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[0:00] Hello I’m Cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything Windows such a surface Xbox phone and the windows Insider program,
here are your host the surface Smith on Colin Smith & Smith welcome to episode 92.
34344 3 feet out the one that we were part of the quality was awful.
I don’t know either way we have one called Catch and Release catch-and-release no one would have been alright so this is the show all about Microsoft stuff and we got stuff to talk about 10:20 podcast in a year and more than that,
dogs just look at the stats and we’ve done $0.20 about the September of last year.
Hey guys what about the word of the week,
chose the where the week last week i did and you know what that was a big room why what’s the whole concept that would the week that we have a drink every time someone says the word that we cancelled and we chose,
the word of the week last year as last week sorry as.

[1:20] Hello. On the recording we want me to start that again I didn’t need to clear what was the word of the week last week it was it was vote vote and we didn’t use the word vote yet we’re using the word vote this week so.
People that were thirsty or left I’m right now it was holding day so you shouldn’t drink before voting,
old we’re allowed to drink okay anyways i go pick a word that you do by gonna go with david for the week is david to make up for two well guess so every time you hear the word david,
take a drink,
okay alright to let’s move on what else we got if you got a feature the week David I do I do and I had one but then I switch to the last minute so it’s a.
It’s a one note feature,
and in one doubt there’s an audio button and you can easily record whatever you want in your notes,
in there for the aunt that’s terrible so that comes up to a little bit later are rant and rave for we talk about a new feature that you go while,
that’s there I’ll start using that I’ve used that I taught people how to use that back in.

[2:30] Biggerstaff classes I talk about you that no one no future okay so in OneNote,
if you go to the where is it there’s the web version there’s the light version and then there’s the Office 365 or office 2016 2019,
okay built into what you ask maybe that’s why you haven’t seen it because in the version that’s part of office it’s been there forever for that version.

[3:05] Maybe not everywhere in LED OneNote MVP can tell you when it was released okay OneNote audio alright anything else to move on.

[3:15] Let’s move on.
New story of the week
news David so first news story today is what’s the date today it is in last week Microsoft among other.
Tech Titans released earnings and their q1 earnings were 29.1 billion they beat the street.
Amazon did not beat the street,
I heard that potentially Microsoft was worth more than Amazon for a little. Of time but also Microsoft commercial cloud is far outstripping Amazon’s commercial cloud in what measure,
sales revenue okay but that’s been going on all year,
early in or q one and of continue to do so and base and have a gonna compensate,
Microsoft they should be continuing to do that,
yes yes of course so if you want to take a look at the Microsoft commercial Cloud I think it was what 76 or 76% growth wow,
this quarter over la,
set Lobster same quarter no no no no.

[4:37] And your Enterprise Mobility which is in tune and things like that 88 million seats.
Can you believe that I like the number two player nobody ever hears about Entune everyone knows mobileiron an air Watt,
I literally never hear from it from the customers I work with which is hot right now this is sold seats right so anyways.
And windows only am growing three percent so hundred and fifty five million commercial office get three hundred twenty five million subs.
Tumors so roughly speaking let’s just round that up to two hundred million.
That is a lot.
That’s what 15% of no wait wait some weird math there a hundred fifty-five million hundred 55 + 32 is 887 if you want the exact number .5 but.
That’s almost 200 million subscribers that’s that’s awesome that is.
And those are paid those are page and like things like Yahoo mail,
I don’t know I sure at some point in time was much higher surface Revenue grew 14%.

[5:56] Valley last year they had this big Surface Pro for the North Avenue devices that quarter,
are the surface go in the summer but then the laptop and the new,
remember this artist porosis quarter ending end of September that’s right so the goal was in there but that’s not a big rubbing you think I don’t like one or two rights August so this is based on previous
there’s a sleeper 33% not sure why.

[6:26] I have a god damn connection learning and linda and i’m gonna have to break that down as a gender change from.
A person’s female name to,
can learning and list better but anyhow alright so that’s great for microsoft earnings those of us all microsoft’s stock and you microsoft past the eight hundred billion dollar mark and pull back with the rest of the dow today
and I’m not sure if they’ve surpassed out and check today whether there they surpassed Amazon or not,
the heater on track for being actually another company of this system number though it is just a number alright.

[7:08] So
This is not really news but it was leaked and i kinda like that i want to cover it and bullshit perm the rumors but well that was real work microsoft was working on.
Pink second screen and into first lumia the whole idea behind this was that the.
And leap now microsoft was going to.

[7:32] Release this could have gone with any of its Windows phones the idea being that people want some Dynamic content stuff at updating all the time and there’s things that they want to keep just candy,
you’re getting on the plane and using any ticket if that’s what you want available there but you don’t want to have your phone on all the time it would be a great feature wouldn’t that there’s my ticket,
set the.
Wow that is fantastic four tickets but that was one of the things they’re working on end.
She’s a few things that you might want to use eating for so that’s a neat little new story there I wanted to include in today’s news,
we talk more about it it’s kind of for quite some time so.
Lots of rumors around dual-screen devices and it was talking about Andromeda and Samsung having a deals cream coming out so through old bendable all those exactly.

[8:41] What’s next on news leyva what is the worst Windows 10 version ever.

[8:48] We don’t know i would imagine that this the one that hasn’t released in october,
well you know they’ve always had the opportunity to being late and they’ve always messed up sorry nothing but,
summit and eighteen tennis five don’t think that the end product itself will be bad it’s just that they kinda messed up a couple things about,
deleting people’s Files video drivers also Intel drivers can do all sorts of things so perfect storm of bad windows
we’ll come back and we’ll talk about I don’t think they taking this much advantage of the windows Insider
to test if I think I take advantage while they’re taking advantage of them I don’t think they use them as best as they can all right so that’s a little bit of a downer we can anything else you want to talk about that or two
okay some other news I don’t know if it’s good news or bad news but Windows is now running on 1 and 1/2 billion devices what are they used to be.

[9:52] Something less than that buu could be more notes and that’s more than ios.
So really yes.
I don’t think Apple’s of has the ship to more than 1.5 billion iPhones and iOS devices iPods and iPads.
The real key here is that,
prom 2016 I have an article that says it was 1.0 billion right though it’s growing so that meat thing is it’s,
the number to platform for modern devices definitely Android will be dying Android over 2 billion.

[10:36] Yeah one of the issues with Windows phone and being with Windows as developers not what I develop for it because aren’t they didn’t have that Marketplace sure they didn’t think they could get that that they couldn’t monetize their called
with 1.5 billion devices.
The different story was 1.44 last year I mean nothing’s really is really changed but it is it’s big and as people move off of Windows 7 and we’ll talk more about that later.

[11:07] Others no opportunity there so.
What are things we talked about last week was the EU,
back in July but I know what that means for Google right,
but maybe that’s an opportunity for Microsoft as well now and we’ll talk more about why a might be the perfect time Microsoft bring back,
Windows 10 mobile I tweeted that today we got a lot of retweets alright next new story David more than half of the devices and prices on Windows 10
that’s interesting commit last week were talking about how many were out there and we’re wondering how that is it starting to tip i’m doing a lot of work around windows ten projects people have to get off its what four hundred days away now yeah,
something like that to general fourteen twenty twenty and you know the last.
Half hopefully she go quicker for some organization some organizations for example will start that will be a good stop getting in faith my customer struggling all.

[12:02] Don’t talk about that later okay they’re struggling because some of the tooling for upgrading from Windows 7 is not working as expected,
and they’re having a goal with a wipe and reload when they have been killed piloting and testing for an In-Place upgrade which is the way of Microsoft really wanted people to do it but some of the cooling system,
it has expected what a lot of the machines will fall off and be replaced church so they’re certainly like a fifth via machines you can count on for that,
so half of the machine so how many is that in percentage is David.

[12:39] And half the machines developer how much more than fifty six fifty point one and it that you’re quoting mary jo fully of the article there and so.
Okay let’s just go with it we’re definitely crackerjack reporters 5 billion and 700 million machines it’s almost the exact same number.
When students i think.

[13:06] .5 million Windows machine PS 100 million seven hundred million windows.
Machine it was like a texts also have fifty percent no to hot slightly below fifty percent of that that’s half it’s the right its a fifty percent but if that is half of one point four billion.
Yes it’s a thousand hundred million it’s not that much,
it’s almost half it had all the David I’m glad in your world a hundred millions of rounding error.
Right so here’s something i’ve been talking about for a long time,
and the microsoft is positioning always think a pc is the future of business devices so you know for me,
live in three big feet big things that hard drive me towards any machine that been waiting for the usb c for everything.
I charging all of that.

[14:16] LTE Lots the always-on and everything’s liabilities I’ve got some strange,
comic is shares a tooth all well there’s lots of reasons we can talk about lap ability separately but for me that’s that’s an issue ninety touch and all that we think that we have a lot of those up ability is device by device,
thing but LTE on there’s a lot of advantages here one yo.
You always let it we’re not searching for you not using Starbucks hack Wi-Fi or airport hacked Wi-Fi or security.

[14:53] Availability there’s way more available than there is Wi-Fi.
For the most part yep reduced-cost reduce class because organizations don’t have to maintain their own Wi-Fi necessarily the people who are mostly out of the office when they come in the office there’s no reason for them to be connecting to anything in particular.
And then you could start moving to other other systems like Branch offices and continue and continue until,
you really have only networks in your attitude Center carriers,
probably start to offer some kind of a private network,
on top of the lt or five g or whatever.
Texas Method there they’re providing that time but I think there’s definitely going to be a push towards that.
And it’s going to come from the carriers as well not just Microsoft and then cuz they’re not really a Sim provider Bugatti symbol that’s about it.
And device manufacturers of course have to get on board.

[15:59] So here’s the next news item that kind of ties into that okay because when we talk about arm chips,
I’m chips of typically yo when they do the sock the the system-on-a-chip kind of thing is almost always had.

[16:18] Lt motor built in fact write the kind of would have to order them without it for says yeah packs are to get it so one talk on another device,
we talked about it very quickly last week but it’s a Samsung Galaxy book to with guess what David.

[16:46] It’s there is now actually a Hands-On review from neowin and we can talk a little bit about that.
The interesting thing is if you take a look at it it is almost the same as,
surface keyboard with very similar Pro it’s got the kickstand it’s almost the same dimensions and their lost device didn’t ever fix and that was just awful to keep writing so.

[17:18] It Sucka gpus wall around Reno 6:30 Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 it’s a 12in display 2160 X 1440 which is very similar to a Surface Pro 2,
yes pc.
I thought MicroSD and nano SIM how come Microsoft can’t put 01 in butt out that’s good and.
Come to the pain that comes with keyboard.

[17:49] And the thousand dollars us which is quite a bit less than yeah surface pro it is about the cheapest of pro.
Expense in the chips from.

[18:00] Yes I’m sure but not when you include the keyboard in the month and it comes with type S.

[18:11] So Thai password Windows Windows SS home.
This is a car and you can switch its regular Windows 10,
for no charge last 10 home in S Mode yes it’s not Windows RT that you can switch out it’s when it’s an s in it,
alright well. They’ve got it thanks could work out really bad Okay so.

[18:49] We’ve got more Microsoft news you got some other news you want to Microsoft news.

[18:58] Color hair care feeney surface with but it what’s i got this little article in my funeral newsfeed and was care free to service the house while this is going to be really la barba color bead where the kids happy to do dot drop my new surface.
So they start off with.
Basically gentle caring cleaning which is kind of a don’t drop it say that the important do not apply liquids directly to your surface hey you know those who don’t know that already are in trouble and no power cord you don’t route the power cord up to tight you know,
or I do next and Alcantara material if your keyboard don’t let it dry before you clean it off yeah I think it’s Rob silly little things that really but they mentioned battery health so don’t don’t,
do them stop from with this crack and they also say you should at least once a month you should this charge it totally.
Store in a cool dry rooney not using it is there like a white cell we’re office for the air heating broken guess so anyhow so a lot of them are really simple things that you that.
Right that you don’t put liquid sunscreen fine we all know that but once a month drain it fully 50%.

[20:16] Oh okay just half way okay let’s is it true earths surface go and start the cold rush face i think they really mean is don’t store in your car.
Okay it’s just charge the battery in the week we used to always do this back in the day with phones and all that other stuff and people stop doing that.
And the Battery Technology really you would like to do.
Okay so that’s it for Microsoft news and we’ve got one last piece of music not if not directly related Microsoft,
okay sure is more directly related to add say to other companies.

[20:55] And i be am i bm bought red hat,
433 billion so first time I heard 34 billion it’s only hundreds of millions different so I think it’s the same number,
okay that is a huge amount of money even for a large company like idea.
A positive minus a hundred thoughts and it’s still alive.

[21:24] What do you think of it why did why did ibm do all that really why effects of the they both needed it and its a desperate measure so right now test for measured thirty three billion tell you what okay the
IBM and redhead are not talked about in the big player face,
you talk erratically google that but apple id but amazon but facebook it when occasionally microsoft and microsoft will my spouse of their items here here’s the thing.

[21:54] IBM has become non-relevant, devices perspective cuz they got out of the Lenovo unit right sure they still have them.
Okay I saw the PC side Lenovo right and then they kept their server-side.
Play in the club right so become less relevant there the still of them as the mainframe business but again known to maine for the month of the cloud weather not real writing a new mean for,
hey because the team somewhere but maybe they still have their mid-range like they’re a S400 and stuff like that but again whose,
was last time you saw anybody working asked 400 right 2 weeks ago Wednesday night trying to do a refund it was a green screen I asked him what it was he said it was a S Finder
i don’t always have the answer right quick tips fingertips with the subject alright so alright so the hear my ibm’s can less real than what does ibm have the whole
Global Services large footprint of it professionals many many of them are Microsoft certified but that’s beside the point what does redhead have.

[23:07] They’ve got a decent OS that got a decent,
virtualization stack some argue more performance than the and we’re really okay they have this,
openstack their their openstack player there they are peripherally a Cloud Player they like to think that they are but they’re not but but IBM don’t have a cloud doesn’t really work Labs stock,
they’ve had their data centers you could friend for ever yes,
but they don’t have a full stack no solution they have to park and have to partner if partner and red hat has a partial club stock they don’t really have the data center,
IBM does that why didn’t have a footprint so together,
they are three big players in Cloud are Microsoft and my number one that’s enough in Revenue in Revenue Microsoft Amazon and Google,
and help vmware’s been cozy,
IBM’s blow Google oh well below well below.

[24:11] And the support of us to work,
like the both of us, he’s becoming less and less relevant in the cloud space because the other day why do people want redhat versus any other product I thought the only reason was because you had support support,
is there any other reason why I missing something.

[24:38] They had better Cooling and things like that compared to other lennox’s maybe better support for third-party tools and stuff like that right everybody supports redhat yeah but take a look at the.

[24:52] Badger badger sound like 30% of all the VM thing running Asher are Linux VM and red Hat’s a first-class citizen there.
And so if you’re running Red Hat what’s the right why would you not maybe run Santa’s.

[25:14] Yes because you’re not red hat if you’re running your own data center because you want to make sure it works at your HP servers are your Dell servers or your was that other coming to make server so IBM,
if you’re running in the cloud somebody else’s Hardware if they’re going to support center state-supported for you that’s part of it I sent Racino who makes sent us.
It’s community-based it’s totally worth RedHawks is just an addition to the sentence I’m not a Linux guy so I’m going to make some things out of a shirt but work with me though.

[25:50] Red Hat has the fully supported first class citizen
red hat and red hat Enterprise Linux whatever works interrupt to then they have this other thing that’s free called Fedora which Trails behind usually a few game free version and then there’s a community in Denver that is
Cintas which is community supported which is 50 binary code compatible,
to Red Hat Enterprise Linux likes a bit but not as far back as Fedora and put or just have some things that are missing and then there was the selinux that was originally created by,
oh I can’t some US government organization maybe. That they that they created a secure secure version of Linux track that they gave to Red Hat as the custodian,
those are the versions that are out there i’m on the server.
Talk about red hat very very few people use read how does a desktop OS.
You could but so that puts IBM,
in a position that it’s a bit of a desperate gamble but to stay relevant so if they’re going to they went so high for price that really how much LinkedIn go 427.

[27:13] True true and it’s okay it went for.
Hey Google I don’t know what the financials were so I know that IBM stock dropped and red hat stock went out.
Makes red had a little bit more credible basis um i think it might end up being a bit late oracle with the try to do everything on their own and no because he recently partnered up.
But I think they have their own version of Linux they have the other bots on then they killed it so the crow,
right who hasn’t yeah so it happened sometime for Microsoft your son was oracle’s Nokia.

[27:56] Okay as if you were an Enterprise with lots of Red Hats would you see this is a positive thing,
I don’t know because I probably already had a strategy for either on pram or cloud
already with a cloud provider I just got to make a compelling to me though so if you were already going with that you were seeing the advantage of
with the free lennox vs having to pay for red hat you might only gonna wear like it’s still my red hat workload stash or amazon yeah amazon’s a little bit different but i lose their tools from right have to move to either them.
So now it’s going to have to be to potentially at IBM data center Mitchell for that we just don’t know I would imagine there is yeah but.

[28:40] We shall see is it too little too late that’s what I’m worried about.
The different Cloud providers already have staked out their markets Microsoft is the,
S&P 500 crowd Amazon is the born in the cloud startups and those that want to build their own passport in the classroom,
stop it look companies like Netflix and Facebook that are building huge application that are going to build their own fabric now they’re on Amazon,
yeah so that means companies that use both and that’s going to be the case here
what does that mean one-size-fits-all you pick the one that makes sense for you Microsoft is also got the pass massage market right with their Office 365 and other services or you’re not going to go to IBM and get your Office 365,
And then Google is really staked out that way I know that.

[29:42] Geography base types to give.
It wouldn’t global positioning system type enabled software that they all have that but can’t get were google play ball things if when you go on integrated google maps and things like that applications like that sir ch.
So what’s what’s your phone saying that David it’s,
it to start searching when you set okay if i have to wiggle.
OK Google,
yeah doesn’t listen to me but listens to me so I don’t know what we’re going to stake out a different territory babe I got to go after Financial Services b****** with the IBM and so strong again or something like that.

[30:25] Music.

[30:33] What is Microsoft Microsoft stopped adding new features to Windows 10.

[30:43] I don’t know here’s here’s kind of what I was thinking when we talked about this.
Customers or customers in general are struggling with the Cadence are Microsoft already went down so I can only do it twice a year so one time it was more than that,
organ of two releases a year first one was about four months apart yeah yeah and,
they tried to make it stable and then now their struggles with their October release around the quality what if they just press pause,
and just fix stuff that wasn’t working or made it better end when you think about it what new feature of Windows 10 matters to your customers.
Set the consumers will my customers der all about.
Creating more efficiencies right if so if they have less service desk calls less things break but they would like that easier to deploy and you can say easier to the play could be a feature.
Are so will pick it the one picking last feature in windows ten that you really got excited about.

[31:55] Was there one was hoping that I can finally get around and text messaging from my phone and my laptop okay but it doesn’t seem to work yet in Canada.
So then I’m okay with that cuz I have doesn’t other ways to do it if I need you so most of the week you found today
yeah it’s been there forever so most people don’t and it wasn’t even windows and most people don’t even notice new features so,
I say your press pause are commode.
Press possible i feed is a higher contracts easier to read the people dies but that’s beside the point okay go lets go with windows as a service pack well.
There’s always the percentage of improvements to security perform since touch the driver in the cumulative updates or are in the semi annual releases.
Make that a higher percentage for making the new features a lower percentage.
How to speak baby every now and then you take a breather it’s like every other could be every other was like Farmers that let their fields go follow just good for the Earth but they’re going to need some feature sometimes like they bring out a new this and it needs to be out of this a feature,
to support OEM server Denver.
But maybe every now and then just press pause and you know what guys we’re just fixing all this stuff.

[33:21] We have to whisper because it’s Alexis was born okay so yeah because it is because,
sensor crazy so they could do it just the percentage thing or they could just to every other.
You know in the fall they do features in the spring they do performance security and so from a consumer point if you I don’t think it would really matter you would just update and it wouldn’t really matter what about primacor 4.01 what they’d apply.
So here’s the thing Microsoft broken up their Windows 10 team into the,
guys are building the future and the future and the team that’s patching and fixing and I think these all need to get together,
the best of helpers the ones building the new features and an increase volume is insulted alot of people yes but it.
Oh that’s why is whispering so i hope none of them wants to get to stab you what that be said.
Let’s get them all together what kind like what microsoft said you know what work were security first everybody just took that on that’s consist of a bug bash party and get everybody on board you know it might be that they’ve other than the features for while.

[34:51] If they told us this when windows ten first came up there’s where whole bunch of user interface stuff things really have missing but now they’ve gotten so mature in that.
Lotus Notes noticing
catch up with everyone now it’s not like someone else is gonna if they don’t innovates somebody else is going to.
Allows case on Windows phone for sure right they lost they lost.
They’re not really there way have feature wise and when they lose its because chrome os is user to administer.
User whatever so if people are good by max because my max anyways ince,
because a feature Windows 10 data that’s not there no no it wouldn’t say that you’re wrong,
they like the mac they wanna go to mac right so good then it’s the hotel that if there was a feature with.
What would feature really get you excited Windows 10.

[36:10] Longer battery life faster gesture interface yeah but not every knows that.

[36:17] There’s nothing else I can do this this is all these silly things that people don’t even use like was last time you did 3D paint.
Set the.

[36:33] Right so this is the stuff that you use like all the time you want to work customer struggle with things like hello and Biometrics and stuff like that they’re there,
struggling to get that implemented so what are they relying on an older version of Windows 10 and I never really,
sometimes I noticed the occasional feature about being able to cast to display or something like that but so did they replace the built-in password manager with a real password manager,
i use last pass regulators across the laces but no microsoft toasted that for me like the kind that do for your yeah they kinda do with your m sa with your microsoft account but the bill to windows ten built in password manager just is not
I see you the password manager on the underneath the keyboard I see that also notes
at the most people right so,
do they orthopet OneNote whatever.
Yeah and then regret it exactly what is Microsoft stopped adding feature to just fix things for a while I think that would be cool not sexy but cool.

[37:51] Teachers are really sexy so some dollar.
Number of sexy holmes was now was letting me sesame walking a hole in the wind but it wasn’t a feature.
What kind of Windows 10 supported hololens.
I think we are good we are good so the show is over.
Los amigos keep stick on the ice thanks for his here are some lazy support and interact with michelle like to show on facebook at surface.

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[38:46] Music.

[38:55] Welcome to the rest of the week my fingerprints you was gonna be with the week but they still haven’t delivered it really really from the surprise is canada post what
they have one government institution working with the government institution why would I not expect it to be working official today get to regular mail there on time and they’re in the right house or no
but now there’s two addresses are pretty similar anytime that there’s any time they’re doing an Amazon delivery date a celebrity has arrived yet so,
how can you mark something delivered every having delivered it yet,
boston market with or their little ppts social android devices and it has a gps and it’s gonna record where it delivered it is in my amazon package tracking showed delivered and it doesn’t show up for a day,
well then that they’re supposed to not do that.
Bracket shouldn’t do that okay okay I finally got your pasted into the show notes what I think this is a profile type picture for you it’s a good one alright so,
best part of this show the after party yeah is we drink whiskey now the fact that we switch to a new book gives us the opportunity to do some repeats.
Okay this is something we had before but it’s one of my favorites it is truly truly spectacular whiskey I don’t think we’ve ever had a problem with.
No because we don’t repeat stuff we don’t like.

[40:21] And the one time repeat something that we weren’t so sure about it takes a better second time that you sometimes could be a particular person rules yeah and this is clearly got a rule that you have of know about archer tv alright so.
David it’s the 12th or the 18th the 18th and 18th in the new book okay 12 Macallan 18.
Matured select Sherry Oak casks from Juarez Spain.

[40:52] Haha what do you fuck it is a very well area where it’s color.

[41:01] And it doesn’t need water anybody gets dissed it’s.
Candy for me so I like it so what we can talk about we’re going to talk about bringing back windows phone and I didn’t write the article but it was just interesting,
okay with the,
the antitrust ruling against Google in the EU and all the fractured stuff around Android and people are now saying that no one’s even here lots of people saying it’s nothing like phones that excites them anymore,
and also the Microsoft is sexy again they’re almost a trillion-dollar true when you drop a phone,
poet called they look at their services it’s not broken are very excited about new phones sure but there’s not sure of that now yeah exactly exactly so what years by the way here’s.

[42:03] Who were the mike.
David beast but here’s the thing.
So maybe sister
yep people are just going to want it because it’s different. This packet switching off of iOS just because it’s different so Microsoft,
but we’re different,
but their profile also the company they’re so is betamax it’s different bombers gone so I just cleaned house a bit Microsoft
her dog has been on a tear of their eating Android there you can Google Cloud business they’re eating Amazon’s Cloud business they’re actually.
Not an ulcer and they’re they’re actually leaders in a few questions so maybe they could do a limited release sir,
either they would bring out some sort of you know for insiders only soda speakerphone.
They should do they open source the bootloader.

[43:16] Which bootloader the Windows 10 bootloader is an open-source okay suck it up okay.
Cute weeks there and you can do a Homebrew cuz a Homebrew phone or just want to do is add the telephony pieces back into Windows 10 code they know we know to have them somewhere.
Haven’t left that’s or something so I think they should open source.

[43:40] But that’s what I mean by insiders is that no no no no no no,
so homework so he buy yourself an Android phone you use the window part XYZ they don’t support Samsung but they support whatever you whatever,
and you homebrew your ira android phone to use windows ten ml and becomes like sent us community supported,
or like member xp mc or things like that number of use hack their x boxes to right next bmc yeah i did that,
will it be.
So what would Microsoft came from that.
Point five years there’s a one billion devices up closer my student id floral.
But it keeps it cost nothing open source cuddling kind of.
And unless the only unless they really want to do something with it may have a plan for it because I thought maybe open-sourcing that would open up a lot of their code.
But lot of stuff that need in there.

[45:00] But just maybe the telephony pieces people of the on the sort of thing with sheryl people shamed ec windows ten and other devices.
And they shamed other things out of the Artis and things like that it looks like 5 or something like that somebody did.
That was on the phone or something they did they can help with that they could make it so that some modules precompiled but you then could start a string it together and,
esther shim windows ten on the new at the top left any pieces to make a phone yeah sure.
If you think about the arm code but the arm code may require so it won’t work,
old Android phones,
great for 2850 now there’s different 850s though right some don’t include x86 ability.

[45:59] Hung up yeah but i think he a couple years america will have.
And not all phones have any 50 in them,
very few phone seven eight fifteen eight fifty is not really designed for phones is that most of the forty five ft same thing yeah the forty five is more phone base chipped the eight fifty was designed specifically for tablet and.

[46:28] Are the visit Burien specifically for tablets anyways we’re running x86 outside BND.

[46:36] I think I’ll pass but you’ll do a Kickstarter on this no no it’s totally a home brew beer kit.

[46:45] Okay so I had to new internet put in my house today,
no fiber you got the got the gigabit and.
$300 in the next three months if I don’t cancel.

[47:09] What they pay you 300 cancel what do you mean they skipped credits.
Okay so in outside that’s fine it’s whatever it’s faster and it’s lower latency I think so you know I don’t have really any chances that’s it yet but I’m sure it’ll be fine it’s less expensive than I was paying before cable.
Faster but no big deal but I was decided that since it was less expensive I give them money and get some sports channels cuz I have a little sports fan at home right so they have this in a box that goes behind your TV.
Don’t have to put a wire between your tv and your and your access point they do this by giving you wife i’d,
are these wife i access point so laughs what’s so odd the
on the access point in the basement there’s one that cable comes out and goes into this to transmit up to the phone and then to the TV and then one in the TV that goes to the ethernet cable on the back.

[48:09] And it’s like you think they would buy their devices with built-in Wi-Fi instead having to buy the all these external devices.

[48:17] It works so what are you paying for months now.
Just for that just for the internet 7373 says 9:40 but I haven’t got 9:40 yet what are you getting.
Like 700 still more time Kenny Biggs and then they put it onto a whatever Channel or whatever they would call it.
And he says laws of three people.
But they just literally bury the cable and my and my neighborhood so i also ask them what are they gonna do with your old phone lines,
hey cuz you think that will be a lot of work to maintain those when they put some new they try to push people over,
it really that much to see if your with some of my tech savvy your these third of resellers they leave them for tactical reasons or maybe not protect the reasons on the copper.
Eventually just going to get rid of one of these a minute seems like a lot of effort to maintain the old system.

[49:22] On the making money thing sold it i guess i guess because it much most people bothered switch.
And member it now this is it totally to built in throttle for their back will not work,
cuz if everybody was on gigabit their back Burns their back bones than saturated sister the built-in filter for the backbone and then people who each of a gig,
or do you have to get your ass off again today,
set up,
taking plugged into right its Upstream right.
It’s fast once you get to the backbone at things will slow down.
Yeah so it’s just a little office in my neighborhood and the Beast labs and then,
but anyhow it’s interesting that these list of the Surfside DSL access manager.
They end up with 1:35 different devices they put in my house.

[50:41] A lot of a lot of Hardware okay.

[50:48] Teacher i never thought it have a peavey are waiting on pier cuz they include that that’s your channel’s because i got channel that’s your cable so i can get a sports.
You stream sports well i suppose i suppose but he can’t expose you can do them some of the for twenty dollars a month.
To get all this for my biggest and you can record that I’m happy to pay for it I just wish it were more convenient.

[51:14] Suppose i get some sort of online service now they have a pal account i could probably just rim of many were now cant so i don’t really need any of this she’s come to my fire got the stick will not even that,
what does what are using for display for your dumb TV a dumb TV okay that’s,
they put in three boxes.
So there’s a few want sports sports sports is the only thing I watch I watch live.

[51:53] Super Bowl commercials I don’t know why you would record it,
but this ticket comes it’s the way it is I don’t really want to court a baby I want to pause it maybe want to start a little later when I get home and fast forward it through it or whatever but those are incredibly minor I want to watch sports live.
Yeah I like the way we watch the hockey game last week better beer,
fluid and mrs casey like at the rings got the arena that’s just all old school techno stupid three extra boxes of my house and if they just give me an account that hurt that work to their app which they probably did yet then why would i,
I’m commercial because I have business at home so it’s it’s the same price or less that they give different boxes so once I get back from Australia puppy switching.
I’m on freenet I like freenet good service etcetera free that doesn’t let you switch what do you mean.

[52:50] They’ll stay on your existing copper.
Now you can become a free night member for free.
That’s what the whole concept was but back it up i expect at some point they will allow the.
Resellers to sell fiber as well but I’m not the first one to ever get fiber so I assume they’re just delaying it so they.
Don’t have to buy a buddy of mine office next door he got income fill for 5 months ago right so.

[53:33] They’re just delaying as long as possible I’m sure it’s for technical reasons.
Okay this is again from the hundred and one are you shouldn’t track milly should fired one whiskeys to tie to tie before you tried okay a quick glance around the shells it any decent specialists retail were confirm.
There are quite a few different mccallum’s mcallen’s is that the one and not the other mcallen’s okay color.

[54:13] Dramatic dark mahogany Richmond.

[54:34] There’s definitely a penis taste.
Powerful Sherry yes absolutely why not some smoke very very little smoke chewy Vanilla Fudge shirt spicy glazed I mean definitely the Sherry really does come up,
that’ll just, but it comes up very well to me you can definitely tell this is Sherry cask,
enjoy that okay you know we should have that kinda late now which is videotapes recording this show no one ever gets mission cappy more in two minutes so i pick two minutes of it and it,
very round and consistent some smoke hints and classic take notes.

[55:18] Trike fruitcake having that food taking us to it,
this is an expensive bottle is now because they were victim around success so they ran out basically and they took all this is from not available in our Market.
Play put it in New York L A Las Vegas few other markets London Tokyo where people will pay exorbitant price of quadruple the price because
it is it is i could other than that there other whiskeys has good the coastline as it has good butter yeah so,
it’s not like 50 or shot in Vegas basically yeah.

[56:09] Alright that’s all I got that’s all that’s all that is an awesome Whiskey on the Rocks we will talk to you later by the way my name is Dave so drink.
These are the days I know I know.

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