Episode 006 – Smells Like Dave’s Not Here

This week Sean Kearney visits Colin and Matt in the studio  and the thre of them talk about how great the Microsoft Surface is!  Since Sean is a guest we ask Sean what his first computer was, what his favorite Windows 10 feature is and to sing a song.  **** WARNING ***
Sean Sings *** WARNING ***

  •  In the News of the Week we talk about “Is the Windows Phone Dead”.  Both Colin and Sean agree that Windows Mobile OS is not dead but seem to be split about “Is the Lumia” dead.
  • Tips and Tricks – Colin explains how to train your Surface to improve handwriting recognition
  • Matt joins the conversation to talk about “What is the best use case” for the Surface.  Colin describes it simply as “Need a laptop, but want a tablet”…. But when they get into the details it becomes apparent that the limitation is really 8 GB of memory.  Other great use cases are things that are just better done on a Surface rather than a laptop – like scoring music!
  • Our Sponsor this week is Bridgeways offering great Windows monitoring solutions.
  • A teaser for an upcoming episode – Colin will talk about the Microsoft Surface Dock from his dock.

Some links to Sean’s stuff:

Updated: September 19, 2015 — 3:29 am

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