Episode 082 – Andromeda Unhinged


  • Universal Windows Podcast – Episode 82 – Unhinged.
  • Recording 6 weeks-in-row – a record for 2018 for us!


Word of the Week

  • Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time either of us say “Petard
    • a case containing an explosive to break down a door or gate or breach a wall
    • a firework that explodes with a loud report

Feature of the Week

  • Windows 10 Calculator now has new functions including Date and Currency Converters

News of the Week

What is Microsoft….



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Whiskey of the Week


For fun we tried the WIT.AI speech to text service to create a transcript of the episode.  This is what it returned:


Episode 082 – Unhinged

Windows Microsoft MVP Insider Surface Phone

2018, The Surface Smiths Podcast
Universal Windows Podcast

David and Colin Cover News and Rumours


[1:31] Hello i’m court hundred welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows such a surface x box phones and the windows insider program here are your hosts the surface smith.

[1:46] I’m called smith i’m david smith and weird surface paths welcome to apis.

[1:52] That’s six in a row six episode six weeks never done that before how we top that.
Will do seven hundred seventy f seven layer cake seven layer dip all sorts of seven.
What is seven lucky seven alright so welcome to universal windows podcast the show about everything microsoft that we could talk about that stuff we have a cracker and other things here talk about sure.
And yeah so this is what we like to talk about her like that yeah we do have a little distracted to show us yeah we have a little house keeping something like to do from week to week of things we like to do to keep consistent.
Hey guys what about the word of the week of extra kind of that’s definitely one of the things we like to stay consistent is that a word of the week but sometimes court isn’t all that consistent so david what are we a secret and it give us the word of the week paper kinda.

[2:45] Can you give me a red.
I lost the thread there five can you freeze it another way they know i cannot wait it out for to stop playing nice that’s totally a win do i use the retina word insolent.
Now i’m gonna go with miriam webster.
Where are the day you keep the folks entertained walleye find it will this is like the third taken for podcast today because of what we normally do with.
What’s your name is not working today.
Alright so the word of the day for marine webster is hard and is not to definitions want a case containing explosive to break down the door gate or breach a wall okay of fireworks exploded allowed report okay.
But i don’t think we’re kinda little departed today.
Oh so pager explain how to work the week works what its a drinking himself we talked about how you might be using say a fire wall.
And someone a cards against your fire wall to break in then you would have a drink,
yeah there you go and i just have a drink and i have to retrain myself and how to drink out explain that maybe after the show please and i cannot,
incorrect the card in french has a another sort of slang definition.
Oh okay well you can figure out what it is based on the merriam webster’s definition of ira to that’s it for our word of the week if you’re playing the game every time you hear of one of us a card or every time you hear a.

[4:28] Lol firework explode allowed report,
i feel free to have a sip of your favorite bevis excellent alright so that’s it let’s move on to what we like to call what we call it next week all the feature of the we feature of the week.
Feature of the week area go off so quick honestly a little nicer now she’s just having a hard time keeping up with us laugh cup feature of the week it’s.
Something that windows is having it for a long time but often enough.

[5:00] They updated it’s the counselor they have in fact i think that was part of windows one point zero probably was but you know what’s funny.
My iphone didn’t have a cat wilson to have a calculator really yeah okay which is really weird.
But the windows calculator why are we using that as a feature the week you may ask it’s been around forever all because with latest version of windows for the eighteen or three but also better known as.
Heating on three lisa bring radiator is about a hundred totally uncreative.
Name for creators update it now has the option to do currency conversions.
For jessica stylus work also if you load up the calculator and you hit the hamburger menu,
it’s with it only starts up in standard motor hamburger menu to what a different modes got scientific programmer date calculation that’s about to different converters awaits and mass temperature etc and one of them there’s currency,
so it as an example to.
Is worth seventy seven point eight three sentence.
American not what i would like it to do is the us gallon in us currency,
to canadian leader in canadian dollar currency all in one stop doesn’t want step of the way to measures it’s and it’s got that we could do that.

[6:32] Yeah it also doesn’t do crypto currency and it does not have a look,
it’s hot it’s not just currency it also has a day calculator built in yes so we can find out that windows one point zero was released thirty two years six months and three days ago,
or or me as much as you think of it as a.
I don’t know what time was really so that would just be garbage in garbage out you call it alright but anyways for those of you that are.
When is the catholic currency conversion that there die typically just use google for that but it works just fine in the cut letters while it don’t try to flex something worth today alexa play me crime.
Yes i would work is okay so that’s it for our feature of the week now it’s on to,
set you story of the week so lots of five,
some of the interesting thing that we parked last week we had chris as our guest some things that were rumors last week and use this week so the first picard.
Is microsoft confirms that will ditch windows ten is.
Hold on hold on let me faces and why that i could teach windows ten has.
They’re going to change it to mold in twenty ninety so windows ten is for those of you that don’t remember is a version of windows that.

[8:05] Only works with star apps basis and it really tight lock down doesn’t run when thirty two apps it only runs a it only runs universal windows platform apps that suddenly true it’s certainly runs one of their to at,
not yours they already on that i have to come to the store frequent be wrapped so that’s right to the to be wrapped,
and it was great for lockdown machines like kiosks or executive are education and that was it was released during the education event about this time last year it’s a bit of a stretch color great.
It might be a workable right mortimer secure but it is foster right so.
They’re changing it from a virgin.
And they actually have a potential to actually charge people to go from one to stand brass to windows ten professional really would be amazing did anybody ever pay that.

[9:04] I don’t know i was scared,
it was an interesting experiment while it lasted i think i get more people play around so it’s kinda like in the olden days when there was windows server windows.
Not for terminal server addition to the regular windows and t four server so with it now what’s the difference in the mode and.
Yes we can we can look at the details of basis for the wave it’s gonna be of for the turn on or turn off i guess i turned it off.
Right now you can’t turn off right now you have to upgrade or frustrated you have to re admit your system,
right but it back on but you license for to fit with tasha on my places for at least professional in the future will this be a switch to turn on or turn off so i guess right not well right now sister licensing.
It also might be technology thing me not we may have always wanted to be a mode just couldn’t get there because of the way they locked it down so they said we have to do a different bill because trying entree off to.
To what we expected are to that’s it for that piece of news that david that you wanna go over the next piece of.
Sure microsoft is offering to fix surface pro force with the screen flickering problem so.
Apparently there’s a larger than number expected failures in that people are been rather upset and so you get three years of.
Free service with that,
right that’s a normal working on windows device one yearly one when your boss have next of complete which i think except two years and can i get even if a little this of a number that they can’t fix the screen flicker issue with firmware.

[10:46] What they’ve issued so anyone affected by it will get a little.
And maybe with baby christians have that issue all the problems charging fifty but has a free for everybody except crap yeah that’s where exactly alright so awesome for talking about devices.
Can i take the next one picture so it appears making an all in one pc with alexa and i really do like alexa do you.
Do you know what the hell india my problem with that is.

[11:20] I’m not a big fan of all my devices will doesn’t have a beautiful screen let’s go what the fuck is that the back waiting on pc its a pc that has the computer built in.
To the monitor so see are the monitor built into the computer that well what you so you don’t like the surface to write okay.
I mean it’s a beautiful device and all but when you need to make an upgrade of some sort you kind of end up with a bit of an orphan after travels are for.
Yes yes very rough week so it’s an all in one it typically difficult to service open my apple had a few but.
And laptops elements is complaining about making how often well will you place your hard drive and still do that even on pc isn’t just a different form factor it for a little cheaper to build.

[12:06] But the belt and alexa which is nice anything all month can be someone’s gonna be there on all the time why not have alexa built-in alexis a great program so.
Okay so that’s that’s good news.
The new hp thirty two inch not like that right so a machine that i’ve liked for a long time h p is also improved they’ve got a new elite book x three sixty so it’s a little bit smaller than before,
but same screen size because i guess they got rid of some of the basil and some of the other hardware around it’s a smaller lighter and what i’ve always,
will not always but i wanted since i heard it was possible is it’s got lt eachother give you a few of you the specs.

[12:56] That’s ten percent smaller overall for.
Hi it’s got lt but lt is on every machine it’s its option so depends on retailer also means of the pale a bit more for,
alright so it’s a machine that i really like i’d like to spend some time with it is fourteen inches wide ten eighty p dirt affordable cover,
they can use to prop it up.
I will be available july so it’s a little bit it’s summary and in between the little guy looks a little bit like a.
What is this pc is a little bit like a cross between a surface and hair a and i pad.
Pro it’s the start really of the exact circuit the much more common healthy built-in and people why bother for really a corporate world spending forty dollars a month.
On your data plan and the more secure is or and or being easier for mobile workers is real when,
right so i’m a big fan of that is also and also comes with a stylus by the way but what we’re really seeing now is that next generation of surface inspire devices from third party vendors.
So that’s one to keep and i am one that i’m excited about alright for talking about hard work,
lenovo’s come out with a whole bunch of new idea pats so that basically updated their tire product line and they’ve got devices every price point so some low and some nice is a mid range somehow some higher end.

[14:34] So these are all gonna be available as well in in the near future that got devices starting at two fifty us army track about low and right for fifteen inch model no what’s it got its for fourteen inch and it’s gotta.
A seller on dual core right now so it’s gonna be fair we slow.
Task base machine the legal all the way up to do.
He’s jan i seven’s with gpus.
So fingerprint reader to ring so full of it the dvd drive to keep stopping cause a laptop that is shot.
They probably had some in the warehouse they want to get rid of this but the other refreshing there their lineup and other not bad looking machines and they look like they be good general-purpose machines for kids and students things like that.

[15:28] So that’s it hardware roundup stars new devices.

[15:34] In the news today we’ve been talking a lot about smart speakers relax etc to one that was never really talked about was google.

[15:44] No we talk to court in a little bit and alexa so.

[15:50] I have amazon apparently is support selling alexa right now go google overtake amazon in q one market share for smart speakers.

[16:02] So google shit three point two million to go home and home many devices on amazon only shift two point five million echo devices now that’s a lot of devices for both of them but still right that’s definitely a lock that’s.
But i think about it is alexis enough for a while so people wanna already have them so this guy just a little bit pent-up demand or little spike for new devices and i hope to google is giving away for free at basketball games and things like that,
really yeah with arun basketball game this year yeah so yeah.
We’ll see how that plays out but really that’s just indication of things come that’s my speaker market.
It’s you know it’s not it’s on fire but it’s definitely growing but if you look at the are you talking.
This is an example setting up a transaction but is not sourcing technology to communicate with your devices gonna be amazing right so.
Marcus stephanie uptake but i don’t think it’s time to let a card but wouldn’t when we just car can he just did not want to give us the word of the week when you asked siri got weather yeah so.

[17:16] This is all it goes too companies red in the technology now now alright any other news david no.

[17:23] Music.

[17:31] Alright so this is another statement that we like to do with a bit of a lot exercise a bit of a film blanks where woke,
we ask for court asks what is microsoft and then we film it like so what if microsoft,
reboot it now i use that term loosely but if the rebooted windows stripped down and started from scratch what do you think that they would.

[17:58] What i mean microsoft always spending time re architect how windows work right but it’s been around windows has been around for how long you told me earlier how many days i’m thirty two years ago.
I was thirty two years six months and three days right so you know it’s it’s got a lot of baggage gotta lotta late in the city to do it in its,
mid life crisis or fourth light grey thing yet and yet the so it features the co to notepad and calculator right so you know,
its been a long claim and it’s gotta compete with things like android that’s less than ten years old.
Oh like alexa and google you’re not even there are hundreds what princess right so competes with the right and ios yo all of these things are get from this century when windows is from last century it’s tough to compete with you but all that legacy backward compatibility and,
they stripped down and started to scratch well we can talk about this already okay in a previous episode driver something cool windows lean.
Or is it legal windows but anyways this something that microsoft is called it makes of that they’re calling.
Underscore os or polaris.
And it’s basically that a reengineering the windows and it will be coming in a future version of windows ten however,
it’s not something i notice it still look and feel like windows ten on the surface from you i perspective but they’re really going to re engineering under the hood now not everybody is going to be using that i talked.

[19:37] It you make me to turn the ac os or windows quora west and what is that mean well.
There’s really for key pieces to this there’s the windows one cor.
Alright so it’s a unified colonel that they been using since two thousand fifteen that beautify colonel that we see and hollins that we see in our.
And our pc’s like our services mr laptops etc the same one that was x box the same one that we see on windows on our right right is the same curdle.
What’s that the key to the base of it but it’s getting that colonel is getting smaller more and more modern than they’ve got the universal windows platform which is the app platform that runs,
on with thirty two eq eligible sexy six and x sixty four armin x box right so that’s that app player than,
the core of ass which is what the piece that makes a modular so they can add and remove features based on the use case without having you to,
i have a bloated of hell recast put put,
calculator and server all these things can be set right this up rica pocket modules were together right so you can build like lego and then you could fit it into lower memory or or.
Lol floor storage environments or higher and then they got seashell which is.

[21:07] Will you i itself adapts the other if they’re talking about it being really adaptive kind like we talk but continue before what’s the sense of where the continually call that the big easy no big be.
Now i forget testament that so often i use anyways that will go back to continue and continue me the idea that the os you why.
The that that with you i adapt itself to,
your device and your contacts on larger screen for smaller screen vs mouse and keyboard vs touch input vs ink and all that at the apps right,
and they like to take it even further to.

[21:48] Four factors and so there is a may not exist yet will talk a bit about that later but i want to talk about the about this as potentially being underlying technology that this isn’t gonna be the answer in every device right.
It’s gonna be.

[22:04] There are limits where you can put the operating system you put on a watch the proceeds system you put in a data center art correctly overlap somewhat but.

[22:16] So yes some vendors may choose to use this.
Alright some vendors may choose to use more traditional model i believe microsoft probably gonna push towards us as a long.
Term vision but this will be.
This will play be the primary place for desktop mobile gaming console makes reality of what surface hob surface studio whenever going forward so that’s what microsoft doing.
So this isn’t really a room or put something that they’re working on at the to of talked about it publicly at building things like that so its self works really well you won’t see it.

[22:56] That’s right well in theory it looks the same i’m in the shower will continue to we’ve.

[23:03] For what for whatever reason the shop things to fall but you won’t see the beginning to become more secure and stuff but also to become more module artist making it cheaper to support more secure.
And more modern so that they can keep pace with the competition as well right had removed features as we need to alright.
Heard any rumors for microsoft well lately sick of this is really a rumor that were talking about with windows core but we have heard some rumors something called andromeda.

[23:39] What everybody’s heard that rumor which ones that david when we start what people keep talking about and i’m gonna which is maybe a new phone maybe.
Maybe a new category of devices but their pride fayetteville there’s a result of its always been that river the surface phone is off and on the x box phone that next new device for microsoft,
and microsoft’s been a really really good at keeping wrap something to remember the surface but.
And even when they were waiting on the reveal you didn’t know that the screen detached yeah yeah service that the.
It was right there in the middle of the presentation there were of no social life of a beautiful surface but was nice to laptop and then the push button and.
The screen detached yes like a superman thing so yeah they were pretty good on top of that half on top that remote and.

[24:31] Church or the surface to do i mean i have been dormant for awhile but haven’t came in and out.
And it was it basically new class of devices basically created new category as a of the surface and benefits of this book really pretty category candidate but did but it is not popular.
Six hundred people this room have one that’s a but yeah so,
i feel rumors and drama what is andromeda so let’s let’s let’s decompose some of these rumors a whole bunch remotely like remember mclaren vale.
No i mean i,
it does it’s not seared in my memory like it is in jail so that they see that it will that be called ten fifty or whatever it was and it was than will last windows nokia phone that never got produced right so or with the produce purely to see who the leaks were.
This room is about that too so microsoft last constant like they care about who gets fully fitted are so microsoft has recently patented in the last little while from hinge technologies affordable displays,
alright so that’s part of the rumor mill,
we know that if the if they the files patterns they’ve also file patents on how you i would adapt based on how the hinge of the hinge display.
Is position wise because you get some light painting and things like that so you can see the screen in different ways start to describe verbally but the,
if you think about how late would band as you coping and closing fully display like a book and still make things readable.

[26:05] Also think about if it’s affordable display his hand held device to think of it like a america paperback or a journal or something about that you treat in you have lots of people that carry the phones around in those little cases the right but have covers on of the other side had.
The screen but think about if you open up up to this place right here in the holding it infront of you like a man you were bible.
Right without a bible with such obvious one yeah well what was the bible for.
The whiskey bottle of that’s okay so what you’re looking at me in that picture of you want for the holy bible that look at it could be really difficult for me to use the you in this,
so they got a bunch of patterns around this as well how you would actually interact with it so you need a hinge based you ii to.
To take into account to the file this pattern so this is this is your for some people the fireworks the parts are going off to the god have a new phone coming out or does it add to it and called a drama but.
Yo microsoft constantly develops things that may never see the light of day of course never career.
Yes and a whole bunch of other devices of the surface many yeah,
just because microsoft may have built a prototype or maybe working on it doesn’t mean it’s gonna become a product let’s talk about this let’s talk about some of the things so now were talking about polaris and windows coro ass,
does that mean the can bolt on the hinge technology for the hinge you ii.

[27:36] Into that potentially here’s the other thing what the lunch this you david that we did a quick video review of arm you mean the arm.
When does a man can we just cannot are so the rumor is that this folding screen device will be arm based.
That makes sense so all these little bits of of it in pieces are there and i build.
Microsoft’s talking about what they call it with the three sixty five for next office on five banks offices microsoft three sixty five job of yours talking about how it was.
That cross device and if he had to have all lands in laptops desktops phones tablets and then he had this mystery device which is it an devices yet to be invented,
or yet yet yet to come to market sarah to he’s talking about something microsoft building so that’s where you another piece of the room or calms and.
So lots and lots of rumors here.
Let’s talk about and and let’s just wind up back a little bit on the full being display right to i think one of my initial reactions with that is that’s not gonna work but.
The the full being keyboard detachable mechanism of the surface book actually turned out to be very reliable so.

[28:59] Is potentially could fall for what’s this fascination that engineers abraxas have hinges.
He got it i’ve of the so you will you surface hob that i don’t even if you call that a hinge that is vids but it’s twisted work for here it.
It is important it’s hinge for and a way to make videos to central videos about them is just amazing for eight am to come on hinged yeah hits.
What’s up sir take it fit well i guess.
What and when everyone else is going to dinner lighter faster,
they’re going to hinge here what phones were going thinner fast thinner lighter better battery life battery life for years and then they bloom and the other way so microsoft wants to on a check mark.

[29:55] That’s right that’s the are a few season that not only will the laptop have to speak english and french but also have so that all fairness what is on the vintage lovely pocket-sized device so,
like i said think about um think i’m looking at my iphone which is pretty big divide with a six s plus at old iphone but still three the device now imagine,
if it was half the thickness.
I’ve told it to be the same size when folded in my pocket and made has screen on both sides i could use it open have double the real estate.
That would be interesting for reading.

[30:32] So the rumor has it that they’re going to what they’re going to launch this is a nice device as a new category sometime this year.

[30:42] I would expect probably september kinda with the to repellant.
No that’s all answers only the first in everything you can buy it even on the loss of more than holly was developer kit something that thing next to the studio.
Or service abc account of actual trouble available is waiting lists right couldn’t get when they were manufactured in its surface a really never expected you to going to best buy and buy it but.
There is one there yet but awhile it’s because well remember all the build up inventory they had on the spot on the surface it the surface pro yes and they’re giving away any yet whopping never had any metrics are as many.
Got a lot of in for the basic at the right off light nine hundred million dollars eleven’s you nine hundred million of surface inventory because they sold them off of ayers is ever going canadian yeah so.
So is microsoft building this sure are they releasing it.
Most probably is going to be a hit i don’t know nothing microsoft has learned its lessons with trying to play the device space they’ll see if it’s a hit and then wrap it up like they did with the surface.
I took the plate with that weekly got the surface three before it really took off yeah maybe it’s better to not make.
Five billion dollars than it is to lose a billion places right.
Sure it cautious play will cost of well you every day sometimes right so for.
So center talk with rumors from microsoft about microsoft one more rumor.

[32:12] Like to talk about rumor is that makes us make news on smart speaker so we talked about the other is a court thomas marty cry over rl yard and garden and owned by that.
Function right but amazon google and apple or make their own.
Right and alexa has third party ones right on of the other vendors tonight then.
Yeah so microsoft’s now gonna make their own smart speaker and.
It’s going to integrate with smart home technologies to support for tana.
Work and work with a welcome also is doing some integration with or conifer smart home so that’s the other room.
That will keep you posted on by the way if you’re interested one harman card and smart because they’re dirt cheap fire sale on those.

[33:08] Really okay i’m better cuz i didn’t get one for free.
He didn’t get one for free why not because we live in canada member who’s gonna free microsoft to.
When necessary piece of lifting set clock of so many of us getting all right so.
I think that’s it for rehearsal as you got me others david nope i’m good okay any other short of.
I do not think so right.
Okay rant and rave now let’s just talk about interactive show couple of couple of housekeeping things before we close at the show so june thirteenth.
What recording live with the word is that the aviation museum organisms is technology let’s go to aviation alright we’re gonna be with the windows out with us pc users group.
The auto pc users group sorry and i will be recording live there,
if you’d care to send a question in in advance you can do that will leave a link in the show notes but if you go to our website surface mr com or universal this podcast com and go to,
right hand side of the screen if you’re on a desktop os desktop browser you see a leave us a message with the rent and rave you can submit a question there.
For everyone else if you listen to the show tell a friend leave us a review on your favorite podcast.
Directory for julie i tunes is still sixty percent of all podcast traffic come through there but were in tune in now were just great because you can for devices like alexa you can go.

[34:53] And then player putts were on google play.
Where course in itunes were in most of the major podcast recklessness and scrape itunes when sleeping whatever you’re listening to right now get one stitch are impossible to our website what else is there.

[35:10] A few others that were on but it’s get were not on spotify now but we maybe someday who knows.
And is that the kid in a vacation and space museum okay so for those of you that are going to be there to be a pizza party and a live show june thirteenth after work we’re looking for to seeing you there.
And you please interact with us tweet us email us to let us know what you like about the show let us know what you don’t like about the show i’m reading the newsletter there have any e waste,
pick up right before starting at five thirty to seven so you can bring some all computers have some pizza.
And respect the podcast that is quite anything calling right looking for tooth oh that’s probably not good be episode eighty three wv episode eighty-five by then if we one about the space but.
Alright i think that’s it for this at the soap in it everyone have a fantastic day keep your stick on the ice.

[36:12] Music.

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[36:48] Welcome to the after party were about yes we are for those of you that turned off after the true well,
good for you you don’t get to hear ar ramblings this is the scripted part of the show not that anything else is really scripted is it time for whiskey yet and it’s time for whiskey and it’s a part of the show where.
You’re actually encouraged to make extra noises like the opening of a bottle of the setting out of a glass share.

[37:15] Where are the chairs the chairs and i hope the find crystal so to day.
I have to apologize i’ve been drinking a little bit before we start recording but okay we had our annual ga so.
What’s your is.
Chin general information that funny gm i just need you have to report something that so today i’ve got a bottle of.
Jack daniels single barrel select tennessee whiskey,
oh i’ve seen that before i don’t think i’ve had some of the stuff of number seven which is the typical jack daniels to see if we were to this part of jim beam family i believe or is it not a cat room tickets but the tennessee whiskey.
And we’ll call bourbon st last in or take my glasses off sale.
It’s not a burden well now this is interesting now up that’s so a couple things are gonna be talking is the headset so cons had to hold the microphone up to the head set to get the clicking sound is.
Yes i do two of the money for the for one of these but.
Hits me again you put the mixer it’s true if it just will be how we break fix up if we and the podcast but i get them so if you wanna keep.
And whatever yeah so.
Yes so we did this episode of the last episode of chris and david using audio technical gps.

[38:46] P hs wonder broadcast headsets which means of feel like that had for my look like a in front of what talking yeah sports casters were these you,
yeah there’s two or three different models the other tech because of the lower end of the biggest professional quality the shores probably double the price you see that from time to time there’s sanitizer has one bear dynamics as one is a little more popular so,
it should be there for background nice but the real advantage of it here sued the microphone assist,
in the exact same spot relative of yours to your face right so your mouth actually an important part real estate and and so you can be not really paying attention to it and you can see your laptop a lot easier right say it so,
just of microphone please can’t you can’t it follows you around but this bedside to as well,
he tried to drink my microphone you have to put the glass on the one side that is so i ran into that earlier on to my first time using it,
one thing i did notice last week and last weeks episode david had a lot more sibilant s is where much harsher and the sexy david.

[39:53] So maybe we have to work with my placement a bit or,
a little bit of eq or a little bit less gain on the microphone not sure we have a little bit of skin well.
Luckily i don’t have to listen to the park and no not that we have a new work for process but i.
Listeners if you are listening and you didn’t notice that new noticing today and it something you care about let us know actually snuffy don’t care as well so will her turbo but do that by not telling us no don’t do that.
Tell us up fellas you like it you don’t like it you don’t care okay okay i have hot water pump all other yet because we want to have the best podcast possible.
With the least amount of effort but not least amount of effort delete balancing act during,
we have but we we don’t want to we don’t wanna make this hard use a little more whiskey now okay yeah so this is the single barrel select.
So smells like a jack daniels i’m not a huge fan objecting to find it to.
Fruity almost like bananas or something i find it as we corny can do that.
So go.
I think it needs a little bit of ice i find this pretty sweet i can definitely smoke so jack daniels the drips their whiskey through maple charcoal.
Miss stephanie got the charcoal smell to it.

[41:27] Yeah i would make this it’s not it’s not cheap whiskey.
How much did you pay for this ball all this with this all night and pay very much cousin airline size bottles of but doesn’t mean it’s the spot asparagus an airplane yes exactly that,
it kinda care melly toasted oak it it taste like kinda like birth coffee,
it’s getting late got that thing going for it would you call the supreme being they what oh really okay doing fine just found this you know at home and i would drink it and.
Yes that would not see that expectations yeah but it would need.
Right okay so it couple of the things on the two screws in the after show i thought this is kinda cute pic or kinda.
Mary take your time s by the way this is this bollocks about what alexa boy this thing just,
saw go back to with the figure that out so this bottle is not fifty dollars in us and told be about eighty dollars canadian hold on so i might just way to much for quality this whisky but i do like a little bit better than the regular number seven,
to tell you the truth i’d like jim beam jim beam is twenty to thirty hrs a bottle is good sipping good sipping bourbon not take that over this anyday.
Yes i agree yeah i wouldn’t pay have my pay it wouldn’t lemme take are gonna.

[42:58] Can hate katana you know what’s up.

[43:05] I don’t know alexa but i’ve heard alexa.
If you have alexa i may have just triggered alexa if so sorry lexus.
Text kort out it does the sound effects of citizen when we are at the trying to get a quick out of where the week.
All the stuff is cloud based and so it comes and goes and gets better and worse still very very quickly and not just with releases of windows or even releases of new things on your on your actual machine so.
Yeah that’s why i want this so so yeah a couple things i wanna talk about next week we got it in the end we are recording next wednesday,
what did bill and the antibiotics they was cake who doesn’t want me here.
Sure gonna do that you wanna know the funniest thing weeping at the six with a roll right yeah i don’t even have my point in book me that so.
Imac and a could it cause that would ruing zinc him well i gotta my time writing cement.
Okay so what interface using the ink in your typing brain.
What is a service or that so hot windows failure on the weekend.
Really that was an accident my son through rocky can still and know that broke okay so hot i can we know your house yes.
How do i fix played the.
Yes it got accident if there’s a rock the driver head in that will you did that makes a complete i don’t have microsoft complete and their way out of forty at say it’s about fifty years old so that definitely forty.

[44:46] Okay thirty two years old and when does on his only thirty three or so the truth turf so acting building thirty two so all pica time to upgrade it get some but get better insulin window and all the other things.
It’s a double pane windows that are vital wolves alone what is it would.
What lol aluminum inside but on the other hand you can’t do much much better than that but will you get some low are you getting.
Are gone and it’s role of the small one about the size of the window between good and houses here good,
yeah and good with two offices here and what have the government will give us some five hundred dollars real money back to your place that’s the that’ll be happening,
okay also i will be with my office will be gone in a good bye way port over finally and cannot wait for back.
Could help offering it would be evicted to us again like we were back like a big monitor behind where your single mother with for excellence to call and has five windows at his office which is not great for the audio quality of here.
Might be better might not matter as much with these that’s true well tuesday these headsets.
For a lot more forgiving but as a result there are not as rich seventy.

[46:02] Another technology thing i have this week so.
I need what little bit while ago about some it self so the government are free and free thermostat so i gotta go.
What rugby and you was working for a few days and then all of sudden my thermostat couldn’t connect to wife it more.
That’s it so i went in trying to connect and it was like.
You know i could get my weather my thermos i mean it that and there was no re start the result re initial ice i had to turn my furnace,
turn my furnace back on and then it connected taxes was wall what is the sound of the first real problem yeah.
Yeah that’s will not my quick a violin but damn that’s what we’re if so that’s interesting.
We should talk a bit more about recording the show and other things that we’re doing to try to make the show better to look more gas of all,
i am and the other thing i wanna talk about david he is a taco figure marcus,
the remote is with especially rocket sick we got that working so up in a couple of the other me peas and i need to talk about this i don’t wanna do the stem kit for microsoft.
If another thing i wanted to tell scratch.
Take a look at scratch from them it the full curriculum its really cool it’s basically i dot programming for kids and they don’t realize they’re doing it.
And for two people are doing this in the schools have no concept.

[47:33] I got a couple of ut friends or and i’d like if you wanna be involved happy have to have you involves where to take this whole road i’m sorry i don’t know but it but my son went to disney scratch programming at your hall.
No what’s the outcome of it as.
The big tech company downtown that does make sure how on line retail.
Shop for yes to everything there any disrespect for me of that so we want to do that to take of the road to maturity that wanna help be involved in that i decided i speak adult but.
Yo there you’re on your own i can change the world war i speak the kids you know i think you should always assume your speaking to kids because.
When you speak to kiss you have this concept in your presentation mind that you need to make it exciting for them to listen that say mr without also produce whatever you want as if it’s for kids and then,
adults probably will clue in to,
yes i hit another side effect of that might be put your hand between your mouth and mike yes am i gonna hold my pics and doesn’t work out of work gotta glass between.
And your hand not well at all your hand is blocking that wasn’t working to well okay okay what are the things we try.
Let me see when i’m from can i talk my phone with it the other side blows up my phone which is on the other side of the big sale here the glass the microphone in lagos that with that was that.

[49:04] You could tell call visited love with this with whiskey here because the,
could a spa so i was like there and i like to make for more like the with exactly secure be very careful about the that there’s definite place for these.
Is that not a big fan of the sound clip by the wifi,
play with the boogie get it get weird accident at some is so we’re gonna use them at the user group thing yet will fight both of them what is what both ways i still think i i i like having that big phallic mike.

[49:40] Okay i don’t know why more the sound quality like a.
Don’t judge me big block in your thoughts my hands understand.
What if that’s the whole idea is i i buy like a sample of the better and the other thing cuz i like my own headphones i.
Travel to different one before sell them the size they wear their not the weather better sending headphones like to have.
Manner as comfortable as those i find those years you to wear a lot lighter they just hit my head well and i realize that is not the free for everyone but if i do this for a long time that would be important for me this is going to weigh more because the microphones there yet and.

[50:23] It feels very some of my sony headset.
But i think also yeah where’s in a bit maybe you should put update smith on yourself but it takes method my and then they’ll become more accustomed to our heads i gotta smith stickers like smith the goggle company nigga,
the one across the top never actually believe it’s that’s what they are but what happens tell one from the other but still i think what should probably would cut myself like this keep it does.
So all you can also there replacement ear pads as well so if you wanna get some like some warm or some softer some when everything color,
what wanna got a code electrical tape so i’m gonna put some clothes electrical tape on on the mike do so no to which i have i have a call with the.
On the mixer i have my channel color coded my cable have color coded and in the.
The digital audio workstation that we use called ripper i have each track color coded so normally i’m read david is blue a guest is green soundboard is yellow and sound bar to is grey.

[51:29] Okay okay so i can color code that with electrical if you don’t mind once we’ve got this all working perfectly can we then make everything wireless.
Now which,
we could but that’s a whole total retrofit the issue there becomes are gonna have got a power somewhere in all that stuff coming in of mixture ideally i’d like to just to build a rack unit for that mixer and then just run the cables and cable cross.

[51:58] So we could do is we could have a kid jack here on the desk with axel are and headphone another one there all or haven’t gone to the ceiling.

[52:07] Yeah i like that i like that the idea of you you plug it right in your thoughts and then we can have a mute switch.

[52:15] If i am utterly i would have limit switch call once of which is but for each other but that for yourself be like if i want to stop talking i just.

[52:24] The phone call the socket would it take money to the table or each of the meats which have it’s bus i view yeah.

[52:32] Well we could have two mixtures and unplugged to use your place fine.
The other up actually to we could do that that’s how we started the podcast every six months is because of because they to complicated technology as it went to wireless has elected things are going just great we didn’t need these headphones how did you find them anyways.
They were just posted on the warpath protesting user group not not use group facebook facebook okay so okay you know that such v six and where do the facebook thing as you make us and it was great me that i have been didn’t need them.
Cash for.
I want them i like them and i like it but i the best part of it for me is that microns not between me and my life to share and for me high i find headphones a little uncomfortable.
Compare the one time you still wearing i’m not a fan of the sound.
I find them a little bit shrill find a little bit of s is that your.
It’s more about this about me it’s about you the list of things listeners whisper not to the point that at this so yeah there’s no.

[53:45] It’s not a big deal for me i can get some custom your pads are switch but you’re pads on two off of it,
and it is asking to think about it to much much smaller pick up and much smaller cartridge for the microphone because it’s on a headset compared to the bigger ones,
that we use em lbs of fifty eight which is when i like or the empty forty six which is what i like to be forty six i think so really good neutral make a good background noise ejection yes of fifty eight,
god you’re warms up a bit got a few other interesting mike’s got a another audio technical which is good to attack because we get pretty warm sounding.
And i have a couple of home too so great so question makes camera samson the few others so others.

[54:33] So it’s these five on the shelf be some kind you there’s and then this one beside me so that six plus for wearing to was like a.
Rate of your okay so that’s a that’s a fifty eight laptop there than b forty six bear injure eighteen hundred es.
I’ve got sam’s q two you got a audio technical cover which one it is another sm fifty-eight up there but that yeah so that’s a nice bikes.
Buy a thousand mikes stuff on that shelf gonna easily.

[55:12] Set of it for a joy crack we go by bike for really sick or not they’re actually pretty low and micro for their of esther like it’s a fifty to work or just a hundred or microphone roughly,
my fifty dollars i’m in de yeah well you have to think he can i use on you use the users to all your eighty holter.
Can you canadian about hundred thirty,
set pretty low and for it out for a professional grade microphone but alone and one it’s the most common microphone yeah used in life performances for podcasting this that while froze over the illinois men’s there.
Two three four thousand dollars telephone again so you picked up a thread that work for your equipment scrap it what will they said this actually think about it i’ve seen what they use in the these cheap little here but headset thing so yeah that’s for listening.

[56:06] You sure about that yes st mary jo wearing those from yeah i hear one podcast that looks so crappy show good headset on for picture.
So what is this to look cool thirty yeah,
i could feel like a pilot if you look up to your left side of her passing over pasadena tx that have the right now for and then can fit and go in the middle of a sentence of your pilot you just,
go and finish your books that looks at the baby.
I don’t know where they learn to talk like that but its goal of sir but i still clicking closing the fly club near here where they teach a lot of pilots but that is less people and fly.
Thanks for your drones force that’s true or anything else won’t happen.
I covered everything i wanted and more you share okay so what we say but this whiskey i think it is a excellent thirty to forty dollar whiskey.

[57:09] Not more than.

[57:13] But that’s a thing right they’re all doing these these limited additions and things like that and then not actually better quality they’re just higher price because there limited editions or small rocks.

[57:26] Oh okay well the government them to the usual see-through thinks are your side for suppose they do this cuz i can make more money but i mean.
Totally they gave it up better the charge more do you know why we don’t that’s the like a podcast about vodka why is.
Tried cuz just like f alcohol no just this fucking i don’t like it like it like that’s still shouldn’t and a good rock five shouldn’t have any flavor to it all.
That’s true so all of the ones you don’t like are the ones that have slavery have been of orange juice and.
So maybe george is a likeable the universal vodka podcasts is a bad idea because this is the plot.
Fan relay don’t know but live like a villain does that they were all cuddled with the limited edition distillers choices hairstylist editions and the charging you have.
Fifty dollars a bottle more than the equivalent regular product that they have but because of what slightly different and limited quantities and get away with that money no good for them they got money.

[58:33] Where is good for the wicked about small let’s go dip stick on the ice scotch on the rocks chairs.

[58:46] Where is the mass god i can’t stop recording.

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