Episode 017 – Life’s a Mitch

Apologies for the sound quality – We even had to yank the first version of this episode due to echo in the bar we were in. Share and Enjoy

00:00 – Intro

  • Welcome to the Show
  • Special Guest Mitch Garvis, Well know Microsoft speaker and blogger, joined us the Byward Market!
  • Word of the Week is “Mitch”

2:00 – Contest Winners

  • All of the Clean Stylus and Juiced 4-in-1 have been given out to the Friends of Surface Smiths

3:00 – Surface Nation Updates

  • Colin clarified that the iPad Pro can’t read USB devices – we missed that in our review last week
  • Mitch has been saying for years that his Surface Pro is an iPad Pro since people just don’t believe him that it is a Microsoft product
  • David is planning on taking his Surface Pro with a VM of OSx to a coffee shop. Colin Recommended Equator Coffee for the best coffee!
  • We are very happy that our Podcast has been accepted into the Tech Podcast Network.

7:00 – Interview with Mitch

  • Check out Mitches blog here Garvis.ca. It is one of the top 15 tech blogs
  • Mitches first computer was a Timex Sinclair

  • One of Mitch’s first job was as a Software Pirate in Montreal
  • His first kiss was with…. “you’ll have to listen to the Podcast to find this out”
  • He loves his new “side-pc” HP Pro Tab 408 which has a SIM, SD, Mini-HDMI and retails for only $399.
  • His favorite feature of Windows 10 is the last version of Windows.

29:00 – Colin’s West Tour

  • Colin presented at the MVP Days in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.
  • He visited the Microsoft store and bought a new red stylus.

    • Colin did 3 presentations, “Surface in the Enterprise”, “Ask The Experts Panel” and “How come business doesn’t understand IT”.

33:00 – Office 2016

  • Love forward to “Live Editing” – it will really help us prepare for the show!
  • Is Office 2016 the “Google Docs Killer”?

41:00 – Secret Recall

  • There is a recall on cyan colored Microsoft Surface Keyboards

43:00 – Windows 10 Battery Saver

  • Control how your Windows 10 computer runs when the battery is low

45:00 – Podcasting

  • While out West Colin got some great Podcasting advice from Richard Campbell who runs the podcast http://www.dotnetrocks.com/. With over 1200 episodes under his belt he knows a lot!!!

38:00 – Outro – Call for your help with the podcast, please…

  1. Follow and Re-tweet, @SurfaceSmiths
  2. Listen www.SurfaceSmiths.com
  3. Email Podcast@SurfaceSmitsh.com
  4. Purchase Amazon A Store

52:00 – Surface Smith Contest

Win a Mystery Surface Pro Accessory – Follow the instructions below:

  • Follow @SurfaceSmtihs on Twitter
  • Put a SurfaceSmiths sticker on your Surface or load the SurfaceSmiths.com homepage on your screen
  • Take an interesting picture of your Surface with the SurfaceSmiths homepage or sticker plainly visible
  • Tweet the picture to @SurfaceSmiths

Winners will be selected based on creativity and entertainment value.  Consider location, scenario, etc.  Kids, pets, superheroes, halloween costumes, hockey and whiskey automatically increase your chances of winning.  Have fun but stay safe.

56:00 – Whiskey of the Week is The Arron Malt

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  1. So who is Mitch? An intro would have helped.

  2. Five coffees a day Mitch? I’m like you! 🙂 Leather? Oh man, TMI! LOL The MS mantra of “no new versions of Windows” I think is very narrow minded marketing of MS to try to get people to buy NOW and not put off until later (ie the “next” ver). But EVENTUALLY MS is going to see their WIN sales go down and then their marketing engine will spin up again with a NEW version! Just my spin. I completely agree with Colin’s statement about who’s selling what (ie Google sells info on US).

    ROAD TRIP TO GET PHONES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I want a sticker! 🙂 LOL Thanks guys, great podcast tonight, very enjoyable.

    1. Come on the show and we will get you a sticker.

  3. 10 type of people, HEY! I have that t-shirt! :>

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