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How to change the default browser in Windows 10

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News of the Week from Mobile World Congress

Windows Insider Radio

In the Creators Update, this spring’s big Windows 10 release, Microsoft is adding some new knobs and levers for managing updates, including an option to delay feature updates by up to a year.

Microsoft’s Creators Update test build 15046 for PCs adds a few more feature tweaks, including the ability to control more granularly how users install apps.

Providing More Choice on feature updates

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  • WTF – Even Nokia and Blackberry are releasing phones at MWC
  • Nokia 3310


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Whiskey of the Week – Virginia Black

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Porsche designs reveals a two in one Windows tablet it’s a much more modern architecture for defense than what oh my God what a great feature what a creature Microsoft was conspicuously absent.  Hello I’m Cortana Welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows such as service X. Box phones and the windows insider program here are your hosts the surface men.  Walk to the universal windows pod cast I’m David Smith and I’m calling Smith and this is the show all about Windows Microsoft and mobile devices the word of the week is mobile mobile or mobile that’s true or mobile as in Alabama not definitely mobile All right so meaning device as in that kind of thing it is all right so for those of you that are playing the game when we say the word of the week you get to take a drink of your favorite beverage Let’s move on Dave so let’s start with our feature the week this feature of the week has brought Puru by Peter Henry one of our longtime listeners and an employee of mine many many years ago ofc and he’s also brought whiskey to us he has not just a lot of publicity but like him a top yes one of our over the top favorite list or so on with the feature of the week so this is how to set chrome or any other browser as your default browser as you may know David when you launch a browser that is not your default browser it oftentimes tells you this is not your default browser would you like to make it your default Yes and if you’re running Windows ten newer builds and you click Yes well it doesn’t do it it launches the settings menu enough so a few other things but it never actually sets Chrome as your default browser Now I’m not going to get into why you may or may not want to set Chrome as a default browser however there is a bit of a trick to it whether it’s the Col and well it’s a little different then it was before but there’s many ways to do it the easiest way.  He’s to go into control panel.  All Control Panel items yeah default programs then you can have four options that Peter was really nice he actually sent us a screenshot of this with some annotations so the scribbles in red are Peter’s not mine if you’re looking at the show notes I think they’re rather well done right so Control Panel all control panel animes default programs and then the fourth option which is called Set Program Access and computer defaults and in there you can go to custom and set your default web browser Now I warn you the screenshot that Peter sent along is not the same as a screenshot I’ve got I believe he’s on a slightly newer build than mine and his is a little bit easier to read but what I did this it worked as well so musing chromos my default browser now just to test out Peter’s Ted Now the irony of all this this Peter is the ultimate Microsoft fanboy but he’s been beat up by a few things over the years mostly Windows Phone and so they get the this tip from Peter is.  Interesting right so Anybody else want to send along a tip we’re will gladly take it and we’ll talk more about how you can send other things into the show a little bit later Welcome to the call and part of the show I call it it’s not your part sorry you have to share the show call in part of the show so this is a new segment the show where we’re going to take calls from our listeners right so we were sitting at a bar after the last episode and talking about ways we can get people to engage in the show and be part of it and contribute we’ve had people before send in recordings and we’ve been clued them in the show but we wanted to make it easy for people so David you know I did what did you do how I added something to our website from a come from a company called speak pipe basically stability for people leave us a message record a message directly onto our website and we get that and we can introduce it in the show so I added that to the website so I understand we had a call we actually did have a call or first call I get to play it for you right now and you can listen to it.  So this is a show about.  Well wasn’t that interesting you can see the quality is fantastic you have the audio it is so we’ll see what we can do about addressing your concerns.  I think we can have a bit more Cortana in the show I don’t think that’s going to be a problem going forward but anybody who also wants to call in you can go to our website click the leave us a voicemail it’s on the rant or rave page and tell us what you like tell us what you don’t like tell us what color your shoes are and if we find it amusing entertaining of value we’ll try to include it in the show.  Excellent news of the week last week was Mobile World Congress in Barcelona now calling can you explain to me why we did not go and cover this in person.  Yeah exactly yeah forgot OK so we did not go but we’ve been scouring the news for important things that have come from Mobile World Congress and we’ll cover a little bit about in the rant but first Alcatel plus twelve which is two and one windows know what’s different about this Windows tablet column Well first off it’s the Apollo Lakes it’s a Celeron So it’s not not an ARM based P.C. yet those are coming on the snapdragons later we’ll talk about that but the interesting thing there is that it’s got a detachable keyboard which has an extra battery in it and something very very special David a feather perhaps but it’s got an L.T.E. slot that same slot so he can have an L.T.E. and that’s connection complain about Windows tablets and laptops for a long time they don’t have healthy if you can.  Always blame it on Intel but it’s good to see some vendors doing that and it’s Alcatel who’s lent us devices in the past to review so I’m going to request a review unit we really like their idol for us we still have the box for it here in the studio I’m going to request a review unit and David just on a side note I’ve been doing an engagement with the C.E.O. of a local health care organization and I’m helping street gradually son your gauge we’re calling Thank you I’ve been trying to streamline some of their processes and use of technology and as part of it I am helping her choose a new laptop and we decided that she needs L.T.E. because she’s always searching for a wife I hotspots and working in airports and things like that and eights in secure B. it’s unpredictable C. It’s congested lots of reasons so the L.T.E. is the way to go and this is going to be a machine that pretensions put on the list excellent also at Mobile World Congress Samsung.  Reveals the surface like Galaxy book Running Windows ten.  And both a ten minute twelve inch version right sampling is renumber to tablet vendor after all but the tablet market has been shrinking the two and one market has been growing so this is a very surface like device so I didn’t see any announcement on pricing on that you know it certainly looked like a decent laptop I mean tablets there I fives right I think was two or four gigs of memory I mean certainly not something I’m going to run a lot of V.M.S. on but most people don’t like to most people need to run V.M. to tell you hardly enough people do not run V.M.S. on their tablets except well I I ran a lot of the M’s on my Surface Pro one I still ran V.M.S. on occasion my Pro three but less so you know why.  As you’re around them in Azure Isn’t that what it’s some of the risk of sticker on someone’s laptop about.  Their laptop as of now sure it is centers and yes I had that on my other my surface before I sent it in for repairs you.  Yes OK So looking for the Samsung one since you’re a Samsung Insider What do you request a review of that David.  I will.  And so I am also seem to be a Samsung fanboy because I have a Samsung top I have a Samsung watch great so there you go and Porsche designs reveals a two in one Windows tablet as well very much like a surface but very high end materials I think it’s what twenty five hundred dollars is the starting price surface surface on it is definitely the surface on and we’ve got the specs on that David if you want to talk to the boys and girls about that it is quite well equipped one thing it doesn’t have L.T.E. by the way they’re calling it the Porsche designed book one it’s got a five megapixel camera supports Windows holo it’s an i Phone seven seventy five hundred at three point five K. Hertz comes with sixteen gigs a RAM So it’s definitely a high end machine that could run your V.M. to us P.C. ports and two U.S.B. three ports which is kind of nice and it’s got a thunderbolt port so quite a nice little device so no H.D.M.I. so you can get a thunderbolt through U.S.B. Sida rectum I just have to buy right so it’s twenty four ninety five U.S. is what starts it and it could be available in Germany from April of this year so much just a pretty face I mean it’s a nice seven with six hundred gigs of memory and it’s so I think she I think I’m going to request a review unit of that as well and anything else wants a semi while since it’s here and cider there we use your vote so I did once that.  After the Porsche car good friend John horning Porsche right here is that old one that any Oh OK All right windows insider radio onto insider radio so let’s talk about what’s going on with the creators updates the insider builds I’m going to ask to credibly close I asked in a fury.  The last build I got that popped up with a new dollars box tell me what was new so closely related one ready one thing that’s new is the dialog box telling you what’s new Wow Yes And you know what the funny that you are so I dismissed it.  Well why else would have insight or care about the bills other than to find out what’s new so let’s talk about that OK So some new knobs in lever’s and one of the most interesting things is the ability to delay future updates from feature updates by up to a year.  Sometimes feature breaks things or changes things or changes the workflow they train people how to use something else and it works a little differently True enough but.  I know there’s L T S B But it’s an option you don’t have to turn it I’ll tear it’s long term service and branch isn’t that isn’t for and users know but there’s a lot of companies and stuff that would just like to delay it a bit I suppose so for instance this would be on a retail copy of Windows He bought a new machine the can with Windows and then he’d be able to do this well and a lot of people who are a little bit more conservative in their software they might just say you know I’d like to delay it for a month but not update its features right right all the way up instead of getting the creators update that when it’s released I want to give it three months later because I think it’ll be more stable and why not let people do that or maybe you have to have stage machines and you’ll go on a rings and you have some Go month run some go month two some go months six now so that would be an awesome use there is case there so again it’s optional you don’t have to use it so build one five zero four six.  You know what that does it allows you to prevent users from selling apps other than from the store which is kind of the feature really the only feature they’ve been talking about with the cloud for Windows so I think they’ve been talking and by they I mean the media right now Microsoft so let’s not talk about Windows ten cloud edition Let’s talk about this feature what this feature does is it be.  The Windows experience a lot closer to that I.O.’s experience where it’s a bit of a walled garden he still you don’t have to use that feature but you can so you know we talk about P.C.’s being insecure they get viruses they get you know they get they get crypto locker and read somewhere and things like that and they do and they do and not to say that i OS is perfect however there’s only one way unless you jailbreak your device to get apps onto an i OS device unless you’re using some other tools that developers etc But for the average person it’s got to come through the store which means it’s got to be signed and you know what the source is and Apple has removed apps from the store over the years and they’re vetting new is very good right and so the other thing to apps that come from the store if they’re you W.P. running their own sandbox so they are insulated in isolated it’s a much more modern architecture for defense than would be a win thirty two up Absolutely that’s right so if you’ve got machines out in the field that you have mobile users using their you know take a drink then you still want to be able to add things like maybe their local newspaper or their favorite weather app and things like that they can they can go to the window store and we’ve talked about when a store for business in the past as well but I think that’s a good thing can you imagine this is a future for the family if you support that keep getting viruses on their computers you just turn it on to this they can go to the store the only time they’re going to be installing other options when they go to a website and it says Would you like to install this Kodak and it would not allow oh my God what a great feature what a creature All right so more choice awesome like.  So David you’ve got another note there right so as a Windows insider.  The email of all the windows insider candidate except for calling and an invitation to exclusive Microsoft events in Canada contests and giveaways.  And us tips and tricks unique offers and promotions and.  Free bottle Windex maybe maybe and so we’ll put the link into our show notes but we’ve reached out to Microsoft Canada to find out what they’re planning maybe we can get them on podcast or talk a little bit more about this all right looking forward to that David we don’t we should do David what should we do we’ve been talking for a while about having another meet up we had one last time for the anniversary update we did and we should do that again and I talked to Joe you mailed Joe at the Microsoft insider programmer program and he said that we can e-mail people in the area he has some sort of this Russian list that he’ll be able to e-mail force reach out he can put it on Twitter and stuff to drive more people to the meetup so well when should we do this call on launch date Donna told us it’s going to be.  Sorry that’s confidential N.D.A. information I had to censor it maybe Joe told you in it Donna told me OK.  All right so that seat for all of our updates news now we’re on to our new favorite section well second favorite section of the show and it’s what the risk of the weakest OK good just check of their speaking of which this is the first time we’ve had a baby duck we had a we had a pretty whisk of this week so maybe the show’s moving a little bit smoother today rant of the week the rant rant of the week all in is wants to rant but I agree with this so much that I will join in the rant so Mobile World Congress going on this week in Barcelona and what Microsoft announced well that whole month they talked about hollow lenses talked about a whole bunch of things I’m not going to get into that so they did they did they talked about not releasing another hollow and still twenty one thousand Right but that’s because they’ve got some O.E.M. partnerships and they want their O.E.M.’s to release some devices I think they want to wait for here’s I think if we take a look at.  Mobile phone market share.  We know that Microsoft’s market share is shrinking it’s becoming infinitesimal I heard point three percent the last right but they’re still the number three player right one hundred groups whose fourth and fifth well.  Isn’t really a but but both Blackberry and Nokia have been essentially absent from the scene for the last couple of years.  But Nokia for years and Blackberry just doing but both of them had devices that they announced at Mobile World Congress but Microsoft was conspicuously absent so the odd thing is so Nokia brought out of the thirty three ten which is their candy bar phone it’s so retro back to what two thousand and three or whatever and ironically I have an urge to have one who would like anybody travel phone if the battery lasts forever thirty days on standby twenty two hours talk time so this is back to when we expect people’s phones to last more than like three o’clock in the afternoon without charging it was no email on it no e-mail texting texting but texting using it here numeric keypad remember those O.T. nine Remember those apps that you could text somebody and they would send you back that whether or stock quotes and all those little start ups we got to get them running again it could be a whole ecosystem around these phones again be a good way to unplug a big travel phone and be a good would be fantastic but it’s really just for voice and I find I don’t use my phone for voice very much at all that’s true OK So speaking of phones and voice.  Back to our speak type thing yes you can actually leave us a message using your smartphone if you go to the website and you go to the leave us message page it’ll ask you to install the app so that you can actually do it on your phone if you know your P.C. is there a Windows Phone version of it I don’t know there’s not but so you covered it right you said by your phone OK fair enough it’s not the phone that you used to have so it doesn’t work on the Nokia thirty three ten stars we know the Nokia the.  Three ten doesn’t support smart why don’t we get a demo unit I think we need to I think we just buy one I think the fifty bucks it’s going to cost wouldn’t be a that’s Raj problem.  And I think they should wrap it like a candy bar they really should yeah.  And maybe sell them in vending machines like candy bar vending machines Well it’s the ultimate mobile phone it is the ultimate tourist phone picking up the airport.  Pre-charge ready for your whole trip it’s.  And it’s almost slightly more expensive than three D. glasses at a movie theater they don’t have to give you a charger with it.  Yeah that’s when you leave the country just throw in the bin or Exactly exactly yeah you like three D. glasses the movie and you know what to say can be a great addition and this is where the whole world falls apart what’s that and Access Point Oh no there’s no date on it I know if it had knocks us point then you could use your tablet or your phone wherever you’re traveling and that would be the feature Yeah that was twice as big and kill the battery S. All right so little housekeeping David your way next week I am here going to Cuba I am what’s funny taking the going to take my Samsung a seven but I’m going to take the SIM out because my I.S.P. are just three dollars a minute.  When T. dollars for Meg of data Wow All right so I’m away the week after I’m going not too far from Cuba actually Florida one of Miami and I’m going to take the little four S. that’s going to be my daily driver while I’m there good and we’re going to both try to do a podcast when we’re away.  Try to call up some windows insiders and do the podcast remotely with the right suggest cord from from window Central’s agreed to be on the show if we can schedule that appropriately he’s in England so that should be interesting and one last thing I wanted to talk about for a week or so for those of you that listen all the way here this is most likely episodes.  Sixty two we recorded an episode with Sean Carney on his last day as a mere mortal He’s today’s March first and he has joined Microsoft officially to any it won’t be able to be on the show and he’s had media training so we wish him well and we’ll be airing that show a little later when we can actually embarrass him in his new role at Microsoft or when we don’t manage to record we need to fill again so OK I think we’re about to wrap their call in all right keep your stick on the ice when HAVE A GREAT DAY Take care.  Thanks for listening service nation here are some ways you can support and interact with the show like the show on Facebook at service needs.  Follow the show on Twitter at surface mail email to show at high caste at service News dot com Check out the show and leave a comment on W W W dot service News dot com.  And of course help others find out about the show by leaving them with an idea.  Welcome to the whiskey the week segment also known as the universal whiskey podcast or as I like to call it the after party I’m a fan of after parties.  Good good we got to get Windows insiders to have a says an after party Well we’re going to host an after party for them as I said What do you bring for us to share today tip well Virginia Black Virginia black and I had the SEALs broken call on what happened I had a little before the show just one of those days that Candito vacs would say OK.  I like this this part of the podcast second drop things on the table and call doesn’t give me the snake like that I like the background noises in this part of the show and here we are Virginia black it’s.  Whiskey bourbon brought.  By a rapper Canadian rapper called Drake That’s right so.  So it was released last year twenty sixteen so it’s not in our gym Maries Whisky Bible unless we have the twenty seventeen edition which I haven’t bothered to buy yet I haven’t tried everything the twenty sixteen edition not turned But yeah it was a joint effort collaborate mean Brant talking who was the creator of the Early on tequila and actor rapper Drake and it’s a blend of two three and four year old Bourbons with a high right content so it’s fairly young.  History like these young he’s young and it’s not expensive not expensive.  In those are soundtrack to go with this on their website of course we have some I guess you could call it progress or jazz on their website as opposed to.  Some rapping Well why don’t we use that as a back beat and provide our own rap so there we go.  So it’s a very dark amber.  Internet site to get here home.  Pause for effect.  Right it has a very nice bottle I love the bottle very very art deco Yes.  Yeah I mean I’ll be seeing a lot of art deco and I’m in Miami article can you will your world.  It’s very dark.  It reminds me of a.  Front to your style Berman you know it’s got a bit of a burn it’s not the smooth.  And I love how the video goes out with the micro although it let you know what the pump drops you know a pump drop is you know there might be the pump the fist and they drop the microphone that’s what it ended with that was a pump drop Oh podcasters don’t do that because we know how much microphone Scott and our set of wires going in for farmers don’t but still these Sure seven fifty eight are pretty distract we can do a pump drop if you want to hear what we do yeah not do it with your.  Mike This one’s not plugged in oh oh OK.  If it breaks out if it breaks all just take yours OK.  There you go.  Wow.  That’s also you know it’s an OK whiskey good be good for mixing it’s very young and it tastes young I can taste the Rye very dark it’s a little sweet to it it’s what you put your suburban So what’s wrong without being all sweet.  It’s it’s got a in astringent finish that I don’t like.  So what.  So speaking of finishes that don’t like so I’m going to Cuba next week and it’s one of those all inclusive places and you can upgrade for the V.I.P. package which was an extra hundred dollars and one of the things that includes is a V.I.P. bar I’ve done that in Cuba myself so very interesting to see what a V.I.P. bar would include in Cuba it’s so there’s going to be Scotch Yeah but all of us will be by the best you get well I would be pleased.  But not the eighteen the twelve so I haven’t been to Cuban a few years but everyone talks it’s going to every year it’s getting worse and worse.  That hasn’t been my experience but I haven’t been in the couple years yeah so I enjoyed the last few times I want people saying the food is getting worse they have a lot more a lot less of it getting a coffee there now it’s all Nescafe.  Can not according to the reviews I’ve been looking at the ticket office so good at the place I’m going to over there I wouldn’t be going there now OK well.  Places will have coffee but this coffee shortage they don’t grow any more coffee where you said that look of the G.D.P. of.  Right so.  Here’s the thing I was going to go to Cuba but they’re throwing me around my kids’ ages so they have a think children are considered twelve and under.  So if I go with my oldest son just turned thirteen on the weekend I’m going to teenager at home right and so if I went to Cuba so I used to like that you get a coffee but they don’t produce it anymore it’s actually from South America and re Korea and repackaged OK But anyways if you can get it it’s not a Cuban coffee anymore just Cuban packaging in the same way that if you get Cuban nursing my kid yeah yeah.  However.  So I’ve got a thirteen year old so if I book a room I can’t book with two children’s contribute triple occupancy and they have a rule in Cuba no such thing as triple occupancy can’t have three adults in the room so that means I have to get two rooms but he can stay in a room by himself in the charge and that’ll price for him but he can but because he’s under eighteen he can’t stay in a room by himself and this is a Cuba thing like I know so I’m willing in all those you know that will have it you would think if you’re this age you get a certain discount this isn’t this is a Cuba thing not a discount things based on her motional That’s right it’s a Cuba thing I call them so he can’t have a room by himself so he’s got to stay with one adult so my wife or I would stay with him and then my other child would stay with the other parent.  Officially And the thing is there but because there are two adults in the room they have to pay a single supplement.  On that room while I do a lot of contract you work for the cane government and I’ve never seen the mess up like this they mess up in different ways but the yeah so here’s the thing it actually costs more for a family with one thirteen year to two adults one thirteen year old and one ten year old that far out.  Why because my youngest son pays the child rate OK which is still pretty close it’s like.  Twenty five percent saving the adult ours was and then my and then my.  Wife has to pay the single supplement if she stays in a room with him.  Why doesn’t she rear boyfriend down that with.  There you go well he’s Cuban he’s already I mean he was so yeah so I just said you know this is just ridiculous.  It was actually more expensive because the late weird ages that they’re at and they want to have so it’s OK fight to pay for two rooms but my kids in one right no no no but how would they know or not know or do you want to run afoul of the Cuban hotel police no.  I don’t want to be deported to Canada right well point is but in all that money yeah so the funny thing is I go to Miami and spend a lot of time will have and I know a trial that I love where you just book a hotel and they don’t know I guess they ask you and suffer on the way in but don’t really care anyways.  But if something were to happen you know they’re not in the same room and it’s Cuba so you know you look at the rooms near each other they’ll be opposite ends of a two kilometer long term flex right when I want to get in Joan to look after the choice she’s in Vietnam Oh she is.  An excellent so anyways.  That’s.  That’s the thing that he was I would have liked to have gone back but maybe other times I can be very close the funny thing is I going to be going to Little Havana in Miami Yes and I’ll be there though all these ex-pat Cuban Givens and I’ve been to Cuba more recently where often than they have when once they move to the states they’re pretty much bound not to travel outside of the country so I’m going to find try to find the best Cuban sandwich in Miami so I’m sure it’ll be better than I find in it but I was I would have just Cuba if you would say I was invented in Florida is it OK but there was a great bog I was reading about for Americans traveling to Cuba or as they thought people traveling to Cuba in the like can you believe this they have bad Internet in Cuba.  They were this person seems surprised and that sometimes the food business good in Cuba and one of the best things in the article is there’s thing there’s a lot of tourists in Cuba so kind of like Americans thought.  The American Bargo of Cuba applied to other countries.  It’s money well interestingly enough on the topic I went to Cuba I think that in one thousand nine hundred nine the first year they opened up the Canadian tourists and it was and I did many times since seventy nine and it’s very very different.  Seventy nine or eighty two what the very first year that they opened up to the first time I went was waylaid or not was like eighty nine me.  And the six maybe OK and there were already big there look looking Russian hotels that I don’t know so I mean I think it’s a he too but I’ll.  End up with my sister so that he was over the early eighty’s and we had a blast but it was they had two different kinds of currency that species a species B.P. throws they didn’t want to deal with as they neither more hard currencies but as a tourist I could convert my hard currency for species because they still have.  The species they to have they have convertible pesos in pesos.  But the nobody wants comparable pay so nobody wants to pay so yeah you know whichever they don’t I don’t know what the comparable back then you could write Yeah absolutely and then I convert to that and the funny thing is then I go buy something and they give you change back in regular pesos of course and I can convert it so that if using it it is very very weird Yes but I was basically living in old villas so the first complex.  Was just a bunch of old villas that people had like as mansions or whatever and they had three or four of them and converted one of them to a dining hall and we all stayed in our own villa and came over to the dining hall Well the one I was at was.  Equally hard so it was a hilltop resort and Hill like hasn’t.  Really way too much to go down.  And there was like twenty rooms maybe.  And there was a like an old box that you would never get him and we drove to the village and played baseball with people who lived there and I met this lady she’s British she’s been there working on.  Through some UN organization she was there she was a middle aged British lady very nice spoke English and she was British Well he spoke.  About.  Compared to everyone else right oh that she also spoke Spanish so she helped him and she’s there with this really young Cuban guy and.  I’m going to be patient but you know I’m working here so I just came to the beat they came to very narrow for a few days just for a break and who is this just some guy.  Who is very very discreet or just just some guy yeah very very very nice looking more guy heard her always on her arm her boy toy speak in English awesome awesome.  And couldn’t speak leg wish me well so he’s what we spoke Spanish look through three or Cuban as the Americans of color.  Really are Mexican.  Or Chinese.  Oh and by the way from Episode sixty one Mitch says that Ted Cruz renounce his Canadian citizenship a while back to be.  Well awesome So here’s to Ted Thanks Ted how do you know Santa does better with I do you know.  Cruise right through that without a problem if only Tom Cruise would grant ounces Canadian citizenship it’s true are they related Oh I have no idea oh OK But Penelope Cruz she could become Canadian I have no issues with that good point.  All right so let’s stick on the ice that you’re well you’re only the me I never played musically the music again all right so then let’s make our dinner plans.  I really wonder how many people are going to leave us messages on the.  Like the.  This is what their exams like to this place on Hillary is talking with I reckon with that beat though.  It was the absolute it is but I can’t blame them for spending the whole video taking pictures of the bottle because it’s a great of all very cool critical bottle.  I mean you could modify it into a weird cheap class.  There’s the punk rock with an S. and if he ate but it was cold.  The whole thing is tinted lens oil right when oh OK keep your stick on the ice the discussion the rocks and all that report back on the whiskey is in the high end bar in Cuba All right I’ll do the same I’ll be have some high end bars in Miami you’re reportedly more interesting not.


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