Episode 022 – What Did Dave bring to Show and Tell?

00:00 – Introductions – The Surface Smiths Podcast is a member of the TechPodcast Network. Word of the week is Lappable. Colin is still away so this week Sean Kearney is a guest host and Matt is here to help out

01:25 – David asks and Sean explains about the MVP Summit

03:56 – Discussion of extended warranties

05:40 – Is a tub of rice as good as an extended warranty?

06:55 – Be nice to you Tech Support and don’t lie to them

07:33 – Dave unveils the Latitude Rugged Tablet military spec device that Dell has lent to us for evaluation. It even has a stealth mode for covert operations. The boys talk about the unit and the use cases it serves.

15:25 – Dave is looking for ideas to really put the Dell Latitude Rugged Tablet to the test and make a video. Please send your suggestions to us.

16:20 – Matt tells us about the SlowMo Guys on YouTube

18:55 – David unveils his Surface Book – Here is Sean’s

20:50 – Dave addresses the lapability issues with the Surface Book among other issues

22:05 – Ejecting the clipboard and using it without the keyboard – pros and cons

25:38 – Surface Book ports

28:52 – Microsoft Bob on the Surface Book

29:55 – Comparing Surface Book with Surface Pro

31:21 – Sean the human soundboard

33:30 – How impressed was Dave’s wife with the Surface Book?

34:09 – Surface book reduces IT support costs?

34:50 – The Surface Book has no Kensington Lock slot but the docking station does

38:05 – The Surface Book should have LTE for security purposes – it prevent s people from using insecure hotspots

39:25 – Sean is not as portable as an LTE SOC

40:40 – No Lumia 950XL updates

41:45 – There’s no whiskey in the studio this week so the boys are heading out for drinks. Abrupt Stop


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