Episode 025 – A Festivus for the Rest of SurfaceNation

00:00 Intro

  • Show theme by Rob from the Failed Musicians Podcast
  • Welcome to the show
  • Special guest stars Sean Kearney and Matt Murphy
  • Word of the Week is “Festivus”
  • Background on Festivus – Excerpts from a Seinfeld episode that helps explain Festivus – Not the complete episode. Festivus seems to have it’s modern origins in the O’Keefe family during the 1960’s

04:00 Festivus – Airing of Grievances

12:00 – Feats of Strength

  • Dell Latitude Tough – Still hoping Dell will return it to us to destroy it!
  • Urban Armor Scout

16:00 Festivus Miracles

19:00 12 Tips of Christmas

Background music provided by Rishi Srivastava

  • Swipe from the left to list open applications
  • Train your surface to recognize your handwriting better
  • Win+P for Presentation mode – PH
  • How Do I use CTRL+Fn keys like I do on a normal keyboard?  Press the Fn key at the same time as the function keys to have them act as normal function keys. You can also toggle them between special/normal by pressing Fn and CapsLock.
  • Enable Double touch and drag on touchpad – Open ‘Settings > Devices > Mouse & Touchpad’: Allow double-tap and drag.
  • Make a recovery disk
  • Launch Recovery menu by holding CTRL while restarting Surface
  • Pair your phone with Bluetooth and your surface can enable your hotspot – works with Win10 Phone
  • SP3 supports the new pen with the eraser.  Just replace your Pen with a SP4 pen
  • Get a bluetooth mouse
  • If you don’t have a Hello compatible device try a PIN or a Picture password
  • Use sleep study to understand what is consuming your battery and adjust

29:00 Stocking Stuffers

  • Run the Get Started App to learn more about Windows 10
  • Run the Surface App to learn more about the surface

30:00 A Christmas Barrel – A Holiday Radio Drama

Sean as Scrooge

Matt and Colin with the Festivus Poll

55:00 Outro – Call for your help with the podcast, please…

44:00 Whisky of the Week –

Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus to all of SurfaceNation

Updated: December 27, 2015 — 5:23 pm

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  1. Congratulations on the 25th episode! :> Great job Colin, David, Matt, and Sean! :> Shout out to you guys too! :> Thank you for everything you do!

    re Lumia grievance
    HAHA Yes David saw my tweet about the picture.

    re grievance with me?
    DOH! I do remember the offer. But I didn’t think you were going to GIFT it to me? DOH! I couldn’t let you do that. The thing being, if I had any probs with it, I would have to go return back to the states to return it. Unfortunately a few people have had problems with their HW\Lumias requiring them to be returned. :< I didn't want to take those chances with an $850 phone. 🙁 (phone plus taxes)

    re Colin bought an iPhone
    DOH!!!!!!!!! Yes Matt, I'm blown away by it too. : David, Colin, Matt and Sean! :>

    re Maple Whiskey
    I’m very happy you guys really did enjoy it! Sounds like a repeater!! :> Glad you liked it! :> You’re welcome guys! :> HAHA YES David corrupted me! :> LOL HAHAA Matt was in there and just as guilty! LOL

    re wrapped and mouth?
    DOH! ‘enough said! :>

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