Episode 091 – Final Nail in the Coffin


  • Universal Windows Podcast – Episode 91
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Word of the Week

  • Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time either of us says “Vote”.

Product Update

  • David still likes his Surface Go – except for the battery

Feature of the Week

The Cloud Clipboard, which keeps a history of items you cut and paste, with the option to sync those saved items to other devices. (A new Snip & Sketch app makes it easier to capture screenshots and then annotate, edit, and share those captures.)

News of the Week 


Paul Allen—Microsoft co-founder, Seahawks owner, and space pioneer—dies at 65



  1. Windows 10 October 2018 Update no longer deletes your data
  2. More Windows 10 October update woes? HP users report BSOD after Tuesday patch
  3. Sound Issues with Windows 10 October 2018 Update
  4. Microsoft finally confirms that Windows 10 is installed on 700 million devices
  5. There’s more you can uninstall with 19H1


  1. Microsoft’s New Battery Limit for Surface maintains 50 % Charge

  2. PC market flat, as Surface becomes a top-5 computer brand in the US

  3. Microsoft is right not to include Windows 10 Pro with Surface Pro – here’s why
  4. Samsung launches Snapdragon 850-powered Windows 2-in-1


  1. Microsoft promises to defend—not attack—Linux with its 60,000 patents
  2. What Microsoft’s executive compensation metrics say about its priorities


  1. Windows 10 users: Chrome 70 means you don’t need Edge, Microsoft Store to run PWAs
  2. “There’s more in the making”—Apple announces October 30 event

Rant and Rave

  • David complains about ISPs charging a disconnection fee


Whisky of the Week

Quinta Ruban is Glenmorangie’s port finish. To craft this single malt they specially selected Port pipes from the Douro valley in Portugal.

Transcript Courtesy of Wit.AI – Episode 091 – Final Nail In The Coffin

Could Microzon dethrone Google as the Android Overlord?

2018, The Surface Smiths Podcast
Universal Windows Podcast

David and Colin Talk about Windows 10, Surface Updates and other Industry news.

[0:00] Hello I’m Cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything Windows such a surface Xbox phone and the windows Insider program here are your host the surface Smith’s body called.
Yeah and I’m just getting over the comment you’re saying that I’m hotter than you call him John and sunrise again for Their audience,
the microphone for some reason your mic is louder than me even though we have the same microphones hotter yeah but
that maybe I’ve got a kink in my cable or something somewhere cuz I got to turn my gain up slightly and I’m still not coming in as hot of the mics as you.

[0:45] So episode 91 yeah today is what October 22nd it’s election day here in Ottawa Ontario,
Ontario Municipal elections yes and I will be able to vote because of his recording.
We could sure,
okay so we’ve got a lot of things to do this is to no bro to look,
wasn’t two weeks that’s a bit of a record forest but is different some housekeeping need to do hey guys what about the word of the week,
David do you want to call for the work I do alright what do you have about vote.
Right foot with your dollars yes alright so for those of you that are playing the game and those of you want every time you hear the word of the week,
you don’t take a drink so we can hear vote what about.

[1:42] Three.

[1:46] Devote.
Are you devoted to your wife eroded to your tablet okay okay okay so whenever you hear the word vote.

[1:58] The word that says.
Okay alright so any other housekeeping we have David or we going to get,
separated would actually do we know we have light you know we have we have,
if it’s for the week that’s not housekeeping housekeeping that’s a real show stuff but we don’t have a bumper for it.
We need make bumper okay feature the week and now the picture of the wave thinkative the feature of the week,
o’clock support so you get this with the fall update so what we’re calling,
18 H2 or they’re calling 1809.

[2:38] The Windows 10 2018 Fallout has a feature called Cloud clipboard,
keep the history of items you cut and paste with the option to sync those saved items to other devices,
this device is not just other windows that’s right and yes snipping sketch app also makes it easier capture screenshots that annotate and it sure those as well it’s rights so stupid scratches a what.
It’s a Widow’s yes but what does it replace the old Snipping tool,
is the old pocket moye luis to call it the fuck am i guess yes so we have an actual no see video on how to use the clock support an article on it that’s the future week i wanted to host fifty trimming.
Otherwise use email the same thing a lot more ask people questions same question,
non be nice to have that somewhere in the face buffer and just use it regularly be nice basically macro keys for the gamers and things like that.

[3:38] So that is the future of the week everything else want to say about that David,
all right onto news story of the week so we have a lot of time we thought we’d actually organize news little bit better for you
well that is Paul Allen who is the co-founder of Microsoft,
so a lot of people don’t know that Paul Allen was the co-founder of Microsoft actually he’s the guy that.
That convinced Bill Gates to drop out of school and join him at.
At Microsoft was about Microsoft with a dash micro – soft use writing software for the Altair,
and he stole Nicole Nicole founder but I think you left me the founder but he was the first one there employee one
Kia resigned from Microsoft in 1983.

[4:39] Is on the board obviously since he owned many shares i think of in the nineties yeah he,
he started Microsoft.
And he resigned it 83.
He had play struggled with cancer,
for a long time for a long time but Microsoft went public maybe 6 and he still maintained a lot of his owner,
so that’s how I became a billionaire and went on to do all sorts of things he created on investment firm called Vulcan.

[5:09] Had a lot of funding of space space Ventures,
what is the name of his company to straddle arch okay and then of course he owns the co co.
Guy in Seattle Hill did he actually bought the Seahawks because they,
dog is looking at moving the California tonight.
So Seattle Sounders Major League Soccer and lots of things like that.
So sorry to see him go we did a lot for technology did a lot for the world as well as the pacific northwest quite the philanthropist ask as well as visionary you so so have a moma sounds.

[5:59] Not too long or else our editing software will do weird things to the do it but the hat’s off to you Paul.

[6:06] Alright David our next group of news items of all around Microsoft Windows swallow the first one.

[6:19] Maybe it should start with me because I have heard there are some people still have.

[6:25] Price of Microsoft believes it’s solved the issue and they’ve released it to Insiders,
to test out whether it does or doesn’t have anyone to lost data during that first wave of roll out there working with them to get some data recovery done that’s right so that’s good news but still kind of scary that it would happen kind of slow though I mean where,
i haven’t seen the update take this long to get to the people who seek it,
great so we got a lot of new stores around this update so other issues with the 2000,
the October 2018 update is HP users are reporting a blue screen of death
you have an HP I have one in the back over there were given to me by a client for specific work tasks well that won’t be running Windows because I know the client yes it is not running Windows 10
I’m helping them get to Windows 10 but it’s not running Windows 10 now also are you at another October update issue you want to talk about,
the weather were sound issues with the october oppose that’s sound with intel drivers intel as intelligence which early my cause does not have if,
so you couldn’t you didn’t like that ad yeah yeah yeah I don’t like being made fun of,
will be better for okay okay so then to tell us that the sound issues or just certain intel drivers that there are some issues and you they for this to drivers so really who lisa drivers intel or microsoft.

[7:54] I’m not sure so might but they are not release my understandings it until shipped bad drivers to Microsoft in Microsoft Excel.

[8:02] That’s nice so somebody gets a fail somebody gets a pat on the back.
Knowing it’s pat on the back because he should have released on that testing them,
get well intel such a minor platform nobody really uses intel here different windows ten right so.
Are most will run arm chips yes right.

[8:21] Despite all those walls.
Is running on how many day a hundred million.
Device is not 700
in the latest at nine billion devices map,
either time showing there was a cylinder,
about to seven hundred and they recast it to seven hundred million when they stay.
Yeah cuz we’re in Windows phone so that,
that’s not exaggerating at all right get so thank you
the 700 million an interesting number because you look at the,
download Windows device usage I think windows,
Windows 10 is what about 46% of all windows devices,
and is that what it is I will take a look really quickly you talking David keep the boys and girls all the chain.
Okay so it’s it’s what happened we don’t need to get back to your numbers right and all made up and down all the time so the last I read was at 46% Windows 10.

[9:46] Guess Windows 7,
and as Windows 7 approaches end of life,
20/20 less than 16 months from now.
Well that’s a little bit more than 16 months from now,
you’ll see a lot of those machines and most of those I would expect a corporate as well as,
will you have a lot of people that problem,
really in a good position. Carrie runs better than just having the same Hardware anyways so,
corporation so what of my quite corporate clients very few worker,
completely converted to Windows 10 I had a meeting today very large government Department looking at close to 50,000 devices,
right now I would expect less than 20% of the federal government Canada which means over.
Hundred thousand devices of color lean large i wouldn’t i wouldn’t,
Apple government it’s easy to pick on the table I find with my customers about
talk about what I know so I I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect sometime next year to pass 800 million easily what they hit a billion or not anytime soon I don’t know,
yes yes so yeah it’s not out of the realm of possibility just not in the time frame that Terry predicted.

[11:15] Okay so that we talked about more and more is more I had a friend whose name was less in the Easter clam less is more.

[11:32] Me that we got so less is more because us with,
ew version coming in the spring i just finish talk about the fall update definitely he got pulled nobody has yet but that one some people do but,
1981 which is the shorthand for the Virgin coming out,
2019 and 1903 whatever you want to call it yeah we cuz they haven’t officially named it yet until my tough names it,
can we calling it 1981 they’re allowing to uninstall,
more of the Bumble apps to scrape corporate customers just
don’t like that stuff about her computer I feel needed or they replace with something else so things like grooving paint 3D anymore,
and things like that but now,
elevated Sprint 3D remove paint 3 Skype was already there tips and weather but now the list is getting longer so,
little bit more control less is more,
the theme for that item that’s much better way to work this face back then deleting files.

[12:54] Go to frisco okay how’s your service go handling david it is good it is good i have a primary computer.

[13:02] With cop monitors and then I have this which I just plugged into my Surface docking station so it has a couple mother’s and for the.
All of the things um doing.

[13:14] Often documents to in were processing surfs the web it is working.
Like a real computer.
Yes I got a little lens cap right now so as long as it’s the battery the only problem I have with it is my hands are too large and its batteries too small.
Surface news from Microsoft got a new,
its new from where upgrade call of that.

[13:44] Thank.
It’s to text if the device is plugged in,
if its plugged in pad and above fifty percent it allows it to deplete its battery discharge,
who gets to 50% it tries to maintain it a 50% level. This isn’t for everyone I don’t like my battery 50% I usually I don’t panic but if I’m at that situation before I charge it,
but my machine hero and they say the battery will last longer they don’t me
they mean that life expectancy of the battery over a Year’s yes versus in your daily use remember that garage project was built into a metal kiosk.
That can be plugged in 24/7 all the time.
Then it doesn’t match the battery died that’s cuz you can’t put it,
it doesn’t run directly off the AC Mains for UPS,
not all kind of but don’t run directly off the of the sea mains of this not.
The third.
I’m like 20 cell system it’s always Dawn nobody is a Surface but that’s too expensive.

[15:11] And Brandy situation where they have a strap down to account or something like that,
so I’ll leave it here I have it 94 the time it’s plugged into my dock here,
I don’t know what I love is if I could tweet that maybe not 50% maybe 60 or 75% maybe you can read when you free the firmware update will take a lot I will definitely do that.
So they’re they’re planning having for surface goes well as others as well but that that’s good news for people have an old surface,
Pro 3 like I do still works great,
music daily at work okay here’s something interesting.
Do I take this one sure the PC market is flat but surface is the top in the top 5 computer pins which is not surprising.

[16:00] Well it’s else would there be well you can guess the top two number one is heavy HP,
right number to open the case for Last 5 Years.

[16:11] Number 3 is Apple,
now little lenovo okay and i wish it would be spicy or number one for this is corporate well this is quarterly sales for eight so,
this is based on Q3 which ended at the end of September okay alright so.
In that time frame hp was four point five million units sold.
So I’m not sure if that counts,
make sure it doesn’t go no were not slim talk,
Microsoft Surface device is only .6 million per quarter.

[17:00] What’s the number 5.6 million / 4.5 yeah 3 times smaller than,
they’re still number five and guess what they dropped guess who they bumped from the V Spot.

[17:15] Kickass amazon now hugo they’ll love another make pcs google makes pieces.
Crumpets and who do they drop through the truck i believe its a acer.

[17:33] Bunker oasis isn’t six this passengers okay.

[17:42] Totally won’t catch apple anytime soon and well let you know how they were catch apple.
Apple would just continue to be an action which they’ve been doing for quite a while,
so i was reading an interesting article from denver be know that would the central.

[18:08] Scarf,
so his article entitled Microsoft is right not to clean windows 10 Pro with Surface Pro and here’s why and I’ll do them,
I don’t always use more of a consumer guy and I’m more of an Enterprise guy and a lot of times I said I could see that for consumers but not for the people that I deal with on a regular basis,
but this isn’t for the people that you do with a regular basis.
If you look at it if my clients would want Windows 10 Pro with their surface devices and they would get it right so here’s the thing Microsoft
bundle of license with no ass with its device and the biggest reason that the new copy of the Surface Pro 6 excetera,
what’s cheaper than the equivalent surface device at the previous launch.
Is mostly due to two things 1 the Intel Graphics chips.
No longer included with the i7s in.

[19:17] Not bundling window Stanford Oaks about $100 extra to bundle that right and,
Hillwood people with all sorts of things you get with Pro but most consumers don’t need it so what’s happening is consumers that were running the machine as a standalone or small business person that doesn’t have an Enterprise they can’t so they don’t have to join,
right right you don’t have things like i privy you don’t have things like.
Enterprise data protection fetch i think you need a dinner price for anyways but what do the description.

[19:56] I don’t have to beverage well because bit locker for him but he,
eat that and some either really versions of tanner maybe it was a that was not included in the home edition and now it is still and again i was his pro so that you can people so it people definitely need to have their device encrypted.
They said nobody needs to die had a domain it home before,
is that so it brings the price down and now get let’s talk about it education,
an enterprise most in apartment no have enterprise give it any ways and they,
take the skip
protocol right to Enterprise right other putting that on the same with schools really good price,
there’s there’s different ways,
is she in an enterprise clients to buy surface devices and get,
pos they need if they want to but i can most enterprise idea with already have me a and we replace with on it.

[21:11] That work pro in the pro not including pro yeah that’s confusing people yes it was a good idea at will he claim the station in call with justin pro honest and for the skull to this tonight key before it.

[21:29] Ferrite last piece of news at our surface category it’s not really surface related but it is of course of our eight.
So the first.

[21:42] Windows on arm on a Snapdragon 850 is launched the first of the first mainstream guess who did it,
Samsung of course so now there’s anything you’re right I did a review of one of the Samsung tablets while ago right.
Was just off the have this or game keyboard like my act like i pad does and it was just nothing at all like the surface with kickstand and so i’m looking at here in his kickstand.

[22:18] Well of course so if you combine that with an with battery life of a c eight fifty this might actually be an awesome dress it could be sleeping in review unit,
yeah right so size is it in us.
2 and 12 inches a 12-inch version of it,
could be quite the strong competitor to surface pro to come to the pen and q house with the penalty for not about okay so that’s it for surface news,
with who put the categories of news.

[22:57] So Microsoft has joined,
in cross play something over sixty thousand patents left they have in the open invention network so in the past microsoft is charged,
Android and Linux vendors a licensing fee,
write for things like file systems like exit in the order to be over there patents were if you want to read this file format you want to talk to Samba or whatever they charge them,
and so the oan the open invention that works groupme,
2000 + companies in the world that have agreed to cross lights their platform crosslight licensure patents,
for use by the Olmec system and a lot of people said yeah Microsoft you really not a supporter of open sores because you’re still making money off of it right so that’s well you’re just playing it lip service to
make Samsung pay them lots of money,
MMA for people to put their software on their phones and stuff get hard negotiations so Microsoft looks like they’re backing off from that,
set be set.

[24:14] And the last piece of news for microsoft this is the so much news,
but it’s really a sign of the times do you want to do I take this one you want me to take this,
Microsoft released their what they call.

[24:32] Roxy statement so this goes out to,
before they do their urine results don’t get your holders and things like that so they close their books that closed back in June,
and that’s part of that they have the proxy statement witches information that goes out to shareholders and,
what is they showed how they compensate that’s interesting is there a senior executives so total compensation sachin adela was only twenty six million water park in,
like he’s done so much for that yeah.
Yeah they’re getting a bargain.
It’s finally morning me last year but that’s only 20%.
Yes Valerie only 7.46% of that so he didn’t even make a million bucks in salary wow.
Cash and Cynthia will talk about that but here’s the interesting part so how are they,
how about for a 26667 percent is commercial crowd Revenue,
and Commercial Cloud subscribers right so.

[25:50] Just lives but commercial clogged right that is that is that’s pretty much everything.
Monthly Windows 10 device activations active device active okay.

[26:05] And for temperate slept percent ten percent we just have is love percent should understand but ten percent can they just place the number little yet why,
so what we’re looking at here is six main categories all the other performance metrics and incentives for the senior staff at Microsoft,
I rose up to that man consumer post sales monetization gross margin,
LinkedIn sessions and then the last one does Bill Gates like his new surface surface,
that’s that’s is that not I don’t see Xbox there text boxes consumer postell’s,
oh okay so less than 11% so be less than 5% it would have been pulled up LinkedIn that’s interesting.
It’s not this is just how they compensate this is not where their revenue comes from now but if they want to be this is where they want people spending their time right,
have everything so I thought that was really interesting one of our offices here offices typically under commercial Cloud revenue and subscribers where you would think they’d be out there,
cloud in Cloud I mean 66 we do we really didn’t need,
go be alright so that’s it for Microsoft news.

[27:21] Alright so now we’ve got some mixed news in the first one’s kind of Windows related but not really okay I put it separately could left in the windows music and.
Chrome seventy while from really moves quick does not getting should gets lots of,
lots of versions out every year and we don’t hear about it we don’t hear about deleting your data or anything like that but.

[27:45] Chrome 70 on windows 10 will now rusts,
pwa Progressive web apps whatsappw,
pwa is an application written to web standards typically using HTML5 another web standards but when it runs it doesn’t look like it’s in a browser.

[28:07] CEO of the address bar disappears,
is that full screen experience and i can have features that you would expect of apple,
accessing local resources working when you’re not connected yes about this before but never run Windows 10 the only way to do this in Windows 10 up until now was either through Microsoft Store app,
what did you say we’re talking about well with PW ways and PW is running in Chrome now.

[28:52] I would anybody ever write the double up and what did you say this was,
just finally on the cock so let’s read a bar podcast pwa,
podcast Windows universal windows podcast cannot become doesn’t work,
it’s just another nail in the coffin I mean universal windows
i mean what’s the whole point of so they can run windows phone and what does the top or its okay so another piece of news that i’m not sure we talked about be held back with it
is that our last last piece of other kids though okay Apple has an event coming up on October 30th.

[29:41] And they called it there’s more in the making.

[29:45] And rumor is that it.
For creatives and that they’ll be a new iPad Pro and umax.

[29:57] Was that supposed to be,
just before Halloween Just Before Halloween excellent so when we talked about that little while ago you said you’re how does Microsoft catch up to Apple.
But I will keep doing what you’re doing and innovate right right,
Innovations overrated you have to find what other people do and then do it.
Microsoft innovated quite a bit like the elevation I want other organizations picked up on that same Innovation Incorporated it all the sudden it was popular yeah.
So that’s it for now.

[30:34] Music.

[30:42] Alright babe that you actually have something that you want to talk about Rants and Raves.
Bit of first world problem i have with that is so are.
Phone provider put fiber down my street and wants to sell.
Gigabit fiber unlimited quite a reasonable price sure what’s wrong with that.
If you cancel out of it they want to charge you $500 if you cancel out of it the end of before 3 years.
Good luck collecting do you have any other services with them.
Good luck collecting taking put me out just like it i really wish phone companies would stop doing these were tactic this like you know,
maybe after a year or something but to it when they give you a phone yeah sure you have would have cancellation fee but when they’re just hooking up the internet to your house and the fibers already there that running it to you,
no they ran the fiber down down my street that I got my lawn dug up that which is fine but now I have a better piece of.
Turf at the front so I lied I should looks a bit off now but still I don’t care last year did you convert to it.

[31:53] $72 for gigabit yeah it is not bad at all to very good price.
Okay so it’s my first prom that’s your first will pro all right now we have in other statement we like cover,
what is Microsoft Microsoft and Amazon house Google become the next Android overlords,
for whatever why would,
well first off let’s talk about a couple of things old back so back in the.
Can this the summer in july i believe,
Google was there and they were.
Told Dad to pay 5 billion dollar fine from the EU now what does that call about what were the ideas.
What was this what was this.
Vision against about set to do multiple things the google play store the license that yeah and in what third parties have to do in order to.

[32:59] To use Android successfully right so Google has to stop,
modeling applications in Android phones that’s one part of it.
So how are people going to get those applications for number of stars.
The main applications like Gmail and Google Maps and things like that or not,
normally available that way only in their store or built-in with the app and then updated to the store right and so they’re also preventing companies from using other search engine,
and from sellick fork versions of android.

[33:38] So now they’ve decided they’re going to comply with the ruling while the appeal.
But they’re also going to charge Williams $40 per device.
Wait so you could have the free version with their store or you can have the non free version.
Set the fuck.
It’s the apps weeks forty dollars for phones with the charging right.
So I don’t know all the details yet but you’d looks to me like at $40,
Hill Auto thousand-dollar phone for your bucks it’s not that big a deal you can bury the,
so what’s included the Google mobile services and.
Other pieces like that which really are at the heart of the AI base next-gen mobile phone.

[34:39] Where are you in its context sensitive and all of my,
40 box are $200 phone is quite,
yes so talking talking about Emerging Markets or lower-end devices,
the Samsung phone that most people buy not the current one the one that’s going to whatever,
S5 and who knows what has it and it works just fine so why why why we talkin about Amazon and Microsoft will because in order to do these kinds of things in order to provide a store
and service millions of devices around the world and provide you next generation services you really need to have.
Worldwide usar footprint.

[35:45] And Google’s Google’s number three player that space but nobody else really has the cloud shops to really provide that kind of service both Amazon and Microsoft have already built.
Christoph doesn’t amy’s android apps or will they have the microsoft app store but it had a little platforms before,
get her for our t it had it for yo windows phone etcetera etcetera,
and was Ameren they’ve already got that networking on Android so,
order it to collect twelve prisoner got the tool set sleep the built over hundred and wraps.

[36:28] To put in my name so what are our names are there any are also i am size are out looks.
Okay but we can take a look at that nuts for whatever reason and.
Amazon could possibly go to load or they can go together they could go together and there’s a.
Got a lot of synergy there both in seattle wa what about sam fun.
Seven isn’t clean the fuck no true but they have a huge number devices and they would much rather not have,
so maybe we’ll go messing with them so maybe they partner Samsung or LG device manufacturer will come the ideas they build a platform that have and have the device manufacturers start to move to them right.
Yup that’s gets just a concept it’s possible it’s doable what you could.
These sort of nude Chris Wright Microsoft could make their own version of Android that has all the raps is that called,
and they could write and they could remove.
I cook email they could remove chrome and they could add hood rich crum that piece of wood that sell and they could look like windows so here’s the thing
can i get a couple pics of three but with this maybe i won’t because i think i kind of assume that the local three,
HELOC to the Play Store I thinks.

[37:53] If you needed to finish my new phone and not make your decision based on what I don’t need any phone be here ranting on these,
this podcast I don’t know if you want to do fun.
Alright so I just thought about it a couple weeks ago.
Anything else will talk but it no i’m good are you sure.
We’ve been going now for almost 40 minutes 38 minutes 20 seconds more than we should show up and drink whiskey all right.

[38:24] Thanks come to our podcast and keep your stick on the ice.

[38:31] Music.

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[38:56] Music.

[39:05] Come to the universal whiskey podcast i don’t hear him at seven your you see this either way that better david,
alright so yeah i was mr hensley not being able to hear us is about the girl yeah my wife.
But i got realize that they.
So this is what we like to call the after party.
Be social portion of the social part of the reason for the show that’s why you can go to www Universal whiskey podcast,
yes so we could have booked here or to go of hundred whiskey to try before you die what you go,
we have that time where to go.
So what have you brought this time is it in the book,
also I didn’t want to risk ebooks.
Well what do you think about Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban to room which is.

[40:31] Hearing that poor david he write you not.

[40:37] I’m a rib means red or sandwich.

[40:43] Are there that’s a bit too much.
If you want to read a drink,
it is a red color is that you’re the one that’s in the book.

[40:59] I didn’t want okay okay what number is this one.
Number 46 is there an order to it,
play me as long term owners.
Mainly the McDonald’s family sold out to the French luxury Brands marketing house Louis Vuitton,
in 2004.
Entices some comment yeah,
like what you call those are rose a wine color.

[41:45] Truth is good more complex than the aberfeldy we had last time slight yes yes definitely much stronger Taste of slight slight smokey.

[41:56] 2% vs something would be obnoxious being like 20%.

[42:11] And my smokey like like a good smoked meat sandwich smokey as opposed to a guy under fast smokey yes.

[42:25] Marketing so color Rich warm reddish gold.
Taste great balance a complexity of Rich fullness fruit notes chocolate underlined delicate sweetness taste a great.

[42:54] Randomly open it I open up the page of the Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban Port finish.
Currently opened it to it wow wow is that something or what that is something so it’s finished in Port casks which gives it that red in that sweetness.
In the Heat of the 92 which is quite nice complexity The Crepe notes.

[43:22] The grape Oak balance he talks about so that’s the,
Jim Murray’s whisky Bible so going to talk to you about my phone is getting,
what’s wrong with it does everything I need I’m just tired I want something and what you up new battery
Capri battery battery and something worse than the phone with the better the sex so yeah that’s working for me.
Is a 6X at Palazzo to the Crowne Plaza.
Either okay with my sm someway beats a life of,
but her cameras otherwise is remarkable right,
am I supposed to be amazing cuz of all the software they’ve added so they say we don’t need 5 cameras or six cameras rare Weber
okay we got one but it does the job because they added a ton of,
and even if they’re also they’re doing interesting things like assuming that you’re going to shake a little bit and,
and actually taking multiple angles of the safe shot and getting multiple day like the HDR types that I might have been shaking before but now I’m quite smooth,
we never said vote.

[44:37] If you know what i’ve and it’s opened they will let me vote i drinking they won’t let me in the police station though they won’t let you into the point fish if your truck did you vote,
how they want let you vote if your so we know our mayors essentially going to be s that’s not me an issue i’m not in a ward where we’re someone’s gonna be claimed,
but there’s definitely am definitely not an award where there’s a real race either so Jeff Lee Pool winner award.

[45:06] It is this enough guy few things he says are stupid.
I want to like him but he said a lot of stupid things like what he’s talking about things that are actually interesting and make sense for the greater good.

[45:32] Smiths Falls and Cornwall it totally would like a GO train system guess what,
Snoopy the mayor of Economics he be the mayor of Ottawa.
Not the mayor of Gatineau not the,
i am on not there smith’s fault up near cornwall or any of these other companies talking about the how does.
The people that would benefit from this enough people live in city of Ottawa.
I get zero benefit from that go to Smith Falls and go to the Chocolate Factory find yes but you can’t buy there.

[46:06] Oh okay so I know you talked about the converted the Hershey factory the Tweed Factory,
sure but the real benefit is not you going to the Chocolate Factory okay I’ll look at the Oompa Loompas,
so no benefit the people that was a yay let’s go for this,
for the most part can’t vote for,
cuz they don’t live in the city so we’d be be like talking about hey I’m going to run for,
I don’t know let’s just be something so I got to run for school board trustee and my whole platform is I’m going to give women in Saudi Arabia expanded civil liberties best prime minister.
It doesn’t matter but I still can’t see on the platform of amalgamating school parts.

[47:07] But guess what they don’t get to choose that yet.
Got interesting ideas that for the greater good make sense but if,
I don’t see why a train makes any sense actually,
yeah I’ll tell it it’s like Trump voting today I’m going to make the Mexican buildable build the wall,
Becky has any control over that maybe doesn’t know but but anyways,
no politics at Citrus local politics what kind of reach do we have on the show when I was listening to India,
was driven in ottawa card that we do but anyways.
So that’s the that’s interesting there,
is a speaker laptop still running,
okay so anyway so that all being so go for it so get your in brand new it’ll be a better camera than you currently have.
I’m so with you on your trip.

[48:25] You will not need to take and if you do take care of the camera you will not take them to other cat but the moments in time where those cameras are not easily available I eat pretty much all of the time.

[48:38] You will have a better phone,
a better camera will it take me to other devices with me taking my five-year-old DSLR.

[48:55] Five time show me that you want taken out for the wildlife were going to wildlife excursions and things like that you download them they a really the really is such a small amount of time okay sure why carry it.
Are kangaroo pouched.

[49:12] Alright other thing I’m taking is a GoPro Hero 7 black,
for underwater but also they’ve got this gimbal this thing that they called the smoothest that he shot ever like it won’t get me shake it is stupid or is it something they can get,
lost or stolen at carrot it weighs like.

[49:34] A lot you’re not used to it I’m here used to it I’ve never seen you with it.

[49:41] I’m used to it I’m pretty good with a zoo you are but you just still won’t pull it out that much.
That we took at night to her out in the jungles in cans in Australia.
The camera would be of no,
that was the time we happen to take it I guess pretty good low-light but,
but I’m thinking when I go to eluru and no no no no,
set out at all we did is here thinks we couldn’t even see thing so you can carry the camera all night long i don’t know i’m looking for sunrises and sunsets on a tripod over the blue and,
things aren’t beautiful pictures of that already.

[50:26] My family um you’re gonna get your whole family up for a sunrise so you could take a picture of the.
Give me a little bit with that you dreamed of beautiful colors to study the pictures could potentially be beautiful exactly.

[50:49] Know that we have a few good ones you at the office yet like like spend a thousand dollars from a canon camera that’s what it’s gotta fit your pocket we got them we got them for a one we’ve got a sony.
Michael Sony camera I like that black with you is more important thing people carry around cameras that are worth like.
I missed my biggest worry it doesn’t get used.
The kids love using it,
play around with that mouth ago so the fishing by youngest son he’s really have a disk phone can he isn’t okay phone d just windows phone yeah oh i’m sorry that we often to windows phones have good cameras.
Yes but it’s not at you through the phone has,
iphone se which is a camera.
So the kids will use it more and it does good video is very good video actually.
Yes of course it does better video that Annie can’t pocket phone.

[52:05] I’ll see once I get the iPhone 7 Hero 7 black,
we’ll see if anybody sees any sales on the hero 7th let me know.

[52:26] Should we rush out.

[52:36] We could do that if you want that’s fine so we can meet somewhere near your place yeah I feel like wings.
Now go to Lexington if it’s not wing night there I think it’s wing night I’d like to think there’s three other places of Lexington is right by one of the Corner Diner used to be Corner Bar and Grill.

[53:02] Churchill’s is that we used to go to watch hockey games yes we’ve been want to so it’s right down the street right near there we’ll go to Lexington or whatever you prefer.
Alright I will meet you there okay goodbye surface Nation.
Keep your stick on the ice in your scotch on the rocks you can finish your whiskey oh I will okay that is good we will talk to you soon.
Alright bye bye bye bye.

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