Episode 038 – Continue? Uhm…Ft. Aaron Hall

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0:00 – Intro

  • Welcome to the Show
  • Today’s Host is David Smith with Special Guest Aaron Hall
  • Word of the Week “Continuum”
  • We are part of the Tech Podcast Network

1:40 – News

Bank of America UWP

  • Universal Windows Platform App (UWP) has been released

Windows Planner

  • An online alternative to Microsoft Project has been released.

5:00 Inteview – Aaron Hall

  • Aaron Hall is found online as @GoodThings2Life, a name based off his time with General Electric where he started his 20-year career in IT out of high school. He has been a long-time champion of Microsoft technologies and solutions at work and at home, and he swears he’ll either see Windows 10 Mobile through to better days or go down with the ship trying. Today he uses a Surface Book and Lumia 950XL as his daily drivers, and he’s used or owned every Surface model to date.

  • First Computer – 94 386Dx 40 4 MB RAM – $2200
  • Current Job – IT Analist for an IT Parts Company
  • What would you buy as a non-Microsoft Phone – Can’t make a decision iPhone
  • Why are you still using a Windows Phone – because it is better
  • True mobility is the apps and the services, that is the true mobility!
  • Continuum – Universal Apps – Go big or go home – developers – developers – developers!!!
  • Don’t forget to catch Aaron for his guest appearance on the MS Mobile Show!

26:00 – Outro – Call for your help with the podcast, please…

29:00 – Whiskey of the Week

  • Glenfiddich Signature Malt – Boycotted by Donald Trump

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