Episode 090 – The Lost Episode


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Word of the Week

  • Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time either of us says “Leather”.

Product Review

  • Keyboard too small for David’s big hands

  • Almost exact same case and screen as an iPad 2
  • Nice Screen
  • Battery only good for about 4 hours
  • Buy – No Buy – No Buy

News of the Week 

Rant and Rave

  • David complains about Microsoft inviting thousands, if not millions, to become Windows Insider MVPs


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Whisky of the Week

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Episode 090 – The Lost Episode

Windows Microsoft MVP Insider Surface Phone

2018, The Surface Smiths Podcast
Universal Windows Podcast

David and Colin Talk about MS Ignite 2018 announcements and the MS Hardware event


[0:00] Hello I’m Cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything Windows such a surface Xbox phone and the windows Insider program here are your host the surface Smith.
I’m David Smith and I’m calling Smith and we are the surface,
is episode one david ninety sh ninety if why’s that wall two weeks ago we recorded episode ninety but we had.
A problem that didn’t need to meet my lower body a standard right and then the even episode ninety was delayed for multiple reasons feel dr there was a tornado that knocked out power heals your means,
too long didn’t read okay this is so that there was a tornado.

[0:47] Delayed a whole bunch of things we lost power in our city I still don’t have heat in my office,
HVAC unit got blown off the building also two trees down nobody died here but they’re six tornadoes a touchdown lot of Destruction and a lot of it was around $0.02 around my office and there was places in the city without power for up to 5 days
i just prayed that could of solomon trail goes through a district substation right,
tomato sauce with the week of ignite we’re supposed and we were supposed to do dailies from ignite we have no power we were dealing with other issues,
so we didn’t do our foreign correspondents Rafael and the boys formula coffee clutch.
We weren’t able to connect with them so we didn’t covered nightfall not there’s a get well tomatoes fault,
the tornado then we did actually record an episode
that fell apart it was a awesome recorded it that way from eight with with tactical issues and then call and when had a death in the family that you look that so,
and how long since your last episode.

[2:09] I’m about 4 weeks about 4 weeks August 22nd August 22nd okay and the last time we recorded this we actually had Whirlwind as our word of the week but hey guys what about the word of the week,
but what about this week’s worth of the week I should be different I thought it was tornado was her word of the week tornado Whirlwind I can’t remember,
about leather leather is fine corinthian leather in corinthian leather yeah another test get there all,
sure alright that don’t touch the leather.
Okay okay I’m not sure how we’re going to work that in so for those of you that are new to the show where the week is a drinking game if you hear us say the word of the week you get to take a drink of your favorite beverage I’m actually Thursday if I have a sip right now.

[2:57] So leather all right now.
Where do you want to start David do you want to go right into a product with you our last episode I talked about the surface go that I tried in New York City,
I see you’ve got something that you have a service call if you have a Surface tablet that had a crack in the screen that I happen to buy the extended warranty on and,
they don’t just fix it they just give you the money back or so I had,
money burning a hole in my pocket so I picked up one so which model to get.
Eight one twenty eight i think it would be silly to buy the four k for sure the forty-eight would run while but eventually sure is that the one with the sst years at the one with the.
The best hard drive healthy ssd1 called UCM EMC,
communication not buying these things for performance correctly so you didn’t get the Costco on the cost going to make it out quite nicely,
I only have 4 gigs of memory 128 storage I’m not sure what type of storage so that’s it ideal combination but my reef my rebate of $330 wasn’t Acosta how much of the total amount.

[4:18] It’s about $800 – 300 Canadian Canadian dollars.
Had its ups okay to tell us about what he thinks first impressions on but we didn’t do it you did do it on boxing anything but what you numbers up so it is the it’s the exact same for form factor as my apple.
IPad 2 which is probably for 5 years old exact same Corners almost the exact same screen size the exact same thickness which is.

[4:57] So you a little bit odd does it looks more like an apple from up front so you think that they bought a bunch of refurb to iPads and slammed slammed surface bits in them yeah,
yeah it’s a conspiracy,
really the only thing I can see,
they should have put a bit of extra weight in that and add the battery last a bit longer.
Set the fuck up,
okay not mistaken what was that Neva Neva scan Beacon,
caca the eighties so any i can get use to the keyboard,
yeah you know for when it does it slot better than any touch typing on screen would be so i don’t think that’s really a challenge with the keyboard for say that microsoft dismayed okay i think it’s just a problem with the size of a ten inch form factor,
so really there’s no point it’s.

[6:14] Not a must-have for sure cake so how much will you say the battery is not fantastic how much you getting out of it like four hours really,
real well that’s disappointing very disappointing.

[6:30] God wanted to look it up like that whole day out of my $69 Canadian $69 Kindle Fire HD.

[6:41] I can get more than that have an iPad I can have more than that out of my circle you definitely get more of an iPad Surface connector so you know when you’re at your desk,
you can get your external monitors bigger keyboard now that really bad right here and I’m like the new Surface spices for Microsoft it as a USBC will charge it will well,
what was so I charged it with my regular cell phone adapter,
and it charged so I think the fact that I charged it all was good okay but I have more powerful you,
PC device adapters light comes with the laptop and the docking station for Adele and those will go.
Those will charge quickly I’m sure but I was surprised like this with the phone adapter it was actually charging.
To be hand if you’re stuck somewhere as earned don’t have lives in glass for the new discharging.
I just turned it on and left okay I wouldn’t be surprised it would just break even fill this wouldn’t even make up across Continental flight,
battery wise.
Alright so that’s very very disappointed,
when does a pass or fail.
It depends on the surface pen to surface,
bail bondsman someday,
buy one as soon as I get my TSA check but just very disappointing.

[8:10] It is quite expensive to so really if it was around $500 with a keyboard instead of 800 with keyboard.

[8:19] I think that would bust my that i think what i’d rather do is buy a one of the news surface laptop i think three pilling from a whole ji at for on like three hundred dollars for yeah at four and on on on on at the top and.
If the i seven or is that they don’t i nine yet so now okay.
Alright so that’s it for that show we move on,
new story of the week now you didn’t mention what your,
keep or case is made out of hearts wanna find corinthian leather is or so ago can them thirsty here.

[9:00] Gonna suck so in that big long in from while we were away there will i lose.
The conference the us there was Microsoft ignite Microsoft ignite for the first time in quite a number of years no surface Miss were there,
so what did I say about that.
All that introduce the new version of office that’s basically a subset of officer sixty five four on perm customers when from cousin has a cute,
what else did you go to breakfast so off the oven office twenty nineteen is now available for mac and pc.

[9:38] Those of you that are not falling biscuits confusing the office three sets on a new one that you wanna have right
write his office three sixty-five just been out for a few years and depending on what skew of officer sixty five you have the disk anyone for example you do not get an office pay you’ll get any office off or,
UCB online office off we don’t get a local install office software so you have to go to the E3 or Business Essentials or business by mistake.
It’s like four bucks so you don’t have to have it but my mistake would not be one of them yes right PC,
example use water email so depending on which version of office to sixty five you buy you also get
five per user five installs of microsoft office is close,
Pro Plus father’s claim Office 365 I believe in.

[10:33] It’s part of your license as long as you’re paying your light your monthly license fee you have usage rights but what if you stop paying.
Have you straight anymore that this is the perpetual license so for instance if you bought office,
2007 back in 2007 or 2008 or whenever you whenever you want it you could still run it that Microsoft support anymore it’ll give you updates or anybody but you own it you can run it forever.
Legally run it forever however office365 you stop paying your monthly you can’t legally run anymore.

[11:09] Talk a little bit about the differences so that’s the licensing side of it right so office twenty nineteen is based on the feature set more or less that we saw in late spring early summer,
in Office 365 Office 365 gets updated on a,
hopefully not random well someone’s got a plan but lisa mc maybe collectively sure so,
features are the features come out regularly and it’s always upgrading and it’s really focused on integrating with the rest of the office to sixty five sweet,
which is that online experience and that cloud experience not to say that office 2019 does,
lie to connect a cloud services but.
but Office 365 will keep getting more and more cloud looks to other services like yeah I after she learning and it whatever new functionality comes out in Office 365.

[12:11] So that’s one big piece of news and and what what’s the next Feast well that’s good news alright so,
ex off now uses a i’ll help you create a better presentation spreadsheets and things like that in the office apt to look at what you’re trying to do it suggest a better way to present it.
It’s always been suggestions but now looks like yeah looks like you’re trying to write a letter but a lot more though it’s looking at the.
Practices for presentations and spreadsheets and charts and things like that so be fun to try that out.
I have a friend who’s going to company that’s focused on doing just that for businesses to make your presentations better so really like to have to take that I’d like to see what his thoughts are on it,
so we can talk then we talk a lot the last episode yes the last lost.

[13:17] I am,
this allows you to have your virtual desktop and let Asher as opposed to having to setup terminal terminal servers are those her on hold on hold on,
talk about sessions vs instances okay.
Olden days or what people when using terminal server or what we on when i call have a session based computing you have a single wes,
air by many users right right so they can all connect to it can like that,
Mainframe concept and to be honest the first instance of this on Windows electrical twin frame and it was a modified kernel buys Citrix.

[14:12] Yes and I thought it was a very clever. Back into the 80s that did this stuff on PCS to.
A tarp for Dawson for a long time,
we were talking about virtual desktops were talking about what,
colloquially people call vdi VMware coined the term vdi virtual desktop infrastructure what it is maybe I were talking about multiple.

[14:47] Dances so there be multiple virtual machines and i each person can x to one persistent or not,
stop spread today appear and disappear maybe they’re just there for you at the next.
Get well Windows 7 or Windows 10 OS 8.1 if you really must each user gets their own or,
whatever else you want to call this other words for that.
That one machine with multiple users and that’s a great Segway into our next item that will talk about but why is this important for the first time now.
Windows 10 is available as a paid service directly from Microsoft and Azure and you can have,
stop there so sorry technology change you could have always run,
to bring your license and your license to allow you to do that night just by making us buy it and turn it off and not using it all sorts of things like that so.

[15:57] Basically promoted desktops in someone else’s Data Center,
tornado outage here people are using that they can accept connect to edgerton woden.

[16:08] Okay now the next one is Microsoft brings multi-user virtualization to,
windows and office instances where each user gets thrown instance of now in Windows 10.
You can use Windows 10 essentially as what we used to call a terminal server to have multiple users connect to Italy travel each have a session Windows 10 not Windows Server that’s correct now why is that important David.
Because Windows 10 Windows Server are very similar to each other.
But not the same exactly so in the olden days,
last month if you wanted to do session-based Computing yeah you would have to do it on a
Windows server and it had it had present it has session Services right and remote desktop services that you would turn on and you would uninstall your software you have to jump through hoops to install off we’re not big Hoops but you install software,
and let people connect to it up Here’s the catch alright.

[17:14] When developers build applications for Windows and user Windows Windows 10 or Windows 7 that’s a good example of say,
Adobe Photoshop the developers built that they tested it on Windows 7 latest on Windows 8 the test on Windows 10 they got it logo certified,
with all the criteria and then some sysadmin somewhere takes that app,
add fries to shoehorn it on to Windows Server which is very similar but not the same,
and it may or may not work and then you have to go through all sorts of remediation and things like that,
application for certified to work with the remote desktop services but others were not so is very limiting.
And you get sometimes really funky heirs.

[18:01] And then gift because the cold is writ for windows ten and you try to run on windows server and may or may not work.

[18:11] But my sister will definitely so now that’s that’s gone but secondly you don’t have to worry about the cost Associated Windows server.

[18:23] And and although there would be a conditional class here for extra license,
but of course not. The whole server licensing right,
how you could run a server on a desktop but if we all did.
And a lot of small businesses are afraid of servers,
a server that’s,
yeah that happened in your office before we’re kilobit drive you places cuz people hitting afraid of service for so log but.

[18:56] They don’t work anymore exactly yes so that’s the news about Windows 10 and.
Multi-user virtualization as well as virtual desktop to similar related but different announcements.
Okay alright.

[19:19] Just after it night october second at with the west microsoft heads three three new i just for new.
1 2 3 updated products.
So the first one they update it was the surface laptop and I’m very excited by that it has everything you’d want except USBC Port that’s right.
Is that believe there is one of LT1 block yes everything everything’s available black.
How’s the way they will have a surface pro and black as well they have a lot,
so yesterday the new laptop and its exact same time the Old it’s just.
No thinner nothing Cur and more powerful 1.8 times as powerful and you know the old one.
Obviously it’s not a power user computer in either case you probably want to go for Surface Book 15 if you need a lot of power but this would way way less Island it blows,
no bother have really been any MacBooks in a while that’s a little bar on the keyboard that changes now it’s got touch,
it’s a touch screen David doesn’t have a little touch banking.

[20:44] Okay that doesn’t have a high price of the macbooks yeah i got a high price not the summer has size similar person it then they brought a surface pro sex again has the lack of usb c,
so interesting name.
Because if it wasn’t the five going to call it the five because it was really confusing cuz they’re originally when they first watch that people may not remember but before the Surface Pro 3 there were two others.
Dress made of leather leather.

[21:24] Leather Burns front of them shirt,
help just like wouldn’t when television first came out nobody called it black and white television,
and actually when colors I look good in whittwood color television came out what happened was,
they started calling at color television to differentiate it from normal television which wasn’t color right then sometime into the evolution of color television that became the new normal nice are referring to black and white television where that was
the famous picture for manual transmission yes.
I bought a couple but anyway then we’re using it here for our soundboard aren’t we
so high five as we can hear it still works great but then came the Surface Pro 2 Surface Pro 3 which is finally I hit Surface Pro 4 also hit and then they went back to school to Surface Pro,
if a candidate that makes the right of the original one didn’t exist but as you can here it does exist pass yet so i’m gonna call that when the five to tell me about the six,
again they have increase the power.
Exact same case so you know this nice little folding not the back that you know the same keyboard 7 change any of that but it’s just it’s just faster and black races green and black.

[22:53] But not small,
it really small vessel life if they just increase the the quality of bezel that the screen but i mean it was harassment plus whatever if you know you have a nice mac avid nice,
surface for whatever even a surface 3 when they’re fantastic screens the app so what they’re better.
But back to the USBC the reason I don’t I just like it it’s cuz it’s everything is just be coming in that USBC and it’s it’s just it’s not that you need it in your bag all the time,
it’s just that they they could have put it in there but I guess they wanted to wait until.

[23:29] Thunder bolts and everything and have all the standards out and no fuss no muss smell,
with very conservative play which is Xbox better than what they did when the original Surface Book came out and it didn’t really work too well right well there’s been rumors that the,
the EU might Force Apple to standardize on USBC and get away from their lightning connector on their phones on their phones.
Which better than a while ago from you I think yeah.
Okay sure it’s a lot more so like I find the USB that was granted there more cheap vendors making USB C cables but you can still squeeze it and bend it right you can’t leave Den.
Lightning press the the shield around the USB C connector alright so what’s next,
what’s next hell we didn’t talk so we talked about those headphones headphones so I don’t know why they made the headphones but they look really nice.

[24:40] My kids want them but you know what the world headphones right 350 Us gift card so,
so I told you the story about my son and his little adventure to the,
Texas parolee satisfy the gift cards and stuff like that so I might buy some I don’t know if that’s only set to headphones lying around,
my house at three set the good headphones hear about three or four sets a good headphones at home on opening the set the can of there’s another.

[25:12] Tell me about use it towards surface Co Staples surface got okay let’s move on to.
HP the says that,
a leather case on the outside live there let.
Find currently that is the case i just like to retire don’t know it’s it’s on the outside like elka terror what of the stove is okay inside and,
of course it’s done to the computer it’s made it way more efficient well hopefully that works,
they get to him that i was dry clean only cuz leather that’s true that’s so i don’t think we’ll wipe which one of you this is is some.
Happier in this computer is like 18 hours of battery life is just huge the thing that makes sense is if you’re going to carry around a folio of some sort with it in it.

[26:15] That it would kind of be the same instead of you would just carry the system without a case Okay so David.
I want you skip the next item okay and come back to it’s okay I took care of you on the 2nd next one.
So what to expect in from the Windows 10 October 2018 update or what we’re affectionately calling 1809 the thing here is when we wrote that article,
it was a what to expect and then said we were 12,
but something’s happened since then David
it’s there’s a new feature in Windows 10 delete your files saved increases the space,
leaving for spite building fossil currently it happens fairly small situation did you know you can re direct your desktop gas to one drive yes i do that.
Oh well I don’t and apparently those are the people that might have been.

[27:12] I got in there yeah. Well it’s really hard for Microsoft recorded all these different vendors of different products and make sure that things work,
but wait no no one derives from Microsoft Windows from Microsoft Microsoft I thought it was from Apple,
don’t know okay and then they got these people called insiders they’re supposed to test all these things but I think they’re getting paid too much cuz obviously they’re not doing a good job at tested this stuff,
so there’s a couple things that are bit frustrating when is that they released it,
to the slow ring in the fast ring like a week before pushing it out to everybody else they really didn’t leave it a lot of time and there have been allegations that they have deleted some post from The Insider Hub or people that said this is the problem.

[28:04] Right.
Not Microsoft has no no no no variety variety disappeared,
were they perhaps running the Hub on 1809 at desktop redirected,
under what they go yes that must be what have,
they’re probably running in on a nice day,
but the,
it is it’s very important to make himself feel good because you were there to help make things better have some people been reporting this and,
you have the possibility that would be nasty all i have a great way to make the sex feel better house invite everyone to be an mvp ch.

[29:13] Okay look up or who remember goodly this from when you and later i cannot stand okay.
I know why you wanna skip ahead of the.
Welcome to spread it out okay okay okay so we can cover two things they are going to move this to the end I’m missing so it’s how it’s made.
So remember that we had a toast i’d toast made cover of with rob my surface book at river rock you or a toast a toast toast they have a leather one now
okay okay so glue on case for your Surface Book,
or yours but then what about on mysickers.

[30:02] Turn on all you’ve what’s the cuz i given why would i want another one i love the magnesium acted point,
and wipe out and buy a will there’s an a black surface laptop Surface Book yet but they will be and then why put it yeah what people are putting things they outside right why put stickers on your computer went when ice,
if you only had a block magnesium,
like this one,
yes. By a lot you mean once in a blue moon you see one
about more so than I did before they look like primer yes they do,
Last piece of news so we talked about ignite of previous episode that we did get out the door we talked about the Apple announcements we talked about the Microsoft Hardware announcement,
oh my goodness we should have led with that,
guess not nothing to say okay,
okay so is that it for a news that is.

[31:18] Music.

[31:26] Alright so that David you said you had something you want to talk about Rants and Raves Microsoft invited me to become Windows Insider MVP,
good for you congratulations thank you thank you cut i am already windows insider mvp of cases problem.
It’s kind of seems like they’ve invited thousands and thousands baby hundreds of thousands I didn’t get invite you didn’t get an invite so there is at least a level of expectation but it’s like.
Kathy put in a query that says not existing like it what sort of criteria did they put in for that so.
I am running Insider build immediate they did not immediately respond to my request for information,
well as other people blogged about it and think like they is people are one explain about it but it just seems to me if it be nice if they invite insiders but the should put some care into the inviting.
Okay so don’t want to have a cake party invite too many people then there will be no point to it.

[32:30] Okay that’s my rent that’s your aunt yes okay once the course then you can say well what who wants to be a member of a club that,
heard any rumors from Microsoft will not from Microsoft but have heard one from Samsung and what would that be well Samsung says it’s working on a foldable phone that we have tablets you can put your pocket sound familiar,
maybe sides was the microsoft product andromeda and well damn it is the opera incident,
will fit in your pocket again folded and you got a
more screen real estate imagine someone makes foldable screens.
People have a matching that’s for quite a while if make full checked so.

[33:25] Certainly be a lot of really cool concept of that but the only thing we’ve seen similar to that is i think alen oval made,
computer that had for the keyboard it was basically a touch screen.
And that really went nowhere so it’s kind of a cool concept but.
What will we see what that will really work I think we’re looking for a whole new Computing Paradigm right now but I’m still not excited by the new phone Hardware out there,
I want to get a new phone,
I think I was not one out there that turns my crank.
I mean really when you’re looking for a phone that something that last a fair bit of time as is Handy.
And then it is important and then everything else is just kind of like me at what point did the iphone and the and the.

[34:17] The Galaxy start being awesome cameras that sticks on the iPhone,
E46 with you know Microsoft Microsoft but everybody has unless you buy really cheap phone you have an amazing camera now you’re going away or you could take it out the camera that you could just you could just take a phone when I get to get the S alignment take a GoPro,
but you could not you can easily just a lot anyways so get fantastic diving so your phone’s waterproof.
No it’s not it’s a success on 7th and I can’t take it down at the end.

[34:56] But anyways that’s like an OtterBox for it if I want to try but at some point so I’m going away from there if we can.
Last year we went away I went to Alaska and I visited with Joel Jazz who was one of the hosts of the date of the pain the pain also known as,
now I’m going to Australia where his co-host the Dane
whereabouts I believe is Melbourne but it’s not I’m going to leave his one of those two cities so maybe,
I’ll try to hook up with him now that they’re podcast is gone quiet for a while back for you for me
alright for them it interesting that they spam the pacific australia to alaska my can’t take it much further within that know know if you can do a podcast with those sort latencies hear your good health okay alright.
Anything else you want to talk about what is Microsoft Microsoft what.

[36:06] This is for my sweet shows o know what of microsoft we kill the password,
with its pathetic a rap or anything off I have not used passwords in quite some time for all any of my personal devices,
heading to my work devices I use hello,
I push token.

[36:28] Go i’d be happy for a password manager i use a pass for batteries last pass right by rely on that heavily.
But I don’t use passwords that often except some my client systems so maybe passwords are on our way out that would be nice.
But useful.
Okay that was pretty lame what do you think all right so everything else I don’t think so.
Show’s over showed over.
Follow the show on Twitter at surface Smith email the show at podcast.

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[37:30] Music.

[37:39] Is it time for whiskey yet well the best part of the show it’s always time for whiskey Cortana,
alright so we started a new thing for whiskey the week segment or the universal whiskey podcast for the after-party whatever you want to call it. We’re what’s the name of that book they would we ready it’s 101 whiskeys to dry before you die.
Alright no pressure here no pressure.
The first Whiskey In the book is what aberfeldy 21.
Yeah that’s the aberfeldy mayall i was looking at it in the mirror.
Of you shaving with that bitch or i’ll email know this is a gift actually but that is a gift for my birthday from my friend,
and i dont know who is very generous over to give me this so we should drink it to what they say about never fell the well.

[38:43] So I read this read this tonight so you shouldn’t have messed up those numbers.
Leonardo da Vinci.
Brought the arabic number see your because the roman numerals work way too complicated they were and so with the simple system if you weren’t able to figure.
The whiskey were not tasting is is.
It’s by aberfeldy obviously the same one built by bloodpop however I’m color golden Amber what’s your check,
nose cream honey nose dried fruit will tell us about The Distillery tell us what they say.
It’s disturbing re hat ever feel like two hours model was built in,
96 to 98 by the Restless.
Rest innovative and order from there all to do or brothers homos know that obama at all.
I have lost my sense of smell.

[39:58] I would say it’s um for the sweet terminally.

[40:10] Okay honey dark honey.
Sweet caramel vanilla will the apple don’t fall no no smoke no salt and small.

[40:22] No iodine oh oh here we go igot to mention of it here.
It may be easier to find the twelve year old version that’s good.

[40:34] This is a lot better and well worth the additional money exchange these really rounds out and deepens this with you that might be why i’m a little bit better.
Different and round and round it up that you are calling cuz I’ve been age just a little bit longer to just a little bit longer okay so let’s see if my little trick of any other water LOL.

[41:03] Does make it sweeter a little bit more complex doesn’t help with the nose now.

[41:12] Son’s hockey coach aston color day does your nose run your feet smell and your probably built upside down.

[41:23] Nice I like this I like this but I wouldn’t throw it out,
it’s decent I prefer something just a little more complex because we’ve been trying different things like bourbons and rice and stuff like that which do have a much stronger taste than this that we have.
Filter pellets for a good solid.
Oscar is with like a glenn live it plan that kind of style and standard highland okay.
Find some plans to probably takes very similar for this and get well be happy with that jerk.
But because of the single malt and expecting a little more character than this.

[42:14] Santa hats not terrible so David.
Describe to me what your favorite artist taste like something burnt.
I just tasted a bit of burnt almonds with that know we were getting on and then that’s why I said the word on this but a little burnt flavor that it was weird just so why don’t you describe to me.
What you’re you’re perfect with you taste,
well I first of all you would get to the duty free store,
have a dollar store dollar store in the gallon size and it would be $3 Canadian.
When we when get gallons leaders okay we’re size are.
I definitely like a little bit sweeter than that so I I I think it’s because of some of the Bourbons with your born baby.

[43:07] Bizarro Bizarro you should put that in your business cards made with less subtle.
I want a bit more Aroma I like the vanilla as I like the toffee I feel like a coffee or even or Burke caramel 15 to go shopping this.
Needs to be a little rougher almost.
Which is half the year here so so you don’t like go to McAllen I left Macallan Sienna only as my year round,
and I.

[44:03] Like the dollar for dog can totally buy go to for that and then for winter whiskey and like a good let alone.

[44:12] Which is a little bit smoke your little bit Peter a little bit salty air but not immensely so.
Right now the mrs or to much i put them my covering that in the so once in a while thing,
with a good cigar sure sure with you about actually today about whiskey
that’s what it’s date one of these and now i’m up is dave smith on my caller id and he also it with my phone so.

[44:43] I’m up on my phone and its.

[44:50] 314 number is David Smith,
with about whiskey yeah yeah v you have a clear think that we should call of dow acts without
that was about a week tasting i bought at a at a charity auction last year nigga nine organize do of the cottages whiskey weekend
at that the scheduling gods are just going to text you on that one they are they are if you give up the weekend idea and make it into the wednesday.
Could be at a restaurant or something or.
Someone’s house just because people can stay over we can play cards late if someone’s house is tough to have to fix guys stay over yes that’s true.
Wait until and if we have to have read it read the hotel people are going one in.

[45:53] That’s just double surprise,
right right that’s what that’s easy to do at someone’s house but not easy to do at a hotel at a hotel.

[46:10] But i don’t think that fixes the scheduling problems doing well not it does not to such push it off into the future was kaisha my xl make it and ice fishing weekend.
S are skiing weekend we’re screen lights up but then he won’t come that far have you know aunts was a do.
Besides drink whiskey like sorry that was white why would you need to do anything besides whiskey right exactly so.
What are the state of its he fights with the foil wrapper worth over or or or or really,
yeah he is November 10th that you can party that weekend please can we just whatever you was getting at your party.
Okay we got that that’s possible the whiskey in sushi.

[47:06] Okay could do that yeah yeah okay,
possibility for sure when we do it before.
Got to get some details on how long his tasting thing goes and whether you like sushi couple hours.
We could do it in the afternoon and then make sushi with sharp knives okay but zombie bugs coming out of people’s mouths.
Yeah that’s possible.

[47:36] Will have to Institute a uber policy.
Thought I’d like to do this up if if we’re not in the cottage then November 10th is not a big deal we could do it at the sushi making party.

[47:52] Yes but if we’re doing it at your place and do it anytime.
Write the bus to see me your entry in quick right but will you do to my house right,
but again the whole thing is in people have to go home.
We just instituted Uber coffee that’s it I have to take a note.
Or not drink and drive.
That is true is not a whisky we can it is a whiskey tasting and they.
Make eating and if yes how is playing sure so that none of the normal for all of the that goes along with the whiskey weekend is involved.
No backwash well let’s not talk about that.
We’re consumption of many things so that the party when of the situation parties at my old house years ago i had gone to an auction like this and i had bought a cake balls i know i was there,
so this is a similar thing I paid for the cake bow so you would,
I’d likely pay for the $750,
but what do the merriest well i could do a personal tasty.
All good i’ll get a sale out yourself the fuck are you.

[49:20] Alright alright so we need to solve this stuff but let’s work on it after we go for a bike ride so anything else to talk about we’re going to try again next week.

[49:33] Yeah and then you’re going to wait at the end of November December 8th and leaving.

[49:47] What we have a hundred we’re counting down to a hundred okay well we got at I’m at to be at the ignite throttle once app that is like the 10th or so I have.
Junior but the problem with that is i have a conference the week after in boston so site.
Logistical thing but Minor Details for those of you that are that listens wait till the end we’re now pushing the what we’re pushing 50 minutes.

[50:18] I thought you stayed on all the way to the end I’m going to be going to Australia I’m going to be in Sydney I’m going to be in cans,
Atlantic City a sound like an ass cans and then I’m going to be at a live-aboard for 3 Days Great Barrier Reef and then I’m going to be in,
Anyways you can look up port douglas is is no greater rifts well on a beach there and then i’m gonna be in el are o and a staying at the la roux which in the old days we called heirs rocks,
having Christmas there then going to Melbourne I’m saying that correctly for a few days before heading home,
so how long you gone for 3 weeks wow well whirlwind.
Maybe i’ll get some kangaroo leather coat drink strap thing to a.

[51:21] So if anybody wants to hook up with a surface Smith let me know I’ll bring stickers.
Sticker you up with surface the stickers port arthur scoble of tasmania for an appointment i cut the chicken fifths yeah you’re right you’re up in the upper round pants is still so replace i wanna go they can’t do all wants but next time.
Okay and when I get back we’ll be party W yes.
And when I get back I’ll be looking for I remember going to Hawaii for Christmas for you to confuse ago and then went right to Mont-Tremblant was -45 go skiing we went from + 42 – 45.
Chocolate outsider plus minus forty five sk yeah my son got frost bite.
You should have stayed in probably doing that as well so I think that’s it.
What was he going to be all that bad you know why mine’s gone mine’s going to yeah,
Lexmark it’s it’s not unpleasant it is nothing I can Rave about but there’s nothing wrong nothing wrong with it I think we should,
and call the show everybody keep your stick on the ice near scotch on the rocks take care have a great day.

[52:50] Cooking my microphone.

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