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  • With special guest Saptashwa Bandyopadhyay

Word of the Week

  • Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time either of us says “Watch”.

News of the Week 

  • The iPhone XR starts at $749 (64GB), pre-orders start Oct. 19, shipping Oct. 26
  • iPhone XS starts at $999 (64GB), pre-orders start Sept. 14, shipping Sept. 21
  • iPhone XS Max starts at $1,099 (64GB), pre-orders start Sept. 14, shipping Sept. 21
  • Microsoft Product Launch Oct 2nd
    • Colin – No ARM – LTE
    • Sap – ARM
    • David – Updated Surface Laptop and Updated Surface Studio

Rant and Rave

  • Colin complains that the Microsoft store in Syracuse kicked is 14 million kids


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Whiskey of the Week


Episode 089 – Just Watch Me

Windows Microsoft MVP Insider Surface Phone

2018, The Surface Smiths Podcast
Universal Windows Podcast

David and Colin Do Stuff

Transcript – Courtesy of WIT.ai

[0:07] Hello I’m Cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything Windows such a surface Xbox phone and the windows Insider program here are your host the surface Smith.

[0:22] I’m calling Smith I’ve Dave Smith and we have a special guest with us today David shot.
Sap watch why don’t we let him introduce himself.
Hi guys this is Chef Joshua I am from India and I guess I’m a special guest on the show
this is episode 89 for those of you that have been keeping track we haven’t had an episode since sometime in July so today is September 17th
that were recording the show probably be coming out by two or three days but we’ve had lots going on while we’ve been away before we before we get,
too much further into it we should probably do some housekeeping guys what about the word of the week,
why do we let our special guests choose a word of the week.

to watch we got it right so we got a little bit at,
housekeeping to talk about that I’ve been doing some traveling David for doing some traveling we will talk more about that the end of the show but since you mentioned watch,
I’m guessing you might not want to talk a little bit about some of the gadgets that were announced during the Apple event last week.
So happen owns the venue iphones and apple watch okay the water yeah
will will do his will get into what we go right into the news and let you take that as the first segment
I will get with that so I’m going to do the news intro new story of the week alright so let’s take that first news item the Apple iPhone event.

[2:23] So Apple announce the iPhone,
10s Russians all the people in The Colony Texas is I collected everything from Apple,
yeah and when you combine it with Max it becomes excess Max which is a terrible terrible,
let’s get on with it was terrible names for everyone else will fail so lucky.
So one of the major announcements on the 7th was the Apple Watch series for which of the Greenlight removed from the site for the celebration which is an improvement,
as far as looks so concerned but the thing is they introduce ECG and their watches.
Which is electrocardiogram which made me actually consider switching 2 hours just to get the watch which I have never thought about before why do you want to ECG all the time.

[3:27] Elektel on further thought I don’t want to listen to all the time but let’s see I was in my thirties or my forties and I was thinking about my health and.
We want we want to ignore our health,
I guess you can do that but I have heard a lot of people out of stories about the Apple watch cashing Hartley to diseases early on,
for people who might have not had an idea about the diseases because otherwise perfectly healthy,
so I think it’s a great achievement for apple and for the health industry overall,
why do they reset technologically yet it’s hard to say but I can just imagine younger people going here mom your dad buy this watch,
api of this is because it i’m worried about you now mom and dad you know maybe in their seventies or eighties will remember to charge it but you know yeah apple still sell a lot of them.
Okay that was my first thought actually like.
My mom and dad is still a little older it’s probably that I probably buy them by this for them.

[4:46] I don’t think so but the price will no support calls.
Right by the time you’re old enough that it’ll matter they’ll have like a 30-day battery life or something like that,
what this really means apple is going beyond the communications and gadgets are really getting into the health devices field.
Yeah I guess they haven’t getting into Health devices filled with the CDC when they really got into the groove for smart watches and left all the other SmartWatches in the dust too so to speak because,
I don’t see any other compelling Smartwatch other than Apple watch Android SmartWatches are fine but,
that just spoke your phone notifications I guess you guys use any smart watches.
I think it looks like a nice watch which the Apple doesn’t it I have a fight ionic you’re right it doesn’t do much.

[5:49] Notifications I don’t think any of the watch-like does much,
things and so I’m not people really don’t use a Fitbit ionic has a near field communication pay system so like Apple pay,
the one thing i like about it that no other smart watch really comes close is the battery life but also it water proof and but with that regularly.

[6:18] Yeah so if I was going forward or probably go for a Fitbit or something similar but if you talk about fitbit’s garments for people who are.
Into the health seen before Apple watch camera.
One is when i people that that are doing things they don’t have a heart attack the other for people that are planning to have a heart attack you and fear of market segmentation.
Okay so,
well here’s the thing if apples really getting to the health devices it’s okay it’s in a bigger way the one thing that we’re seeing really changing Healthcare,
from a technology perspective is Big Data machine learning and AI,
in the build things like crisper in the human genome project and things like that take a lot of computing power and if you start
Apple starts getting Telemetry from millions of people that are wearing this who knows what they might be able to discover problem is,
they don’t have cloud service they don’t have the backend compute to really make good use of this so this leads me to believe their partner up,
only relief for options for them to partner with as far as i’m concerned one would be amazon because cloud provider in the world.

[7:38] I don’t know what kind of relationship Apple has it Amazon but Amazon really is not a devices company more you know they’ve got the Kindle,
they try to phone it didn’t work they tried to go the Kindle HD Fire I’ve got one of them but it’s really not a big deal just more just Amazon consumption device,
it’ll come back to Amazon if I should have left them for last let’s talk about
Google Google I don’t think apple is going to partner with Google it but it had screwed Microsoft.
So who’s the fourth one at IBM Facebook Facebook Facebook.
Google. Ok Google and apple are going to get together on devices cuz they compete too many front potentially Microsoft because of you take a look at where Microsoft and Apple play now not a lot of overlap anymore Microsoft out of the phone business.

[8:36] The switch the devices will the surface devices where they Clash a bit,
us soliders and the whole ecosystem right but interesting enough so what we haven’t really talked too much about anything else that was at the apple event they didn’t mention any max was gonna take,
are we updated on their new laptops now next month or something where they announce a lot of laptops and will update the air parenting right so,
Microsoft an option I think Amazon is probably the best option very little overlap and option for was building the wrong.
Which I don’t think they’re going to do no,
owner domestic considering how the phone service Works which doesn’t sync their data.
And you have to lick the tag the photos again in each of the devices.
To ask you to send that heater back and forth and iCloud still doesn’t work perfectly iMessage,
and the cloud still doesn’t work so I don’t think building the one is,
and Azure and they’re probably running their own fabric between the two so that’s that’ll be interesting to see where Apple goes with that.

[9:53] Let’s talk about some of the other devices that the word ounce there were three new iPhones.
Yes the iPhone tennis tennis Max and the 10 are start with which one do you want to own.
Yeah I like super Retina display that they introduced with the tennis has a low DPI than 950 and 950xl from like 3 years back.

[10:30] 2
It’s fine but i don’t really want one such a big device for today i think it was a five point eight and six point five in screens to let’s go through the but that start the bottom man the iphone acts are,
64 gig starts at 7 or $49 us what’s specs.

[10:51] I don’t know but don’t just sit there look pretty that’s my job.

[10:57] Got that what what are the specs on that one I think it has a eatable bionic it has all of the.
Bells and whistles of the expensive to iPhones but it doesn’t have the camera,
Lakers has only they tell you it doesn’t have a telephoto camera it has it doesn’t have 3D touch,
and i think that’s it actually and it doesn’t have the ski lift you banding it has alley me telling you i’m.

[11:29] Can you on the side yeah thats not really replacement for the current iphone ten it replacement for the iphone each plus,
although they still sell that right and I think the bionic is supposed to be much more efficient and they’ve got low power cores as well so in theory get up to 50% more battery life.
But I think like because event larger on the screen this time it’s like only 90 minutes more than the H+ also that’s a very good battery time like if you’re getting 90 minutes more than,
start at 999 for 64 gigs by the way if you want to go up to.
128 year $250 into 56 and 750,
probably how you doing things that have the key I think they have the 64th and the 256th and the 512,
okay so the excess so tell me between the XR in the excess.

[12:37] Only if i had to choose one i’d probably choose the ten are because the you ten s has excessive based on that okay but what do you get for those extra.
You get a telephoto camera by the way that NR can do the book and the portrait effects without the telephoto camera so that’s important fact that you’re looking to just do the telephoto,
just getting the tennis portrait mode with software,
wanted display rather than and see okay.
Slique cannabis,
real videos and pictures.
Look for to $50 you’re not really getting much okay.
Go ahead Tennessee on $400 more than the excess,
and you’re just getting slightly bigger battery and a slightly bigger screen that’s it I will say this is hard to say,
it is Edison 1500 us-45 12 gig not that anybody would buy a 512k phone but,
really why music recordings all sorts of things always running out of space.

[14:06] I believe I have 512 phone as well if it was available for models that I want.
Yeah that’s interesting I don’t use that much storage on my phone then there’s a thing called streaming guys you should try it,
yeah but doesn’t have good Netflix owns all over the place and,
I like to have lots of pull apart Castle to Ally cat usually have 3 to 4 gigs of work podcast on my phone downloaded all the time
welcome that argue against that through quickly like I like my music with me up at the lake and stream that.
Things like that okay so that’s.
Anything else want to talk about the Apple event anything that was interesting anything was conspicuously absent anything else.

[15:08] On my rca or everyone’s the cool food for a mac even later this month or let’s say next month because they have the lip and he of bead yeah that will prob be the best selling mac again,
and the announcement Havasu Mohave think is coming out to Max,
next week or probably this weekend I was 12th that’s a major update for iOS which will make old phones and fast that’s a good thing for everyone who owns an iPhone so,
let’s move on.
David Microsoft officially has a name for the next version of Windows 10 creatively called the October 2018.
Wow when can we expect to get that November but I love that got rid of the fall and Autumn and stuff it’s like.

[16:02] As for arbitrary based on where seattle is so.
What is at the Georgian calendar or not it’s so pretty much everyone follows the,
what’s the mohabbatan calendars all sorts of
I think my got a vast majority people following that first of the seasons deeper into that is our next episode we can try to be recording more often and we get some get some details as to what’s coming in that update I’m running it on one of my machines,
as i talk about yes i just it took textbook forty minutes update i shouldn’t of said click to start the part right so i want to move on and talk about,
some of the some of the things we’re seeing with the new windows on our machines there machines now coming out.
Battery life is a 25-hour range running Windows it’s not crazy it is crazy so the lenovo’s got one a lot of what we talked about this before the folks at.
Let’s build the arm shifter talking about creating shapes that have the same performances and i7 but with much much better battery life,
now what i’m expecting david is that you turn off was background sounds as if it’s sleep if it’s ad that’s fault not mine it and then i also expect.

[17:27] The next generation is really weird to see if we die we tried we are in Redmond we tried some of the early Windows alarm devices that were they were but they were sluggish they.
Buy it and they were they will cases to be righteous and new entered so you take a lap top make it slower and,
but I think I think it’s going to be pretty interesting so we talked about the Apple event there’s a Microsoft Event October 2nd,
i have not but if it if it’s a new and i would make when you’re all talk more about that my rant and rave we wanted me york for that we get an invite.
Okay sure I will definitely do that I have a feeling they’re going to be announcing some more arm devices as Qualcomm start shipping those new arm chips.

[18:19] I’ve been I’ve heard they’re having a new new Surface laptop I’ve heard that too,
it would be interesting if they could buy those to the Groomer’s I’m not sure if that’s just the color they did for for the.
For the stealth mode machines that they didn’t want people recognizing okay so that’s the upcoming,
microsoft event on october second stay tuned we will cuff coverage of so that yeah that’s two weeks from two weeks from tomorrow so we will try to do a voice over like we have done in the past right to the track with microsoft events next week is microsoft ignite,
we are not going I got North my office going either just way too much work too much going on this time of year so what we’re going to be doing is looking for some correspondence of anybody,
that’s listening the show is going to ignite.

[19:11] Please let us know and maybe you can do a remote segment for us or with us I know we’ve already got a couple of volunteers we’ll talk more about that later.
Wanna just do one show next week you’re gonna be crazy go for to well and adobe with new one every day talk with enough that they’ll depend on what microsoft announces i think we’ll have to be fluid dynamic okay,
what do you think sure let’s try for 5 and go with.
Will do we could still do daily daily segments of them back to the mall together,
alright do you have another news item David the next one is the winner Microsoft Windows 10 s Enterprises will get I hate to setup a Linux like support.
So that means they get support for Josh well I don’t know it’s like support me but mostly mixes with other than red hat don’t really have support.
Well right unless you pay for it so basically this means that enterprises will be able to run older versions of Windows 10 longer.

[20:24] Like they do with open to where they have what are they call them.
So I’ve been working a lot of organizations moving to Windows 10 and they’re really really struggling that’s the case maybe they shouldn’t be maybe they should understand it’s just a minor update makes you just let it run but think they can.
We’re there struggling with it this will be good news for them and 30 months okay so that means if you want to update every other year.

[20:59] You could do that you could do that we should talk a little bit about it’s just that Microsoft is going to be charging for Windows 7.
Excited by the way they were charging for supporting XP through the pay for it so for those who aren’t aware Windows 7 is coming to end of,
January 20th that was what it was supposed to be and now they got his five years of paid support I believe which.
Total expected sure you can if you want to pay for it they’ll take care of you and I think a lot of people just don’t care.
And they just let it run without Sportability.
I don’t want to think about that too much last last piece of news that your phone app in Windows 10.
Now has a Android SMS support so from your laptop you can send text messages so I’ve been able to do this with MightyText for like,
5 years right okay and then there’s Android messaging app does it that’s right but this is a joke.

[22:06] Centralized hub for all of your messages so you can have it come into your Skype stream or whatever really.
Ion yeah i use the browser based one with with android and it seems to work well and then it works for my non windows devices like.

[22:23] My Android tablet okay so I’m not 7% but obviously you were you put it in the show that’s all right.
And now well David you wanted to talk a little bit more about was that a rumor you want to talk about any other no but I think it’s time for you to have a bit of a rant.

[22:46] Music.

[22:54] Rants and Raves alright raps here we go 123.
For my birthday I went to New York City
they were taking my family there I think I’ve been there but haven’t gone to the kids before we spend a few days there oddly enough I ran into some people that I know from Ottawa there right there take down the street so we have some fun you know who you are,
what do Yankees gave my birthday try to Nathan’s Hot Dog have White Sox.

[23:24] Edgewood New York City you did a lot like to talk a lot about the city later but,
did go to the Microsoft store in Prairie surface ago there was very noisy busy Place great location,
and guess what it’s more laughable than a both the surface.

[23:47] And the whole body surface for what do you mean by regular some people might not know what that means well but then Mary Jo Foley stole it from us,
it means how well it works on your lap at Lop ability is a personal thing because everyone has different left Dimensions based on how big their legs are and how,
yo holla at all they are because you get a different angle on your lap based on how tall I was all the distance between the floor and your knees could have packed it totally totally,
and I had lap ability issues with the Surface Book would slide off my lap or topple over my lap is slope.

[24:29] I had liability issues with the Surface Pro 3 and 4,
just because I didn’t have enough Lop real estate to get the angle that I need to see if I can make it work but it’s not Ideal Baptist for the lift my knees a little bit. David you’re taller you didn’t have the issues I had,
surface go worked really it worked well then that’s made for a smaller person cuz I found it was fine I didn’t really concert that Billy but I found the keys very small,
keyboard was actually better than I thought he would have took her and I skateboard but I still able to type on it so friend of the show fellow MVP Rafael from what the MVP coffee klatch in Germany,
tweeted at us asking what which laptop you should take I think the surface go is the perfect device to take to ignite I don’t think that was one of his choices though too bad you should go buy one that’s right.

[25:21] And so I still haven’t got my by TSA settlement by the way are they thinking about it I was supposed to six months I got to follow up on that.
What do you think surface Kobe tried 1 scene 1.
Actually I don’t think they have launched it in yet but I have a Microsoft store near office so late,
I tried to go there today like it was closed for some reason.
How to check it out once it launches in India okay so why is this a wrench.
Because you didn’t like the store let me tell you why I loved the flagship store,
yes am I even went back there on the subway himself he had a great time there they tried some AI some VR they played some games they had an awesome time I couldn’t drag them out of there he made a magnet for his locker.

[26:15] It was awesome.
Then on the way home we just so we drove by on the way home we drove through Syracuse and stopped at another Mall there they had a mother Microsoft store if you want to go look at a mouse.

[26:31] He was kicked out of the store for being there without his parents swim team you were just next door you know I wasn’t feeling well,
yeah so he can’t believe I walked over and they said yep no we don’t want to babysit your kids all afternoon to the store by himself just yesterday and you won’t let him the store yet that’s our policy if he walked down the hall and went to the Apple Store instead they have,
no issues welcome so I tweeted and the Microsoft store caught back to me,
and the manager apologized and he sending him the mouse that he was looking at those a Razer gaming mouse not slow but feels very odd,
they didn’t want customers in the store yes that he wasn’t doing anything,
I can see just looking at stuff yeah that’s supposed to same thing it was doing the day before at the store New York City.
That’s funny that’s my rant,
i too have anything else rats race you have any what about what about heard any rumors for microsoft,
well you’ve heard rumors about the October 2nd event right right and no new device type so I really doubt they’ll do an arm thing.
I really wish they would do a surface laptop in arm but I don’t think they will they will.

[27:58] I think they should I don’t know I think they should I have a feeling that the Andromeda by Celine ARM device yes but it won’t be announced either.
I’d do will probably do it on the guys they got them being up there windows from paying the amount of your like it.
I think so later I think they’ll announce it Alexa something like they will ship it later this year maybe holiday quarter or something like that,
I think I put that in the show notes then we have calling.
Arbor knot armored October 20th October 2nd or pervasively no.
LTE says yes and David let you know arm just.
Just updated the surface laptop and it’s updated surface Studio.
Shall we all find out.

[29:05] Yes but we still at my up so how do people contact you you can you need me you get and this oh sorry.
Alright so you want to sign off from India.
I think so it’s 4 a.m. and I think I should go to sleep anyway so say goodbye.
Look at my car right everybody keep your stick on the ice.

[29:50] Music.

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[30:17] Music.

[30:28] Alright we are back with the universal windows podcast after party also known as the universal whiskey podcast.
Damn it sold that yeah I know I stole the podcast of the Podcast Addict.
Sticking around with other standard drink and david i brought it something that i i’ve got as a gift.
Gifts are good for sharing this is tom and tool fourteen years old it’s forty six percent and it is a space side and as you know i’ve never myspace i didn’t like the exact so space side is just,
Parlour Highlands but it’s a sub-region so here is what our good friend Jim Murray says in The Whisky Bible.

[31:13] This guy is shortness of breath some what the distinctiveness to The Barley & Oak arrive a little flustered and half-hearted rather than with a confidence Drive.
Remains of beautiful whiskey full of Vitality displaying The Malt its most naked and vulnerable state they get the feeling that perhaps,
a few too many third field or underperforming second that resulted in the intensity and hair-raising Harmony the truly great previous bottling just being slightly undercooked,
that’s still where the delicious dram and he rated at ninety one and he loves the sixteen it is a ninety four point five will have to get that so let’s pour this david yes.
It’s the fashion for you some as well I could drink it for you though okay.
It’s very a honey color.

[32:13] It’s got that sweet sweet vanilla finish that I like and it just easy drinking.

[32:22] I have a suggestion.
So I got a book I picked up at a garage sale and it’s called.
What’s the call David 100 whiskey to drink before you die hundred whiskey drink,
101 and they’re in alphabetical order and for my birthday I thought a friend gave me the first book of the first whiskey and thereby truly by accident.
And to give you the book she gave me this book another book what’s this one called this one’s called whiskey of Sab Rafael.
So you know where to go once you’re ready to go before you think should we or should we go through that book.
As part of our episode three things that the substitute.

[33:23] What some might be of statically impossible right well but that is flying to another city and spending a hundred dollars on a whisky.
Possible automatically impulse to look for when up you’ll get them all week the in order week for week after week with a jump ahead and jack is clearly clearly i’ve say that’s okay yet so you think we should we should move through these.
What do you think starting next episode we’re going to start with what is it or don’t tell them we already did.
Kampachi troika.

[34:04] What is okay to pour enough whiskey to it through some very good Indian whiskey by the way.

[34:15] I’ve never had that never was really good looking.

[34:24] And,
deleted my understanding is that they bringing malt from Scotland water from the Ganges out water from the hill stations,
and they make it they stored in warehouses in India I don’t know whatever what part of it yet but because of the temperatures they’re able to agent much much more quickly and because of the humidity,
they don’t lose as much weave operation.

[35:02] I thought you had more when it was hotter humidity humidity.

[35:09] That’s okay that’s happening at this part of the show.
It’s probably cuz David was playing with my laptop and moving things so so your idea of going through this book so there will be some.

[35:27] Epic Journeys to find some of these because well like how will you.
We got through our forties without having hailey ecg zr gonna die will do this quick if there it’s shite for africa but is there like,
of water david it really opens up okay is that this or website,
that you can find which bars of which whiskey is in like that but also we order them online from LCBO but yes there are.
You know I’m just thinking for some of these you might not want to be spending the $2,000.
What a week.
And what he cure let me make it more interesting why don’t we put the list up on the website and.

[36:25] Except patreon that people ship us bottles.
And we can we have a Us address we can just ZIP down the mailboxes and pick them up in the states and,
where do you at if that’s probably what the scottish address scrub a factor okay well i like this was goody think with a little water david really opens up as the.

[36:54] I’ve contemplated bit more okay alright.

[37:06] But it’s been really good to me and hopefully,
order take some notes no notice just fine about to the interior.
I think it’s best city for those that don’t know that’s a bottled water in India.
Have you been to Canada.

[37:30] The states.
I used to be like today by first 6 months till my laptop broke down so I am just using Windows on the walk laptop right now.
We should try to get you going to become a Windows Insider MVP and then that could be good excuse to come to the states which is probably Canada.

[37:59] Sure geographically anyway well.

[38:08] Let’s so let’s sign off and that till next time keep your stick on the ice at your scotch on the rocks.
Everyone have a fantastic night I’ll talk to you soon and good morning.

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