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  • Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time either of us says “Future”.

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  • Windows Timeline

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    Smokehead Islay Single Malt Scotch Whiskey



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Episode 093 – Smoke On The Water – Transcript Courtesy of WIT.ai

Windows Microsoft MVP Insider Surface Phone

2018, The Surface Smiths Podcast
Universal Windows Podcast

Mostly News form the first week of November 2018


[0:00] Hello I’m Cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything Windows such a surface Xbox phone and the windows Insider program here are your host the surface Smith.
Hello everybody I’m David Smith and I’m Colin Smith and together we are the surface Smith welcome to the universal windows podcast episode 93 and that’s four in a row.
Ever coming up to.

[0:32] Podcast right we have something special for your episode one hundred thirty but is idea what that should be let us know in
hey guys what about the word of the week thank you we definitely word of the week David why don’t you explain what the word of the week is and I’ll come up with one but it’s a drinking game and,
you see use car coming to pick the word of the week but she got so confused that we now just look it up ourselves if you hear us use the word,
you should have a drink of your favorite beverage so these are words that were going to say correct.
Perhaps that are sometimes it’s worth we don’t say that’s just the way it is.
Nc okay alright so.
Now that what I was told her what the word of the week is let’s move on to what we call the feature that we could go to that feature not future.
What is the feature that week it’s called timeline and it doesn’t tell you the future,
but it tells you the past so timeline is existed I think for,
twenty two versions of windows ten not including the recently not am released eight tonight and if you’re a tablet or some sort of test three you swipe in from the last.

[1:51] And lo and behold on the right hand side it says now yes and then at the bottom of mine that says October 7th.
Nbc can scroll down and i said i was looking for something i remember about two weeks ago i a and then it pops up your searches it pops up documents you’ve opened so.
On November 7th second I,
went to Yahoo finance I was on Yammer ashleymadison I was on travel website so,
and now it says cr112 activities,
Evans clock set from all my computer so even if I was using it on another computer with my Microsoft account it would consolidate this elevating private browsing.

[2:44] No I don’t see any of those here okay so until this is this is not like your here’s what it says what time lover is Club.
Girl lovers club my tennis barbeque and bar smoking good purchase so we did go there that they actually there,
and it says I searched that for my Surface Book 2,
October 31st I was in Edge so you know what gives you a bit information about where you did,
so save it if you don’t have a touchscreen how to get access to this oh just the windows kids like Windows tab.
Okay that window stop Windows tab.

[3:34] Oh there it is that stuff can be right it’s been there for a long time and yet it in the future you see it.
Very very cool and also let you go between your virtual desktops.
Me that before the video on that trip we can do to get my stay still hate the fact that you can’t name virtual to.
Kiss very confusing you don’t know which ones which right to service number I never use it okay I would use it more if I could name them all right so that’s a great feature the week David thank you very much.
New story of the week year old typewriter sound effect.
What what’s that it wouldn’t i’mma telex machine in the actually wouldn’t of been someone typing oh stop news of the week i can start that off,
this headline is to brothers steel two hundred thousand dollars worth of lap top for microsoft i think it was an inside job he thinks up those building eighty-eight okay so it,
what does laptops directly surface devices so these are two guys Brothers with that one of them works at Microsoft and the other one’s a contractor so they both had access and they caught them on video.

[4:55] So this is been be for my for a long time with surface devices what’s that there’s no.
Wouldn’t what anyway bulbs are lots of your phone would be some phone costs more than surfaces church care it would be.
I gotta tell him okay who could put a hole in there and then the people still would’ve after thousand offices devices that use woodhead.
Go little further well these were already in boxes all these are brand-new Redbox.

[5:40] That’s not like the great maple syrup Heist or anything but but how stupid do you need to be.
You to walk in such a bad guy jim and take about stuff and shopping cart with his cameras around.
It’s like when you hear an Uber driver being caught doing something that’s like.
Like that job is the most watch job in the world electronically you can’t get away with anything only two hundred thousand dollars worth yeah what are you gonna sell that for on the
block Market SF block surfaces but that’s true but if you’re lucky to find them they got the serial number is documented everything.

[6:19] Yeah,
harry will match it was two thousand dollars worth of wood does photo booths there be transferred tracks go about day after day after day i’d tell they finally filled up enough for two thousand dollars in,
well that would probably be every single Windows phone ever made all right so that was my first new stories that’ll be at night light note to start things off with that you’ve got one David luck for us.
Because we’re not the brothers unbeknownst to us a couple people have built vertical.
Surface docking stations so what this does that connects to the back of your monitor through the four little screws in there the Visa can actually probably so whatever,
and then basically you would connect your,
your surface beside your monitor make your monitor little bit why there and that’s the sign to work with the docking station for microsoft so you can act.
he just drop it in beside your monitor so why do we put the video of that into the show note looks like an interesting option because you can use touch screen and Magic basically expand the real estate and you have it there charging use a screen cuz like look at my Surface right now what am I doing,
you’re sending you speak tounge.
To spare if you knowingly is added them but not some people use the surface keyboard when they’re at the desk so for those people not really a great idea why would you use your surface keyboard if you didn’t have to.

[7:47] Mr. secondaries computer,
sure but I think it’s a great idea if people who are just going to do what you do which is fold up your surface and use an external keyboard and mouse wine I have the display play available and underneath your monitors,
this is really great way to see how much are these things seventy five us.
I think we should see if we get a review that’s awesome alright next news item.
Underwater data centers are the future so Microsoft has,
tried they did an experiment the off the coast of the US they built a small underwater Datacenter but they got their first production one now. Off the coast of Scotland,
how is production production off the coast of Scotland it’s connected to the grid and connected to the to.
Fuck fuck fuck fuck.
Multiple reasons what most people that live in urban centers live near a body of water gas sizzles bath fast,
number of people large cities make Boston urla Seattle San Francisco.
Yes to survival Las Vegas have a problem the anomaly.

[9:16] Lake Mead is not far that’s yes for that man-made water so well that wouldn’t work then with it.
Damn right Lake Mead is made by the Hoover Dam Golf Course.
The idea is people are close to water real estate is very expensive if you want surface area.

[9:36] Land and you gotta typically then bring in all kinds of infrastructure like power roads internet all that to the new data center of.
So I put him under water he can be close to the population of you want to drag your infrastructure is far out of sight there,
spell below the surface of the water so cooling is easier cuz I have a lot of water into the water ocean temperatures can go out but you don’t whatever,
that’s the future so it wouldn’t would it save them energy.
Well yes and now it says manage because there’s less cooler particular disused it’s wonderfully spend energy on moving the heat out yes of the also dc,
also able to bill them very very quickly than ninety days to build them,
to get them up and running very quickly so there’s that the other PC is there closer to the population Center so less.
Infrastructure to build some energy-saving and I don’t know if lot of people no data centers are.

[10:47] Yeah yeah you’re not buying that individual server and racquet it anymore now I guess this would be a little bit more difficult we need to upgrade or replace part of the equipment but.
Sea monkeys are for oh okay.

[11:03] Awesome alright so that’s a great new story and what’s your next Microsoft ignite tour so as,
we all know or you’re not allowed to listen to the podcast Microsoft ignite was this year it was in Orlando that was 5 days of fun and frolicking,
call no I did not go to,
January 10th and 11th so let’s go let’s go.
Taking Leafs game.
Oh that would be so yes anybody that’s going to be going to ignite Toronto.

[11:55] That’s not a request not lighting Toronto on fire at the event called igniting Toronto let us know us email us at cetera all that information at the end of the show how to reach us and maybe we can have a little meet up
when we get together see if we can do something do our podcast there whatever with the inside of him let’s try to do that.
Okay that’s that’s great babysallright.
Last news story as you know Office 365 always adding new features and Lester the Second Story all right so.
And coming this month in Office 365 bunch of new features.

[12:38] Get the max of teams update but some the ones there that are going to be more interesting for people that are used to using the standard office suite.
PowerPoint and word particular gangster new content creation capabilities so for instance in PowerPoint there is a new PowerPoint designer that uses Ai and natural language processing to convert.
Text into curated slight so if you got a document in converted the slides for you have a report if you go through your head into things like that and build you a slide deck to prevent it I do that a lot of my clients 2030 page report,
but of course they want me to come into a room and present to their senior Executives Etc going to do that for you.
So that’s a interesting it’s also the ability Convert digital ink into text on a slide.

[13:30] So I’ve been able to do that in OneNote.

[13:38] And all sorts of other interesting conversion stuff the other interesting thing is coming up transform to web,
so allow you to convert word documents it interactive easy to share web page is just a few clicks,
so that’s how you write a newsletter or show notes for a podcast yes you can quickly convert that into a web page and make it even interactive and publisher to the web.

[14:03] Think about it why do i feel it the ai power point thing the best.

[14:10] You do I do I do that’s one of the pills to me is also 3D designer the 3D animations and word and PowerPoint.
So that’ll be interesting as well are you in the office I am not enough Insider programs.

[14:30] Alright and you got the last word now and use David it’s just that I was noticing that the windows Insider podcast is what we call in the industry pod faded they haven’t approved in the true sense.
So I don’t wait wait how do you know they didn’t have one then upgraded to 1809 and how to file delay.

[14:52] Okay so maybe they did tell the future,
take over again like we did before maybe we can take over in January we’re in front of just pushing to the IRS.
Pusher yeah.

[15:22] Music.

[15:30] What is the.
Enjoy the extra hour sleep on the weekend.
I don’t really know it was good to see Sean we saw some of our old sign off,
keep stick on the ice thanks for listening service Nation here are some ways you can support and interact with the show like the show on Facebook and servicemen.

[16:08] Follow the show on Twitter at surface Smith email the show at podcast that service ms.com check out the show notes and leave a comment on www.
Calm and of course help others find out about the show by leaving a review on iTunes.

[16:25] Music.

[16:34] Welcome to.

[16:39] Chris whiskey park yeah so we’ve just finished recording and we’ve stolen something from down the hall have a drink with us you can introduce yourself we’d like.
I’m daddy a we work here
you are here at your doing alright well we figured this so over the weekend they would have.
We went to college can drink whiskey yeah and we have this is one that when over the best but not and david didn’t get chance to try was sleeping with them yeah so this is called smoke had
so if this is a Ila
whiskey so like lot of lin and fried that kinda style but the difference is hear the phone to call smoke and it is very smokey but it’s.

[17:29] It’s different in that you get the smoke on the Finish not on the front end so it’s a different kind of smoke and that this was really interesting in another way as well David.
So I just did something really silly
but here’s the thing David by went to smell the whiskey was ice melt the mic doesn’t smell,
Scott that it’s got that I daddy Smokey PT smell but here’s the interesting after the first ship add a little water to type without the water for a tent then you add the water get smokier Smoke on the Water kind of thinking.

[18:15] To smooth and hit the smoking the finished now at some water now and the water and i just said anything.

[18:24] Even a little bit more tonight even more up to you what you like and then try and you’ll see the smoke comes out.
Do you think it’s like it’s like the water release of the smoke it’s not wild.

[18:45] Anything and it is not because of all the knee is it now that was my favorites too sweet okay i’ll to sleep to ease of your,
but no but that’s the one I have the most to take home they went to the northern Harvest and the lot 40 and this and left me the Balvenie.
Which is the most expensive bottle so I’m pretty happy I mean the office will be nice,
ship is now yeah that was hard to find that’s all that’s it so.
Anything else I liked it I was talking about you getting money back,
no i moderate on my moving expenses in two thousand sixteen i’m taking back looking thru re sure your share this with the internet of a yes if all of the up and up and,
have all of the paperwork to prove it okay to does he look to innocent it up to actually know my accountant is very conservative and now i’m saying okay now can resubmit all these other expenses to,
then why not why not yeah that’s what I thought and my accountant,
who’s passed away now but the time he said they’re on today dusk or auditing them at so everything where he was conservative on he pushed everything to your limits to go back find me any receipts job and everything else we can claim it so it’s like.
Early claim quarter the house cuz work.

[20:14] Calling you had me over your house right talk about your taxes once we set your living room right what the square footage of living room,
did you make any coffee and you may be coffee,
yes yes might by twenty by like reebok one we bought one and we wrote it off of the income tax and it’s completely and totally legit.

[20:38] Because why because my wife is doing technical writing for instant pot,
yeah we never declared any of the traveling to the family when we were moving down from Toronto so all of the,
like back and forth and trying to find home tonight we didn’t do mileage I guess you could calculate all that so we’ll see where it goes but it was just myself commuting to work,
how you get to work with call and i think have to what they should charge depreciation hard to start up a hazard hazard pay if i work with them a lot or is this like it is the cut of somebody who you work with the cancel it depends on the project ten,
drops good sometimes you all right,
we try to have my back if you had a fun it was working fine and the life that i did at everywhere customers loops in the office siri went to lunch
and she went to the captain’s boil I went there Friday
you did I actually tried the bag my mother was laughing at.
What other night that’s what should the top if your turn to buy look at the boy on the news and you don’t have a white shirt on so that’s good because that’ll be okay to put the bag up okay her that’s awesome yeah death,

[22:08] But that you’re the good stuff at the bottom of the back of the spice things to the bottom of my mom ask for it not gonna back issues totally not into that xy kaylee but i mean at least that was on the plate then you could like use have your ice and get the
I could spices in it instead of the bag you could really get to the good,
it’s tough to know how to use the bag,
okay let’s talk to the boil all right.

[22:53] Keep your stick on the ice a scotch on the rocks and your taxes on the up and up yes.

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