Episode 034 – The Candy Man

1:00 – Intro

  • Welcome to the Show
  • Today’s Hosts Colin Smith, David Smith and our special guest Joel Rushworth051016_2217_Episode034T1.jpg
  • We are part of the Tech Podcast Network
  • Word of the Week is “McLaren”

2:00 – Interview with Joel

  • Is there really a good reason for Microsoft to create an Atom based phone?
  • Is the iPhone a Life Style Company or a technology company?
  • Would you hack your Windows RT Tablet to run Windows 10 Mobile?
  • BOGO “Buy One, Get One”, Lumia 950 XL comes with a free 950
    • Neither of us are tempted to get one
    • Should drive Windows Phone sales up!
  • Cortana talks to a Canadian “Can’t get it in Canada”
  • Monthly guest of Radio Show “Tech Talk” in Victoria
  • Joel loves SMR Podcast
  • Let’s Meet Joel
    • First Computer – Commodore 64 one of the very first ones!
    • Current Job – Territory Manager for Confectionary Company
    • Daily Phone Lumia 950
    • Daily Computer Surface Pro 1
    • Favorite Sandwich – Montreal Smoked Meat on Rye and Crispy Crunch for Dessert!

  • Favorite Feature of Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

30:00Outro – Call for your help with the podcast, please…

33:00 – Whiskey of the Week

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  1. re Terry’s commitment to Win Mob
    Even if Microsoft IS committed, its the market that will ultimately dictate it’s success. Sorry, too harsh? But isn’t it reality? Hasn’t the last 9yrs spoken volumes? Don’t get me wrong, I PREFER my Lumia (when it’s working) but reality is a brutally harsh mistress.

    Colin, how do you feel about Intel announcing killing the atom mobile chip recently? Looks like no possibility about the atom Surface phone. (https://www.thurrott.com/hardware/66865/intels-atom-cancellation-big-ramifications-surface-phone)

    I do like the youtube thing, but the popping\gaps are a bit too hard to listen smoothly. I switched back to the website replay.

    re Win32 on the phone\mobile
    If you buy into Microsoft’s past mobile philosophies, (beliefs on threading, how they treat battery, notifications, display, etc), do we REALLY think Win32 apps are going to SUDDENLY behave like good mobile citizens? I think they’ll be worse than android apps, DOH!

    re Centennial
    Sounds good, but shouldn’t people really be looking at Surface instead?

    re Microsoft’s turn?
    hhhhmmmm I would have agreed with you 4/5yrs ago. Now?

    re Cortana
    NICE! :> HAHA And you can get poutine and beaver tails. :>

    re Atley Hunter MVP
    ATLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!! You HAVE to get him on! :> This guys awesome for anything\everything mobile and tech?

    re Joel’s twiiter handle
    Thank you for explaing it. :>>>>

    Great show guys! Thank you very much!

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