Episode 021 – Colin is away – We will play

00:00 Intro

  • Welcome to the show
  • Special guest star Peter Henry
  • Word of the Week is “Peter”
  • Hands on with the Surface Book 4
  • Colin reports from Redmond
  • Interview with Peter
  • We are part of the Tech Podcast Network.
  • Recorded onsite at Murphy Studios in downtown Ottawa.

01:30 Hands on with Surface Book

  • David had about 10 minutes with a Surface Book this week
  • Thought the hinge would be an issue – but it worked great
  • You have to push a button on the keyboard to separate the screen from the keyboard
  • Screen mounts forwards and backwards
  • OMG it looks like a Macbook!
  • Has Colin ordered or received his Surface Book yet – we don’t know!
  • If you have a Surface Book – you won’t need a tablet!

07:00 Interview with Peter

  • First job was pumping gas
  • Does Peter have an opinion on the topic “Is Windows Phone Dead”
  • Running Android apps on Windows Phone
  • The “Glance and Go” features of Windows Phone
  • What will keep Windows Phone here for 1 and 5 years?
  • Couldn’t https://xamarin.com/ allow Windows apps to run on Android?
  • Blackberry now has an Android phone – what does this mean for the future of Windows Phone

41:00 Colin – Still talking Lapable

41:00 Windows Mobile 10 Beta

  • Windows Beta – doesn’t crash, battery lasts
  • External display, keyboard and mouse works great
  • David wonders – why buy a Lumia 950 XL when he already has a Nokia 1520 and a Surface Pro 3?
  • Should David trade in his Surface Pro 3 and add $1,000 or keep his SP3 and buy a Lumia 950 XL for about $1,000 (Canadian including docking station and tax)
  • Dave has a crush on Continuum
  • The Lumia 550 is $150 (US), but can’t do continuum – but you can go to Cuba with the money you save!
  • Peter and David wine about what a poorly written program iTunes is!

55:00 Outro – Call for your help with the podcast, please…

56:00 Whiskey of the Week – Alberta Premium Rye Whiskey

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  1. Thank you so much David, Matt and Colin for having me! It was a FANTASTIC experience. I was a bit nervous at first (you can probably tell from the intro?), but Matt and David really made me feel comfortable and once we got talking, we just “got going!” I hope your audience has as much fun listening and gets something out of it. I also hope I get another chance to come back again! Keep up the great work guys! All the best!

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