Episode 081 – Rebuild Reboot ft. Chris Rhodes


  • Universal Windows Podcast – Episode 81 – Build Rebooted with Colin and David Smith.
  • Special Guest Chris Rhodes Windows and Devices MVP
  • Five episodes in five weeks. OMG!

Word of the Week

  • Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time we say the word “Palindrome” or use a palindrome

Guest of the Week

  • Chris Rhodes @ChrisReboot
  • Where do you live?
  • Do you own a wood chipper?
  • What’s your family situation – 7 Kids
  • First Computer and Laptop – Sinclair
  • First Phone – Nokia Brick
  • First Job – Analyst at an Insurance Company, then IT Training
  • First Kiss – Burger and Fries
  • Current Computer – Surface Book 1+
  • Current Phone – Windows Phone (950 XL) and an iPhone 6
  • Current Job – Likes variety – Azure
  • What is your favorite Sandwich – Looking for a veggie sandwich
  • What are you excited about in Windows 10 – Cloud Integration?

News of the Week


Microsoft Layout -VR AR design Tool for HoloLens and VR Headsets

Microsoft 365

  • Cross Device / Cross Interface / VR / Ink / Mouse / …
  • Microsoft 365 is an integrated bundle of Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (aka EMS, which includes Intune device management, analytics and some Azure Active Directory capabilities), sold on a subscription basis. Microsoft 365 is the evolution of the bundles formerly known as “Secure Productive Enterprise E3 and E5.”

Drone control API partnered with DJI

Meeting room

  • Microsoft demoed “meeting room” – prototype hardware that should make meetings and conferences more manageable. Microsoft’s meeting room features a 360-degree camera and microphone array that can detect anyone in a meeting room, greet them, and transcribe what they say in any language. It also uses artificial intelligence to follow up on what meeting participants say in a meeting.

Cortana, where was I?

  • Not sure? The new You Can Pick Up Where You Left Off feature for Cortana also works across Windows, iOS and Android devices. Clipboard is the easiest way to copy and paste just about anything between connected devices. OneDrive Files on Demand allows access to all files in the cloud without having to download them and use storage space on a specific device.

Cortana Skills Kit

  • now in public preview in the U.S. Developers can build skills for Cortana by creating a bot and publishing to the Cortana channel of the Microsoft Bot Framework. This is available across Windows 10, Android, iOS and the new Cortana-powered Harman Kardon Invoke speaker.

Azure Lab Services (formerly Dev/Test Labs)

  • Build out VMs great for classroom but won’t have runaway cost of forgetting to shut them now!

Windows Story Remix

  • Universal Windows Application, Windows Story Remix uses AI and deep learning to organize and transform photos and videos into stories. It will use the Microsoft Graph to connect users across devices. Story Remix brings memories, photos and videos together to create stories with a soundtrack, theme and cinematic transitions. Users can also create mixed reality by adding 3D objects to photos and videos to tell stories in a whole new way.

Microsoft store finally out of Windows Phones

The Surface Hub 2

  • will be a 50.5-inch, 4K+ device with a 3×2 aspect ratio that can be used in portrait or landscape mode. Each panel will be roughly between 55 and 77 pounds (25 to 35 KG), Up to four of them can be “tiled,” side-by-side (in portrait or landscape)

Rants and Raves

Chris talks about his experience with Microsoft Complete after his son stand on his Surface and shatters the screen.

What if Microsoft Stopped selling On Premise Software?

Chris proposes a discussion topic and the Surfacesmiths take the bait.


Call for your help with the podcast, please…

Whiskey of the Week

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