Episode 023 – Surface Labs

00:00 Intro

  • Welcome to the show
  • Special guest star Sean Kearney
  • Word of the Week is “MVP”
  • MVP
  • Surface Labs
  • Colin reports from Redmond
  • We are part of the Tech Podcast Network.
  • Recorded onsite Cistel Studios in Ottawa South

04:00 MVP Summit

  • System Center Hackathon
  • Met other members of Surface Nation!
  • Real people really use the Microsoft Surface – not just Geeks!

07:00 Surface Labs

  • CNC Milling Machines
  • Working on 2 generations out from what is shipping today
  • Materials room was fascinating for high-end paints and fabrics!
  • Whenever Colin went in a room, they covered benches up
  • Artificial scenes for testing cameras
  • Anechoic Chamber for testing microphone and speakers

  • Met with Surface Dock team
  • David used electrical tape to join his Surface Brick and Surface Dock.

27:00 Is Colin Going to Buy a Surface Book

33:00 Windows Phone

  • Windows Phone Internals Kit
  • Windows RT can run on a Lumuia 520
  • Sean wants Raspberry Pi Zero to run Windows
  • The Astoria Bridge (Run Android Apps on Windows 10 Mobile) has been canceled

40:00 Buying a Windows Phone

  • Kids” buy the Blackberry Priv because it is cheaper than Samsung Android Phones
  • Colin likes iPhone
  • Colin thinks Billionaires use the iPhone, David thinks it would be 50/50 Android vs. iPhone

47:00 What’s Coming Up

  • SmithBusters with Dell Latitude Tough – is it tougher than Sean?

49:00 Outro – Call for your help with the podcast, please…

50:00 Whiskey of the Week – Destimel

This is a special drink made in Brazil. Vitor brought this to Colin when they met at the MVP Summit in Redmond.

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