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  • Universal Windows Podcast – Episode 88 – Code Name Delta
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  • Back in Ottawa for a late summer podcast

Word of the Week

  • Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time either of us says “Hot”.

Feature of the Week

Security Corner

David attended the security conference DefCon.org in Las Vegas. His favorite sessions were…

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Rant and Rave

  • After Microsoft “Bricks” David’s Surface book with a Windows Insider Fast Ring he rants that Microsoft should be more aggressive in its insider builds!


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Episode 088 – Code Name Delta

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[0:00] Hello I’m Cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows
such as service x box phones and the windows insider program here are your hosts the surface smith talisman,
james smith welcome to episode eighty eight of the universal is podcast what the like eh or delta eighty eight.

[0:25] That’s a nice car that was wasn’t it been awhile since we’ve had an episode
you’ve been on vacation I’ve been on vacation we’ve been traveling all sorts of things we did a remote what in there it was about the surface go but the surface goes ship now lots of things to talk about
for surface nation and delicious the podcast,
do you want to tell people where you’ve been and then I’ll tell him where I’ve been and then we’ll move on to the actual show,
well last week I went to the Defcon conference in Las Vegas and I learned a couple important things one is why in the world would go to Las Vegas in August,
that’s a really good question what about the word of the week or the week,
and I think you would.

[1:19] Dry death if you’d like fell down in the parking lot you would just do it just dying people do van down parking lot but it’s usually at night after drinking a lot,
it is hot hot plus vegas is hot when we do we hear the word with david we have a sip of our favorite beverage or something that will keep going until you can get home get your favorite beverage alright so those you playing the game where the leak is hot.
Your Las Vegas heard you’re also in Florida Florida and Boston and we recorded what you in Florida right and it was hot there as well true true but yes but at least there’s ocean there.

[1:56] Are you in Orlando where you don’t know why only a little bit was mostly in Fort Pierce on the coast got you,
and in boston so hot there it was hot and humid kinda like your.

[2:10] Isn’t can you sneeze because of a stacked like you say hot decayed and I spent some time at the cottage,
and that was about it for me going to be going to New York next week hoping to go to Rattle and hum and the Microsoft store there.
And not a whole lot else but we’ve not been in the same place all that off in order to record.
We are with you that would happen in the summer hopefully and get ten in a row
of rambling okay we’re gonna move on with the show and some of the things that we typically have in the show so we’re gonna start with a feature of the week
and I only have a sound effect that day out awhile to fix that welcome to the surface feature of the week thank you David for the week,
universal windows platform file explore did you know there was a universal windows platform filed for i didn’t you did not talk taillights there it’s there for devices that are not pcs him fight x boxes,
things like surface hubs things like those handheld devices look something like this that people ran windows on at one time.

[3:29] IPads no.
Windows Phone other devices on or a drama that ever shipped up the ideas that you need to file explorer Pro run as a WWE so it’s been in Windows 10.
For a long long time since you’ve been there since the Windows 8 it’s not easily accessible level link on how to create a shortcut to it if you want to use it and in the newest version of Windows 10 coming out.
We expect next month version 1809 they’ve added some features to.

[4:02] The file explorer and I guess that’s an anticipation of surface Hub 2 and things like that.
After I drop support better right click menu support improve copy paste.
You cut option and set images wallpaper directly from the app things like that true i was a sanyo bunny.

[4:24] Capitol uwp right that’s still not as good as regular File Explorer.
Okay but in a touch only world francis how how is it,
use File Explorer with pure touch.
Bit rough this would be easier i expect sure or of the x box controller or something like along those lines so that’s our feature of the week.
Anything you’d like to add to that they’ve I think we have a new statement that you wanted to create since I was at a security conference I thought I talked a bit about some hacking their security so
we’re going to create a new section of the week or security a week or,
people’s idea often will do enterprise pick the weekend maybe it’s security pic of the week,
could do that so why don’t we do that spot of Twitter poll and have people vote on option name option that would give them an option to suggest their own okay,
312 if we don’t get them to vote,
so let’s do that but with no one we wanna talk about what they were two sessions they went to the were very interesting one was on.

[5:39] This group of people that researchers decided they try to hack into a fax machine,
the call was really built a time machine first don’t know people hunt foxes apparently hurley yeah they do to my nose beer colfax quick to german beer i’ve never had to hack my fax don’t know,
it’s a drink that after after skiing.

[6:03] Okay so what is a descriptive essay reverse-engineer the firmware on HP Inkjet fax switches,
I’m sure everybody has one of those in the house they decrypted the
firmware which was available on hp’s website before you need it.
No no that would be reversed they open it up they found out they figured out it it it been,
compressed use an algorithm that only once been used before any game somehow they figured that out wow then they learned about what foxes doing did you know you can sell color faxes yes.
I did not but that uses a JPEG yes as opposed to black and white uses Tiff well jpegs of course if.

[6:55] Worms cost three holes they can do some sort of buffer or runs and such so what they be able to do in the end is send a fax to your fax machine.
Course connected to your computer internet work with the mouth form fax email form j peg and download new firmware to your fax and from there hop on to your peace.
Wow they’re able to change the logo not that Prince not the physical look of course but the little screen logo.
Interesting isn’t that so where they the first people to figure this out who knows who knows I mean listening to the people.

[7:41] I’m estimating it would take a person years worth of Labor.

[7:48] Unless you work at HP and already knew some of the stuff right there reverse engineer a ton of this but if as an engineer that worked on that project if you worked at HP or what is one of the few.

[8:04] Okay or certainly if they don’t know it and so HP of course when they found out about it they flew these guys up to an undisclosed location and they,
parks with them so they must they pay people for these sordid zero-day fun abilities and then HP is released a whole bunch of pics of course most people don’t patch the printers that much but
HP printers to automatic or not mine offer patch.
A patch it by sending another mouth formed j paid that patches of for you absolutely they could definitely fact of you so it’s okay if you say live in apps and i have a canon doesn’t really matter i don’t have the stuff no but you have a devices sports a whole bunch of,
standards that.
That have known vulnerabilities so someone could have easily done the same easily by meaning a Year’s worth of work done the same thing for Canon or for Epson.

[9:06] I don’t know have ever wanna meet these guys at a cocktail party and talk to them that’s just where you wanna meet next during a talk talk about okay oh there’s more well them there’s from two more sound well that’s kinda like and go with.
So there was one on this guy who had done the same thing with the Samsung S3 watch which I wanted to go to because I have a Samsung S3 watch.
What the guy did is he wrote saw for that runs of the watch and it basically near rated all the api call city could make an look for ones that weren’t returning the right err message
said he did not permission for that particular thing lot standard approach
I guess and then from that he was able to figure out these ones potentially weren’t secured properly and through all that he was able to do things like read your messages.
If someone sends you know often you’ll get a two-factor authentication kind of thing on your phone and it would go to your watch yet because the message so,
they can have access to that.

[10:12] Interesting and the cool thing was he was wearing an Apple Watch actually he was wearing a square watch probably,
was it a samsung washer so i thought that was interesting so the sack didn’t look like it was is it as intense as the other one because he just wrote a program enumerated the cell an examination of the in of the sort of thing self up.
So my thoughts on iot things for the house yeah.
If you’re going to give it any sort of real control like voice or a camera only by first-party devices.

[10:51] Good bye light switch or in a.
Can a power outlet or those are things you know whatever buy something cheap I forget about cuz they’re always going to have fun or building could spy on you if you give me information about,
then yes and maybe next time we should talk about hamburgers,
oh yeah lots going on home matters okay that’s a letter did she think with david i think this is something we could build on will definitely tweet out some questions about incorporate a segment and we wanna call it,
I think it’s probably time to move on what you think of move set new story of the week so they leave story of the month that we have an episode about a month for the lot of news to cover.
Yes and no particular order.

[11:42] What you want me to start us start you start it the order is the order that you put the news items that are right so windows ten enterprise remote sessions we talked about this before it looks like it’s going to be a thing in eighteen o nine up so what does that mean,
well in the past we’ve had things like terminal server recall rd ascot it’s come to multiple multiple names,
Citrix had something called winframe but basically it’s the ability for Windows server to host multiple sessions,
I simultaneously on One OS instance desktop.

[12:22] It’s ever been on desktop when you do it on the desktop it’s called vdi cuz this is this is where people get confused while being called vdi but it’s so it’s it’s sessions versus instances so when were talking about,
remote sessions It One OS that’s allowing multiple users to use it simultaneously and if it’s done correctly they don’t see each other they’re not aware of each other but it’s one instance of the OS with multiple users kind of like,
nbstsa norcia mass or any of those make frame multi-user environments.
What’s One OS running when we’re talking about the what.
Colloquially called vdi or virtual desktop infrastructure what type of incense is that what that is is a whole bunch of VMS Windows 7 Windows 10 Windows XP whatever that you would.

[13:15] Connect to individually but each person has their own full OS single instance
multiples of multiple single instances for the multiple users so that’s different Theory make changes to it change the wallpaper and sell a different but you have to manage each of those instances separately.
Brighton and then different things what happened maybe your administrator
it’s setting up so you don’t have access to wall paper c license important i don’t know cuz i remember this in the eighties
well and exhaust pipe system Paradis resource contention so let’s talk let’s talk about what I’m going to call.

[13:56] Sessions we used to call terminal server so sessions versus instances so vdi versus terminal server,
videos great because each person gets a full machine they can do whatever they want with it if you need them to maintain state or not whatever you could give them a local admin if you want to alright.

[14:20] The upside the down side is.
361 takes a lot more resources on on one server you could typically get three times as many.
Sessions running as instances so on servers how many more times,
you can get more at Moore session II.
Got a man he each one of those instances we chappie patched maintained etc when okay and if you wanted to put software on them but c up it and software yet to do to,
Sophia 20 of them are hundred a hundred users access you potentially have to manage and maintain 100 in yes I know there’s tricks to it and there’s linked clones and all sorts of things but you still have to manage each of those instances okay,
Dallas talk about sessions sessions you can have a hundred users or 200 users.

[15:26] Connect me to one instance free at once all 200 users get it right okay you can get a lot more users on the same Hardware okay.
What’s the downside but I mean I just take my CPL with a with Edge going crazy well that’s part of it,
multiple users be there are ways to limit that they would manage that assuming that you could be besides directly what’s the downside to dam site one you can’t give your users local event it’s obvious local admin they’re going to make him specially Mike it up for everybody,
that’s one second is a mess is more interesting it’s a server OS.

[16:09] When you buy an application like I don’t know let’s say.
What’s bad example because it’s a pretty resource-intensive application but shirtless with AutoCAD,
it’s certified for Windows 7 or certified for Windows 10 not certified for Windows Server might work but yeah so you typically have to go through a bunch of little hacks and things and tricks to trick,
the application the OS to work together because they were never really designed to work together and at the core.
Windows 10 Windows 7 really designs and user Wes’s easier to navigate and things like that.
Windows server was not is not right and so.
Could the complexities that come with Windows Server because they’re typically designed for you design for.

[17:02] Administrators to use and gives you give up things things like you would,
typically manager Powershell etcetera you don’t ask me when I suppose that either so that’s the downside there so why is this important will because For the First Time Ever you can have multi-session Windows 10 so those applications,
that you could run.
That like that have trouble running sessions on a server won’t have that issue anymore but here’s work it’s really interesting you don’t need to buy a server license and you don’t have to buy server Hardware,
to run this really inexpensive way to y’all get a half a dozen people working off of one piece of hardware.
Either using maybe using an RDP client off their phone or tablet use their phone or the tablet instead of using their
my pc and right not using it right of talking yeah but if you’re going to be using sessions anyways or vi anyways this is a cheaper way to do it with,
with Laura compatibility issues and one machine to patch it give the Windows 10 however 21 instance to patch and maintain.
Okay so that’s why that’s exciting well as a pretty long use item it was it was.

[18:16] Hear something exciting David what you want take this one wire PC sales growing Womack sales are crashing.
I’ve got some ideas do you have some ideas I mean the Mac hardware has been stagnant I think that’s would be,
part of the reason why they’re not doing too good that there is that and Microsoft some coming up with new Innovations and we we’ve discussed it.
Limitations of things like the surface go.
Take this definitely and so there’s a couple things going on here right i understand that the.
There’s been a lot of innovation in the PC space,
got the surface as an example and multiple vendors all jumping in all doing things a little bit differently and got one vendor that really hasn’t updated,
i were too much on the back side that looked good price very good and they kind of grow out of the crappy keyboard.

[19:13] So here’s the thing,
what they’re saying that PC Mark is going 1.4 to 2.7% depending on the ask Garth Gartner I deceive it’s growing very smart very small growth but the key is it’s being driven by,
she was sales but by enterprise sales so,
part of that Enterprise refresh cycle and Windows 10 and part of it is becoming more and more deployed throughout Enterprises remember 2020 January.
Windows 7 no longer supported,
so they’re working with your get off of that so they’re buying as part of their Windows 10 upgrade they’re looking at some of the great new security features that you only get with UEFI,
and things like that so they’re looking at more modern PCS that have TPM and UEFI support and things like that to take
advantage of celebrity features windows ten and their refreshing their fleet of pcs right in the art department still has,
facts right and the whole users a lot of them so of the max,
if ever had one I see a lot of Home users never using their PCS anymore they’re using their tablets or using their phones they’re using other devices,
alright so any other news David how about Windows 10 lets you draw in your emails.

[20:37] So if you happen to use the Windows 10 mail app which I do you do do you really I do why would you do that.

[20:46] I don’t know what I was going to say it looks there because I install Office 365 right away,
but it’s got new pen and ink support for many years I was just a complete and total glutton for punishment.
But now it’s actually it really nice nap,
I wonder if I have the most recent version here I am drying on it and I’m seeing nothing happened draw how it is your job by finger there you go,
okay okay yeah there we go try and canvas right there we should put that in future of the week well.
Alright there you go.
Well thanks for the help, okay here’s a piece of news that maybe we should have saved for your security your security segment do I take that one.
Which won the windows and no stops made on live next,
by security fail what was 3-1 you can make Windows apps on Linux.
Why cuz you can develop Universal Windows apps on any five.
Okay so this is basically it’s one of the tools that they give you.
Has somebody release of interest well it doesn’t get as much of a robust check as it does on the window side going to comes down to it so.

[22:15] Will a bunch of different distributions are affected by a court in the compiling tool.

[22:22] And so I don’t know a lot about it but 64-bit PCS with specific versions of.

[22:32] Athletics end up putting the executables with relocation table intact.
Okay and there’s a workaround okay so for those of you do well in a windows developers on lennox at listen the show they go.
9 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Note is the best reason so I totally disagree with number 9,
oh you want talk about that life wasn’t even there did you put that there you put it there,
I don’t trust myself I should I shouldn’t write show notes or you’re not drinking it was hot number 9 at least this number 9 is Samsung Dex which is basically.
Continuum for Samsung it’s really cool I mean all you do is you plug in external USB C DisplayPort.

[23:25] And hook up a keyboard somehow and all the sudden you’re kind of having a Linux or Android type device that you can access,
and you can access your Windows 10 session server you can access it’s so it really it’s really cool I played with it for a few minutes and then,
I don’t know where it’s gone because that’s just have no used to me alright is Samsung pay which is.
Supposed to be better than Google Play,
I’ve got Samsung pay Google pay and I’ve got I can pay from my bank app and I never use any of them,
pay on my watch but my bank doesn’t support it yet so yeah I can pay with my watch have just feedback,
say something and in the after parties to things or talk about in the after party about my iphone and about a credit card scam,
Xbox at the end of The Show by you’ll miss out on that,
yeah she speak about you I saw a.

[24:36] Dell monitor 23 or 24 inch monitors 120 bucks but it’s base was a Qi charger,
oh that’s nice and she is two standard that Apple and Samsung use right that’s nice that’s nice,
fast charging and wireless charging find that they’re doing a great job of that I have a Samsung 8 which is little bit older and it’s.
Beat meaning older meeting 6 months 9 lb available on wireless carriers everywhere so you can use the face the fingerprint.
Pin Samsung Knox.
Enter stealth of frontman enterprise perspective baker display will you can’t argue with that not being a good thing.

[25:22] Dual rear cameras so can do some interesting that depth-of-field things like that for what they called a bokeh effect.
My wife has a iPhone 8 plus and I have.
Gestational age plus and it does some really cool features but overall a really good phone
not quite is the only type and the porter motor does this fantastic and then i have my same sun which does
amazing at Lower Lights blowing her phone away but otherwise my Lumia 1020.
Fantastic fantastic wants better than the Lumia so okay it’s better okay.

[26:09] Okay and the s pen that’s been.

[26:14] Would you get mad on the phone he had a yes.
Well that was fun note series though that maybe shouldn’t put that in the show,
can you do me a favor don’t ever alright here’s something interesting.

[26:36] So we talked about Apple is now the world’s first privately-held trillion-dollar company.
Auto market cap just means if you were to buy up all the outstanding stock in Apple,
because a trillion dollars yes except whenever down but you were buying out the rest of the sheriff’s will typically if you start going on a buying spree,
that’s all it means that’s totally anime more profitable anyone else or that they have more Revenue than anyone else just means that’s what they’re outstanding stock is worth
at current market value so I thought Amazon be the first trillion-dollar company they’re not help you took a look at the others,
but that slash google there the seven thirty billion dollar range i think and was on the nine hundred billion dollar a microsoft’s in the room microsoft’s run seven sixty five but it changes from day to day,
on market conditions of people that really excited about this but you put it in terms that actually.

[27:35] Make sense what hat what would happen if you invest $1,000 in apple 10 years ago,
how much you have that if you have almost $10,000 which is interesting cuz I bought Apple in 2008 which is 10 years ago,
does that she put me is trading options doing sc crazy leverage stuff and i was forced by apple and hundred eighty dollars a share oh darn and i sold it when it
370 Borden double what I paid for it so you could but if you about Microsoft during that time your thousand would be worth $5,000 for the first six seven years of that
Microsoft stock was dipped and then was flat that’s right yeah you could make,
yeah baby Microsoft is might have outperformed didn’t the last couple years but certainly over 10 years which is a good night to the last 3 years.

[28:26] I was talking to a friend of mine when he was about investment when you’re trying to invest in for a particular topic 2 particular goal retirements hard cuz you don’t know how long you going to live
but some Investments like buying a house or putting your kid to school or whatever you know approximately when your kid will graduate you know approximately how much money and so you can start making long-term Investments like apple that was Apple going to become a
10 trillion-dollar company over the next 10 years no but I would have said.
10 years ago they wouldn’t have gone up tenfold so hey what do I know well typically companies that grow 10 full don’t grow another 10 fold in the same time. It’s time to find another horse that right but they did.
But they were pretty small 10 years ago compared to weather now.
Alright Windows 10 chrome users now get alerts in the action center so far
what is the actual Center called the action centers the little piece on the bottom right-hand corner of your Windows 10 screen where you get alerts like the new updates or your Dexter I’ve got a dentist appointment right right things like that.

[29:42] And you can add things to the alerts and so Google has added that form from users so what kind of alerts maybe update to Chrome Etc,
there’s not much alerting system within chrome to i mean i get them on my phone all the time he actually say yes and some website your,
Tim to this message okay so since we’re talking about Chrome next one is really we’ve been following this,
arm chips the new snapdragons are out and Qualcomm is claiming that they have i7 performance.
Is that we’ve been talking about windows ten on arm and now we’re looking at.

[30:22] Tell me the next few months seeing retail versions of Windows 10 and are machines that perform.
Similarly to an i7 now that’s something I be excited about so you’re saying it can be cheaper and either or combination of.
Lighter or smaller battery or run longer.
Could be but I don’t think she forgot but aren’t the arm architecture definite lends itself to the following for takes one.
Less power hungry also runs cooler which means for form factor perspective you you have more latitude.

[31:09] How you build a device because it’s not getting hot we’ve been to all these Microsoft sessions for the talking about their beautiful cooling system right so make it simpler right so you don’t have to worry about cooling systems you want to worry about airflow as much so.
Because it don’t run it’s hot over the week and so as a result it’s more flexibility design,
you also get much better battery life because they’re lap power-hungry yes and arm ships just by their nature.
Alarm devices have the,
what we caught were used on our phones at Institute on they can be to do if different on until they ate they can be sipping power waiting for some event like a phone call at cetera and,
then they start using power more after the phone rings you pick it up at cetera in the two criticisms I’ve heard mostly about the surface go are it’s not large enough for my hands I heard those criticisms from me,
and then the other I’ve heard is that the battery life isn’t too long so if you took that sort of device you’re not going to fix the hand Problem by going to arm but the same size same weight battery would probably do an extra.
For 5 hours and here’s the thing.
Almost every Qualcomm chip also has an option with route to eat baked on true right so.

[32:30] Intel don’t really have a lot of options with LTE to separate,
add that to build on the sock right yep at that separately it would want not who would not want to have lt available for a little no extra charge you can if its cheap enough then you can don’t really care if it’s they’re not there and just use if you want exactly,
so we’ve been tracking this but looks like they’re coming who’s coming the fast arms were coming for.
Welcome okay alright.
There was the best Saturday Night Live skit all right.

[33:13] Microsoft a rev it’s microsoft three sixty-five marking machine the new road map so microsoft three sixty-five brings together all whole bunch of different things we talk about the pass on the three sixty five windows ten as a service,
Enterprise Mobility Suite as your ad whole bunch of different things and they’re rubbing it they’re really pushing this Microsoft 365 thing,
I think it’s going to be good for them you might be different feel like,
because they got some interesting properties that Windows 10 is getting momentum of 600 million devices running it and throwing it mandatory
still upgrade from Windows 7 unless you go to Linux or something else because I won’t be support for it took a girl that more Office 365 is.

[33:58] Will growing like crazy but that’s gonna peter out because two will be on left the migrate soon but look at companies like google.
On the Android devices are so successful because they Leverage The Google services that you’re there you’re already using other devices that makes us on a really good job of making some of their Office 365 and Dynamics and other services available cross platform,
will it ios and android all in next and so on windows of course,
and I’ll put that all together taking of what it’s a better together story with Windows 10,
and you cant use your chromebook to access office three sixty-five it’s just would you do with windows ten you get a more integrated experience all.

[34:44] Synth definitely better office application then you would if you center chromebook will get,
it’s better for you maybe the web-based experience versus a local install experience or the Android app.
What are they calling that or is that part of that.

[35:09] They have their also basically doing a similar program with surfaces are they not so that’s part of that that’s part of that where you can actually.
You can actually.

[35:22] To buy everything from them so it’s Target smb3 by your Hardware or software you think about smbus is mpc5000 seat most of them.
Please office still use exchange online please SharePoint tell you some kind of Erp so Microsoft Dynamics,
as part of that and we’ll use PCS Microsoft mouse all those things in the world that sells the hardware the software,
office productivity as well as the ear piece off where weather takes forever it’s partners whether to see are ample yet but but it’ll the vendor that hat that we all look at people softer oracle you look at a c p you have they don’t have the hardware know they don’t have the
productivity Suite so they don’t OK Google total productivity Suite maybe we can talk about that separately but.
Microsoft really uniquely positioned in this to take advantage of this and that’s why companies like Google and Amazon are trying to build office suites.
So they can get into Amazon of course I do know Amazon lots of course okay.
Let’s move on to snippy snippy oh God where Sean alright.

[36:45] The new Idol a feature so full it was sniffing to alright this is not.
I think you’re more would have used no no this not help with your cigar so.
Basically the i new features of this this or tolls and the the favorite one at that i see there i didn’t as the delay feature so you can go and how you have what pop up when nobody sees you click away from it,
it disappears and you can’t get a screen capture of it then you can do that with this.
So I’ve been using another tool for years I’ll call Fastenal capture and I’ve also be which I paid for you don’t use,
snag get from ss from tax and it,
i do use negative place cam page a from texas more than snag and i pay the read while though as an mvp i get free version of maggot my
snagit outrun the portal app I can run fast one capture off of USB key.
Take it with me to client sites and work on their machines it’s also very very light weight compared to snag it’s not get a whole lot more.
A light weight version of an app that that works well for me.
Call your clients let you run your own software that sounds good man to install I have to run it if so run it halide run things PSP so that’s why I’m not even from OneDrive.
Yeah anyways we forgot to tell everyone day what the new tools called.

[38:12] It’s called Snap and sketch slip and sketch oh my God.
That’s such an awful name it is it sounds like it it sounds like.
Okay so yeah so they’re basically updating it they’re doing all sorts of updates with these these little free utilities there could be a bunch of updates to Sticky Notes so they’re going to stick it out cross-platform she could speak another new desktop not show up on your phone and stuff like that,
excited maybe even SMS messages from your Windows desktop to your phone.

[38:58] So the windows phone terminal line down that this is not me and there is no terminal application anymore for windows phone,
but microsoft to set the due dates of things that they’re taking away from windows phone i fine this kind of hilarious so from october thirty first the microsoft store will no longer accept do app submissions for windows eight acts
earlier or i guess a point one or really really numbers again for the offer phone or windows.

[39:29] Is phone windows eight windows eight one who still remembers who okay who would write hood to submit.

[39:40] Does phone app to the store between now and october thirty first at lee hunter,
who won MVP at Lee Hunterdon Marshall Windows 8.1 app so you know I work with a lot of mpoints and,
i ran into windows eight about the same other times i run into vista.

[40:04] Peter Norton baby,
notice I’m not suggesting that they’re getting inundated with submissions they’re just working on one get it in soon and or
sickly the whole intake.
Machine for turning it off and but you can still update yes so if you get that little app through submission I guess you can keep updating it
will have to write to the people about the Opera. The absolute until they stop supporting Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 they’ll let you update but it just it just curious,
alright here’s something we should maybe if I put this night security Corner was an interesting name for that segment so Windows 10 all new all versions.
Will get a new Intel patch for Spectre at foreshadow.

[41:04] Before we are relying on the firmware vendor to take care of that.
Dell v hp’s de la rosa etc and now microsoft is that is offer patch in their os oh that’s interesting this and that yeah.
Okay okay and here’s a little bit of.
We need to go back to the music Back to the Future music cuz I don’t have any Back to the Future music,
and now from the past right.

[41:43] Bunch of startups are trying to revive the palmtop.

[41:48] So not them already keyboard is ghana and everyone on soft keyboard go except government workers in ottawa that still have classic blackberries there’s a whole bunch of,
whole bunch of companies that are trying to bring back clamshell or card keyboard,
devices so there’s the GDP pocket there’s a Gemini there’s a guy on Five.
I don’t know who they’re getting funding from why are we not getting funding like this whenever asked why we we should.
Right so that to for the crowd funded oh okay fine but anyways it’s kind of blast from the past this is it is something weed weed cover that and i love stories like that so i think that’s it for the news.

[42:40] Music.

[42:48] Alright so that’s it for the news but we’ve got lots more to talk about where it could be a long show because a lot to catch up on and.
I think we should go to heard any rumors from Microsoft will call him a couple so first off.
We’re not going to ignite this year.
Come come September right as of now we’re not going to be in Orlando.
Back in early August as looking at bae.
Specialist for ignite and and we saw session called surface in the LTE world so okay but there’s a surface 4 with LTE.
Yeah then the surface go it’s gonna be available on lt,
write the session disappeared so maybe there could be announcing the surface go LTE at ignite and the surface 4 is no longer the current Surface Pro 4 getting the Pro 4 it’s not current right.

[44:11] He got a laptop. The certainly didn’t know which one to take it you got a Surface Pro.
Weather, the Surface Pro without a number which is what’s confusing right which is a Surface Pro in my world.
What’s out that’s one and you want to take the other rumor David that Windows 10 is going to get it in private that’s talk what would use that for calling.
Now what basically it it shut it’s it’s going to.
Ignite so where you wanna go to some hot website all you don’t do that your browser without then.
So being private desktop to throw a Sandbox so you can write an application download to install an application to you something disappear freeware soft and it disappears when your session ends,
wow that would be awesome right okay I like that.

[45:15] Okay you have to like everything I install lots of crap in my systems and sometimes it doesn’t work inside so throw it out.

[45:24] Yo you want to convert a jpeg to a Tiffany don’t have utility download want to do it then you done with it.

[45:35] So that’s a another rumor any other rumors you want to spread David I don’t know.
Alright what is microsoft so what if microsoft’s latest warrant what if apple,
what if Apple was forced to abandon the lightning connector switch to USB what if the folks in the EU
declare the standard because of the E-Waste the only different cables and things like I do that right they regulate bananas the curvature of banana and the shades of orange than orange can be and things like that.

[46:07] Truth so what if they said you don’t want all mobile phones have to have a standard connector and it’s USB C so let’s talk good and bad USB C vs lightning connector.
Thought both of them.
Be put in upside down like a stat like a micro or mini usb that can be put in sideways that’s true but that the of yucca root but so here’s the thing,
lightning connector solid connector but the cable sometimes we’re up it’s easy to use.
So is USBC right but what I don’t like about USBC is that it’s a hollow it so things can carry in your pocket your car is stuck is jammed in there,
star pins I got bad.
Right up your PC speaker it looks pretty small when you look inside a computer but it looked on the side of his table right here where to go,
that’s not it let it go ahead one little one so large as devices gets smaller that becomes your limiting factor right.
What i would like a because it be nice to have less types of ice tray tables are i’ve noticed i have of i don’t have faith three us pc devices around the house my sons chromebook my.
Oh for my my Samsung S8 plus my.

[47:35] Fist fuck that and use it plus my work laptop and they all use them down at all the standards just don’t really work that well but a little usb c cables are cheap apples i can make much money on a cure for.
Here’s the thing if we really wanted to.

[47:55] Which could take a while they’re there for switch because so much momentum behind it so the device out there but here’s the thing apple could just say screw you you.
Interesting phrase in say we’re talking to put a usb c connector on it where do the same thing with.

[48:14] Sure make it Wireless.

[48:18] Yes USB C standard things like that I would have to think that the Apple standard is.
More uniform than what we get on the USB site C side of things so the quality is going to go down for Apple users.

[48:39] Well you can buy third-party lightning connector and I bought a bunch of the Raider realize other AppleCare I get free ones could I buy cable wore out the connector and where it was the cable that would wear out I didn’t realize that
I could go to the Apple Store just get new ones but then I bought a bunch of these,
out of order but yeah we kind of usb c look at seven o’clock hold of them like this okay so sad to see if that’s at the.
Micro to micro to lightning I bought a cable when I was down south that does USBC lightning,
and USPS and you just pull the tap out do that.
Not yet my doesn’t Brooke but a welcome anyway.
And david i know this something that you wanna talk about rants and raves so today i installed the latest windows insider build and my computer cannot pass me for my.

[49:46] So
luckily I haven’t started in the Microsoft cloud and I just retyped it in and so on so this is not a complaint against Microsoft in that they were,
almost broke my computer but I think that the inside of her it’s been pretty laid-back in this stuff pretty unaggressive in pushing out new changes to the world,
the fact that something failed in my computer I think that’s pretty good it shows that they’re pushing things on a bit so my rant is that The Insider program should be pushing things a bit harder than they’ve been pushing.

[50:18] Is that a rant or Rave not really pretty lame.
Gastric bypass Springfield MO failure failure failure I’ve had in like a year yeah I think mastering should have more failures.
Anything else when you talk like that nope okay so why don’t you just say goodbye.
Goodbye everybody have a fantastic day and we’ll see you in the after party yeah keep your stick on the ice.

[50:53] Music.

[51:02] Show on twitter at surface minutes email dish of hot house that surface smith dot com check out the show notes and leave a comment on www dot surface smith dot com.

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[51:19] Music.

[51:29] Welcome to the after party also known as the universal whiskey podcast cuz we can’t call the podcast anymore.
People caught the podcast in the so David I brought along something I forgot to bring along but I pick this up this afternoon so I picked up some nice Bourbons in the States but then I drank them,
nice nice whiskey I got this is Weller original wheated bourbon Special Reserve so Weller was the first guy w l Weller was the first guy to add wheat to Bourbon.
And the recipe he created also became Pappy Van Winkle no no it’s the,
Weller 12 year old which is actually the same as the Pappy recipe all they do is they take if it doesn’t quite make the mark for Pappy.
For whatever reason and they use as a twelve year old the well wishes close to pappy as you can get without being pappy i’m happy you’re happy happy happy so here it is this is the weller.
Wheated bourbon Special Reserve.

[52:37] Sprouts not in and listen to the er ski bible right they’ve got for this of the about four whiskeys in this family.
And don’t get missed all done by Buffalo Buffalo Trace that sounds nice.
Yes that’s one thing can’t do as well with the headset mic I think it sounded great.
Alright so it’s good caramel color called you first the back for the week to start the stick with flavoring back to we.

[53:19] So the well the bourbon make it so that makes it sweet so does corn different sweet sweeter than regular.
Vanilla slippery finish vanilla not quite as sweet as something like Maker’s Mark no look at this I’m drinking with my left hand with the microphone on the left.
And not hitting the microphone I am getting better at this podcasting stuff at the whiskey breaking stuff.
You need a.

[54:01] Music.

[54:16] Definitely a bourbon you don’t no smoke no no salt very smooth very sweet.
second sorry sir with the city of.
Don’t know I wouldn’t recommend Diet Coke I’d say regular Coke what did you call it.

[54:49] So you were gonna after party are gonna talk about your i phone so force is new battery will let the top of the three thing or talk about okay one ft i saw something at the elsa belle today the haven’t seen a long long time.
Macallan 12.
Ontario for a long time as member they victim of their own success me at the look for men bigger Market or special Market but I guess they Rectify that situation
Andrew how did you Rectify this Biden,
but when i got some home oh hell it’s stockpiling it okay if that’s why they shortage,
what I would like every time I go to the US I buy a bottle or their 5-minute Market that has it realigned their stock,
12 years old for bottling and yes so that 12 and 18 became very hard to find they went to the Sienna’s and the rubies in the cold cold night you’re all fine whiskeys.

[55:48] So that was interesting so iPhone so two things both of you that use iPhones my iPhone in the last few months I found the battery was getting really really.
Weak item that most days I couldn’t get through the entire day without a charge other days I barely get to noon and I wasn’t quite sure why.
That was cuz your battery was were not apart leak but the battery health of Tommy is at 86% which I thought was pretty good,
I look at these two things someone and I’m not sure which is which,
one of the apps I’d I had or more reason location services my location services on all the time
choose up your battery Outlook with one of them so maybe only updates to Outlook turn on location services perhaps when I gave my son his phone died and I turned on the the tracking app on his phone,
how to make turn it on in my phone etcetera but it was turning those off me should have made a difference but I thought the Apple Store and I’ve known about this but I didn’t know what standing is that they’ve got a $35 battery replacement program in ascending
and it’s ending in December now if you’re under all potion or if you’re under AppleCare the battery place this free my AppleCare ran out awhile ago
but it’s thirty five dollars canadian i don’t know what five dollars american of as and.

[57:04] For thirty five dollars plus tax will replace your battery and from the easiest replacements can do they actually did the replacing get as opposed to giving you a new faucet takes about an hour suggest you backup your phone but the thing is i battery now i have it i can use the phone all day,
I charged it pick it up at 6:30 this morning when I woke up off the charger that 68% that’s what that’s what Veronica’s getting with her phone what are you at.

[57:31] 47 much better than was before I’d be down sometimes to 30% by lunchtime or that’s what I got with my old at 7 I should have found it back,
i got was watching tv at ten at night i’d be down well below twenty percent up and down ten five percent
at least 2 years old so I’m in a phone battery shade three years old this should make these devices 6s plus I got it when it was through the 7 was before the 7 came out so I got it then January came out in September I got it in January.
So that’s too bad because I.
Right so I can’t remember when that was it was during the winter suit Winters ago but anyways.

[58:22] You got till December so make you book your appointment do it if your battery health is showing anything below 90% go and get it done $35 will add life to your phone and make of the resale value higher as well.

[58:38] Exactly welcome might not be lasting all day cuz other apps running.
Take care of those but here’s the thing 35 removed out of my old phone likes S7 I removed everything I reimaged it I whatever and it would never come back,
the weather should tell there was definitely a hardware problem beautiful solution from Apple $35 because lithium ion batteries degrade over time after about 2 years they start to degrade very rapidly.
Is a song is charge cycles heat cold all sorts of things what do you think of the bourbon.
Canadian $40 to us $35.

[59:26] Alright so couple of other things wanna talk about with you and talk about him that was all i had.

[59:34] Text talk about the iPhone talk about the McAllen tahoe at Pappy.

[59:46] What do you want for dinner Dave wings wings we try out the new the replacement Door Pub yes.
Alright so well let’s wind down cheers.

[1:00:01] And we try to have a more regular schedule come september can we back in school doing things we are away next week so am away,
Thursday to Tuesday to go to Yankees game of my buddy Carlos called a hardly receive an auto accident
he’s in New York state where you staying at the hotel I was going to stay up I’m a block away can I find a place with free breakfast we’ll hang out New York to hang out in Ottawa Carlos if you’re listening
hey the boys going boys love Carlos.
And yeah sure i know about it but i was over there on yeah okay if nothing your before outside of the airport so.
Marcy there is elliot wants to go and go to pump comedies pub which is the inspiration from clarence on how i met your mother that’s what,
not just Matt was there this week which mat,
Matt Murphy so actually I want to let him know that the clock tower has an open mic can he can make some money there.

[1:01:05] Is my neighborhood so sounds good.
Let’s wrap it up and go from Winx all right thanks for asking that’s awesome drink all right then picture of the show notes keep your stick on this case your bourbon on the rocks by everyone.

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