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Episode 085 – Show Within A Show – Recorded Live

Windows Microsoft MVP Insider Surface Phone

2018, The Surface Smiths Podcast
Universal Windows Podcast

David and Colin Do Stuff in front of a live studio audience – OPCUG meeting at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum


[0:00] Hello i’m court anna welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows such as service tax box phones and the windows insider program.
Here are your hosts the surface men.
I’m calling smith and i’m david smith and we are the surface missed and this is our second ever live show david where are we today we’re at the aviation and space museum in ottawa and why are we here today.
We were invited by the bottom pcs are very.
Okay we got a live audience if you’d like the.
Okay thank you but my thunderbolt we got an audience mike going as well and i ought men to the audience a little bit there my little fake life in this so.
To thank you for having us this is episode eighty-five nine a row.
I think it is i don’t think we’ve ever done on a roll so they bought with seven eighty five for the row and this has been once a week that’s correct that’s correct so i.
What are the show.
We both live audience and those of you listening whenever wherever later on in time,
and that’s one of the beauties of podcasts is they don’t three time linearly theory you could listen to show before we recorded.
I don’t know how you do that but i don’t know if there is a of but that’s of thanks again for having us.
So for those of you that are not part of the studio audience the live audience we just get a small presentation on podcasting and how we when our podcast in our actually do a podcast so.

[1:43] Anything you wanted to let them let’s let’s do it let’s do it so i think one of the things we need is hey guys what about the word of the week.
So he court and i don’t think we’re gonna ask you for where the week you’ve been very uncooperative lately so before you know you wanna have the audience to so yeah and not use the one i put on the screen here right so before eighteen or three courtenay you did a great job of providing where the wake,
after the two to three update your not helping very much so we gotta mike for the audience’s anybody wanna suggest or the week,
i’ll tell everybody what were the weekends so during the show if you hear us.
Say that word you get to take a drink of but every like to drink so turns out of some of our friends list on the show early on i found that we said the same words over and over so they turn into a drinking game and so we wanted tonight to so we started using the word the week.
Okay update up got to hate so sounds like word and a question there we also the word of the week is up day.
I sent a few times already i’m gonna water soon okay alright so if your playing along every time we say the word update.
You get to take a drink alright so anything else we have to do from a.
From a housekeeping perspective day that i don’t think stuff looks like we’ll.
We have that we have a question the week we don’t normally have a question we’d like to but we’d like to manual record a website so just go there there’s a link and you can record a question right so.

[3:16] Week before one of the list of the show and one of the members to the audience who can a redundant now city could ask on our light microphone.
That was kind enough to go to our website and use our.
Leave a message option and left us a message asking a question so why does the message well let me play,
hi david hi caren it’s just to buy.
I have from a pc users can.
I have a question for you actually it’s about microsoft surface and it went wrong tee.
I bought a couple should the settings for our mentor and sister.
Armed to christmases ago i miss you be working this is a before and there’s no problems with some.
The best legs are quite suitable for some processing browsing now person around when there you to wraps.
Where is the future four g clearly there has not been.
I need upgrade from eight point one so i’m wondering if they’re dead in the water over will be continues reading is dull fashion.
However i’m just wondering what the future holds for the servers are t.

[4:44] Okay thank you for all that’s a great question so i’ve got to it somebody that they would zero zero what i’ve had them you had them so i.
Surface r t for those of you don’t know was one of the first surface is launches same time as the surface pro i have one of those well have have a home.
But it was on an arm chip and the reason it was was to compete with the device at the android tablets and the i pads out there that were using arm ship now the thing about arm ships.
And as we talk about the past able to three big things will they don’t use a lot of power right so the great for battery life,
and they don’t prove slot heat will does the battery light on the cheaper to buy right cheaper to buy so that also instant on to yelp most mobile phones,
you press the buttons on it and it is very very little power six power when it’s and it’s,
who is state but it’s still on so you can get a full day’s charge out of out of them which is much more difficult due the next eighty six or x sixty four based shit and i act if you compare the surface and the surface or t.
They were the same screen size but the surface it was about half the thickness right and because of generate less heat it didn’t need as much real estate to cool it so.
Microsoft’s first foray into tablets.
We’ll surface it and the surface pro their launch simultaneous of pro was using an i five and the art using arm ship and they have to build a special version of windows called windows are t to sport that device.

[6:14] Now unfortunately those devices were not as popular as microsoft at hope they took a nine hundred million dollar right down on them,
they gave them away i think the artie’s re hundred dollars there come away at conferences and as prizes for user group size at a conference and they said it were given the way to this boys and girls club in the,
whoever it was said rid of these i pads away to the place and girls club yet exactly so.
They they weren’t for all that successful compared to the later generations of ice and it’s funny cuz microsoft,
as a company if you if you fall of them at all i heard some people from a different versions of windows well guess what up until windows three no one really used it same thing with.
Dos up until three no one really used it up same thing what office right up with the word free to microsoft,
internet explorer three right hyper v three that would microsoft it stride do the first time is hey were poking around where of what i’m sure if we can make if we can do anything here and their second version is hey we’ve caught up to the market leaders were doing,
now if they were doing two years ago and then version three is like is there parody release so it kind of funny that work that way for the surface as well.
But back to your question to microsoft is not announced any new releases for it last update was update three to believe is twenty sixteen.
They’ve got some blog posts about what’s new and i paid three but there aren’t any official microsoft updates coming for it they basically.

[7:45] It said it on and of all it’s on the left a funeral still run however there are sd two or three interesting side project it is an arm device so there are ways to we can you can get windows ten i’ll tiana.

[7:58] Microsoft is got windows on arm we talked about that the show three four times and there are people that have found a way to load windows on,
that i would make a lot less useful for,
your sister and your mother but it more of a hobbyist of ice it’s not a device that microsoft is actively developing and supporting for because it’s an operating system that no one’s developing for.
So as long as it meets your needs and has something that you can use it for your feel free to keep using it.

[8:27] Oh yeah with another question yeah i just wonder if it if it’s based on the arm chip there is the new windows on arm that that’s right that when the new windows and arm the whole requires snapdragon eight thirty five or better,
which only was released in late last year.
So i have bills bills i think of the court tack like for for a forty five i think the r t which are for five generations back at least and.
But there are people there try shoehorn it into their,
there’s a lot of extra hardware on than on the snap dragon eight thirty-five to help with some of the emulation required for the win thirty two apps.
But but again it is non ship and there’s lots and lots of different android very ios is out there another i’ll t o s is out there that people are shoe warning on to all kinds of devices including.
The artie’s i don’t think mike even of microsoft microsoft could trip ported over but they wouldn’t spend the money now.
Yeah source of surf party or the surface to their sagely orphan machines are ate up.
I think it’s time to.

[9:41] Set you story of the week that david you’ve got the news for this week okay whatever it come back to feature that we ll.
So i jumped ahead up no no problem the from so.
What kind of from the past to the present to the future to keeps going around and around in tell the show enough essentially what is a windows phone in copy taxes trade conference in trying it this week.
Okay so microsoft’s not making windows phones the last windows phone sold out of microsoft store but a month and a half ago everett thinks it’s dead and here comes and tell.
Basically it’s the full version of windows are gonna be riding so it thirty two bit or sixty four bit running adam chip like us yeah it’s an intel chipset suppose there are tripping at the full version of windows so you could run phone type things like.
Talking although whoever uses that for iphone you could talk of you can look at my kids to know that.
So really it’s shortages in the makes of do there until with you that there really is no product at this point time.
Lol intel there are some things coming out with us on know what is going to be the future well yep this will intel’s lost a lot of credibility in that mobile space so that the adam chips are essentially not available anymore adam with lt,
was canceled and all the mobile devices,
and tablets are all using arm chips and now microsoft as move their os over the over to arm as well as arm servers and is rumors that.

[11:20] To be a mac that runs on our there is so,
i guess intel’s feeling the pressure to try to do something and innovate so that’s exciting and now this is not a shipping product this is proof concept it would like a reference platform for other companies like dollar whoever to make the actual project okay.
So that’s interesting um what are we see if we can get any demo version to review i wanna demo surface hub yeah weekly will have to make those first okay.
So it’s so simple life studio audience does anybody here know what windows ten ass modus.

[11:55] That pano okay so one person so it’s basically.
Lock down version of windows ten that doesn’t allow you to involve install windows thirty two or sixty four bit apps or just you’d just the store apps,
does the store apps so which is grey from a security point of view you can mess up your battery and all that sort of thing but the problem is the same problem that was with the r t is the beach really can’t run all the apps that you wanna run.

[12:22] So microsoft does away when you purchase a computer with the windows ten ass boat,
that you can switch it to the full mode and you could run all the apps and happy events that this vengeance of the focal to send.
But in one of the latest belts of the insider program.
There’s a switch to s mode so that it’s gonna be interesting to see what exactly what happened that cuz would you be able to take a lap top install a couple of the apps that you need that are outside of the windows ten s world and then lock it back down,
so the user can mess with that we don’t really know yeah so.
What’s interesting so i don’t i think ten s is still a solution looking for a problem problem exist but people aren’t willing to restrict themselves that much it meant.

[13:09] My understanding on i’m going you can go as smote.
To all rifle pro you can come back well there it is that’s that’s where we are getting a rumor is with red zone five you in the fall you will be able to rumor.
So we shall see will not be great if you go set up your mom’s computer and.

[13:33] Just lock it back down again verse there are lots of select on a computer and do it without that still another way to do i working endpoint security business so.
Right that’s okay if people don’t have secure systems theory.

[13:51] Alright what else we’ll manual to las the news is that microsoft’s experimenting with underwater data centers water cold water cold okay.
So i guess are basically at volkswagen beetle to the center cell and we’re gonna go to water cool data since there might be water cooled it desires to meet the article that says background on off after the robbers sure there are,
but that’s interesting they don’t have to take up to much real estate the nine that night in the his way power.
That’s right and you could build a greenhouse on top of there at that and how that’s okay so where they does is a retirement.
It’s in our island and there was one other than they lost data centers there cuz of the tax structure they’ve had okay and so well what happens if they go outside the international the that than that in at the two hundred mile limit.
Thing about international waters and that’s interesting like it okay cuz there’s a lot of expensive cooling and heating.
That the heating powering which is the energy and then cooling it’s really expensive thing to do so great that is jen eight data centers they’ve really done a lot of research the finding that it’s not really the heat that’s the issue it’s.
Dust and humidity,
and so the building and doesn’t find they can run them at seventy degrees celsius or hyatt hotter the problem is getting hot in that you can’t have a human come in and service them but they don’t.
They don’t but that people don’t go and services things golf,
sometimes you have to give to do a little bit of wiring or whatever the typically there module are they shut down the entire module yank it out.

[15:24] Yep lets that’s one of the developments they found the make and save a lot of money on their on the cooling bills so make sure they got really good air filtration and for both humidity and dust and yet you like scuba diving,
i don’t mind it and you like data centers and use of other computers i think i’ve already and it all gonna natural.
Alright is i think that’s it for the news.

[15:50] Music.

[15:58] Or so well so that they would it looks i wanna talk a little but it would just insider program you want talk with the insider program alright we’ll let you do that okay so.
I assume there must be some people here were run windows insider belts to.
Anyone hear it to me in hs yes yes and it seems to be less exciting now back in the days you would be an entirely inside of or cover up bigger and t to get blue screens or sell.
That doesn’t seem to happen as much but well depends on which ring you’re on i suppose.
It’s so so basically the windows insider program is it away for microsoft to get many many more people test scene there,
their windows product and and then they’ve extended this other products like.
X box office success excedrin and basically it’s a way that microsoft get feedback on features can’t keep acting performance get in windows is incredibly important to get feedback and hardware to allow.
Microsoft two.
Produce a better product that cynical people say it’s a way to hot not hire developers re hire testers and just put it all out on the users but.
It really isn’t that it’s a but.
If you go down this offer development what is an element of that i’m sure i’m sure it if it saves the money they won’t be getting any but the such university when it comes to windows out in the real world,
vs what you can possibly happen a data center for testing that it’s much much better for microsoft.
And they also will do it with feature so though sometimes sent certain features to certain users in certain beast of the users and build compare how people except certain types of features weather works well and that sort of stuff.

[17:37] And especially if you got older hardware or esoteric hardware that something that microsoft wouldn’t necessarily have access to in their test,
labs it it’s really good feedback to them and for us to know whether you’re your device can handle some of the new features but also they wanna get that lemon tree back that,
hey this combination of video card storage controller and wife i controller seems to be problematic and you would never really seen that combination before so we are really tested it,
what and that they have run the problems but by people have a tendancy to put their secondary computer on the insider build so they didn’t get some of the higher end hardware,
a fire and video cameras on the inside of bill too much sleep didn’t really discover their problems and tell they released but.
No system is perfect but i guess another big thing that the real reason for this is because every six months microsoft’s coming out with the new version of windows ten worse back in the day would be every.
Could be three to five years within the new version of windows ten or do windows and how much you call the service pack a new version which case it be approximately every two years lol you and then windows seven and one,
ridiculous of him at two thousand nine and one service pack in what two thousand and twelve to the load doesn’t wanna,
and that was it so for consumers is pretty easy weather on the insider build or not you get the updates usually right in the middle of an important meeting.
But and your continually updated never six months there’s some features that most living you never really notice for corporations becomes much more.

[19:10] Popular because they just can’t understand how to upgrade every six months late.
You mean update upstairs week of sorry update every three vx yeah might be up they might not be upgrade sometimes it’s not that should i spend alot of my time actually talking to businesses about how to.
It just updates and upgrades and how to think about that now to manage it because it is a new frontier for them.
For the idea of this the rings microsoft in their own internal testing may have rings there’s like the slow ring the fast ring they have a skip ahead rain.
And then really in your heart ration you should have the same sort of right similar brings people in your organization that are okay this offer earlier and then others that are later because.
You can spend a lot of time tested and year is just like it outside your knocking of discover everything internally it’s a big mind shift on a different way of working to for processed you organizations even standardized on one servicing channel are having trouble,
this keeping pace what’s the service in general so it’s of outside of the insider,
the rings are insider branches of microsoft has really three.

[20:19] Four i guess of the rings or servicing branches for.

[20:26] Of release offer not not the inside of bill so that god current branch which is what most poem users use my does your of a choice well yeah but well.
Get pretty much you do while but and.
If you’re using current brat you get updates as soon as they become generally available.
Than about current branch for business which typically falls about two to three months after that but after they’ve had enough feedback from the current branch users to find out that it really is a stable they believe is soap.
Current branch are it late be as right leep it an accident and then there’s.
Then after the other side concurrent grant for business there’s a long term servicing branch which is really designed for kiosks and things like that shit’s.
Yeah there’s right and then there’s a served one which is really just a ring and.
Can’t remember what it’s called now it’s just do the terms giving me but it’s platform early release group which is typically the latest version of the surface yelp.
Common issues from del common machines from hp things like that but the ones at the.
Some lot of rigorous testing on themselves up so that’s kind of.
The rain that that’s only useful if you’ve got some of microsoft provisioning tools like sister configuration manager because it identifies those for you and let you know that a we’ve really test the updates on these and if your business running them up you might wanna.

[22:02] Release them a little bit earlier than that current french for business there available to you but.
So it’s kind of another ring kind of another service and channel but it’s not.
So to sign up you just you could do it actually they hit the it since they have insiders that window stock com but really it just go into your windows ten machine and go and updates.

[22:26] Okay and the other was something else you want to talk about it you wanna talk about they look at that’s it wants to install a cumulative update.
That could be a problem could it off but you can just go here and i just have it on the fixes and drivers for this particular computer but you can choose which of enrolled you can choose.
The active and the skip ahead with your right now but right when they get ready to released the dip their developers don’t stop.
So some people will go ahead and what’s called the skip ahead and they’ll start working on,
the next version of windows some testers well as well as some users one thing that may be where they’ve mention night i believe it’s still current currently problem if you get onto insider builds you can get off them.
Except for very narrow window that after a future release actually does come out at that point you can actually go back to the release channel but other than that narrow window of a couple weeks,
the only way to get back off of that is true basically reinstall windows eight so yeah there’s that two weeks where the current and the,
and the release of the same but actually um i didn’t hook up your today reset this pc.
And you could just do it you can reset your pc just from here and you can save some of the settings so it sounds like the old days of when you had to restore pc that may you had to go get your floppy site.
Get yes.
So if if if if if your order if you’re on twitter and you follow don sr car i she actually tweets.

[24:05] Regularly about the latest insider builds but she also tweets when that two week window is,
let you know that you can talk now is your time to get off the train and and lock in to either another ring or on or off the insider program for a while.
Yes i use to do that with my being computer and then when it gets closer to release time on my main computer at my work computer i don’t get to control but my main home computer and i just switch it back in for.
Heard any rumors for microsoft.
No have you yeah you’re talking some you devices coming up by david what the microsoft’s continue other continue to have rumors about microsoft coming out with the few days i like the rivers don’t know,
no can do perhaps okay so some of the but we have to careful because you got nba slide.
True but i i have not heard of anything under nba but also until somebody else was mentioned the rumor in a public forum we can really talk okay but in the last day both paul throttle and me to fully talked about three new.
Code names for hardware projects come in a microsoft they got that what what is it the libra for.
Carmel and something else with a drama mead is is this kind of tablet slide show iphones i drama will thing from it so.

[25:31] Huh that’s really not met la dix hills right well is not because he’s not a river rumor has it that.
There will be some cheap surface devices were talking artie’s earlier and for awhile microsoft had what was the surface three not the pro three that was running on adam ship that’s no longer available and so.
Right now the lowest and surface you can get is an i three and it’s it’s more of a.
Lap top productivity machine than a tablet more but help you can use it definitely consume but it’s a creation devices well right so.
That’s a gap in the line up that prt devices fill that one point.
Or it hurts or answer for three of a three which was not a pro but for a ten inch one and but it looks like they’re coming back with some devices in the well in the sub five hundred dollar range three to four hundred dollars.
Right in the i pad pricing price point and now these are rumored not to be arm shift.
But there’s a lot of arm devices coming out third party manufacturers who should make their methods farm chip chirp to do that then.
There’s the surface up to that which we see videos of but tell us david what karma is not the new x box to working on it this mckay.
And what’s so no no no carmel is the surface pro six surface pro six such surface pro five kinda came out quietly for really calling it the five well they won’t call those six or they will call the colonel new surface pro came out in the fall.

[27:09] And do they do have a service for four but they didn’t do this whenever such a surface pro but i thought that’s what the original surface.
Hi five was called surface pro so talk about confusing and and get things running apes yes okay so what’s libra.
I’d i’d.

[27:29] Be there to low costs are so low cost tablet alright and a drama is the full double device.
That’s coming out baby maybe well that’s the rumor alright i think the furnace rumors that low-cost surface device well yeah we’ve had speaking from a from people that we know at microsoft as well.
Yeah we’re name names so that we don’t get traveling control so it did not reach anyone starting rumors spread the rumors.

[28:02] Okay don’t worry no one really listens to it it okay.
So i think that’s it we ready to wind down the show i think we’re alright so let’s,
say goodbye to the listeners outside of the room and well hello to the with hello who is in the room cuz we’re still gonna be here for a while.

[28:26] Well thanks for listening everybody get paid on the lights please.

[28:33] Music.

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[28:58] Music.

[29:10] Well i’d really like to thank the silversmiths for coming out and doing lyme back have prakash from from museum and as a token of appreciation and knowing there of,
they can’t predilection towards a certain inviting of things i’d like to present a thank you gift.
Well thank you we said it is the doubling liberties irish whiskey,
so they would have these ms ayers didn’t centers right well we should a women and see if its are we lot open up on here.
Ask for forgiveness not permission right to drink oasis.

[29:48] But yeah they up the could do that did you sunglasses.
It’s gonna be wasn’t there was a whole bunch of cops at the at the tent.
Now get in trouble they did huh that’s fine i’m at au no there’s no glasses not on odor smell.
What every whiskey spelling and setup donuts lol that’s looking out dublin liberties when we could do that for this nothing dom.

[30:24] Who all there period.

[30:31] These are the best organize people what that’s been are gonna is gonna be a wreck will the well we use to have a thing of coffee pockets for who what’s have copied.
Okay so called something like that yeah yeah so where’s ireland in here.

[30:55] I don’t what’s this to fifty eight he’s ireland.

[31:09] And the space the carcass damage which means we have to pass it still rather like a from the finland ferry in the car cuts.
My friend barb would be very proud of me still till this little itself and there’s no park is so.
There are no i’m not finding this year it is a fairly new.

[31:37] Liberties irish whiskey from da blend.
Yeah but look i gotta tell my mom i read the bible tool to all who has good effie’s or has three witnesses so.

[31:50] Alright so let’s look it up online you to do that and have a.

[32:00] Looks like this is this one look like it was bought in quebec you can see illegally brought across the board is legally baucus for.
Thank you so it say it doesn’t look like it’s got any dies it take it of its a golden colored whiskey it’s not that dark caramel that a lot of a lot of the steelers use to make a whisky look like it’s aged on oak longer.

[32:25] Or a butt bourbons use to in bourbon they typically char the bear.

[32:33] If you hit four hundred ears of very light knows.
So is this what we learn just while you have to use the opposite hand will drinking with the microphone again because of i guess i but i don’t normally use this i usually use mike stand with.
What are the other mike’s didn’t want to add that i don’t normally let it tack really good it’s really it’s nice on the palate as a very smooth finish it.
I know tires but it tastes almost like a space i’d like the glen live it.

[33:12] It is much like lane out so i’m a fan of adding water to whiskey yes sure and there was a they don’t care if there is science behind it.
They say about twenty seven percent because ethanol mixes with water well it it releases a lot of the aromatic ss of that get to held in solution when concentrations above that.
Hope we’re three hundred sixty now everybody who did you slushy.
No so you take it out just accent of your car overnight no no no no no to sit with my thoughts about it yeah ice crusher on your fridge yeah he get the ice out of that and then.
I really like i only is a lot of ice for with cuz i don’t like ball for any type okay.
Like that swedish whiskey hose up a mac mac myrna.
That middle one of me is mosquito bug in swedish it that was that that number the brad brought wants that’s so.
The the the ice really took alot of the romo way so that helped a bit.
But they don’t realise for this this is like this is good finish it’s funny that is what can try sorry i really had please join us they call it the oak double and it’s but as you would think by that it would be very smokers on the but it’s not.
Rich amber colour thanks outlook is it the small kits the pete the kids if the burning pete the kids at the smoke the rich malt she knows multi nose with aromas of dark fruits and soft within notes.

[34:53] Smooth and spicy with notes of caramel and christmas cake like apricots but not christmas cake.
Smooth and last seen with blink green pepper on the tongue will that.

[35:10] Okay so for those of you hear listing we at one point were toying with the idea of taking the segment releasing of the separate podcast i we had registered the pot cask.
Domain and then within a week of us we’re just about ready to do it that some be released podcast called the podcast but we have their domain name to move a podcast called the podcast something like that yeah so we,
we sold the domain to them what you so that for what a bottle of whiskey yet to the invite and they sent me cash instead oh that’s no good are well,
if they were they were they were in there and we have had email so figured that access to some the bourbons but.
No but they did say if we ever come down that way we could do a tasting on the show.
That’s a good it’s a good show that really then it really dose a job by then it fell bad about giving up to me to much better job with that we have a yeah you couldn’t do to podcasts for billy doing one right that’s fucked up okay of self.
So this is a part of the show that we call the universe the whiskey podcast or the after party after show yet.

[36:16] The mica still rolling in it have a question what come back it’s eighty’s well its running see the way for that got a what could that is mike.

[36:32] What are the topics for you shows of.
That’s a good question partly partly than.
Or we’ll try to do or will do a special topic are in the special debt right so where we were gonna be doing a review episode allow we’re gonna get a bunch of,
you accessories design for the surface and will review them with the remote so it will have a theme if there’s a lot of the if there’s an event like a microsoft conference will typically take use from that,
sometimes we get suggestions from people like yourself for few twitter but it’s usually whatever is top of mind,
often times will talk about what we did that week i was always there mention i haven’t written a microsoft exam in a long long time up i don’t think i’ve written one this century,
i should etc one in two thousand seven but other than that i had written on the century they didn’t actually write questions for so wasn’t quite fair to take to,
think of the exams but it’s so i took my first one in a long time at that one yesterday and passed it but it’s the different testing experience when you never see any questions before,
thank you.

[37:51] Hi as and doesn’t deal close to like her i was interested hear that then you mention that microsoft was going to coming out with some smaller devices they seem to be.
Hurting for smaller devices like physically smaller devices like phones yes and tablets.
I wanna make things is i think a lot of people are now lot looking at their email on their tablet or phone rather than the laptop or equally.
And because microsoft.
I don’t think they have a windows phone anymore right now and and hardly any months making a windows tablets.

[38:39] So is anybody making with those type thing of sir sam’s on few others if you have.
I’m at a visit to best buy and and staples almost all the time every other week and i haven’t seen windows sam sung windows tablet or it or phone.
Maybe they’re out there but.
Those two counties are bringing then i don’t think the hot the surface tablet but yeah it’s expand out of the icu right so that that that microsoft really didn’t do well in that segment the yeah and.
So now they’re hurting because well they gives am very big advantage was okay now i access.
It’s easier accessory mail be at android then it is the windows right so i took it to put a great point sent and and now were windows is bugging people to.
I’m microsoft budding people to have windows sunroof and.
Sure of grab on to their android system yet and no it’s it’s like.

[40:03] Do what i think a lot of people would prefer to keep them silo ge keep their the windows stuff separate from your android stuff.
And you think that bothers sick possible security issues like.
If i have windows is and to your android system and if you have a pc security vf here you could.
Who the beer losing information and both android and windows so what’s it really good point so what bike or seeing right now is that microsoft because they’re not a partly because they’re not of.
Selling hardware devices in that mobile arm space so that the android the ios,
what think that what the really doing instead is are they going back to the roots say we’re not really hard we’re company,
at the heart of things worse offer company and so microsoft is doing is shipping software like or connor like i’ll look like office lens like word excel,
that runs on android runs on ios and,
providing the services that people are used to getting for microsoft regardless of platform and they’re pretty the management tools so if you take a look at the most popular corporate management tool for managing,
android devices and ios devices actually into so they’re they’re really doing well in corporate space.

[41:33] But if you look at the home users etc like said i read a lot email on my on my phone,
i want to get home from the office i rarely take out my laptop you know about computers all over the house iphones usually nearby usually grab it may use that but guess what i am using outlook i’m using my live idea i’m using,
get us out alive add one my making a buzzing my microsoft account but yo,
i’d still using of microsoft services i’m still checking my outlook mail that look dot com as well as my office to sixty five so they got me on that side.
But what we’re seeing and remember the whole but microsoft first not surfaces they were really trying to find a space that didn’t exist and create that reference platform for other vendors to jump onto.
So now we’re seeing maybe we see our base devices from h p from a surf from fujitsu from other companies are making those.
Mobile type windows devices and restarted iced of love the dell venue pro and hopefully they come back up something like that.
No but when you going to best buy and that.
No the tablets or windows based anymore though they have all mike if you go to best buy the actual microsoft us section there that is their laptops and for services well surface is a tablet.
Mean alot of people think so.
I am in college service there there’s saya why yeah but if we read the books on it but the thing is with a tablet you that have.

[43:10] Like unit tablets for two under dollar twelve hundred and fifty dollars so.
Can you read the email on and say that i have a couple tablet around the place but you not gonna have of a couple five hundred dollar laptop or surfaces around well and that’s not a threat of microsoft right people didn’t buy them so they stop producing.
Never is put them out without a phone and without a small tablet there,
i kind of put themselves out of the game at that that’s what the rumor is chosen not to play that game or they will with the remote right with room service like fort for top building cars anymore right that’s okay visite again i setting a mustang they’re not building cars by,
so they decided they can’t compete not market or it’s not worth it to them let others build those devices and then do what they’re good at.
What is trucks suvs and.

[44:02] The business decision the end of the day who is now the now there bugging people with android devices to two.
Have windows take over their android phone and that i don’t do that kind of bugs me.
To me they can’t get an iphone six.

[44:26] What’s you wrap up the recorder then i think so thanks is it really good whiskey this minds me of to carl’s gonna have ice willy finish.
Which i like it took its i know how it for quotes throat on the way down and it lingers and collect that it’ll take a good call.
So thanks for being in being here live and thanks for listening at home or where else you are,
what’s yours get keep your stick on the ice just got from a rock.

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