Episode 012 – Don’t lose your Stylus

In this episode we review the CleanStylus device from CleanInt

CleanStylus Review Summary

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Order any product from CleanInt and receive a 20% discount by using the promo code “SurfaceNation” until September 30th, 2015.

Listen to the episode to find out how to win one of 3 free CleanStylus devices from CleanInt

Episode Summary

1:00 – Drinking Game – Our new regular feature encourages our listeners to have a drink whenever we say our keyword of the week.  This week’s keyword is “Surface Nation”!

3:00 – News & Rumours – Microsoft releases Cumulative Update #3 for Windows 10 to save time when building a new system or upgrading to Windows 10.  The Microsoft Windows 10 Store was broken for many users and was finally fixed. A new Windows 10 Mobile Build has been released — time to try it as our Daily Drivers. Laptops, including Surface, are selling with Windows 10 pre-installed at many retailers including CostCo.  The 84″ Surface Hub has been delayed until January.

5:00 – Surface Pro 4 Rumors – Thinner, Lighter, 12″ and 14″ and not USB-C.

10:00 – Band 2 Rumors – Speaker Phone and more water resistant

12:00 – Minecraft – Beta vailable for Windows 10

13:00 – Windows 10 Installation Experience – In David’s quest to install Windows 10 on his old Atom has spent his whole weekend installing Windows 7 patches.

14:30 – Stashpad Kickstarter – This is a flask in the size and shape of a mini-tablet.  I think this will make a great future product review too.

14:46 –  MIA – Colin’s Surface is getting fixed – so what is it like to use a traditional laptop again?

20:30 – Bridgewaysis an innovative software company that provides Operations Risk Management solutions for businesses large and small. Our products include Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)/Cloud monitoring solutions as well as Microsoft System Center Management Packs for VMware, Oracle Database and more.

21:30 – Gestures – Colin’s top 10 Windows 10 gestures that work with both a touch screen computer and a precision touchpad.  Audio is a little off here as David looks at his Surface and moves his head away from the Mic.

27:00 – Contest – Twitter based contest for accessories has limitations as Colin and David are having trouble tracking re-tweets.  Please follow us @SurfaceSmiths and re-tweet us!

31:00 – Product Review – Clean Stylus from www.Cleanint.com is a much improved system for keeping your pen connected to your Surface Pro 3.  Both Colin and David love it.

Note:  we got the price wrong (it’s $19.50) and didn’t know it comes in 7 colours!  Win one by retweeting our tweet

46:00 – Outro – Call for your help with the podcast, please…

47:00 – Whiskey of the Week Royal Suntory from Japan

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