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  • Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time either of us say “Pipeline”.

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Windows Microsoft MVP Insider Surface Phone

2018, The Surface Smiths Podcast
Universal Windows Podcast

David and Colin Do Stuff With Guest Mitch S. News and Rumours predominate.


[0:00] Hello i’m court hundred welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows such a service x box phones and the windows insider program.
Here are your hosts the surface minutes on cullen smith and davis and we are the surface missed with a special guest in the studio today four episode eighty three how me and rose at david.
That’s seven in a row seven hundred seventy seven in room while,
congratulations david thank you and we have a special guest with us today i would like to say hello guest hello.
Welcome to the show will introduce you a little bit later,
we’re not necessary to go through a normal introduction process where we might give me the everybody interview process i thought they were doing that since it wouldn’t be fair for me to interview,
and thanks for not letting me be prepared salsa some questions okay okay first off a little bit housekeeping shut up greg edwards in knoxville tennessee,
who is a list of the show as also a developer in knoxville tennessee and mvp and he pointed out.
In last week’s episode when i mention that my windows phone and have a calculator i was wrong it didn’t have a catholic i would actually referring to my i pad and i got my i pad was very disappointed there’s no calculator and have to get a third party calculator app for,
from the app store that had ads and it didn’t think it should have to add that welp i’m sure the windows cuz we’re probably is that’s in it now.
No problem no no there’s there was one as bacon the alas it wasn’t it wasn’t to the internet with a storm of the bacon apps have at do they now yeah i haven’t used about her first time use the windows phone and a while tho test that’s awesome but we okay.

[1:42] But alright so that’s it for the basic introduction and thank you again greg edwards feel free anyone else’s here’s any errors that we make sure there’s a lot more areas that we haven’t,
the cotton or other seven cutlass no will be sure to correct them and take it from there so.
Next piece of business david we are live streaming if you’re hearing this after the lifestream well too bad you missed it that was a video is my phone.
A picture of my phone so you know that’s everything we either we try and sometimes it works great we do in the future and sometimes it doesn’t.
So what is what is on facebook it is so the real and before we go any further is are we need to hey guys so what about the word of the week is it to do with where the week accra ghana.

[2:37] Where try this again with david she’s fellas before last few weeks ever since you went to string creators of faith fine she has the prior one more time to happen taker kinda.

[2:49] What’s the word of the week for me she is.
And now it’s pop me two sales get help with the person of the room was on our way here mitch.
That was from which that was for tomorrow night so mitch is in the room mixed you up by the slower the washer arm and see that were the week should be pipeline.
Pipeline there today answer if we apply i was actually the pipeline review today.
And we just bought a high point very well we may be in redlands yes alright well there’s also sequel pipelines is all kinds of pipelines okay so.
Mitch to explain the word of the week everybody.
I sold the db talk behind pipeline for where the week is based on canada.

[3:44] Purchasing a pipeline from kindergarten usually get it built right but,
what i meant was why we have where the week why do we have where the week why do we have a word week it’s because people that started list michaud nearly days turn into a drinking game on because we weren’t entertaining enough.
So they have to find another way to make the podcast after dating and was on things ever jase so he picked the word that we said a lot and every time they heard that word they would take a drink so every time you hear the word pipeline,
or to believe me to pay how you pronounce it.
What about you get to take a sip of your beverage of your playing the drinking game alright moving on we have.
What we like to call a feature of the week david you wanna take the future we can using it right now i do i’m not use it now you’re not i was.
Do i get music i don’t have feature the with music to have a teacher of the week period if the sun music flashes the beautiful voice of court anna.
Probably in windows seven days you are allowed to yet yet the ability to transmit your display wire leslie to various devices.
And why die very simple standards and so on that existed for a while so that’s hindu to spoil you a projector instead of using a cable with something sporty didn’t.
The rat on ss okay if you have the hardware so it with windows ten others feature that you can.

[5:21] Of course send but you can also receive so you can receive.
With your laptop and you can have the project from one laptop to another laptop so if you go on business he take a work laptop and a personal laptop then you can have two displays.
And that’s existed for quite a while but i was just using it on we can i know it’s you also have to report control so you can project from one laptop to another laptop and you can use either keyboard.
Okay what would you know which one to use.
It would be whatever on the display okay so it goes back to the what would you call to host okay so it’s handy for you traveling a lot.
Alright sounds good thank you for that in and of course mixture of anything you wanna add to that no sells go low alright why don’t we.
Introduce bench okay past few questions getting a little bit and then we’ll move on to show,
so last time we had a guest we had some basic questions let me just ask you wanna do it’ll definitely going over basic questions i’m sure it was a good install them up,
What was your first game console fuck off my first game console not console geisel with my first.
King machine what are the pc and it was a deck pc three sixteen s acts.

[6:50] Human additional equipment digital quitman it that my then wife one through the what’s the cherry.
There was the duck race that was hella making out where they would release ten thousand docs and yes when across line classic dr adopt rubber ducks okay.
And we won we won this computer back in nineteen hundred ninety one ninety two.
Is very basic so game console one point zero was.
Was that one by wife one point exactly one point zero for hit her i forgot the question is up there so when we,
so the other mitch where do you live where i live i live in the greater on metro area in a place called danny right.
And do you own a wood chipper i do not call which verb i notice you brought some other hardware with you today would you care to explain what i have a heat gun for owed from another were call each.
That i’m going to be using to remove twenty year old carpet tape that is basically,
bonded with the hardwood flooring lobby of my condo right now would you,
will i don’t want to ask why the carpet was rolled up was to move the body two whichever which condo does not have a wood chipper.
I want the one day we will meet one another at this this phone we don’t hurry up my understanding is also that he can will help remove blood stains from which.

[8:23] Alright the blood in the cities of like a gas of the lady that,
okay so what’s your family situation and they were about the questions back in the when i see her neck if was my family situation what kind of a question is that.
What are the pretty get personal later in the system the prisoner question i am married with steps on.

[8:48] Okay number to your steps and not to my stepson to the doctor by the michael jackson or woody allen so no not and.
Can the wife your michael jackson of us that didn’t marry steps under step daughter dot is daniel them off a balcony back alright.
What about your first computer tell us about that that was my first computer the deck pc three sixteen and sex three eighty six.
It s six sixteen meters i remember those asshole lazing i remember those.

[9:26] I put that as your family situation come out and what about your first laptop.
Oh first laptop that’s a tough one i think that would would it be and probably a dell inspiron on six thousand.
About an inch and a half thick big heavy machine very reliable okay.
First phone first phone by this i think we probably me mobile yeah.
My first phone was in ericsson idea what model it was it was a flip phone.
The small black ericsson flip phone there is a company to set of left bridge of in my fridge alberta that made ericsson phones for the north american market okay.

[10:18] Then sony got involved with them somehow and the americans that business okay.

[10:27] What about your first job.
First job my first job i worked in the base kitchen.
That see if the river’s which was actually closed face of the time.
For the kid at their conduct lighter program i was talking some today who’s learning to glide.
Yeah someone who works here i think someone over here.
Here some place of the color costing recall glided you got no i went so in air cadets.
They have a limited number of spaces available for pilots have a limited number of spaces available for glider pilots and then have everybody else.
And when i realize that the people who were taking the pilot courses were.

[11:21] Definitely gonna get some and i wasn’t i went to the ground route and took rifle coaches course.
So i probably should join army cats but then.
Some people fly for the navy and then you have that so okay good good.

[11:44] Okay tell us about your first kiss or first kiss.
Oh man gotta be first kiss album yeah now i know my kiss destroyer.
I’m on sick i can see that was such a long time ago really yeah.
I want a very old man okay it’s deceptive i look very young for my age but.
Okay yeah i really don’t like sixty years for that your wife might listen she will definitely be listening to those of you knows about a year and so we can bleep it out if you wanted.
Open up with them yeah for the plate today with the answers that i have to buy that is amazing story about the first kiss and thanks for the pictures you’re still follow it or is it.
What is it despite the regular guy with your data sir is that was a long time ago if.
Okay okay i just i’ve i’ve just picturing.
When unit for now thanks though.
Ricky gervais who you look like five of the four talking about caitlin jenner o.
Of because of the man that up at least because caitlin now.

[13:18] Okay third computer.
Current computer be my current computer is a custom built machine that your gaming room is my gaming right.

[13:34] Alright give us some specs can i seven’s something or other intel chip is got thirty two gigs of ram it’s god wholeness of ssds and she tx.
Ten seventy video card that’s been video or is that is india.
So lot of g p u it plays the tanks very well right and that’s where you’d be now if you were here probably yeah probably okay.

[14:04] Your current phone.
My current phone is a d tech fifty from blackberry which is interesting because are very similar to the alcatel idol phones are made in the same factory there of the same.
The same cases fit them both they’re all made by their own made by with a company called tlc or something on the shopping channel,
something like in china yeah babe it’s the bottom right so i saw,
tooth interesting headlines about blackberry this week one evening canada this not mostly true and on for less than three percent of market.

[14:47] Sales or insulation i’ve an idea a pressure sales people that are not of that but also i heard something more intriguing,
thirty going to be releasing another hardware in the heights another phone now know why that’s crazy well i don’t know if there actually senior that about the rights to their.
To what their brand might be doing it what is it or are they still.
A popular phone a public company overseas again or now maybe there’s an island somewhere with one person and they have that controls on the market ot call.
That’s why five point yeah be in japan.
Well let’s move on her a.

[15:33] Current job and if you wanna tell us about that are not that mike french rolling one of your underlings together okay so you work here where i work on a chicken ana quest talk too much about where we are.
Keep that under wraps that will make it sound much more interesting than what of his secretary of part of the idea of the mystery of the drama okay and,
the most important question of all,
yes what’s your favorite sandwich w favorite sandwich the next one i’m ready to another first my first thought would be smoke me.
That’s up.
Very accurate thing i would probably go something like philly cheese steak a good feeling that’s what i had for lunch today and how was it was great except i didn’t get no garlic of the place i get it from you shifts garlic not to share my garlic with somebody.
But yeah collectors garlic alright and david wouldn’t next week.
What are your thoughts about with windows ten why am i several windows ten you know at this.
If i had a really good internet connection at home i would use this more often but i think mixer is super cool,
i don’t have a good and i do not have a very good internet connection i have to live in the building that’s a hundred and six years old.
Yes like hot and it’s under the southern six yrs old single schoolhouse.

[17:04] When all the buildings that is ex cop car yeah okay hundred hundred two hundred it’s an old building that even though it has the modern infrastructure put in its is still limited i have a limited.
Maximum then quits father sucks.
Yeah yeah cuz i had a better internet connection i was stream my tanks game so confusing mixer which i’ve tried.
And it actually does work about,
but it’s as soon as i start to run it it throttles everything down so that the quality of the video that comes out and is actually broadcast is really low quality not worth.
Sadly it is set this piece of the picture of you and the channels there i’m changing what i’m changing it to the one i was thinking of.
Okay what’s up with verizon on his mother shit and get set okay.
Alright there’s a special reason that we’ve asked me to join us on the show is the lottery that one special reason that will talk about a little bit later that’s gonna make the show very special for us i believe.
And i think that’s the that’s it i’m getting to know mitch segment.
News story of the week alright with a lot news to cover this week.
All guess i’ll get started as a long list here and in keeping with liz microsoft is set to roll out something cool to do beginning.

[18:43] This next month what next tuesday is what may thirtieth this may thirty so in june and start rolling out microsoft to do which i believe came from wonder list but it’s basically a list sharing software i guess about a lot of things.
To do before they will it out five in my septic probably use one of these when i excel not wonder not ever don’t.
Well my is everything okay but that’s so to shared list app the meeting is you the only list can share with people they can check things off they can add things to it but you maintain control you can just let some people see it you can actually sign tasks at center.
At work we like to use it almost every tool available in mankind work together so i think i’ll try to get this implement whether to alright.
In breaking news today microsoft is more valuable than alphabet alphabet in the parent company of google so there about ten billion dollars more so i think it’s what seven hundred and forty five billion,
seven hundred forty nine billion stories about ten billion more than alphabet so good on you sacha.

[19:49] Music.

[20:02] That’s good as a stockholder i’m pretty happy about that i been holding on my stock since i left microsoft’s finally worth something now was underwater for a while the it we can talk about that for a while i explained i work for a company that people have.

[20:16] Are unaware that sucks go up and buy riddle of really crazy article today is what some guy would canadian who invested all always money to be point,
a little over a year ago right here go and is now living the car way.
I don’t know if you’re going to think it depends i don’t know that time whatever six months ago might and,
well sometime last year and it sucked anyway friend anyways we what is not a big queen story that’s just a poor decision story or for about it risk your only become a billionaire.
Not take it by diversify but you can be it can but don’t that is not like investing your savings and lottery tickets sure no.
Going no not at all no no i think this this feature and it well no i’m not see the risk is higher or lower but it’s completely different.
It’s it’s an investment in something a lot of modern whether to investment but that’s okay but that’s for another part of the show okay alright so.
Is microsoft forcing the update april twenty eighteen update on pcs that have blocked updates to people claiming they have.
So owners of windows ten pro the selected semi annual channel channel to determine a pic frequency are.
Claim that they’re getting pushed against the interesting so that is the dumbest in the past i think this is.

[21:50] All things early in the early that’s for sure and long time ago they say to the few basic this time.

[21:59] Okay and microsoft is at the and address bar to the registry editor so finding these old tools like last week we talked about calculator and its features another adding features registry other.
Which one i don’t use nearly as often as i used to but next fighting fonts the notepad who.
What happened this registry very hot which for manning and notepad exactly table of contents than richer mich for it what do i do forgetting footnotes what’s in the pipeline or not had.
Alright windows ten on our tests say that the.
Next version stop writing the forty fives can be faster than the current snapdragon really fight this is this is shocking weather forecast says will rain one day is so what you’re telling me.
I have a new chip coming out of me better deal to exactly by how much toy diy click the link via yeah how long time ago.
Yeah okay so it’s gonna be faster which is good we talked about what would we try the arm devices they were fairly snappy but they can’t they play work as fast as the intel base ships and we shouldn’t expect them to be.
So they’re talking about.
Them being on par with intel’s low and seller on the politics you know i don’t expect you to be this year or next year but in five or ten years from now it won’t matter.

[23:29] I don’t think there be different well here’s the thing even now people are not gonna pcs are we talking about that in it up until next that accident i just have to talk about that if that the other talking about.
People are not microsoft is not really selling much software from an operates the perspective to home users.
And the reason is cuz windows ten it was essentially free for a longest time and now the only way to get it from users pretty much is with you pc people are by pcs.
Right why the heck not to much much longer they have them saying it is sitting in cabinet somewhere sitting closet because it’s not a major consumption devices most people that have pcs at home or don’t using to create.
I think this gamers and things like that but the average person will i get home i other than using my laptop for work i don’t wallets with that i use my phone or tablet for the consumption.
That’s up to my home theater pc but it’s such a coby tablet as well so that they are calling the calling in twenty eighteen the year that.
Microsoft lost the home market and so.
That’s because the performance was are there people are buying new pcs i think the same thing to happen arm i’m not looking upgrade my phone is dorks rate three and half years old.

[24:54] Phones are tenants city get dropped and stuff like that a lot more than,
sure but aside from that it’s still doing everything you do there’s no real reason for me to upgrade it sounds like before the park in the pc three to three years so when someone upgrades their phone are they upgrading it for performance are they upgrading because it’s cut.
Airports new features.
I’d love it to bit of both some papers to the people use to do it because they got an upgrade from the carry out were locked in the carriers i think that’s.
What’s probably unintended side effect of unlocking phones with both can in the us last years now that the cares enough to lock phone that the people i hang on the phone longer.
Because when have you locked their also give you hey you get two hundred fifty dollars towards a new phone and get what you want to spend it.
Is everybody yes first people are broken screen on the phone and then they either have to fix it or do it amazingly blessed you with broken screen to to fix.

[25:52] So nice to have a a lock screen that looks like a broken screen just in case anyone to steal my phone it wouldn’t be as attractive re david what’s next.
Okay i’ll take it to take that right microsoft defender windows defender.
Isn’t ranked higher in anti virus test of why is that yo everybody uses it they got a lot of telemetry coming their way there’s a lot of other products there.
Why isn’t it it it’s rank seven out of fifty anti virus products and microsoft’s not to please it that.
So there saying that improves built in to windows ten defender it should be much much further up the rankings but.
Ab test a german ab benchmarking from didn’t agree.

[26:52] Microsoft has a new paper out and they are going to argue the point thinking that they’re better than that.
I have a problem with that with that i think that i have a hard time believing that.
Using your earlier statement about people not buying new computers that.
The people that replacing all computers with windows ten computers or upgraded i have a hard time believing that they then went out and bought a spurs key or semantic or some other product.
I’m traveling to install because they had already but for the pc says would you like to install that will not yet the free trial version of the free trial version runs.
She is and click on the link and by the upgraded version or do you continue running the,
expired during well defenders running in the background.
Is it raining in the background just gonna get disabled and the other vendors on still think in some cases they will run intent on thing.
Alright well so that suck about some the things that they had at the.
The with the microsoft still has problems identifying legitimate apps is now is a lot of false positives.

[28:09] Right so that’s one of the big things i have and also talk about the speed.
I love the ability because it’s lower than average for installing frequently used applications and not even sure what that means.
There’s a lot enterprise users then generally don’t stone you at.
So not funny guys get rid evaluate into first offer.
I’ve been don’t really care how long after takes run within reason that mean you care about weather keeps stuff out of your environment will have to profile the app for tractor yeah so but,
if you some the test they went through so all that to say the free anti virus is not as good as the ones that you cost more,
the morning to them according to that right right.
So what time is use me no cough but today but will get one soon.
What who cool right number what if i don’t know.

[29:08] I was looking for the article and i was afraid that was going to start doing some video in here so.
Alright the right number one it’s all i don’t know what to put the cough button and take a look at that so let’s have a look trend micro.
So in order to wake up and listen here’s on micro gray hyper.
And let out of ira it offender cuz purse key and my kathy well hummel meters are free products with the magic of probably get asks for city free now.

[29:43] What might the mail free home additions yeah okay okay so there we go.

[29:51] Interesting article worth the read of your if you care.
If you choose to use it i use a different one different bars okay.

[30:04] So david you want to take the next one this is really about you wise me what is for microsoft edge okay.
So of sweetbread some build their doing some more versions of at because edge is locked to the version of windows the right direction five nissan fall update.
But as usual they’re just little settings thing microsoft is redesign.
Okay that adding support to it v six to the net i don’t even know what that is.
How also support for member use by universal windows program apps hey like our podcast okay if.

[30:48] What a wonderful thanks to you you that i don’t i rarely use it now it suppose to be getting less worse as we said before but i never use it.
I haven’t saw chrome on one of my laptops just to see how well it goes.
And i have to actually go to internet explorer sometimes to do things right if you have multiple browsers have fun with ejected drift away from it together things done so it i’ll try again.
Maybe in the restroom five i think most people would not have a problem with it.

[31:22] I am users and upon websites that don’t rental property well play something i spent a lot of time and makes a partner websites and they don’t like it so it will finally from in and try to do business with microsoft in their own websites are.
Feeling it right but there were can explore and explore what’s the point of using it for right its like chrome but without the features exactly.

[31:47] Alright april update.
Guess what sst these cracked most of this issue with a my access these my professor fixes for intel and toshiba ssds so little bit of relief there.

[32:04] That’s good news for anyone who’s avoided upgrading because of their sst time to go to world’s hahahah.
What is the that wasn’t that wasn’t be a part no wasn’t okay.
But can work well they but you gotta work pipeline and which ss alright so you got another using what we were talking about fifty percent of people who are on windows ten have upgraded to.
The new spring printer septic that’s home users i’m guessing not enterprises they this is based on network traffic so it’s what people access.
I would agree completely on the corporate level but apparently corporate level people aren’t spending a lot of time surfing the internet and heating use outside six cuz that working so hard or for blocked.
Or that information is blocked yeah well.
They probably have something web filtering going on every last fifty percent is quite high i mean microsoft’s usually takes her four months to roll out windows ten cuz they.
Find out what hardware is working on what’s offer and then they put in box stuff not only upgrade people that they know what’s going to work but this time there shouldn’t head alright.
So last news items we talked about this before microsoft three sixty five and so what is it got refuse with.
Office three sixty-five is it or any of our dynamics three sixty five twenty three sixty five.
There’s no more industry sixty five shouldn’t be confused with okay so this is a bottle for microsoft right include multiple products it’s got.

[33:45] Office three sixty five with the productivity suite including back and services like exchange and share point and many many other tools like teams in skype etc okay so put that that component.
It’s got windows ten right break it has visit don’t have options for her earning.
Well no that’s not officially part of microsoft three sixty-five base package will talk more about that just got windows ten,
office three sixty five and enterprise mobility so enterprise mobility,
has a few other things and it’s got into which used to manage mobile devices as well as pcs laptops services things like that also mash max.
It also has as your eighty premium if you want in there and rights management so start security.
It’s old and subscription basis now there’s other things you can bundle with that including hardware but they haven’t done that yet so they do have surface as a service.
That’s hard to say some slick singer roger can you say that the world your yeah it’s that was.
It was a thing okay that’s you get in the dunk it was from that thirty rock.
Okay so get.

[35:17] Don’t see that yet they have different versions for enterprise business first line customer service education non profit and government they don’t have any yet with hardware bottled so,
how would that work for that guy like a company leases for three years fifty surface pros for their sales people,
that was all the talking about microsoft has concept of microsoft three sixty-five power device but it’s a marketing term and not something that you can buy it.
As a single package you can buy microsoft hardware basically it’s lily’s kinda like you do from del in the past or still do from del and you got to.
Exchange privileges machine breaks that’s what the right away and things like that.
And if you using things like auto pilot mean to new can of the machine rebuilt your corporate standard very very quickly so that’s what we’re talking about people thought it had to do with hardware it does not at this time although i expect it will since microsoft is.
A hardware company but the hardware is really a rounding error balance sheet for to this email google’s hardware company yes.
Alright anything else from the news perspective about the new soccer.

[36:39] Music.

[36:47] How to unlock their no don’t worry about affected post over the summer mers room on rumors that we take things that post heard any rumors for microsoft.
Okay first most important number for surface nation what’s in the pipeline up there continues to be rumor of some smaller surface devices.
Alright so another surface tablet not a pro at ten inch well remember when i was talking about wanting a.
I want to buy a surface three not pro three international here calling take mine yeah we were in when we were in redmond yes and you through bite out of our but that’s personality sa did,
yes sir but anyways and i was mentioning that to a source who shall remain nameless to works in the surface group it said just wait,
just wait there unnamed source unnamed source for now the,
i know i should make it in the butt but i can talk about it now cuz mary jo full lease talking about it right so she’s expecting on bloomberg report a microsoft game release surface tablets price of four hundred dollars second after twenty eighteen.
You know it’s hard to stuart ticket to different than other people’s on the house but.
Alarm one would be nice what is something tell based off of the rumor right well its gonna be intel core m three four gigs of ram one twenty eight sst.

[38:18] No that’s don’t let the cheapest current pro.
So this one’s gonna coram that’s so that’s not that’s the current surface pro cheapest current when you get there looking to three ninety nine seven ninety nine million three ninety nine device.
Without a keyboard.
And without a stylus you have to be extra for those with four gigs of ram and sixty four gig storage yeah and they don’t mention screen size.
I heard ten inch know smaller than her maybe isn’t ten inch.

[38:56] My mother hated ge well of course you know bill surface was bill surface through the steps but it had a huge border on it and they can put a smaller vessel right remember the was it the dell venue that was nice form factor.
Yeah true so thousand eight inch.
Yeah okay alright so that’s one room or any other rumors or microsoft’s moving product groups under joe belle fiore.
Yeah well is that really rumor is that is that confirmed what is and the reception for notes you have only put it in there was a rumor but so,
couple weeks ago we talk about microsoft three or my are sent out a few other things changing and it looks like,
got a bell furious appointed to lead the windows clan experiences team and they proved edge under there and other teams are being moved there.
So far okay so there’s a rumor several sources are saying that one note wonder wonder list to do.
Are moving under him as well as other products so you met joe when and you think you’d be a guest on the show.

[40:09] Maybe we should try to come on okay alright next one is yours david.
So there’s a rumor that apple is looking at two in our laptops of course the intel harbor or saying that the intel the snapdragon harbor that’s available to microsoft would be a bill.
So they could make on laptop but i was with the right think os x mac os ten.
What’s funny because,
what were you up i just remember what that message but okay so i have a friend who spoke of it yes we do have sorry i got caught.
So i don’t really see but four point two it its pretty much of the martial use case on.
For windows laptops to be on base so for apple to do it i mean i am but the apple already dominates in the arm tablet market right side up so he take a look at the.
What was the i pad pro isn’t that just an arm based this,
nope nope it is not an aussie one that i must a put a keyboard on a mouse than that would make sense to me but the path that were in the back of steam even make sense but okay well.
Here’s the other thing to all sex is not touch.
And they put all the port of sex from the motorola chipsets over the intel that was a big big thing for them so important again.

[41:43] It might not be that may not be that difficult but they don’t have any history of right running os x on anything other than intel for the last five years or more.
But let me send apple river that so.
You know microsoft is coming up and last week there talking about this nice new surface hub to every looks goes wow i would love to have those except.
Probably cost four times as much as you possibly consider why has apple never made a large.
Ipod for the purpose of sex.

[42:20] Would not be a perfect match welp now they got multitouch maybe but what kind of at what they do with the collaboration apps on a times of fl now not the same way that microsoft does.
Like what what co editing application yeah i’m not saying there wouldn’t be any work to do.
But it would just be on this offer vendors to do it and suffer vendors would love to write new apps are accent wraps for apple and visit the power of and i pad pro and put it on a forty inch screen.
Why would people not interested in that i think it was just the fact that apple people be interested right click exactly paid so that the it off to make a lot of hype with me can something like this but would not do that.

[43:09] So i’m starting a rumor that there i meet me that would be if i was working at apple and you guys are in my funky someone if you came and said lets make an apple hop and someone said let’s for their processor in a lap top.
Seriously which one would you but you cool with you definitely got the large one.
Can you be fired called for that silly idea for the arm laptop on illegal there once and apple to make it even saying that for a decade oh yes they never have so this could be it too.
Yes well truth while the real part of the tv right.
The person i kind of just like it is all in one things cuz one of them always gets updated for the next book,
i will double oven i got a lot of government offices where they have surface abs and a student as a tv,
these it as a projector to project laptop and i say okay email me that the only can do that so what will they don’t connecting to what we just use the app that’s on it with me,
this to get better at it the screen cast device it to the plug in for plug in a dvd on skates i don’t what do i connect wireless what would you do there and then them,
or i can’t start using one note on it to drive to wipe or draw something i save your ass and your cup what so you for a lot of people just the tv.
Yeah expensive damage to us with a beautiful tvs right and and that doctor the apple i pad the large i thought they could call it the.

[44:36] Hi office.
And would you stupid got married to aren’t lamar river go in my amazon is building a huge facility in ottawa.
Well million square feet so here’s the here’s what we do now someone has as.
Submitted plans have looking for approval to build a million square foot.
Facility which will most likely be a warehouse because million square foot facility is pretty big yes i am and who,
could you require something of that size we don’t know it’s him as we don’t know that amazon has not conference that’s a rumor we just note well that broccoli any.
Yes it is on auto basic ing companies yes.
I actually don’t really nice is a little bit of broccoli sprinkled over a vehicle in the fuck but anyways we know that beef five,
i have not got all the approvals yet but it’s expected that they will within a month break ground and start building and go.
So look at the pic a did putting a whole bunch of people here are they could be please know about box so it’s not the new headquarters we know that.
Taking orders two different things but yes that’s we’ve been it all the way to industrial space as well as space its way out of town towards montreal.
So the past mrs plus past what images place yes wire for the south of there to atone for seventeen brown boundary road.

[46:14] Oh okay to south of hunt club yo soap out about a will where land is cheap and.
They in theory if it’s a big warehouse they could service montreal.
And they don’t have to abide by language laws in things like that and make a service certain for.
Because service trundle don’t have warehouse there this pic i don’t know.
That would have a restaurant the other thing to him if you think about it read this awhile ago auto is on a per capita basis very big amazon consumer compared to other cities gonna so maybe it’s a little bit of that.

[46:57] But i expect ten years from now every major city in north america have it on amazon warehouse for what are thousand people doing their taking product.
What is a thousand people they think that expected to have a thousand employees yet they say that it will have ninety nine truck peas in a thousand parking spaces are just a meeting that means a thousand.
Cars are faster peak as well or more without employees of the twenty four seven in fact pm picked it again.
Did it do that people doing the picking or does the one mean when the robots putting stuff off the shelves into the internet is been there has been a bullshit that available.

[47:39] Drones it might be a dry run but it might be drawn base.
How can you tell yeah well that’ll be interesting.
I’m addicted amazon prime so some in a box for delivery not for music the tvs okay.
Yeah whether include either free not where’s the three three nine dollar includes started watching politics much for free right now so.
I had a what is microsoft i moved it since we talked about it previously do we have anything else we wanna cover.

[48:20] No alright so we wrap it up let’s wrap it.

[48:27] Thanks very much for listening really thanks everyone keep your stick on the ice.

[48:33] Music.

[48:43] Follow the show on twitter at surface min email to show comcast service smith dot com check out the show and leave a comment on www dot.

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[49:00] Music.

[49:12] After party i’m not hearing your not hearing us while i was recording.
What’s going on it is recording why aren’t you here is are you here in no you know what i did.

[49:28] Take to where we go,
you’re curious now i hear the voices are there that’s okay that’s what happens sometimes in the heat of up after party so welcome legally p after party we’re all on mute while we took a break that glass so this is a very special usually p after party.
We have a very special bottle very special guests who brought a very special friend is there call of.
Area so make sure to tell about this file so this is a royal charter hudson bay rye whiskey okay that was purchased i don’t know when.
Buy my father in law cases the probably a few years ago quit a few years ago and.
My mother in law was clearing out the bar recently.
And shit we gotta help her do some of her in out of our apartment in the morning the traditional drinking way and she offered this up and i thought i know someone who likes whiskey.
They go well this is a bottle for that was bottle of nineteen seventy seven into to still nineteen sixty five twelve years old it city collectible ceramic bottle which is.
Remind me the bose balls except it’s got a cork in it i’m looking forward to this thank you for donating it.
The post photos have a cork in it it was on a leave for yeah and it was apply this winter tacos yeah yeah but this is not to this actually has the seal.

[51:01] So this is this based on a nineteen seventy seven date on that on the seal this was produced in nineteen sixty five distilled and aged is okay so it’s,
a year younger than i am while.
No that means anything that it does not much does these something but two years older than i am.
Wow so that it is yes okay what’s up sister over one hundred to do not cut the ceiling is tearing off.

[51:39] What can i say i don’t know what’s what’s the i think it.
Can’t live like to use your only then that i small circulating cup to seal but we do wanna have is when you pull the cork let’s continue this mikey really get some sound effects office.

[51:59] Can’t they so does work great.

[52:05] What is it that bad smell the cork.
The only thing it or not cuz like malt no no but it was a funeral from his wifi if you of the selling of the earth like in there.
Smells like right that the.
That’s how do you think that’s that was the whole motor for the wine is this silliness all you wanna do is check the cork of moisture not miss.

[52:38] So yes i touch it is a good thing well yeah corp right out the ceiling fell in yeah so it’s tough this one’s pretty soft but it seems to be done a good job seventy seven.
So forty one years.

[52:54] What good are you using your calculator that is in no annoyed that my head alright i just was thinking that sammy soso what were you and seventy seven.
We have to we tasted first anniversary of africa we wait awhile so that’s that’s go for this okay so you’re gonna for price plugs that is what do we’re going for here.

[53:25] Oh nice fuck everything up.
Where the glasses so i’m moving my mike around not mostly on michael to.
Now we can talk to call and cancel anything by michael jackson is running.

[53:47] Go to use all that dark amber smells like right.
Of those it’s twelve years old so that the smell like teen spirit it’s freaking spirits at the music reference david.
What is a really really smooth right.
I do but not the time of the bottle make much difference exists.
It reminds me of like a cross between a forty creek and a lot forty does whiskey get better in a ball not know.
Changes to get some has a could get better soon that’s where that’s not leaving field welcome get well with the japanese company tried whiskey in zero gravity river that.
Suntory send whiskey in the space think it didn’t hear.
So it’s really small that will really.
I would say it’s like the color of no my urine sample after eating broccoli and asparagus.
It doesn’t have the experience sample smell of so it makes me drink more so many checks you’ve got some notes there on tasting vocabulary so.
Bring the whiskey nuke that i am in work out really well but that was my whiskey calendar for today and it says in describing whiskey several items are important age region body knows tasted finish.

[55:24] The term body refers to the texture of whiskey body feels more with the mouth feel.
Soft smooth oil leak it and it had all of okay so let’s go let’s go see it.

[55:37] That’s it it’s fairly soft i’ve had softer but it it’s not oily at all i think and only after finish has nearly finished with the velvety is velvety.

[55:50] Photo and don’t don’t erased it so care what you wanted and to take a take a little bit of your time because.

[56:01] To hold under tongue open your mouth is breathe in.

[56:05] What tho detail cleaning to go ahead and,
that’s how you get the phone knows that said to do it so i said here’s what not to do we will that are clear of,
then we got school a movie whiskey yet,
it is it is pretty smooth for for i had smoother rises with a good body.
Got any bite but it doesn’t animal what are the other where they tell us to use.

[56:43] And soft smooth or leave the nose describes the romans.
It’s not smokey that’s a ride.
It’s got a little bit of honey i would say honey what he smell taste describes the hell out very non such as like.
Yes yes that’s the south american.
And it says cuz the pilot smoky sweetness layered with heather malt and honey notes the finish long and warm and it would say this is definitely warm yep it kinda almost like a cheap brandy finish.
I don’t know what you mean when i know what you have that’s warm you get but but but good granny like napoleon brandy or vsop or something like that.
It is a really soft warm almost like a.
What for blanket this electric what okay alright where this is kinda like.
I keep getting solaris stored in your mom your mom your mother or mother in laws house in a cake mix and but that we don’t have normally we’d like to summer that tells us about it.
But we don’t so i guess a bottle of the nineteen seventy seven ocean put distilled in a minute.
Yeah i think so that swapping thing.

[58:15] When the pack so here in right that would be nice to sixty five sixty five yeah bottled in nineteen.
Seventy seven stores in images on mother.
On all the vista dr my father in law in law it’s basement.
Far from a killer for a bar.
Ten of our cabinets put in the history here what you really scored on the motherland so yeah i mother and yeah this is this is the action you so much eight and is not just i can just see the shirt of the highly okay for,
letting us have that have this makes it and and thank you too can omar.
That’s my wife and her brother for not.
Breaking the seal surreptitiously which from what i understand they did with other bottles that were in the bar okay you do we take the bottle back to them looking prices well it she hasn’t asked for the for the.
Whiskey backpage telekinesis something about the bottle but don’t know that that’s necessarily with whatever she likes necessarily required but we appreciate any exposure to just have the ability to taste it and appreciate that so little bit of history about.

[59:47] Product so its call royal charter which refers to the hats the bay companies charter from the king of england back in sixteen seventy.
I was basically what we call it to print money like east india company and things like that so they had all kinds of jurisdiction to trade in canada.
And it started making sixty two they started shipping brandy for trading ceremonies and things like that may eventually had their own distillery.
Oh my that would fit the story here five minutes after the ship landed maybe not maybe maybe not but it but that didn’t.
That’s a big company i mean that the heat with other for trading companies and things like that but what happened is.

[1:00:37] Dim the set up in the eighty nineties in winnipeg based upon the distillery is did really well during prohibition shipping product of the us.
And if they have a scotch was called best for curable which the,
which is still available in the us but none can of the reason for that is in nineteen eighty seven hudson’s bay distillery swizzle to seagrams and everyone to focus on retail.
Which is what they do in canada but what happened is became unavailable in canada because seagrams.
Already has a lot of products in canada right why crown royal seagram vo monica be with themselves and want to compete with themselves i think they just use the distillery kit.
Capacity to let network and i still sold in the us zero butterscotch.
Where to if you tasted it us this is coffee ice coffee butterscotch butterscotch a little bit the maybe that’s for the tasting is it it’s.
But such is the word that pops pasta mind that maybe it’s toffee i’m.

[1:01:52] The little stronger than butterscotch butterscotch actually pretty mild.
I don’t think i’ve ever had that i’ve never been to hogwarts haven’t okay so they do have it if you go universal studios and we’ve been there together as guest of microsoft actually that universal studios.
How about a cure that he didn’t have butter beer pong.
As i remember a gentleman who was refused admittance to the to the.
The ride where you basically road room and play quidditch it was simulator ride he was too large to fit in couldn’t get the seat belt around them you know i’m talking about anyways.
Lol anyways i think it was a different so he went out in line and it like a drink mix seven butter beers.
The console himself for being overweight dick so.
What’s his name is connected contain alcohol no it’s just plain simulated beer.
To me such as its interesting perhaps so well it comes on harry potter and if so.
It’ll get hammered and this is my interpretation of a shot of butterscotch that you would use like a at the coffee bar.
Do those that the flavor shots increase our ink okay that’s what it tastes like to me.
And i think the outside one that was with your based business with a repairs ticket fifty percent of water suction sweet with the word beer and sweet with sweet.

[1:03:29] And so that’s why i might be thinking that it’s not butterscotch glyph at that my last taste of butterscotch not really butterscotch band i have to be five or sixty sweet this was sickly sweet okay so i do like coffee.
Cuz toffees also a little bit of this a bittersweet yeah but i take the purchase specially cuz it looks so butterscotch.
Right in your mind in your eyes and your nose and your tongue are all working what is your sates moved out it’s really smooth out so i added touch of water cuz you want that that’s gonna really change collection of liver argus water.
And if i live in water let you get sweeter and more complex flavor how much water do i add to that much i would i go about our app to know more.

[1:04:20] That’s good that’s all you broken it can i get something in the fifth may use to the texture changes everything changes of all of tylenol house.
Patiently sato regular nacho let’s find out it should taste sweeter.

[1:04:39] I know i’m getting the sea that burning sensation from the hall that am i’m not so i don’t believe supposed to get,
what’s the first using the same thing like it because you air hated it when i told you not to do you have a site is full of alcohol yet the thought maybe you could the same amount of change time swinger but i said to meet some people really love ice and it,
but it will water it down just part of this but will also chill it up full and causing less violent now but.
Some people really like it that way so the fight was getting like all for that twenty so it’s distilled what forty percent forty percent,
if forty percent so you wanna get down to twenty seven percent which balance is the all the ability of the alcohol the water to all of this app alkaline water but matt mix but that,
they really it releases other things so they’re both and equilibrium and stress release it so i smell the top.
Hey yeah.

[1:05:41] But it still smells like pre-teens paris to twelve years old is the so i get you get that did even though the aloft david wise.
Apartments do not listening music in the nineties.
I’m older than you if not then what should he did in the eighty nineties how to set the.

[1:06:06] Is that when walkman meant for somebody save some wasn’t was sitting still remember walking coming out.
I hope it is with cs wait where was in nineteen seventy seven chair at the question,
we moved to from ontario to manitoba to brandon in nineteen seventy eight so says no sorry.
seventy four so if you live twenty four and when noah suffer from brandon yeah that’s it will take is about two hours,
face the fuck front of the five there so if you consider yourself a one paper at all that know the jets not the jets the.
What a mom are blue bombers are the home opener the share here oh really okay.
Maybe we should go so will i am going out i got the after the water really opens up it’s moved out more coffee more complex.

[1:07:15] I think it to much much better better taste.

[1:07:18] Music.

[1:07:33] It’s about small pizzas are made up some that an okay.
And that’s that’s also the year that start with movie came out which one thousand seven thirty one first first one.
That’s all for thirty one yeah so for sure what for the fourth one year.
So and now i got the new the new when it came out this weekend and reset it.

[1:08:02] I am and don’t play star wars cantina music but we could re can’t do that anymore now on spotify and couple of the plug gap is like this week my son was playing ball hockey got a penalty i think its is a good pic so if we actually got that.
Can anyone tell us to drop us or they gonna shut up and this is that is that what happens.
Apparently the thing just dropping yet so close and wanting more well be so google all the software to check you out even one second copyrighted material so you can i tell you a story that sorta related to that that’s.

[1:08:37] Cause and a completely served sure no just no rule kit so you brought with leaving for you can say anything you sockets we went iceland in twenty sixteen.
Excellent and we drove the ring road we rented a car and also your holy routes.
We rented a car so part of the package was the gives a car he was a lovely toyota avalon if you could the drive on the left or right turn right side okay get her right side cuz i’m thinking of going to iceland when the left be a.
Any who is going out with pick up the car at the rental place in reykjavik we drove on the highway we can go down the road.
At some point along the way after trying to find a radio station.
Have had english speaking announcers there are a couple that they seem to come and go here in around the mountain stuff we noticed that there was a desk.
In the player.
So we popped the disco disco out and it was and now i’m drawing a blank on the bill withers.

[1:09:47] Go where there’s.

[1:09:53] Inshallah chocolate sugar known where your songwriter anyway.
We pull this disk out this is the car look there’s a disk homemade music disc nine in the drive.
So we listen god knows shut up so we listen to lean on me bill withers well we drove one point.
I have a vehicle camera in the car mountain in the car so that we could see through the two windshield at one point we go through the speak tunnel its content with drove into the tunnel and the radio went out.
And i said whats time for some bill withers and i push the button on the the player and it started playing his music.
Then later we arrived home by process the video and uploaded it to you tube the first thing it did was tax.
Follow the bill weathers and flag video as you’re not allowed to play there is about the size of google’s got all night i have some videos on you tube that are similar to that and they use to do that.
And the video still up there and now they just put out the.
Wonder if that’s what they’ve done so generic at your old video you might actually hear the audio now so what did you so it had a million dollars i have cycles part of it is if you have a tree house and.
I have a tree house so here’s the hat todo doing if you do have any so what they do is if you copyrighted material.

[1:11:26] They they already have an agreement with the copyright holder for any of that to pop up ad of copper able to get money back.
If not changed if the order is particular one or the program its only so that some point negotiated rates with whoever on the,
you have the rights to that song by the bare naked ladies we wouldn’t mind having a ads pop up for somebody else to another employee in our video.
We did last week yes we will this week and it when you posted to facebook it puts a video of.
Like a screenshot.
But anyways the test facebook let you to play with other other venue so interestingly and.
Here we are twenty eighteen podcasts are i don’t know how old now quite old washes working earlier take are gonna.
How older podcast well to your.
There is the history of podcasting two thousand three not really not really so here’s the history of our casting.
Here yo nineteen eighties that are you blogging two thousand three is on dave weiner include the encapsulated dr ss feet so that people could actually who mp three for player right and adam curry ss was the,
empty the guy that made it popular two thousand four.
And he still around in park testing with john c to work with what is called the daily source code know that was the one he said to them for.

[1:13:08] And the us so been around a while however no which.
Conspiracy products other than i listen to itunes has something about six roughly sixty percent of the market comes from itunes and quit because they’ve had a podcast app it didn’t is of two thousand five right so.
Twelve thirteen years now they had a podcast app and other what other than that.
Do they have been anything but it fell google last year google’s gotten gamespot of eyes got,
spotify bit longer of chile and there’s a whole bunch of players trying to get in the game stitches five years since that this baby just easy technologically wise but it always has been.
He has to sign are having the now right so it will the whole pot of sphere.
Was hard to access unless you had an ios device because alexa play the universal windows podcast.

[1:14:10] Be quite done with work they have a ton nice rainwater okay so anyways acre kinda.

[1:14:20] Play the universal windows podcast.

[1:14:29] One cartons of bacon fine until you so yeah it’s interesting that,
do they want well google glass across from the table they wanna make podcasting taxable because they were going to use their ai,
to transcribe it and make it search ball etc so we saw what happen last week’s when i use the wit ai which is what facebook uses,
we’re afraid that we release out the waste it was translated was spermicide talk we can do with google google have to pay for.

[1:15:01] Really good so is on there any more of you what is the google search transcription service but the wit ai the wit ai transcription services still free so we tried that it was.
We are at annas show notes i might do it again this time to throw fire.
Yeah well i was repairs nineteen nineties actually but.
I remember when i am i bought a paid version of real player fix it so that i can you know why so that i can record,
audio blogs and i can record i used to listen to what the guys name i have coast to coast river that was the guy the conspiracy guy late at night,
oh yeah he’s still around i know he’s not he’s got his medicaid now.
I heard a and c are for a like it to in the morning is not him anymore fell off the edges of letters of yes but no this is the guy that was out in the high desert.
Hello fuckface search on my windows seven laptop.
For our griddle might be a little longer on there he me up he claim for that’s for was awesome yet and he claim to love that photo and he claimed that his son was kidnap because of the conspiracies that he was.
That he was an covering and stuff like that may have to get off the air and just need more people listen to kris the,
got up to dozens of some point you have no no idea what it was great it was he was he was final is not.

[1:16:36] You’re right he’s off here since eleven years of their own on may we have a moment of silence please for our tell why the password passed away.
Little bit over a month ago apr thirteen thirteenths with friday yes that was no friday the thirteen was april this year.
I know that for sure and i’ll check it just in case of my god you’re right because people thirteenth is my mother’s birthday.
And it was for this year and she turns thirteen for thirteen years made it to ninety six.
When she turns thirteen in front of the term okay so when we talking about eighty years ago or three years ago.
Yes not recently my mother is not getting.
Yo by the age of thirteen art bell was fcc licensed authority technician thirty three to two thousand fifteen.
The reason why the proper channels so popular.
You think so the pressure have you seen this on netflix right now it’s called doomsday peppers it’s is watching you that know it’s very sad.
Why the sad.
People have a lot of things to be afraid of probably shouldn’t have a lot of things to be afraid of two things that.
I would say negatively impact the purse.
On dedicating all of the resources resort size time and there’s a lot of a certain amount of.

[1:18:13] They’re cash flows into doing certain things and there’s obvious stream mx family members and i can’t think that it’s it.
You could for you look at it as a as the serious examination of their preparedness for disaster of the zombie apocalypse whatever which i think is what it was originally intended to,
to be present how was originally intended be present but now you look at i looked at it and it it just comes across as can set.

[1:18:44] And tell the right until the right exactly exactly.

[1:18:50] Yeah i think that one example is the man builds a builds a is on bunker in his yard.
I need to press pause for sec okay we’re going is so you build a bunker in his yard using of a shipping container,
and in the bunker six a whole foot shipping container and a whole has a custom built so it’s,
it’s nice having it doesn’t look like there’s anything there,
who the shed and go opens up the door to the shed and then there’s there’s a device that lifts up the hatch that wasn’t walk down some steps into the into bunker as it should be in the bunker he stores wine.
He has made himself in his vineyard.
And his theory is that the chinese at some point are gonna sell off all of the.
Us currency that they have which is gonna cause a collapse of the american economy.
And is that legal in the depth of the hold and pants.
She is going to survive by using the many wine says he’s made partner for the things he needs.

[1:20:05] And then back to me feels a little bit unrealistic the panel no wine well that’s well art bell is the desert yeah he’s a he’s a bit so really interesting he.
He lived in japan for a while the only english,
language radio station in the am and just news ex military so interested in there wouldn’t be one hundred from with the i put a link well apparently not.
Yeah that’s.
That was english until last alot vietnam good morning vietnam and the guy out and he has a drink on our.
So i put a link to our pelts web page in the show not or in the one of the permission it’s okay shall we wrap up things i’d like to thank which for joining us with a plus one a better after parties have no else’s opinion me drinking together day,
that’s aweful were awful face of the whiskey.
Do you have a more intimate the lid is not for this good for a while we are calling two weeks ago to talk about.
What’s happened and by the basket but you know what a play something right after it had to a friend of the water a little afraid of the water i really tasted the are at the whatever i did despite such.
I got the butter scotch i got butterscotch and vanilla vanilla.
Okay i’ll put it here shown what if we love you are with i don’t read if my wife were butterscotch and vanilla.

[1:21:37] She got so that wouldn’t be bad to washes off before she goes back thanks stay well that’s about how it affects my wife is the reviews for cullens about the wife but vice versa it happens a really.

[1:21:55] When because she works where i work for someone and knows her husband has a podcast,
and knows what it’s about and gave used to work there for like he is the new but that’s a o for their loss of their lives any connect the dots literature’s their lives to better the next life.
Thats we married up yes yes to the pic thing happens of oh yeah doesn’t good thing or bad thing.
Quieter and mr hit the play data if they get to play doctor wells is part of my master plan that she will get a doctor for another masters masters what is she has to those.
she could look it has burst she is flop over and she puts up with me some soup with with me,
okay so he’s good looking as far affect vassal and the doctor master plan is that she’s gonna get her phd become a doctor,
go on some sort of book tour and i will just go along with her she rendering her for her luggage should do podcast,
list your lifter like it will lift your life.
She gonna blog she is a minimalist minimalist yes i do yes she did the year of minimalism,
what’s the rover block and every d she would post with one word she got teacher.
Okay so she that she did block and i said i thought this to be a good idea that she should be taking the blog turned it into a book and sold it.

[1:23:36] My tattoo like my through i have i have a relative who’s in office of,
i have a wife was my last known wife so your wife is on the continuum from the spectrum on the spectrum but don’t know if the opposite end of it and the order the.
They should be on tv my wife’s pretty close to that white shoes.
She keeps six rather she should throw out of.
Yes who listen that’s my wife wants to reset a lot of stuff here the ricky gervais laugh there’s no way of how not backed it really slow so she did that for your age you were you were.
We’re at the time yes it was a fun.
It’s we wanna come to make sure we wanted to find it is using you be going to our place and it is a.
Such a contrast my side of the room has.
I’m not a hoarder but have lost okay stop look at my office i have a lot of my weight problem or who is her possessions can all fit into a carry on.
Hey i got it or i really want i really want you tell you again i miss you when know you would not of been at the system barbeque vehicle come the student here i have better idea we have to go for dinner now when we better lol.

[1:25:09] Okay alright like that one week when we say goodbye and by.
Goodbye keeps the can they sue scotch on the rocks and we’re done here yet of if.

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