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Word of the Week

  • Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time either of us say “Hangover”.

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  • More people are loading Windows 10 ARM on their old Windows Phone  


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Whiskey of the Week

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Episode 086 – X86

Windows Microsoft MVP Insider Surface Phone

2018, The Surface Smiths Podcast
Universal Windows Podcast

Last show before summer break


[0:00] Hello i’m court tonna welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows such as surface x box phones and the windows insider program.
Here are your hosts the surface min i’m call incitement i’m david smith and we are the surface miss welcomed episode eighty six x eighty six,
x eighty six its is that we have a name for the show we didn’t do it okay so that’s that pen shows in ten weeks david.
Yeah yeah or is like you could say that’s ten in a row ten and that’s really eighty six in a row.
Show her and we had a few other weird ones in their church are we lost track of count okay so it be eighty six h yeah so back in the studio for this episode recording with most of the gear we use recording with,
i’m like last week’s fine and why recording.
In a slightly different venue with a few slightly different challenges than we’re used to but where were we have challenges all the time but,
they tend to change their many by think it if you’re gonna be on the road alot it carry a lot more cables with you lose that doesn’t produce is the zoom.
What was revenue is that with a lot of money monsoons pump doesn’t cost almost as much as this,
can’t hear that this is a cool read it is so we lot of fun with the pc users group but the canada aviation space museum recording that episode so yeah shut out of them thank you guys very much and the cake was,
the cake was awesome the surface mints cable surface meant the furnace.
Surface with cake i have to set fires i know that the first yeah yeah so that was quite it and then they give us with get in that it was delicious and his we finished it off it on the weekends gonna say i thought a little bit on the weekend but then it’s gone.

[1:43] It’s got that was very gonna go buy a bottle of it so.
Thank you was jeff who provider that i believe or was that to chris i’m not sure i don’t either way thank you chris jeff and everyone else that the auto pcs group so let’s move on this episode so.
Couple things david you’ve put into our intro they wanna talk about all spot of ice or listed in.

[2:06] Spotify news is that in i heart radio some other list in a lot of places yeah so i hurt radio that’s interesting because they’re paid curve bankruptcy back in march the pill of us.
Probably not but there were there the largest north american owner of radio cc over in a fifty radio stations and they declare bankruptcy and the number to the date the canadian version separate is it concept okay but say technology the right.

[2:33] Know that the app be sure sure about that thing so ownership of the real stations that’s the problem is well the second largest one as well so,
i never used the clear channel the rebranded back in two thousand eight and the second largest cup owner reassessment americans holds but half of what they on also declared bankruptcy recently so well,
i mean think about if the say some talent.
Loosely described his ass and somebody who really knows to the doing like ap with the idea and.
You just need a few thousand dollars of equipment and the room right so this is for them then this is for,
i free content enough to pay and answers and stop producers and things like that so dope try listen to us on i heart radio but actually to tell you the truth i’d rather people list was to a normal are says feet because then we get stats and then at some point we can,
brag he has the brain right so i don’t know disabled early starts are just made up and i think it’s becoming even more more know but,
but the lives in stats are right now industry standard stats and you can use it if you wanna monetize your park,
and so will you listen to i heart radio you list your stature will you listen through other services like spotify that re hosted we don’t get the listing stats right.
Set what do you listen where you wanna listen which legalistic exact and if you’re not listening well we don’t care cuz you hearing this.

[4:01] Alright so shall we move on david yeah hey guys what about the word of the week course we have taken her time away from this job because she continues to fail ho ho little car time to thank you for joining us now.
So yeah for those who don’t know where the week if,
you playing along when you hear the word of the week for this episode and throughout the rest of your week and the rest of your eyes are weak ass for every happen to be here for the where the week you have to crank the word that we just hang offer hangover,

[4:35] So court tennessee’s have a hangover city to three x the weight every tell you could hang only if he could rick jesse alright that the quote that i.
Can you think of the guy working the sound board needs to add a bit of that so okay i try to get every time you hear the word haggar we have to take a drink z.
Let’s go to our next segment feature of the week.
So feature the week swift keys of metal that new feature microsoft pots with ki way back kinda when companies that rent is two thousand eight or something that they bought them from two thousand ten but.
What is working when they’re gonna get to that place with key is a soft keyboard company.
So windows phone had swift integrated and at the time go.
Earlier this decade all the texting record for being beaten by people business with keyboard so it has things like trying to lift your,
your digits like a farmer when every type the thumbs on a soft keyboard with a soft keyboard david you know they mean it,
yeah have not not a physical keyboard like it having some classic blackberries or your mac subsurface as a hard the harbor keyboard but also has a soft keyboard,
so what’s you typing with your thumbs like most people do when they’re taxing and the people in touch titus on the soft keyboard can help.
So you don’t have to lift a thumb and go to the next letter electric i’m go the next letter so fifty has built a drag so you can start.

[6:08] Dragon to letters of i wanted to spell the word car i start with the sea mist rag my finger over to the a and then.
To the are can i be done by sauce less movement to lift and put my phone back down but it also.

[6:23] Music.

[6:39] Just trying to get the retainer set up so i just got predictive technology based on.

[6:47] Words like of si pacman hang and i have little my from at my guess that i’m the type hangover right and spins and,
the people that weren’t expecting records be released acting records will rely heavily on the project.
Nature of it and not continue to type the word once it’s predicted it that i use to love it on the windows phones and.
And just plug it in it would be two or three suggestions for words it thinks you’re going to type and you grab that it’s got a five if so messages to your partner and you just kind of go along with what your foot was the section back and work to it so.
Now the other keyboards have come out since then this flex e and a few others everyone has one either of william version writer but microsoft once windows phone knew it started.
As a losing market share of yet have market should lose it to.
Well what’s microsoft’s the phone was an obvious and not going to be a dominant platform they brought us with key out for all.
And i do use it from time to time on my on my phone but guess what what their bringing it to windows ten oddly enough.
So you could use it with your surface trade.
Or maybe some future device that’s coming out and that’s much more interesting than yeah cuz i rarely use a soft keep on my surface.
You do when your hall that and there’s a pass for jeff to enter that still it has for it official recognition.

[8:20] What will your children be websites with face sheriffs office towanda i wonder if i wanna face recognition work the handle.
Yes okay so is that so anyways so swift key is coming to windows ten in red stuff i was in the red zone five previews right.
Gonna try it out you can go that route for me what makes it interesting and maybe we should put this in the rumor section is the.
It is the ability to use it for some new hard hard where that might be coming yes,
hello tests news story of the week so david i’m gonna go to another history wanted to be the first one,
okay and microsoft news now officially rolling out,
to everyone on ios and android so my first new stories about in the comics off news of news from microsoft about microsoft news hot i love that i love so i want to cover that one first so what’s new about that well.
First off the rebranded their news app to microsoft news.
And google’s got and use other people and use apps.
To all of the news content that microsoft will provide across android ios and sn will be coming to the news.
I have a date we knew that they were going to bring the refreshingly know that their gonna rebranded so because they got such creative genius is at microsoft.

[9:59] I came up with the phenomenal name of microsoft news what i’m install it you got me okay.

[10:07] So this is basically all and i send news app.
Yeah that’s a bit of a refresh look so that’s our first new story or second story is that david needs to speed up on the sound board not right now that’s but that.
Is that has never amritsar from are okay dog rented a red hair that’s alright so what’s our second easter what the second news story is that.
Remote app and salsa coming to windows ten.
So what is your amount happen stop will fit around for a while they have for with many things right so for instance if you have x box gold.
More games with gold okay you would log into the website portal and you would,
you could expense of dishes give it to you it could of the x box but you could pick a game hmm,
and purchase it or get it for free and then have install on your x box for a next time its fuck launch loaded it would load the game and i can do the same thing to my android phone i can be.
Looking at the app somewhere on the internet and have it on my clean stuff right to now you can do from access store to the device of choice.
Which would also be a that’s almost like they’re getting ready for some sort of.
Future device well that’s also plan catch up but it’s it’s it’s in the future when i think it’s i think it’s useful sucker’s shattering.
Again from the ozarks anything use a from a corporate perspective but.
They’d be great for home use also for kids what up an app on your wife’s phone cuz she never does it or not but thought only guys about us computer what is the she doesn’t have whatever app you need.

[11:49] Instead of being called into the her office to do it or your mother’s computer okay okay yeah that’s good so.
That’s the new feature but that’s it all that earth shattering block.
I think we’re over seven features now i think this still some to come okay alright microsoft eclairs windows ten.
April addition are ready for business shit.
Right it’s not or shattering again as you said that that’s quick yeah so if three she came on may,
yes and our engine our in june and they’re saying it’s ready for current printer business of current branch came out and now they’re saying it was fairly quick and they they saying that they using ai eight track the success rate and.
They were safe for devices are ready to accept it if corporations want to play it.

[12:49] Of the customers that i deal with that are running windows ten most of them are experimenting with eighteen or three and i haven’t seen this or to take up environments before and the last and the last round and what’s the reason for that i think.
I think they just have become less afraid of it okay it interesting interesting interesting.
Alright shall we move on david yes well when we do the okay so office three sixty five and off start calmer getting a make over a visual interface take over alright.
Not sure what you mean by that while the other gonna look different alot of red i just gonna be following more the you know.
The usual way they try to make office user to use by hiding the features that you don’t using.
And put in the future sue to use out there a bit more thought lion yeah,
so i understand they’re gonna have a new singer rip new ribbon for an easy lady to have everything changing again but also that multiple ribbons how terrible and the rabbit took like half of the screen i know that wasn’t the half but it was.
Good job that was a good child at at that was back with reese for so low razz that.

[14:06] Yeah right so without using all again there giving you the ability to have multiple to figure ribbon.
Well as a regular then soon you colors do its been awhile since the refresh the look but also use your to.
Find the same commands it use over and over by the same ten commandments or use the that if i start commands are use ninety five percent of it that was really if.
That’s a big argument to not bother with the full product like office right but the thing that the pet at ten percent your half of the ten ten top commander the same for everybody the other half for tiffany and how you work so.
Does a new icons.
And what will be interesting and some more ai mx of graph programming interface of you one who does my animation so looking for to seeing that.

[14:58] Okay a little bit one of.
Oracle is gonna be starting to charge for chaff starting the in january twenty nineteen and does this mean that we don’t get to have hot every where it have to update to continue.
I think well i think it’s corporations right and after they pay a license and get pay support and.
For the desktop version of java yeah microsoft does the same thing right.
So yeah i forgot dollars forty dollars for the license and then a fifty is there a eighty four,
this is us for support i guess that’s per year and it’s per person right so that’s not insignificant to oracle’s trying to make some money.
What what is java se sweet i don’t know.
Per and pick what’s an mp overs that sap at any and up is named user.
Vs cpu does not persecute so that’s user price of apple that the vice pres yeah well that could end up in some serious money.
It can’t for some organizations and if your.
Java is most relation to some java so this gonna bill for to a bill for a lot of realizations up the possibly have budgeted for.
Burchell licensing management services hire twenty java specialists to wrap up on it’s in this area.

[16:25] I know from dylan microsoft when they have audits they typically have a lot of leverage to stop cell or you’ll right size some licensing agreements and corporations philly often feel backed in a corner and.
They don’t want to the lawsuit or the headlines for the added expense.
Make a go so quickly was your job right see i open potentially lose their job if there if the feeling on it i i remember years ago like twenty years ago there was a family tablet with all the office licenses right place that.
Right so let’s.
Interesting i wonder for his angels which away from using java as big as the foundation for alright let’s move on okay so.
Adobe is integrating ps services directly to next of office to sixty five,
the other artie are benny pdf services in officer sixty five right but there’s gonna be some new ones so you can only say this.
Always expedia but for the last few generations bicep able to sew a lot so you don’t have to get a pdf right or get distiller and you can edit things that are in pdf in word or an edge.
So that the edit a pdf and word does do a good job how while i was the whole idea of having a pdf as a people could kneaded.

[17:46] Yes all that that they would though that of course they could out of the pit was slightly challenge for them to do which is good enough protection.
Okay well my understanding is well pdf render lot faster too so maybe microsoft please in pdf technology to render the men to the screens water take a look at that.

[18:06] So he signature solution is being a ticket office to file a case that makes sense and.
Okay looking for that off to keep an eye on anything can help me not print off pdf send signed the memory scanner again is a good thing.

[18:24] If so that’s okay what’s next.
What there was an article on the net on usb hubs for surface three it was kind of a fluffy article but it got me thinking to how much usb c i have run the house there.
I don’t have that much till usb c i have her house is my old windows phone that and uses that died on the lid is archer you have a surface.
Tell that fuck to that’s true but i never actually mia’s b c cable and what’s up with the camera cats answer your question about our cat charged it so you can church that so i’ve just thinking about what usb c devices i have.
Inside my work laptop which the dell if my surface book to i have.
Sam sung galaxy and my son has a chromebook.
So of other certainly are a lot of compatibility issues and maybe the thing the pc repair that’s my hp that i have for my client tell you my client is okay.
But they try to be locked up for doing work for them yeah sickly and it’s got usb c on it and i heard a rumor today to a.
That apple with your next launch in september will be.
I don’t use what impressing but will be supporting us see to some extent so i don’t know that means a lightning adaptor is gone.
Which would be awesome i don’t think it will be i think more mostly the charging cable will have lighting on one and the usb c on the other so can connect directly to mac.

[19:57] I think very happy but out might my point was just that.

[20:04] It’s not taking that long for us pc to become more popular not as long as it took for the original usb year those are the things real estate job coming in a bit quicker than i thought it was.
I’m glad one of apple took it on of course one connector olivia when connected room unless like one apple one with wireless charging bull.
For sure i mean why would apple just knock it where the charging port for him to do something and that’s what i see them doing it to people oh that’s interesting at pulled.
Well should we start that rumor how we could this week for that section show fan and don’t take this sarcastic flight about apple.
Does it almost sound circus reviews say it’s the battery life on an iphone is very good.

[20:48] So having a port that you can charge all the time isn’t that important for the first couple years about.
Sure i suppose my pc but you that info wireless charging is nice to be become a little bit more ubiquitous so i know that there are some cars that have wireless charging built in table area put your phone to get wireless charging and.
Can bluetooth right there as well so.
Basically put it in the holder see not texting either while you’re driving right for you tax with your voice which is for tax ellie’s legal but texans with key.
The trip sorry i just thought that was interesting just if apple through the weight behind it fine but if i was them i wouldn’t bother i built that lady for another generation and then.
Skip the poor church alright anything else yes one more one more hola before you do that.
A little bit of reading if this is our last new story me to be really crisp on the news out for a while okay okay okay well then.
So what is this i don’t know sir,
al makes windows up take a smoother with what this is its a lie all along okay so.
Talking about the uptake and how quickly people are installing eighteen or three me other piece is how many people are having issues with.
What eighteen or three so at an and the part are you set for it so not sure bus keep really real i suspect microsoft when they release eighteen of three whatever they did they don’t necessarily know it works with all harbor yet.

[22:27] Because there’s a limit all harbor a whole softer and so.
Or they will know certain things that won’t work with the block certain things so there they were manually blocking certain hardware in manually approve in certain harper and you know that worked okay but now they have some ai interface there’s so.
Can a proven block card for it much quicker ever itself right so.
Yeah and i can guess a baby east on past experience with something doesn’t work on this dell at work on these other ones well the same chipset or whatever right.
So that’s so that’s how microsoft is making it less painful for people upgrade me that i do with the uptake of eighteen three fix uppsala keep looking.

[23:10] Music.

[23:19] Right that’s it for the news now what are we gonna go heard any rumors from microsoft.
Well not message for microsoft but from the twitter verse.
My twitter stock by the waist onto the roof this year old has a couple limbs interesting with all the stuff the trampling the dow is down but the tc is up.
When i’m pot stock and shopify hot stock isn’t doing that good to check today.
Now does it got legalized today all the october seventeenth is the day.
Three say this but will talk more about this feeling with defect yeah so rumors more people lose loading windows ten arm on their old windows phones.

[24:01] Have you done this i have not why not have just not gotten around to it yet next my wife still using my windows phone as as her personal phone,
she should be getting you for from work any day now was waiting for that arrive but she’s in that is a personal phone cuz she has no old old blackberry as are work for,
who who okay so that,
so back to the folks that past the is jeff that ass to the pc is group i am wondering if people be a shoehorn it onto an arty.

[24:36] Well i’m sure i can the question is what would what value would you get by doing that you move away from the inside by you that goes for this as your not losing that your double housing.
That’s fifty okay if not okay i’m thoughts up alright and,
message for that section so not sure if this is something we should create as a new segment are not for now let’s put it in the r and r,
are not okay rants and raves right so but did we should have an app of the week segment what do you think.
Share share the so many windows apps at least three or four i can think of yes is so well application called your trumpet.
Okay and what it is a basically a replacement for the volume control and gotta put a picture in the us in the.
The shona and shona out now if you have been using this david you could have turned the volume down on your browser without turning down the volume on that c note that’s exams you would not of polluted this.
Recording with that scene at peace you’re forgetting that you have future you has added that section out so people won’t understand what you’re saying that’s true.

[25:56] To night you can edit this uh yes or get at it nothing out atlanta flows better but as an example you can.
A picture that you basically have not just one massive on control and not just you know a few different devices you can do an application by application basis.
I like that they would.

[26:16] You know i do a lot of web conferencing and such and to be able to turn on the volume on skype early sky pop believe all of the things down with the would be nice exactly how.
I recommend people try it out i like it at a nice name to the terrible name.
It’s okay to install suffer while recording is not sure okay.
So that’s it for this week so that anything i only saw fit prop up the show up remember cope with you like the show tell a friend.
If you don’t like the show telling me that get we like listen if it is but if you have we.
But put a little effort in the show last few weeks and i think our listener ship is up like to get up a little bit higher so interact with us tell us that you liked also don’t like,
twitter leave us a voice message voice bicycle your website and surface for start calmer universal windows podcast and you can sleep a voice message right there.
Or to email us tweet at us as not to like let’s not you don’t like that here’s the kicker here’s are one of the people with final thought hmm who would you like to have on the show,
we yeah we have the ability to have gas either in the studio or remotely and i think we should use the ability.
Okay are you want are you gonna be with the sum of the few places yeah well so we could do it.
Broccoli and in the mini cydia teacher but if there’s something you’d like us to interview or hack as a guest on the show let us know and let them a tweet them to at us say hey.

[27:54] So so you should be on the show hey joe bell theory you should be on surface mats or universal one as podcast or.
Whoever you think would be an interesting just for the shell let us know let them know i am and see if we can make that happen would you think i love it love it.
Our eight with that i’d like to say goodbye ever have a great day and keep stick on the ice.

[28:18] Music.

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[28:44] Music.

[28:54] So we’re back the after party were colored.
You’re so is he park address was he parked is right and we have whiskey taste yes so this is a microsoft show so we have an apple whiskey.
But that’s okay being very saw now do they share when you bring in what its called the crown royal apple.
Crown royal apple flavored whiskey flavored whiskey kinda like all the flavored vodkas but i’m not with fan of flavored whiskeys typically and it flew of us are flavor like space size so this came in a little bottle attached to a bottle of.
Regular countering say harvest ugly have recently when her ms so and leave her missed we like to try things are just that we like the things that her we have never tried yes we do.
Usually we like to ft i think so we have a tried.
That we like yeah that is the goal the more things that we think alike i think and a nice bottle of tomato and for fathers day which i forgot to bring i’m pretty sure like it is bayside to cost bayside so let’s hear it open up here.

[30:04] Here you go but it’s not a cork well flat it smells like.
Me of apples set it up this might be my stop lawful snapple happens when you have to get the kids start this might be the way to do it.

[30:23] Violet is cessna sweet it smell sweet my wife might like this item with a new hope baby gets bad think of it okay very frugal share sears a great.
And no whiskey smelled all what is the candy because like a bubblegum.

[30:47] Yeah go to is no turner consist sugar.

[30:52] Very smooth but it it really taste like an ice cream topping at least that’s awesome of a friend you.
Very smooth that’s all i can say will smooth and warm going up it’s it’s to sweet for me.

[31:09] Well the sick fuck leader than your first kiss.

[31:19] What what what toxic sooner than the camera that is a member those flavored lip glasses and girls use to wear and guys too i guess still do.

[31:28] And the head of the dumb stuff yeah okay for me to drink the genius bar.
The month he has no to say a couple of things we would talk about in the after party were talk about.
Hope pots being pot being legalized yes yes in the apparently october in all of canada as opposed to state but say they’re province by province so that’s good but.
It’s taking them like two and a half years legalize pot.
Tell the post office is really looking for to it because it had declining business for years cannabis post right exactly.
However they are now going to be the only official delivery agent will they already can deliver things with certain constraints you can.
Ask for id you can ask for age and all the sort of things to and that’s how alcohol is delivered.

[32:31] Do you think that would be a big deal people by little and how close usually delivered in a glass of.

[32:38] Picture but you can order have your in the lc go will deliver by count the posts and they’ll check you for it okay so shifting gears little bit and.
What about the carries hiring five or more people between now and the end of the year right you supply the of a pretty interesting it department of transport for them really and from them i just got a job there but it’s over in blocking him but the one global.
Get stock options.
Well do you have stock of her to have spark up so somewhere else to sign art of suck there so.
Yeah i don’t think i’d want to drive to buckingham doing in school system too high to drive and work from.
When will the by that doesn’t excuse yes yes.
Alright so david takes bring that was keep but this on to that get no i think it was it’s a bit overpriced that was free yeah and that’s okay that’s four x is yeah i could see making a mark making a mix drink with this maybe.
Or having somebody are trying to get.
Can a person drunk which we shouldn’t be doing this or old men friday if thirty all that the if they think can.
The sort of sweet drinks are very popular but with other people.
It was a war of what ifs i know which is where this is great this would dot edu say hey girl what if we blender this with the chest might be something palatable you could you.

[34:12] Like this taste like melted popsicle popsicle are so sickly sweeper frozen only tasted but then it may melt cuz that freezes you try it lowers the gold is les paul tiles right yeah it doesn’t taste like.

[34:26] Wow this would be getting crushed ice ice cream.

[34:31] Baby hot on ice cream so pie yeah for this and realize cuties like apple pie a la mode they are okay that’s what you think apple pie yeah except it does not as soon as later and doesn’t have any tart tell sweet yeah and you’ll.
But like granny smith that of course that if it so that’s all i got yeah anything else.
Okay good charted we had opted me do without the sound board and letting you do the sound board for one note,
it’s that was hartford i thought that which is i knew it was that post separation anxiety right away when so much that was the.
Giant pauses and the double clicks if their served as if there was worth it i what that need to do that but i saw how much it hurt you every time i had history clearly so you so you’re messing with me and yeah i went back and fixed it.
Oh very double bass direction we wind down okay alright.

[35:32] Everyone have a great day we’ll see you when we come to it so we will probably not recording a we talk about plate recording next week we have nothing by that locales okay adults of all start with self clean was the only have all start full stop.
Why don’t we thought so room so.
Yeah this prayer last episode in this run weeklies okay this is next week last week of school for the kids.
Does the off chance will build up so next week but don’t count on it then not start when say here right and then the white yes i’mma.
Yeah it will rock is away so i have to look after yeah and i think he’s graduation okay so.
Where they came out for dinner after that graduate from middle school we saw a few of voice left with a few minutes left very few left in our jurisdiction mostly moving to either they’re going all the way up to,
okay great okay to eight or they’re going great seven to twelve,
who in our area we have a middle school but it’s in the same building as ice yet doesn’t mean they’re moving that but anyways.
You’re now we’re now going into the summer season it will be a radek.
Releases at best but will hit the ground running again in the fall.
I expect we’ll try to get out of one or two episodes over the summer at least one a month over the summer and then a few special episode maybe remote yeah i’m gonna and i’m gonna few places i’m going to.

[37:06] But work off your in boston a security conference and florida so we’re or doesn’t really waiting for new.
Where can one week and working two weeks and um vacationing ticket so i can read cottage in to some fishing in gonna be going to toronto for sure,
also gonna because polly wanna montreal my cousins coming in to town to visit his family are going to visit him and i’ll probably be going to new york as well.
So anyway tell me to bring on new york.
No i’ve commision to stay in boston since we’re going to be there okay and we will do a couple guys weekend with the little guys to we should do it look i podcast hello that part can be taken fishing.
Yes we can do that really go to see your there shore fishing whatever in florida.
Saying what all talked about that time cuz that’s some advice on that we go fishing at lake.
As well i called an ice fishing father’s day it hooked it in the event of in unfortunately so i hope i didn’t hurt it too much but they didn’t keep now let go it wouldn’t if the hook got inside it was really odd.
Your just quick on the draw when i got a new g loomis rod that about myself for fathers day o get that to use that and alright so.
We probably should put that in the regular show that we’re going to be the highest but will put that in the future we try every other week.
Sure let’s do that okay alright have a fantastic summer.

[38:38] Yes it’s our six week enjoy yourself what this does to summer starts this week right in the bay longest twenty firsts today’s lonely the us tomorrow if wednesday there today.
For the twenty first this year doesn’t okay so everybody keep your stick on the ice keeper scotch on the rocks and avoid the crown royal apple if you don’t like sweet things fifth.

Updated: July 25, 2018 — 6:32 pm

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