Episode 026 – Rhymes with Visio

Special Guest – John Marshall

0:00 – Introduction

3:15 – Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Updates

  1. John Marshall Visio MVP
  2. Sean Kearney PowerShell MVP
  3. Colin Smith Dual MVP – Enterprise Mobility (System Center Configuration Manager) / Windows and Devices for IT

8:00 Word of the week is Visio

8:45 John Marshall interview

News of the Week

16:30 CES News – Acer Jade Primo

Alcatel Lucent One Touch fierce XL

Google will be using Oracle’s java API for the next android.

Microsoft & Cyanogen announced the integration of Cortana into Android

Remix OS

Microsoft discontinues Windows 8 support

Transatel & Microsoft join to sell universal SIMs

26:15 Updated Surface App for Surface Pro 4

29:00 MVP Days Feb 28 Toronto March 2 Ottawa March 4 Montreal

30:00 Colin switches to iPhone 6sPlus

47:15 New Year’s Prognostications

51:45 Studio renovation update

Powershell Saturday #10, March 19 in Tampa. Florida- Sean will be there

Raspberry Pi Zero.

58:30 Listener Swag – Juiced Systems USB hubs

WOTW – Whiskey of the Year Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

Updated: February 10, 2016 — 3:21 pm

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  1. I think the new player on the web page is a new one? Cool.
    Hey John! Veteran Visio Visitor! COOL! I like the download feature where I can listen at increased playback speed.

    re essentially NDA
    DOH! hahahahahaha

    re FIRST dual MVP
    Congrats Colin! Awesome!

    re John
    Started with Apple II? WOW! Cool!

    re 1520
    Very cool to hear that! AND it has Win 10 Mobile and you’re doing development for it! Awesome!

    re NEW story of the week segment
    Is that Cortana? Didn’t she get let go? She’s back?

    re jade primo
    Is THIS the twitter handle from David?
    I “could” look at that, but I would prefer something from MS truth be told.

    re Alcatel
    They seem to have\support mid-tier devices. They’ve supported WP beofore, but weird how they aren’t pushing their wares in North America. I seem to remember reading they are pushing it in Russia.

    re Java Development
    DOH! You HAD to put my name WITH that development AND with Android in the same sentence?! DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :<

    re MS first android OS
    DOH! :<:<:<:<:<:<:<:<:< HAHAH I LOVE how John threw in "Visio" running on android!

    re Win 8 vs 8.1
    Interesting and very true discussion Sean!

    re difficult to get Microsoft phones
    I'm sooooooooooo happy you talked about this! It is a real propblem Microsoft isn't addressing IMHO! :<

    re Colin SHOCKED people with an iPhone

    re MVP Days Eastern Canada
    Great! I love how you mentioned to come see you. You guys are so cool to send out an invite like that! You’re not hung up on celebrity-itis and you’re willing to meet your public! Awesome! Thank you!

    re unobtaneum!
    HAHAHAHAHA :> Did I spell that right?

    re Lumia 950
    Unobtanium! :< ggggrrrrrrrr I'm SO happy Colin you mentioned the ability to HOLD the phone to see it BEFORE you buy. Spending over 700 dollars, you kind of want to TOUCH it before you pull out your hard earned money!
    re life hacking

    re iPhone reviews
    GREAT discussio about "life hacking" term. I hadn't heard of that in regards to phone\mobile and apps. Thanks Colin and Sean. As for sound popping, YUP! I've had that too! Especially with WP7.8 and the Dev Preview. I'll see if I still get it with my Lumia 550 and Windows 10. I just got my memory card this weekend and put music on it, so I'll let you know! YUP! I miss that on my 550 as well!!!!! MS removed a dedicated button as a HW requirement. The back button, YUP, I do like having that, just mentally it works for me. As for putting the cable in "upside down" I would PREFER to have the USB type-C for the reversible port end. The 550 has the older micro-usb. The iPhone is OVER A GRAND?! HOLY SMOKES?!?!?!?!?! Nice logic for the 64MB and charging a bit more. 🙁 LIVE TILES!!!!!!!!!!! YES! I'm SO happy mentioned Live Tiles! That is HUGE selling point for Windows 10 Mobile, I love the glance philosophy!

    re 2015 retrospective
    Thank you John for mentioning Windows 10 Mobile! I agree, it is MUCH better than wp8.1. Also very unfortunate MS dropped the ball with launches. 🙁

    re UWPs on RT?
    hhhmm good question Colin. Unfortunately I don't think you can because UWPs are only abole to run on Win10 and its not available as far as I know for RT. : HAHA I love the crickets for the Suface Hub shipping! HAHAHAHAHA

    re Juiced Systems
    Very cool product, I’m looking online now, nice!

    re use Visio and Powershell
    Nice! :>

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