Episode 087 – Go Surfacesmiths Go

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  • Universal Windows Podcast – Episode 87
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  • David is in Florida, Colin is in Ottawa

Word of the Week

  • Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time either of us say “Maker”.

Feature of the Week

  • Nearby Sharing to transfer files, photos, etc.

News of the Week

Rumours of the Week

  • Improvements to Notepad in RS5
    • Find/Replace
    • Large Files
    • Line Numbering
    • Navigation
    • Runs Android
    • Carrier unlocked
    • 5.7-inch screen with “nanotechnology” to seamlessly switch between 2D, stereo 3D and 4-View “holographic” display modes
    • Front and back cameras
    • Supports modular attachments, including an upgraded camera module
    • Charges over USB-C
    • MicroSD card slot for expanded storage
    • Headphone jack
    • Can serve as a touchscreen monitor for Red’s other cameras
    • Available in titanium ($1,595) or aluminum ($1,195)
    • Shipping Q1 2018

Rant and Rave

  • David goes on and on “Why did Microsoft release an inferior tablet that nobody is going to buy?”


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Whiskey of the Week

  • David loves his Makers 46

Episode 087 – Go Surfacesmiths Go

Windows Microsoft MVP Insider Surface Phone

2018, The Surface Smiths Podcast
Universal Windows Podcast

David and Colin Do Stuff


[0:00] Hello i’m court anna welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows such as service x box phones and the windows insider program,
here are your host the cephus smith.
Time Colin Smith.
No matter where we are we’re still the surface Smith’s bringing you what you need to know about Microsoft Surface at other windows 10 related news.
What’s that in Celsius.

[0:55] Just funny that we every summer weather cell we’re supposed to be in summer hiatus i’ve been taking some time off david to take some time off from work remotely,
there’s just too much interesting stuff going on in the Microsoft world to not have an episode
is truly new hardware is always enters you hardware at all such announcements you microsoft releasing earnings gel all sorts of stuff for us to do in and it take care of hey guys
what about the word of the week opec’s Cortana thanks for reminding us David you want to go somewhere the week.
I think we should go for the word of the week to feed maker maker.
At Microsoft is the maker of the surface go.
I’ll write rhymes baker we’re gonna go with maker so for those of you playing the game every time you’re one of the same maker.
To take a drink so for instance david if.
If you told me your wife wouldn’t do something I would say maker.
A golf.
She’s not listening and she has your first marriage going calling it’s still going to swap just fine David teacher of the week.

[2:13] And us paris for also known as david.
That’s awesome yeah actually I don’t know,
call nearby sharing and we can you transfer files photos etc the app pass be aware of it but first you have to turn it on so if you go in the settings.
You’ll see that you can turn on something called nearby sharing and you could turn it on for everyone nearby or only your devices.
And you can choose where files that you receive our store. Got a screenshot of that that’s going to be in the show notes.
But i do have a i have a have a working across my devices,
it’s a great way to transfer files photos were of your and add you can send the link to web page to another device but for most people just the way to share files you don’t have to copy them to usb key in and transferred over.

[3:28] What do you think about that.

[3:33] You know the story technology has existed for a long time with things like infrared and all those early Sangster.

[3:42] So I think it’s a good picture but I don’t think people will end up using because you know if you have somebody has something slightly different different version of Windows or a different device then they won’t be.
Fair enough but over time everything will happen everywhere.

[4:01] Are people that matter will anyways especially if it’s cross your own devices.
If you do want to use it you can within add you click share within the photos app you click share or if your file explorer click on a file and right click share and it’ll look she look for devices that I can share with.

[4:18] That’s the feature of the week and we love a try to have a feature of the week every week.

[4:26] Time for.
Could use all kinds of news to talk about it let’s go swim promo
the most important one obviously for us being the surface Smith’s Microsoft,
announced a brand new Surface called the surface go.
So where you ten inch tablet vs standard calling her windows pro house with your answers bro have when.
Flexible kickstand lower in Pentium processor.
Earlier today I interviewed Kevin wheeler and that he gave us a rundown on that and I’m going to play that interview right now,
okay so kevin’s is here to talk to me to day about the surface go to kevin was your first impression when you heard about the surface go.

[5:51] Why was kind of shocked right with all the talk of a Andromeda I was kind of shocked that they they actually want for this form factor,
shocked but it was a pleasant surprise,
jot notes and so when this came out i was really excited about it
I was too so I kind of had a hint was coming so I don’t know if you know the story last time we were together was in Redmond and Dave and I flew out David brought his surface 3 along,
and for the lady gave it to me to use as the soundboard for the recording studio,
so give the sound effects i use and stuff like that was a big and has good battery on it and the ts a broke.
On my way leaving Seattle and so I’m still in the process of filing a claim with them at the six-month process but they make knowledge the claim and.

[6:47] What you talking to our mvp track lead on the non insider side and i was looking at replacing to just wait just wait to buy a surface streets i knew that was coming.
Multiple models what are we looking at is a 10 inch display.
I thought it was much higher than that I don’t know why.
I’m look go from a by i thought it was slick eighteen twenty four.
It’s it’s eighteen hundred by twelve hundred yet you think you tube will surface device would have you not high resolution but one of the nice things i like about it is the aspect ratio they you know they been sticking to that three by two right.
These new devices so really really good for it.
Okay so actually that’s a Surface Pro that I was looking at the not those look at the wrong specs there.
So what else is interested it’s gonna four gig in an eight gig.

[8:13] The 4 Gig seems to be paired with the 64 GB of storage which is emmc,
however you know
this form factor with that with the fast storage,
you know for gigs of ram maybe some fishing and a lot of use cases well if it just taking note you not running autocad or anything i did a lot of multi tasking or they’ll on my original surface pro,
southern sleeping about this device is is the process to chores they went way for a penny am
write previous model the surface 3.

[9:43] The forty four fifteen why and when you re take a hard look at the specs in the benchmarks this is actually,
or in three process.

[9:53] Interesting so yeah is this a generally available chippers is a special special man fab pf just for microsoft.

[10:06] Is not any other devices so just gonna be in a surface pro has so it’s it’s it’s korean own specs,
been is half the cast in a little bit lower frequency,
because coil processors were really good what kind of performance battery cancer.
S and so this you know the better performance and the price point right this is half the price of korean process.

[10:47] Mariah so interesting value proposition there I’ve already asked Microsoft to send me a demo unit haven’t heard back yet they’re trying to get me to wait until August 2nd when these devices are released so.
Put on three different hats.
As you know in your in your work life if this was a machine that you want were gonna buy for work which model would you buy and what would be the use case for it.
So I would probably go with the 8 gigs of ram hunting and 28 GB hard drive or SSD and abuse case would be for manufacturing and field use.
These devices.
You know they don’t have fans there’s no ventilation so they’re great in those environments where there’s dust and things like that cuz they’re completely sealed
I’ve seen use cases where users want to buy mobile,
they want to be able to move around manufacturing floors and be able to connect to their virtual desktops and still be productive while on the go.
Great for scanning or or you know contacting in in getting information from machinery and things like that.

[12:08] Okay now put on your consumer hat or go up.

[12:23] Even though that the Costco model is tempting I still think I would want the I want the 8 gig RAM for myself that hundred 28 GB SSD is fine for me my use case
day i mean i would use a like a black and no pat,
I see that use case it as a journal I’m looking at it as a stopgap to something else that may be coming down the road.

[13:08] How another that’s interesting you bring that ruggedized up Microsoft said that,
devices air manufactures already building rugged as cases and screen protectors for the surface fell nice yeah i see some of those in the garage at their three d printing for other devices and that’s be so what about the lt,
i think i’m gonna hold out for the lt version is the same snap dragon axe six bobbing is that x sixteen lt modem that’s in the surface pro,
i mean the surface pro l t e it and just like the surface pro is still dual antenna moto so shes expects a really good performance with there okay what about a student,
which model will try to find a use case for that for Geek machine is there one.

[14:01] I think this I think that’s where the student comes into play the student and probably help care could come into play here right most of the time a student
or storage but i think that fit the student well healthcare,
ten to use bd ir remote so a lot of processing power that they are doing is in the back and so happy bat model fit help years well okay so here’s a question for you
base devices yeah windows on arm,
clearly for at least Pentium devices,
now the surface go vs let’s say you you saw that the ace is in the h p r n devices that we can run,
write me later but you can run for windows ten arm and run x eighty six apps.

[15:20] That’s perfect
so i was reading i get the model number on but that’s have a look.
Qualcomm has announced a new generation of arm chips that they believe will compete performance-wise against low end.

[16:00] I7 860 s and.
Gonna have a lot more performance better battery life etc just like all the snap breaking,
An Arm based device and if it has a surface logo on it that would make it even more tempting.

[16:31] Yeah I could see maybe that’s why some of some Hardware some interesting Hardware may have gotten,
that can compete in at add where there’s really no compromise and performance
to innovate and or do something you know right cell,
surface just doesn’t do they always on that will i come up pretty quick but it’s not the same as an arm device what are we giving up on battery power.

[17:46] Yeah there’s a compromise their own battery and do we have any form factor compromises because of heat.

[18:09] There’s no vents I love that’s what I loved about the old surface 3 is the rounded edges.
And it like I said there’s no vent so.
Dustin things like that is gonna be great in those types of environments.
Is this what does this use the standard surface charger what at connector called.
Also has a usb type c connector right what you can do video,
Jada and charger that was what I was hoping for.

[18:45] Service connected and the usb c is fast charging right you can go from zero to a hundred percent in less than two hours
that’s what i been waiting for all my devices do everything i need to do so they don’t have that i would love the instant on i could live without the insane on if i can get all of that one device that would be.
For me a big change in how i can work and the use cases and that will replace a lot of.
Not just Microsoft if you look at what HP is doing there’s reports that Dale has a device,
you running on arm so i think you’re gonna see a lot more manufactures getting on the arm,
and you think the grieving streaming think that the start knishes like manufacturing or healthcare or specific use cases.

[19:59] I think because of the other manufacturers like Dell and HP I think they’ll go mainstream.
I think I think that I think there’s a void out there there’s a gap in the end what you can do with small,
devices at i think the i pad is out there to many but i think that the still of gap
bet it leaves when it comes to Performance or productivity that even consumers look for the iPad iPad.

[20:32] Yeah and in this device the way they position at it was all about coming in at the lower end Healthcare you know.
Don’t book the beer do aware of what’s going on with in the world of chrome in education and things like that and so i,
yeah he knows that he’s got to use it so he wants to bring his own laptop to school for next.
You know I see a lot of people Millennials now and they haven’t use Microsoft Office in the decade or ever they live on Google Docs they live on.
We had a we had a a young dude.

[21:49] Who kept losing work because they didn’t know they had hit the save button in Word.
Well yeah but we need to save it and save it,
to be honest i’ve never use google docs so i don’t know the i don’t know that the benefits are or you know the pro’s and con’s forensics never used ninety percent of the time the features you use in word
or Excel there there.
And they work almost the same way you don’t have a lot of that,
you ready i’m them all your writing a letter you’re right maybe the three page paper that does everything work wise.

[22:37] Get some more complex stuff after that.
Well we can’t leave out the sensors write me i’ll write this thing is coming with water for one of the ss reason in multiple colors you got cobalt blue you got to the burg any and of course to the keyboard has that opera tenor
that as a whole nother level of a quality to the device
the whole cameras that building yes know that if you check in the army for four device that size for them to to get the hell okay amber in that is huge authentication is so fast and smooth so,
looking forward to that i got new glasses and mike mike that confused now will get,
will talk to him later today to go to Costco and buy one of those deals on August 2nd cuz you can always return it.

[24:03] But I just disagree okay that’s fine disagreement and controversies always fun so tell us what you disagree with.

[24:13] So I like the form factor with 10-inch tablet I have a sore.
I have to had two of them okay you borrowed and broke one of them.
You didn’t break it and my friend has the other one I don’t know if he’s broken it okay.
Find that marcus so beautifully served by android tablets that i just don’t see the point.
Talk a bit more about that nap for able to hold on to things on on.
On prime day after the first half of prime day got to save a lot of money because the servers were down so that was nice good but.
The tablet Market freaking people are buying pallets and ugly enough,
even i pets people are buying up but the surface markets growing and will talk a bit more about that so i bake to differ and i think,
can’t run the same software the issue really comes down to running software.
A lot of if how many people do you know that use tablets dated day in enterprise.

[25:38] Tons tons airlines i was just out.
Restaurant I said Enterprise,
it’s i think this is the market and van provide air every every cash register,
the stasis at certainly small businesses but they’re definitely all tablets
the the thing i see with my ears of this is.
Before Microsoft announced this there were a bunch of Windows 10 tablets up there 10-inch tablets that didn’t sell well.
That’s traveling brought out another one and this one has kickstand but probably other one says don’t.

[26:55] What they did but in the arm shut which would make it a lease last longer.
They didn’t make it run some fancy to our position that doesn’t exist it doesn’t fold did you like your shirt.
You’re gonna by with on august second know of any you to buy when i second that he had the interview theft.
All true true i’m with the lt and i’m waiting for my settlement from the tee sa will you be to buy with my money while you can return and get your money back.

[27:46] Is he okay let’s move on with the other is talk about being states been space right why is it so we’ve got,
these things are called the what are they called there the a court tax a seventy six and they’re targeting them at the.
Devices be on phone.
And they’re gonna have all the wonderful arm goodness like instant on low-power good bat so good battery light coming out of it a low heat up and i think kevin was on to something that that might be what.
Microsoft is waiting for for Andromeda.

[28:50] No but the but the news is that there’s some powerful arm ships coming.
And i think that whole segment of the market is.
Be in fucking interestingly served.
So why bother to increase the go is released ago i ira i totally agree that there’s potential right now.

[29:26] Because are going for price points it’s back to school is a timing issue i think they had at that replace the surface three,
pair to those other low and tablet lol what columbus ten tablet for our t based on things like that or the dells your news we’re adam based they were they didn’t have the they didn’t have
first power that you’re gonna get out of this they didn’t have the store that didn’t have the memory so i think you’re getting a lot of hardware for the.
Good price point where,
release the sales at the stuff we should we would need to make a bet on this and how many will sell within a year but they don’t,
well hold on a second this is a perfect time for us to move on to our next piece of news from Microsoft your and is June 30th right so let’s talk about Microsoft earnings date released earnings this week.
Add for the fur.
Across the hundred billion in annual sales actually 110 billion.
Most highly capitalized companies the stock Sonterra let’s talk about where some of those earning there.

[30:47] Alright and I think that might answer part of your question so commercial Prime.
That was their biggest piece and when you that that’s been growing more than double digits in some cases triple digits in some years in the last little while some quarters commercial Dynamics
bring okay,
aka the future right result well the present and the future right it’s still it’s father bishop president a future yes right that’s all idle i can talk but every every division that got that got.

[31:20] The billion dollar businesses so anybody be jealous of that but still that really jumped out at me surface four point six billion.
And when I visit the clients doubt they’ll have surfaces.
It’s actually really picking up it’s definitely not up for Trent so 4.6 billion.
The surface Market is growing I think just having a device at surface logo it’s not like it’s not like people lining up out front of Apple stores for devices I think that us a surface at a lower price point could have some appeal to students.
Is that a typo no wow 27 billion for them but still.

[32:21] Well that’s only once they find five times.

[32:26] So did that’s quite interesting there i’m not sure how that revenue work but just just a few highlights i think microsoft.
For a few years made a series of bad decisions and the starting to make some good decisions and Shane them together for some decent success.
Alright more news that we’ve been tracking this since for the Terry Myerson he said that Windows 10 would run a billion devices.
Everybody put a time frame on it.

[32:59] I think it was less either way two things 1 Terry Myerson Microsoft anymore recently.

[33:09] They’re not a billion devices so as of June active devices are just over 700 million and.

[33:24] Batsa Windows 7 to 53.4% Windows 10 39.4% Windows 7.

[33:33] And you’re a year ago more than half a windows seven so jumped from thirty eight point six percent last year to fifty three point four percent this year.
Here’s the interesting ps here’s a chrysalis still five point nine percent of people running windows eight acts for that is weird.
They’re getting close after 3 or so.

[34:33] Alright you thousand three servers a leather jacket yes course.
And with the news here is an interesting.
Tidbit so Walmart in Microsoft Forge an alliance for retail and Cloud.
So two things here microsoft is working with walmart is part of their digital transformation doctor moving a lot of work closed asher as well.
Better Walmart if I’m not mistaken is the world’s largest retailer or is that was on the retailer I don’t know how you measure that.

[35:17] Or soften walmart together looking at them making some headway against amazon’s.
Looks like Unstoppable growth and dominance of the retail space.
Wow interesting Kroger.

[35:49] Uus grocery store I think anyway so that’s something interesting and worth watching.

[35:59] These companies have to do something different or they won’t exist in 20 years.
Yeah could i can get to the digital camera look at it now yeah the book but let me get sears sears has.
Okay they could have been Amazon and they just weather fight it but they didn’t all right so I think that’s it for the news David.

[36:44] Music.

[36:53] All righty so that was a lot of abuse covered very.
May your whirlwind basically.

[37:07] Yes i have court turner actually mary jo fully is been talk,
about this quite a bit talking about some improvements in Notepad.
So Redstone 5 versions of Notepad.
Does find rhapsody start the middle of your note pad is called document no pet six million file five hundred eleven search.
Better support for large files in my number in other when right up to the door of market.
Well the the way it handles line number in Yap and Munch.
What are the four yeah so i not sure the line um improvements are but there’s line number improvements and lots of new navigation options so is your to use that you have any rivers you wanted share with estimate.

[38:23] Information about what it’s become available okay so by the settings of chemical read that makes camera.
Right so they’re well known for the cameras that Guardians of the Galaxy was filled with.
Hi due to the company that knows cameras and.

[39:00] USBC Etc there’s all sorts of.
Is all sorts of Speck’s here but the key is that it’s going to be using some of their camera,
so it might be yeah those guys that wanted the.
Windows McLaren.
It’s supposed to be well over $1,200,
no line yes another word for three take a look around and behind pictures i don’t know.

[39:38] At six in a few years ago but he was just brought the camper but now.
Would never hit the mass Market with that just a camera people wanted it built into the phone so we can do it all with social Run apps and stuff on it so interesting that they would do that.
Sunny and gorgeous outside right now.
The Microsoft they put their name on a nice tablet.
Small for businesses but.

[40:40] But everytime they brought out a device that they’ve done well with.
It has been significantly different how was how was the surface laptop different except for the surface laptop how was the surface,
it is quite a bit a hundred percent of different 10% different.
A nice Dell laptop that would be exactly the same except for the.
Did they just won’t bother.

[41:49] Okay and so you you want you to where the rant is due.
And I need to do it soon I education Market I think Kevin had it nailed there I’m going to disagree with you on that day.
What was the only year or lessee alright anything else you wanna cover.

[42:23] I think that’s good alright well then let’s light off okay.

[42:31] Everyone have a nice sunny hot summer day keep your stinky ass while you’re on the on the beach keep your stick on the ice.

[42:41] Music.

[42:51] Follow the show on Twitter at surface Smith email the show at podcast that service ms.com check out the show notes and leave a comment on www.

[43:04] Others find out about the show by leaving a review on it.

[43:07] Music.

[43:26] So what are you got to share this David I obviously I’m not in the same room as you I’ve got something a little different you know what we were really really bad how many times did we say the word of the week.

[43:40] Oh a lot so here’s the word makers cuz I’m trying to make her 46 and make that we didn’t say make or at all in that episode,
you got to Maker’s Mark which 146 Maker’s 46,
you gotta get the box cuz yeah well they only sold the business so i’m not up god got a calling fine oak fifteen year old.
Fullest interesting person the back of the bottle it says it,
what they say even the sky.
Will them and i’m afraid is a pot.
Possibly remember the guy we met for the work for makers.

[45:03] Cool so let’s see what they are good friend jim murray has to say about this.
Is i think makers mark i find it sweet no more,
yeah yes so makers forty six crush toasted hazelnuts.
It’s her up and initially thick.
Excellent weight as those honeycomb notes go into overdrive.
Adopting a weedy and Oakey spices.
Which cranks up the points surprisingly light and.

[46:26] This guy is all about the nose and especially the delivery so so much controls honey on the on the snow on the show sorry.
Kathy cannot be anything other than a showstopper frankly magnificent I think I’ve met my makers.
Hey Google I do like that that’s a good so good whiskey I’m going to go with my McAllen okay.
Could talk about do we need have a moment of silence oh yes well and it should go this moment of remembrance cuz lancaster when wanted that air fuck is be telling people why.
So i was there about having pas there replay back area there’s a big kentucky bourbons go still.

[47:18] So where was this Warehouse.
Yeah parts in kentucky okay in a warehouse is he interesting that’s it just look like a big industrial building with of c one made out of wood was anyone her and.

[47:53] Injuries doesn’t say but that’s but there are no in yours off.
Concerns of the home of the sea into the ground whatever your alley that has the can back the over the frat boys they’ll showed up so i send.
What’s the going to be on site to collect mothers saying all stop course they history of bourbon.
Add Water rub it down.

[48:43] Alright.

[48:58] 92 is the year the Kentucky join the Union.
I mean.

[49:35] A1

[49:44] Yeah I would rather go with a few smaller buildings.

[50:15] This is interesting to see justin of a belly and and we hop in the past about how.
This is the age quicker than a whisky because or scotch whisky because the temperature of the the aging process bought this building it wont get hot inside.
Same whiskey but which floor and which side of the building it was on because it would either you warmer or hotter,
you made less humid if you’d north side of her third floor preferences and they actually would do that.

[50:57] Rans like what like buffalo trace.
Yeah those two confused but one of them that she has not grown Distillery they have something to make it and they they say we want a specific side of the building a specific floor for The Ragin.
Some consistency year-to-year yeah.

[51:24] And when the guy emailed you back about the Maker’s 46.
It’s not a 10 year old bourbon almost Bourbons don’t have an HD.
I think there’s a rule that has to be at least 3 weeks old.
I thought that was the Whiskey and in the state.

[51:59] So what you build distilling and drinking it as fast as it runs for.
Yeah I’m around all of August except for the last weekend I’m going to New York for a few days take me to go visit his son Yankees game take the kids.

[52:23] Disappeared.

[52:38] A low-cut filter on your line then no kill all them air conditioning everything.

[52:45] What i do that you miss physical hooker value to suffer filter.

[53:10] If you get back bring the zoom with you cuz it has it has a it has a high pass filter which Cuts all that background Rebel just cut it right at all they know as well.
Not going to call me and has batteries in that sense it is but this is maybe fifty percent bigger well rough usb actually.
This is about twice as big maybe problem.

[54:25] We could go to a restaurant that there’s that would cook it for us but I’ll grab it I got over a hundred pounds of fish.
Yes to the captain fellated all for us and cut it and we go to restaurant the car just $12 ahead we got unlimited soft drinks,
for the kids and adults but I think we got.
Is you go capris yeah that was down in marathon florida like fishing salt all over got some nice fish good,
sure after I get off and then we’ll talk.

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