Episode 027 – Skypedelic


Who’s in the studio – David, Colin, Matt and special guests Kyran and Kaz.


2:50X86 and ARM64 version of Windows Mobile

6:15Ignite registration is open

11:00Microsoft Invents a New Rechargeable Pen & Docking System that could end-up Integrated into a Future Surface Book

12:30Is it okay that Joe Belfiore is using an iPhone?

14:00Microsoft says it’s not the Surface’s fault your team lost

15:45Microsoft to include TripAdvisor in Windows 10: Microsoft to Pre-Install other apps

17:40New data: Apple’s iPad Pro outsells Microsoft Surface tablets in debut quarter

21:30email from listener – Ali Qushery


38:00 – What’s new in Windows 8″ tablets – Kyran

44:10 – Rant on the Surface Book 4 – David

51:45 – Product Review- Accell UltraAV Docking Station

First Impressions 5
Portability 3
Build Quality 4
iExpected Reliability 3
Ease of Use 2
Value 5
Gets Surface Ethos 2
Overall Score 3.4

1:06:10 – Kyran Pimps vBrisket Prime Cuts Podcast

1:07:35MVP Days East – Registration s still open!

1:14:45 – Whiskey of the Week – Skate

Updated: February 17, 2016 — 12:28 am


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  1. I get one too?! AWESOME! Thanks guys! :> LOL

    Thanks Kyran for asking about what is Ignite and target audience. Great answer guys.

    Colin, GREAT discussion about the NFL and the Surface\iPad!!!! HAHHA GOOGLE DRONES?!

    re Bloatware
    Initially, against it! I’m part of the original WP7 and I expect to have THAT clean experience. I don’t prefer the Android bloadware, where the 2nd thing I need to do is uninstall apps.

    HAHAH David talking about NOT calling MS for Surface Book support! DOH!

    re Shortages
    The same type of thing went on with the Lumia 950 (not taking pre-orders and MS not saying when it was going to be available).

    Surface Dwellers? Interesting! I’m envious! :> haha What do you call the Suface Books users? Bookers? :>>>>

    Kyran is a great host, great pronounciation, great ideas, have him back! A natural.

    David’s Surface Book discussion was AWESOME! Great REAL gotchas that need to be addressed ASAP! Nice live demo David, I liked that, you had a great recovery IMHO. MS doesn’t get a pass on this IMHO.

    David, splice in the tape? Are you a child of the 70s? :> LOL Accell Docking Station, oh cool, very interesting. Three computers? Very indepth! Nice.

    Free passes? Awesome! I wish I could go! :<

    PS I have to go back to listening in the car on the way to\from work. Too hard to listen while doing coding work at night. haha

  2. I like that hockey skate bottle, very cool! Nice find. Very Canadian!

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