously go right away so there was some feedback are some visual feedback this guy doesn’t have it goes to sleep or it turns off kind of randomly.
    Is the set and i know windows key shortcut to have it.

    [39:52] Restart your restart yes I want to teach them the Windows PC because normally would end up happening is if you close it.
    And then you reopen it again and you going to your game and then there’s no sound,
    or when it’s of happening is i go to a drawing class for my kids and i downstairs and i i bring out this this actual tablet and i put in but the box peter i know i f,
    it’s the analogous in August so I open this guy I put in the USB key navigate to 2
    thank you for
    they’re not made to restart quickly so it takes,
    all three for five minutes for it to restore really I thought it’s not fast so I’m at similar issues and also Battlefield medic you see if it’s the driver,
    and if it is you can go to older driver sometimes that’s all that but it’s similar situation Powershell script that I just got put on the taskbar yeah to,
    to actually kill the driver and restart it again so it’s just a little.

    [41:18] So I got to get that from you in the past or spend twice as much in the surface go well where I did spend the money was I bought a of the SD memory card.
    Because the actual hard drive that’s on these guys but not the platter drive but the
    so I thought okay it’s got expandable memory the problem,
    if you’re going that route and you want to buy one of these things right up right away.
    Don’t wait try it out right away so what end up happening was I got one put some movies on it we go on a road trip come back Bubba block 6 months later.
    Thing is unreadable you can copy movies to it i can’t enumerated i do a windows key to bring up with his explore try to go to the dr the whole thing is dick that little usp key is is can put.

    [42:09] So and it’s a brand new
    6 months go to micro SD card or USB key micro SD card eBay or Amazon what they’ll do is they’ll take up like an 8 gig card.
    And reformat is a 32 and so the if the factory to where the fat table makes it look like it’s got that much space and it works great.

    [42:35] After 7 gigs would you stop what you’re right past the actual physical capacity,
    thing just trial that will be like immoral to do that it’s so we’re back to nineteen eighty seven with floppy disks.
    Well that’s what happens if that’s what you have to do to.
    Due to with checked them see hey this is really physically a it at a gig or whatever the barbara for the numbers are someone just formatted it will it drop of i can mb are a file kitchen table on it that makes it think its thirty two when you writing to it okay,
    alright and it worked fine location table will work until.
    Replaced actually right yeah and mental there and that’s white will i have to happen before and if so that the only go name brand or i run the tools on them to check the moment when they arrive okay so what tools you run on that i.
    I remember what it was I was using acronis okay.
    Of course I’ll have to try that out the next time there’s different ones you can check but but it’s a it’s a known issue they okay no I had gotten I think it was SanDisk.
    I don’t think was a Kingston one of them was just saying.
    It was a really good deal on one of those deals.

    [43:55] Them other than the sound board in the sound what i think it is for the price for the functionality i do think it’s a by my sister house for
    text okay this one is an interesting one I actually was looking for.

    [44:16] Smartwatch I smart watch and I was lucky enough my last work,
    they ended up having coming into a bit of money with an investment they bought everybody watches Stella this is wonderful I can get an Android Smartwatch I’ve been looking to buy one so very cool.
    You’re not wearing it though I’m not no I’m not and the end and this is this this is Anna This Is War.

    [44:46] Are you like that with that was straight number one the fact is i can get basically about one or two days i could probably push it but here’s the thing,
    when you got one of these smart watches you really have to decide
    why do I have a smart watch a lot of people have these SmartWatches because they say what because I want to track my steps I want to track my sleep
    I want to be able to do some of these athletic things because your phone does all that and I would be curious to find out and ask people,
    three weeks later I month later too much later are you still doing those activities so most of the people that I know.
    Aren’t felt cute and his thing so I bought the Fitbit ionic I had a Garmin before at what I like but that’s my issues with the charger on it about the Fitbit ionic but I bought it specifically as a.
    Fitness device
    and the bonus was I can get messages on it and things like that too but I bought it as a fitness advice and I was using it that I indicated,
    with MyFitnessPal and a bunch of other things if you’re at work right my biggest issue with it is the recharging cycle
    yes so what I found on this one is I could change certain settings like turning off.

    [46:03] The the the heart monitor i could turn off the blue tooth i could turn off the wife i said,
    the more things that you turn off is the longer your let your battery will last i could at one point get it to about three four five days the problem is.
    Just watch at that point the hope of having a smart watch is to be able to do extra things with it like your text notification of the previous one that i had before but why it i’ve actually my partner had one in,
    deep the band didn’t fit well on on her wrist so I thought I didn’t like it because you only got your notifications once,
    so you really got to take a look at the features that you’re getting if you can try it at the store first before you buy it,
    most definitely hook it up to your phone be careful hook it up do something so that you actually get some use out of it this one particularly I didn’t quite like because the band itself oddly enough the band itself.

    [47:04] Your knees on your bottom of your wrist actually stiff as a hologram of not this one,
    when he got it will they advertise that you can try find one i try to fight you sure you could i realize you can take it apart,
    now try and find a different one it so.
    Still a clasp and it’s the clasp when your hand is on the ground when you’re actually resting years we lived strap like if.
    Actually have to know you could never strap this no problem.

    [47:48] If your are could you have to actually but without truffle to fit through there she have to take this bar out or just buy bars are like organ for free the jeweler there i am nickel.
    But you just spent four hundred bucks on a while and now you got to buy a strap
    they came with it for so now but you got to know what you’re getting yourself into right the whole idea is to figure out what are you getting yourself into that was a surprise that I didn’t realize that I was getting here.
    If you can buy from Costco or Amazon we go to return policy.
    Anderson store because that’s not waiting to find out my biggest problem I love my Garmin can I go over a week then get to a week and a half I wear my watch I like the silent alarms and wake up my wife and things like that and I wake up earlier.
    But the problem is biotic is I get somewhere between three and five days on a charge it’s not a regular on a regular cycle charging it and I can’t really charge it at night why not.
    Because I’m doesn’t wake me up in the morning cuz not on my wrist so yeah I get about 3 days out of this.

    [48:56] Where did night.
    See you seven hundred three days i’ll put it on my and my contract and so i’d love one that this worked on my body motion mx around there that they have a flywheel and i charge it by going to the gym.
    And I’m surprised they haven’t done that already cuz I think that would be stellar,
    they have regular watches that do that why can’t get a charge out of these while they think they made a lot more power and
    the ability to change kinetic energy into DC and get it into the battery or looking at some pretty big machinery it’s going to be it’s going to be a little bit unwieldy review unit
    after the review. And I’ve had it for 2 years now and I still wear it and I haven’t heard watch for
    probably 20 years so what do you use your watch for your weather and.
    Finding the phone actually have find the phone on the phone I can find my watch will you go both ways.

    [50:00] Only with enough only with a television.

    [50:08] Yeah I mean it does messages so you know you’re going to look at a text message or whatever better why can’t you lift up your phone I can alright
    everything else yes so the other the next thing routers if you’re looking at getting a router one of the things that you probably want to take a look at that I assume
    i had on this right right lights i bought a net you’re right or from my suggested i was hired as a problems with the range with the house and drop conductivity if you’ve got something like a rogers that the wife i rotors with rogers apparently there were the
    rumor has it they’re terrible they dropped connections they’re very poor at managing your wifi-connected so you’re probably going to want to get a dedicated Wi-Fi router the thing is,
    you don’t want to have both the with a Wi-Fi router from Rogers going as a Wi-Fi router you probably want to turn that on to a bridge,
    so once you turn that into a bridge people don’t know what bridges are all I know is you turn that.

    [51:07] Box that white box from Rogers or Black Box depending which one you got you’d literally turn it back into just a modem you turn off the Wi-Fi capability.
    Okay that’s the you turn it off okay fine so you don’t have two different networks in here that’s the one that that you are,
    dedicated Wi-Fi routers is providing you the problem of the surprise that came on this one for me was I.
    Start at the expense that I paid for this that I was going to be able to just out of the box set it up time of day service for certain devices
    devices turn off and certain Divine L turn back on automatically at 8 in the morning course that works right of course it works I went and looked at it went to turn it on this interesting I have to now enable this thing called the circle.

    [52:02] Movie called so with that i had to turn on enable log in i had to create a new account go to circle so this is a new
    apparently product from Disney okay this is sounds sounds okay so I I connect,
    and it starts monitoring my connections and then I realize well I still don’t have my time of day that I want to turn on and off I find it.

    [52:28] I have to pay five bucks a month I just spent a boatload of money
    on one of these nice on a Wi-Fi router that is super fast I can connect all kinds of devices in the house all simultaneously.
    But I can’t do time of day service I have to pay an additional five bucks a month on this and and it just it it’s something that I thought would just be for free,
    with the product of the motive of the router but I think what Netgear is doing is there they’re basically offloading that type of of functionality cuz I don’t want to deal with it
    so did you return the rotor
    or just let your kids get on the internet whenever they want I didn’t return the router cuz I actually like the functionality that it was providing me I didn’t want to go back to the LinkSys Wi-Fi router that I had and have.
    The how should I put hearing all everybody in the house complaining that this web page takes too long to load,
    this guy gets rid of those problems but i can’t do the time of the service so.
    Buyer beware this is one of those where it goes in the middle.

    [53:47] It’s too sarty a c six d eight you was the top of the line
    right at the time AC 1900 USB 3 slot media server built in and things like that I just put an external drive on it
    restore files or whatever.

    [54:13] If you wanted to use 5 gigahertz you couldn’t use USB 3 for your media server.

    [54:18] So the main reason why I bought the red one of the theaters use if you’re using the USB 3 it turns out to be the 5 gigahertz.
    Band and the USB 3 interfere they’ve got something weird going on with the interference on it it’s a it’s not it’s not just a,
    Asus problem it’s a bigger than that you think they were too cheap to buy the aluminum foil to put between the two of them I don’t know what basically so anyways I have to go to USB to but I,
    speak transfer speed right so anyways lotta weird little things like that to interesting,
    okay what’s next with an investment of but the by no by what is it and its in the middle in the middle.
    So see it’s a by i have the lead with the media so i don’t think that’s the this i had esther next speakers,
    these are things that are probably going to be on someone’s list at some point time in the future you get what you pay for that is basically what the sun is with the some of this is so I ended up getting a wonderful speaker and it’s.

    [55:28] It was a wonderful gift for my sister I love it.
    Set it is a small speaker so it does click the noise is it it was.
    A bit of a gag gift and it and it worked.

    [55:48] I’ve got another speaker actually one I was lucky enough to win this speaker is one of the big pill Sony speakers at SharePoint Saturday from last year was an issue and it’s a wonderful speaker I can put the power on connected to the phone it
    always connects and I can actually put it on so loud that when I’m at work,
    I can hear it throughout the whole office it is incredibly loud.

    [56:16] A recommends a few of them there some Chinese no name brand that he really likes all that they make him from Monster and Sonia and JBL
    right so if you’re looking at getting a speaker if you can try it out wonderful if you can’t try it out go with reviews and listen to what they say.
    Is it it if you’d if you bite.
    Hopefully that they’re going to get a laugh out of it because otherwise you might be getting what you pay for.
    Let’s go into the next one for some Audio headphones,
    phones can be very interesting if you’re looking to buy some for somebody else i recommendation is don’t
    unless they ask for specific ones that’s right certificate if you can put a label on it put it up little yellow sticky do something don’t necessarily buy it for somebody else so
    what i found is there’s basically three different cleansers in here.
    On ear or over the ear so you’ve seen people walking down the street they’ve got these things are their heads are popping but you can’t see what they’re listening to Chances are they in the ear headphones.

    [57:33] So within the ear,
    there’s all kinds of different there’s subtleties with with the different kinds there how they they go inside the ear if you’re looking for something for long-term if you’re if you’re at work and you want to listen to music while you’re doing some support while you’re doing some tickets while you’re,
    doing some investigation and you’re going to be having your headphones on for like 4-5 hours chances are you going to want something that’s either on or over-the-ear my suggestion is over the ear.

    [58:01] Because i find that on the ears i got a pair of these lychee texas think they’re h four nineties the problem iphone,
    if you’re wearing glasses they pinch the ears after a vote,
    15 minutes what are they there their Logitech and I think they’re the the 490 SR5 90s
    I ended up thinking okay well that they’re going to be over the ear so they should be comfortable they’ve got the leatherettes,
    for that the foam padding that should be fine and for that when you put them on your head they feel wonderful,
    for the first 5 minutes and then well okay then it’s time to buy them you pull the trigger you go to the cashier pay you go home you put them on you listen to them for 5 minutes
    you forget about,
    then you end up on a long conference call and then you start to know that hurts ouch what’s going on and then you realize.
    Oh it’s pinching on the glasses so I noticed calling you got glasses David You Don’t See,
    don’t worry pretty girl.

    [59:02] So have you ever had a problem with your headphone yes okay see you know so i’ve actually avoided using these guys i’m.
    I have to admit I’ve got some on here that I don’t mind that’s the jabbers are pretty good okay some of them have an adjustable tension bands as well so the more the better
    that does not adjust the tension band well I can I can I can Brute Force doing this and I’m actually what I’m actually trying to do is spread them,
    keep them so that they’re spreading and you have to be very gentle cuz I’m afraid one of these days they’re just going to snap which won’t be a big loss cuz
    that’s how I feel got some chapters I got a few that are pretty good but typically I go so I use all kinds of different
    earbuds and on here I don’t use on here that often I typically use over the ear but we’re wearing now I got the.

    [59:50] I’ve got some for what would be considered audiophile headphones wearing some right now I’ve got two sets of sennheiser’s I really like I’ve got some.
    Audio-Technica really like 1144 classical music other ones more for rock and roll oh so you tell your headphones
    there’s also a open back vs. closed back versus,
    deal with open back vs. closed back which one is is is better
    in general so all things being equal the clothes back will be
    better for private listening where you don’t want people around you to hear what you what you’re listening to the open back has more liquid because the back is open but,
    but it gives you more of a Sound Stage presence that more of a like if you like Symphonies and you want to come in the violins are there left in this year.
    If you just close the two a conference call it all at the theater so but no you for listening music and dependent cup music listing to write a.

    [1:00:50] So you get more of a more of a soundstage and more it’s wider open Sound but the downside is.
    The sound is actually coming out everybody else’s a what’s nine as mileage but yeah if you give your right here you be here when i’m listing to work with clothes back i could pri pretty private about everything to so yeah i’m listening to.

    [1:01:13] Something that I don’t want you to hear then.
    Not at not necessarily appropriate very cool so if you’re getting something for the office you may want to get the clothes back if you’re getting something in a drawer in a door,
    oh that would be nice yes having a door would be nice all right next on the list if you’re looking for keyboards.

    [1:01:34] This is Microsoft ergonomic 4000 I have that that was a set that came with the mouse’s well right no this one is just the keyboard I have another version that came with
    the 5,000 I had that other 4,000 still have it at home somewhere else as well and I think the 5000 was a marketing skew that was specifically it was
    your head up with as a plus the meds.
    What’s an ergonomic keyboard it’s a shipping label so,
    basically when you go to type on the keyboard if you’ve got a regular
    tell the waffles what you end up to hack what ends up happening is you have to shrink in your shoulders you can shrink in your elbows you have to twist your arms and your attitude your attitude. Awful angle
    it’s The Cypher else so the problem there is it’s not natural for your body could to contort that way,
    it’s not a yoga class how should have your body Contour
    the way that I equated to is Kama Sutra,
    call Achu how do you catch the basketball like a great
    not like when you were in grade 5 have a girl.

    [1:03:00] Yeah but I’m not as big as you are more selfish think that you are so the ideas you catch it more like this so the ideas.
    If you were to put your hands on to a basketball that’s flat on the desk your hands are actually going to be coming in from the side at about what a 30-40 degree angle and at the end your wrist is going to have around it approach so this is where
    ergonomic keyboards come in and and and help you imitate
    so Microsoft has basically two of these they’ve got the ergonomic sculpt
    and they’ve got the older 4000 of the prices of these of drop-down I’ve got
    v so much i’ve bought about seven or eight of them should be by before you buy more yet talk to me because okay we get friends and family pricing of microsoft
    oh that would happen that would be very nice because the way I I drink coffee and I’ve I’ve lost a couple of these.

    [1:03:58] Taught never used it. Hook up still working so the thing is what I like about this keyboard,
    is I like the key press mechanism that’s on them the other thing is all the keys except the top top top row it’s all the same mechanism right so what’s the alternative on the Microsoft sculpt keyboard,
    it’s got its got the hole in the middle at the sculpture carved out the problem is,
    the regular keys Microsoft has said we wanted to be the millennial Market that we’re going after so they’ve got more of the chiclet Style.
    And if you’re from the 80s or remember that,
    he said Junior Disney Junior that did chick like here it’s not that chick with it’s the new Millennial Chiclets Oak the problem is on that sculpt keyboard.
    Three different types of button key press mechanisms so our regular key the shit keys
    the function keys and then there’s another set of keys they all have different key presses so I figure if you’re a programmer or if you’re a typist and you just you want to have the similarity across all keys it’s not going to happen
    now if you’re if you also happened to move your hand across the top and you just going by feel the function keys are in the same places that drives me nuts
    so and also what I thought was a godsend was the number pack floats it’s on battery wonderful I can stick it on the left hand side.

    [1:05:26] Calling when you do control shift delete when you do that you’re three-finger salute
    instinctively go there this is three fingers permission how much whiskey to put in a glass.

    [1:05:49] They are cool very cool so david when you doing copy paste yeah what do you do for copy paste your gonna use the rodent control the control seat while freaking control the pastor.

    [1:06:01] Inside job if you’re using the metal we can control
    but if you’re using the number for used to the number pad being on the right hand side I thought I could teach myself to use the number pad on
    the left hand side I can’t marry last time I used to never had on every course so that would be wonderful for you because on that ergonomic sculpt keyboard you can actually take the sticker on the left but here’s the problem that I have.

    [1:06:28] If you’ve got the mouse this mouse right here the sculpt Mouse guess how many different types of batteries you have to buy,
    three different devices take a while get three three different types of batteries going to have on the most you’re going to have the double as the keyboard takes the Triple A’s I think behind the
    there’s a cr2035 I think on the on the number pad three different types,
    batteries that you’ve got us have stepped away in your drawer
    just in case the batteries go bad at the wrong time so you got to have those stuck away squirreled away just in case
    I didn’t quite like that and the fact that there’s the difference
    types of key presses so I’m not a fan of that sculpt keyboard I know it I know a lot of programmers they’re not a fan of those keyboards they like the 4000,
    the recording that’s just of your headphones all okay but all of this is all this is really a way to screw with the gas money is so that’s not be recorded and a place out to the peters headphones yes yes all,
    you can really get our guess.

    [1:07:39] Play pass the dutchie by Sonic Youth cuz he’s talking with the left hand side so.
    Okay okay there no vf4000 is a definite Buy,
    okay okay.
    My last company i was lucky enough to drive a tesla this was hansen and yes and.
    The X the model X it’s the one that after I know it looks one. Here’s the problem.

    [1:08:23] The first point on notes take a wild guess 200 will the ones I priced it was.
    What she cheaper my god i called her your driving now that that’s i drive a uc bruce huff thousand when i bought it now it’s worth it so this is worth ten times that i know so here’s the thing.
    After a couple of hours saves the environment that one’s and that’s why they don’t have to pay taxes they get a refund and they’re allowed to drive in the kitchen
    people at four hundred thousand dollar cars need tax breaks.
    6 hour plate with a new battery and you can actually buy a new charger for your house so
    you buy $120,000 Tesla and it comes with a free but you have to have a DIY project to install
    this new electric charging station for your garage or use the slow charger yeah you need to run extra cables.

    [1:09:23] USBC no not now so you can plug it in the house and I had to do that,
    range anxiety is a real thing
    I know I passed what I thought but I was driving to Peterborough by this Tesla is going like 78 miles an hour
    why is the sky going so slow.
    So you’ve got in laws way up North how long does it take to travel to get there to get to Timmins yes oh they died.
    But yes that take by the seven day long the governor eight hours seven or eight hours left it in laws that are up north as we about to three hours north of tenants the problem is the roads and did that to misc timmins.
    No no the polar bear Express the problem is I punched it into the computer.
    The tesla and it says how do i get there it was about four days and there was no more charging stations passed sidebar,
    actually had to get rowdy through separated go through north bay it when three separate and that was the last place in actually said you cant get there from here.

    [1:10:44] Yeah and I was flabbergasted so you rent a gas car for those times.

    [1:10:50] But I just spent a hundred twenty Grand order rental cars
    or the salt at that you have a program for those times you need a gasoline engine that they lend you one.
    You are my sky Pilates what I’ve what I’ve read and what I’ve told what I’ve been told and what I,
    unable to figure out if they want to have these self-driving cars this year the model 3 that they want to come out with you it’s basically an interior washable car with this equate sociable.
    So the idea is you know when you go into these public washrooms and they clean themselves they got this hoes ever been but I’ve heard them they want to do that type of idea what the model X are the model 3 and the idea is
    they wanna be able to happen so that you can say
    I want my 50-60 however model what’s a model 304 5262 I want to use that and make money for me
    why should I say it’s boring for me making me money.
    I got a couple problems with that here’s my problem ever what you spend 60 Grand on a car are you going to want to loan it out,
    to a friend of yours probably on my money out through the bank.

    [1:12:07] But that’s not going to happen at all I guess I could have an accident yet but it it’s going to be a little different from a car accident,
    so here’s the thing they want to loan this out and have it running through and end.
    If you spend 60 Grant you’re not going to want to have to do that hold on Uber is going to buy a fleet of them.
    So Uber is going to buy Harley wants to do is have individuals have this supplement economy.
    Correct so that’s right here in pa if i ever wanna use your heidi.

    [1:12:48] How do you tell other people there’s a cop on the road.
    Why aren’t you do you i beach to find out if any of the readers i actually had to use while that is because that’s why plus why flatbread of the through the down the street and i flush the page can you just ruled by a police officer and it’s just common courtesy these that’s what i was told
    but that’s beside an 80s rule do new drivers know this.
    Forks of my son’s a big car guy other than one of the very few of his friends are.
    He watches the grand tour and he still really liked,
    your oil level in jewels and they’re talk money in england i don’t have the numbers right but it isn’t over the last twenty years they got less than.
    They went out at 75% less people applying for driver’s license.

    [1:13:42] 75% less round trip across all UK or just in London but so as an example the way they would have been.
    20000 people apply for driver’s license typically new drivers and younger people they were 5000.
    I’m continuing to still have to book 6 months ahead and then continue to drop so the problem with that is that is going to encourage all the self-driving cars what the problem with a self-driving car.
    The problem with the the self-driving car is.
    Gotta be taught how to steer into the skid sure sure i don’t think it’s gonna get it right every time that i get right battles lol humans did are you sure but i would rather trust a human eighty skating
    then a computer cuz it could fly I would not good humans but not most humans.

    [1:14:36] I don’t believe humans reaction in a skid is not thoroughly is not to release the brake and stare into it it’s to steer away from it and hit hard hit harder on the break.
    I am looking and look at the tree so that’s where they and he lied creek rolls in so we’ve tried to come up with systems.
    To help these situations and that’s where antilock comes in that’s where the there’s the traction control so there’s there’s things that can be part of the car when I’m driving down the street in my car I turn off the traction control,
    and the reason is because that the nanny bought that’s on the car actually hinders me when I’m driving I got stuck in the middle of an intersection because the traction control said over the wheels are spinning too fast I can’t have that we got it we got it monitor Nevada Matic don’t you
    oh I didn’t say I love stick so I’m sitting there going I’m in the middle of the intersection stuck on a snow cuz the plow drove by
    how do I get off at 8 so I got to rock the car and these new drivers he’s 5000 drivers they don’t know nothing about rocking a car
    I don’t necessarily need a license I’ve got public transportation I’ve got Uber they don’t need it.

    [1:15:55] My niece and nephew I thought they’d be chomping at the bit to learn how to drive,
    it’s very different for it because they could just get Uber to go to go drive from it also it’s so expensive to allow a young person drive your vehicle insurance side so they don’t want it
    it it does get expensive it does get expensive.
    The one thing that I thought was interesting was I broke it.

    [1:16:25] Actually broke I actually broke it,
    aight four billion of it hardly enough i was thinking of this like a break stuff i,
    with the Tesla I was showing people how the button on the back seat works it’s all electronic you press the button that beat the seat goes out of the way wonderful.
    I was nervous hundred $20,000 vehicle it won’t come back up it’s mechanically setup it must be must have learned a lesson or two from Apple because the seat basically says what you want to do that no no I can do that better than you,
    i will do that for you i press the buttons it wont come back up again it doesn’t have a latch that says on no no no,
    I could do this more than you I know what I want to do and have the seat come back up so another words this seven-seater was now a 5-seater because the backseat was stuck in the downward position.
    Okay that’s bad enough this is a common problem I Googled it make it okay how much is this going to cost me so I Googled it this is a common problem it is a warranty able problem wonderful,
    okay why did we get the tesla can.

    [1:17:37] So it saves the environment I don’t believe it but I did say it,
    turn will come back to that what is that so here’s the thing how do they fix the seats the ship you a brand new one from montreal,
    descend a mechanic from Montreal we don’t have any dealerships in Ottowa they ship a seat from Montreal receipts of God if he was 7500 lb they ship a seat they don’t fix the seat,
    the ship you a new one and they take out the sea put in the new one they got to ship the old one back to the company heaven knows what they do with it when they ship it back to Tesla launch into space.

    [1:18:20] Is just one that was a wonderful marketing strategy that they have that’s that everybody was buying it also has to pay for his hits to agree with you guys.
    I hate to agree with you guys that for i totally agree on the tesla think because but it declined of drives license i found an article.
    Agrees with you guys is totally happening more and more with younger people and not bothering and older folks such as ourselves are continuing to dress.
    My shoulder comes and experience issues win some of those drivers do decide in 5 10 20 years it is time they will go get a license and they won’t have the experience
    the ability to learn new things at 16 vs 46.
    Just picking to ages wildly different ages is different.
    You’re going to be able to pick up new things when you’re 16 differently than when you’re 46 or so the the sensation of,
    skidding around a corner driving.

    [1:19:23] Why was thinking specifically The Sensation that you get in your in,
    rear end as you’re losing control going around a corner.
    You pick up on the scuse when your sixteen.
    Don’t pick them up when your forty six for there are things that you lose those sensations are hugely important to understand when you’re dryer making a case for self driving cars i know i have no i’m not because how do you teach
    self-driving car to listen to your butt.

    [1:19:54] Answers that were paid should we could is there a.
    But the elves are gonna have to probe you while your in the car and sever retina scan mode.

    [1:20:10] It will be a probe in the seat
    play trivia feeder have you ever have you ever drank before the last time was actually with you David
    no I said there are far far better electric cars,
    much better for your dollar more bang for your buck and if you’re thinking a hundred twenty I want to get a luxury car there’s four virus that you can get theirs Austin Martin’s I like watching Top Gear as well as the electric McLaren.

    [1:20:52] I don’t know what the price point of that back ways.
    If you can afford 120 what’s 180 whatever very true very true.
    I need a new phone.
    Don’t call and talk to thing for calling calling your phone and calling to device to take with him to Australia to do a little bit of mild Computing I think we saw that today was trying to talk me out of a surface go.
    Because the battery we have the same system that we had fun though the different system last time the system was if you break it that’s fine so okay so I might do that but
    what are the Arm based,
    laptops surface laptop if you’re going to go with the laptop machine for travel,
    a week that so try that but phone so i’m considering the google pics of three xl.

    [1:21:49] Paul throughout doesn’t like it what do you think I’ve been hearing some mixed reviews about it the problem that I have with it is it’s brand-new Google attack.
    Teething problems with their initial deliveries of all of their new phones this is one of their new phones coming out I would probably be waiting another 2-3 months before they iron things out with the pixel 2,
    they had they didn’t fix some of the display problems until about January February March so if I was to get a pixel 3 I would probably waiting till about January February
    all calls that a dumpster fire.

    [1:22:29] I’m so Google is spending its making you pay a thousand bucks for a dumpster fire that doesn’t seem to eat something before I go to Australia,
    or another option.
    Call up one of these stores that you can get.
    Not a used phone but a new old phone that’s how I got my pixel,
    I ended up going on the internet,
    i need one of the old pixels there’s a story tron oh i could find one it on we’ve all the use phones places an order walk there was one inch rato that i actually had the original pic so
    and I got it for half price less than half the price heart of the reason is a camera on that pixel
    three s is for both the best camera on the market right now and because of what australia gonna wanna,
    have decent camera on my phone to take a regular camera as well but I didn’t want to use that phone for some photographs.

    [1:23:22] You got that regular camera why would you just not have the cam available all the time,
    okay I took this moment that this is probably going to be available so if you were to get a pixel 2,
    and save half now that the pics of three is out the pic so to
    should be a wonderful price point you should be able to get one I had a boat if not if not it’s 75% if I 50% 75% of what a pixel 3 would go for tomorrow that’s a morals and Friday
    I can get 603 75% price for Black Friday and then they go back up so that might be an option that’s what I’m thinking,
    so if anybody else is listening by the way there’s another special on eating do a buy one get one 50% off I’ll go halves on it with you if you want,
    but I’m okay is there anything you don’t care about price.
    So you should go for the fanciest iPhone does not have cameras not as good as the Google pixel 3 don’t know no no no no no.

    [1:24:19] That’s the relevant the for the iphone has absolutely fantastic camera.
    And there you go I’m tired of there you go you want to not want to put something problem is cameras.
    So if you were looking for features is it what’s more important camera or phone.
    At the right now the camera okay in 2 months maybe not as much because the trip will be over.
    Now is the time for it also the OnePlus 60 isn’t waterproof have you thought about the visit the T6,
    what’s the want there’s another one that comes with the red that they’re always a good little bit behind on features remember the name of that one.

    [1:25:14] Go to worry about we can see five plus in the T5 so let’s take care of everybody.

    [1:25:25] How much they have me keep your stick on the ice thanks for listening.

    [1:25:30] Music.

    [1:25:36] Smith podcast follow the show on Twitter at surface Smith emailed.

    [1:25:44] Check out the show notes and leave a comment on www.

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    [1:25:55] Music.

    [1:26:04] It is time for whiskey now it’s the universal with us podcast at.
    The best part of the show so we have a special guest but we all have a special bottle David.
    We did we did we have the show it’s a 10 year old so cuz I was looking at the notes for the a different one for the Glenburn rare handcrafted single malt whiskey,
    it’s only single malt Highland whiskey from Canada yes.
    Cape breton highlands i’ll be opening up here in a place called nova scotia also music.

    [1:26:42] We don’t normally get that smell good.
    The reason why we chose this bottle and I will let that was Peter poor is because.

    [1:27:01] Peter gave this bottle to us.
    I like this one is not not normally i’d like a bit of a caramel color they put the for the add that.
    Attractions fairly clear that picked up and am i okay to citrus low low low low well as we give the guy the pouring at least drill yeah there
    driving for playing poker.
    So I rear it says so it says,
    it’s surprisingly then it says palate mrs fish but no says it’s orange.

    [1:27:43] Papa Citrus Citrus Citrus Citrus Heights chocolate.

    [1:27:49] Need to know what you think there is a taco new people and sherry terry’s chocolate orange.
    Pallet okay so I can I can test I have that I have to knows the orange for sure.
    That’s contest Citrus and that’s fair enough.

    [1:28:07] Chocolate i don’t get that was for sure that i get to metallic dark chocolate milk chocolate sis chocolate.
    And then the pallet it says add water and you’ll get more of chocolate and the fruit.
    Chocolate hazelnut maple okay so i got a bone to pick our a i’ve got a rant i got a bone to pick okay last year,
    you are promised yes that the beginning and then i was going to learn about whiskey from you guys.
    Yeah it’s it’s been a little while that’s calling that we did that we did for a little while you did anyway here’s what happened we had it actually.
    We’re going to take that segment and redistribute it under another name call the podcast.
    Could I have the domain name and everything and
    we are ready to go we would strip it where we had the idea kind of rushed and we’re about to do it.
    Back to what we are about to release it it wasn’t like we’re coming back on summer vacation and these guys down in.

    [1:29:24] Good last meal from in nashville released a podcast called the podcast and had four episode dropped all at once and they were
    awesome they were they were just awesome like like we could see if we sat around and we came up with a podcast as good as that we dismiss it as being too good if we wouldn’t have followed through that it was just one of the guys.
    Is a Korean radio okay okay and audio engineering and.
    Also has cons of with on down there mostly via b two mostly bourbon but they took the core concept as part of what we’re gonna do a bit of good food to part it was the education that was part of the shit that show where the spin off yet,
    and they had the podcast out with that name and will of selling on the main name.

    [1:30:13] Did you make did we sell it what did you send them or what they say.
    Please never go to the road trip to Nashville remember the inside a road trip I heard about that what happened I don’t know what happened.

    [1:30:35] I don’t know let’s go will you still do it.

    [1:30:39] Still we want you don’t have a tesla so it’s back tooth today when we both tesla shirt okay cuz i i i i love that sometimes it is basically drawn a line for me it’s saving me money tesla’s.
    Because to me there’s two types of cars.
    Thing in expense from practical or test or something expensive practical or tesla and.
    Or maybe other hand car cuz the test was the only high-end car so now you know my car’s was worth 12 when I bought it used and now it’s worth like 9 or whatever
    easily easily exceeds my expectations of something that gets me from there it has four-wheel-drive I’ll know it does all wheel drive how many wheels are there.

    [1:31:24] Just saying very very very practical.
    A tesla it’s not and i don’t see any point in buying a vehicle.

    [1:31:35] You know more expensive than like a Honda Civic virtue unless you have unless you are go with the high-end,
    awesome car so it stays anything about the Tesla wise what’s interesting is after about 2-3 hours of going through the Christmas
    theme music it has this really cool Easter egg where you press the buttons a couple of times it will though the door is open the lights Flash the music goes my kids loved it it was absolutely wonderful.
    Did you add water to the West does it change it.

    [1:32:06] Yeah yeah okay more chocolate more citrus I got to come back to that I want to find out that way so after the after you get through all of those bells and whistles.
    It’s still a car you paid 120 or a lot less you’re a lot later in the rear end because your wallet is 120 Grand last
    four wheels steering wheel leather seats it’s wonderful so you’re just like me except you don’t see the value if you won the lottery.
    It has a water pump i would i be looking i would use is my baseline and then decide maybe i bf i buy a ford f one fifty platinum maybe rafts or your truck i.
    So why wouldn’t you get like a Mercedes G Class or something like that that’s an SUV but still at your truck or SUV I want practical and a Truck would be more practical for me so you look at it.

    [1:33:00] Is a Harley-Davidson brand model that you can get from the Chevy Express is it sugar for maybe 4 but the Ford Raptor which is also,
    yes she is Adele,
    but it’d be tough to park inside parking garage.
    But i would probably get ford f one fifty platinum but at the twenty past the pete’s keys in the back is gonna go off i think knit four people is alot of space tom upto boat to whatever i need a tow,
    so the thing about the test lays you think it was cut the power it looks like it is you got a pork it’s got torque control and their para sa.
    For how long something that fat guy from Montreal.

    [1:33:48] Never the world on your mantel that you wash the cover the world’s strongest man la jolla seven forty seven.
    Which store to he have had no so the i torque chair not torque this thing is is up up of shit.

    [1:34:08] I have a salad bar twice but you’re the worst thing is if called it doesn’t have a software that I have a Southworth call it it’s just.

    [1:34:17] Is it a bad mood,
    go back to that Tesla by there’s a couple of different issues.
    All working against it so for example,
    what do you do when you’re up north and it’s -50 outside don’t buy a Tesla
    a pop-up trailer or a regular trailer for you don’t buy for you that’s very nice not for me but a lot you can see a lot of scenarios where it just doesn’t make it practical
    and alot of a lot of things.
    Also true with the ford f one fifty raptor gas and air is what doesn’t make sense life really wanna not spend a lot of money i got four or like of like or like a hummer h two h two.

    [1:35:08] What if you want a new vehicle.
    Bh2 it’s not one-size-fits-all I have this problem too I will put incredible mathematical model up against certain things.
    Should I buy this and I spent hours and hours and I’ll do weighted average spreadsheet.
    XXL and then I’ll just buy things and do no analysis whatsoever so they think that you just buy is it out of emotion,
    yeah so this is where Apple comes in apple wall watch you to do it it’s all one emotion It’s All Pure,

    [1:36:03] It is twice as good as a Samsung or a goose.

    [1:36:14] So who made it that expensive Samsung followed apple on the most recent may be the most recent prices they increase the rest of it,
    I don’t think so but everybody’s trying to follow the Apple pricing model so they’re the ones that are leading the pack on the pricing.
    So we win this down over dinner alright.
    I’m not finishing that one haha.
    It before that before we we go to the what the delete asking is yeah house how do you get those different flavors in there,
    just smell is difference just melt but do they actually shave off some no no no no no.
    Scotch whiskies i’m not sure but the barrels for this but almost always he’s from scotland are in bourbon barrels.

    [1:37:21] And some percentage,
    Barrel some percentage of Sherry barrels but are almost always barrels I’ve been used before and they have part of late so that is that that is almost like shaving and things cuz you choose based on the flavor of the casket
    get some flavor the wood and whether to american okra french oak etc right that’s,
    Matilda’s really 3 numbers out of the air but it’s
    this is the dvd from the proportionately it’s like eighty percent is bourbon casks and bourbon casks typically been burned.
    Hi yeah so you get some of the chartering in summer they pertain else inside.
    If you don’t if we had done this natural to our i would know that wouldn’t i got my sears all.

    [1:38:10] That was all the steaks right so anyways well i but i know that so differences make.
    The next most common is probably Sherry cask.
    And then the third most common by port and then is other weird ones like us so turns out at their wines but yo like that’s like less than one percent there’s a
    Aaron is a baby bottle that my birthday one year and they experiment with all kinds of different wine cask some around the world and they do special limited runs it so they’re very kind of Abu Tiki.
    Scotch Distillery whiskey Distillery how can I take the door right now we did it we did this one with sauternes barrels we do this one with.
    Sauvignon blanc blah barrels or whatever as a result then you see whiskey from other parts of the world typically Bourbons are burnt but not always.
    They were that the story fire they had.

    [1:39:06] Stop and then you get other parts of the world without typically used barrels that are local which may or may not be.

    [1:39:14] Can you tell the difference in taste,
    is different so for instance when i fear this would from that would but that the but i make my deal say this is more to my tastes so for instance i look at of french whiskey like pass to,
    share it from the brandy region and what they’ll typically do is they’ll use brandy barrels,
    and bread the rest of the french oak but there’s other i think us which was getting these a birch barrel.

    [1:39:45] Okay that imparts a different flavor.
    So you typically made out of Oakland and not sure why.
    I’m not a Cooper.

    [1:39:58] I’ve always having severe wasn’t at work copper.

    [1:40:02] Cooper makes barrel cooper cooper cooper is cooper’s the guy that does the hawkeye equipment,
    move the cup by yeah so we can you do i listen to you guys often and you guys always talk about the current whiskey in and and it’s yours it’s always a positive.

    [1:40:21] Ridgeview very rarely interested very well three reasons we buy with his we like to.
    Weed we have had a few we don’t like we have been like the Drake we didn’t like the one that came to skate
    set the.
    Oh I had a higher $18,000 for a Tesla 3.
    I have a different criteria depending on the money you right alright so you another question and in the water and we talk with at before right that there is.
    We have this alcohol in solution are right typically around 40% what’s this one doesn’t say 43% okay so there is a point when we only have four and a half flavors at your mouth can taste right okay sweet salt.
    Bitter and sour and then there’s the 5th one that does umami Umami which is savory.
    Anchovy your Marmite flavor right okay other than that comes out of your nose like 32 in your nose right.

    [1:41:37] That’s why soup when it’s warm you get more flavor when it’s cold as last it’s in your nose.
    And what happens is you’ve got all these things dissolved in solution here so what we’re looking at doing is releasing all those aromatics.
    Right that are in there when you add to water when your daughter because there’s a point at which.
    It somewhere I can’t remember it was I going to find a gas what’s a 27% you want to get it about the 27% alcohol or whatever that keep Target number is and I don’t matter that precisely when I add water
    Midsummer the twenties there where.

    [1:42:18] Releases the air maddox more freely because of just because the alcohol concentration the solution when telecom fishing higher it draws the air max back in.

    [1:42:29] So you want to get to release it so you get more complexity in the nose so do you also have a different taste depending on the temperature.
    Oh absolutely for example if your dad and your body wasn’t zero degrees celsius i would nice to taste it.
    But I expect by the way to have one or more bottles with me in the Andes and you were dead.

    [1:43:03] So i do that would like it there to get a plate who we gonna eat.
    Orchid loving all of her.
    But the site i think i think i’d scare my kids if i did that lol yet up sorry you have so.
    We have Pam basically both of us would have kids until we had a boy but calling also had a caveat about but.

    [1:43:34] Why for the two kids but you had you you stopped your fourth of getting him a boy cuz that.

    [1:43:44] B c I had two girls I was worried
    if we have another kid and it’s and it’s a girl and and hidden history of showing I’ve had two so they could be all about you
    contribute hey-hey-hey-hey like when he couldn’t produce spinalis keep going so the idea was I,
    you just don’t want to have to so you don’t have to tell the what that i third kit.
    Who trying for a boy yeah so if you have a neighbors did that i was suppose to be a girl my age hell are the my name’s my name with olives and the heather heather yet so tell you this on our street for about a six your pure
    every kid born with a boy.
    All these boys in this period i add the with his other people move in the postman was a boy what is it wasn’t of the,
    but anyways the fat three skin with roof in this fight elf so this other family and they.

    [1:44:52] Tipping Julie moved into doors down and then two girls already and I was joking with them yeah well you know that you have a boy so they have a third.

    [1:45:02] I don’t work Friday for a boy.
    So having a boy is so much different like.

    [1:45:10] It’s all about building girls always wrap it up okay let’s wrap it up and we got a plan next week’s podcast all right by everybody stick up.

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  1. Great Episode! Loved the reviews, interesting insights the Surface Go. Liked the RT throwback, and good points on their marketing strategies.

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